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The Future of WoW - what do you want?
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Author:  Krysteena [ Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:15 am ]
Post subject:  The Future of WoW - what do you want?

With the revealing of what's in store for Azeroth next, I've seen lots of videos discussing what people believe is going to happen, what they want to happen, and where the story is going to go. I've even seen videos of what the next playable race will be, and I thought it'd be interesting to have a discussion on here about what we want for the future of WoW. What expansions are on the horizon? What's going to happen when Azeroth gets stabbed? What playable races/classes/sub-races do you think we'll see? Maybe even what pets do we want?

Personally, I'm really hoping for sub-races to be introduced. Following the pattern, it's highly anticipated that the next expansion will bring about a new race, rather than a new class. While I'm all for new races, I'd really like to see sub-races. Nightborne would be pretty cool, I think, and by what we see on the Vindicaar, it looks like they'd lean more towards joining the Horde (?), but they are just so similar to Night Elves I don't know if they'd be willing to do it. I've got two names reserved on my server, in the hopes that Nightborne do become playable, regardless.

I'd also like playable Arrakoa, but that is a pipe dream and solely because I love their animations and model. I'm not routing for them in any way.

Author:  Vephriel [ Sun Sep 24, 2017 9:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

I think character customization needs a big revamp. I'd be happy without a new class/race if they dedicated some time to giving us more options and expanding on those we already have. Compared to...just about any other game at this point, WoW's customization is sorely lacking. I know we just had the character model updates recently but I still think they need some work, and there's still races that haven't even been touched yet.

I want to see more hairstyles, more skintones (for the love of god, give us more dark-skinned options, the current choices are pitiful and half the races don't even have any :/ ), body types (even if they just made 3...slender, average, would be better than everyone having the exact same silhouettes), subraces for sure.

It would be great if they separated a lot of the customization details too. I've never liked how certain options are always tied together - like eye colour with specific faces, jewelry with specific hairstyles, etc.

There's just so much they could do to improve on it, especially considering the format has been the same since Vanilla and they have much better graphics and technology now.

There's more I could talk about but this is the thing that's most important to me right now I think. I'm not too concerned with another new race right now (there are plenty that I'd love to play though for sure). I just want WoW's character creation to be on par with other games in this day and age. :p

Author:  Bowno [ Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

Give me the promised Dance Studio in a form other than a garrison mission and I'll be happy.

Author:  GormanGhaste [ Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

I second the idea of more character creation choices.

I also like the idea of being able to change the color of our gear--would be happy enough if they just had the option on new gear going forward.

Author:  Tårnfalk [ Sun Sep 24, 2017 2:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

A whole new game. .Wow 2. More sandboxy so you could choose your own style of play. I am a big fan of sandbox :) e.g. an option I would appriciate would be ak option to have no spellcasting and only fight against beast. .but that's probably unrealistic; )

Author:  Krysteena [ Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

I never thought of better character customisation before, but I'll third the idea :D I never understood why we couldn't pick eye colour for applicable races, tbh. Also I like the idea for having body types, as well. I want to have male toons, but half of them are so bulky or run with their shoulders at their ears that it puts me off :')

I forgot to mention this in my original post; but Dark Rangers as a sub-race of sorts for Forsaken would be 10/10. Krys would most likely get a change if they added them, and it would/could fit with Sylvanas being Warchief now.

And updated diseased wolves (like the Draenor design) would be dandy.

Author:  Teigan [ Sun Sep 24, 2017 9:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

I'd like it if they updated all the graphics. I know, sentimentality is an important thing. But I'm tired of seeing what appears to be two games of different eras smashed together. And think about this from the perspective of a new player who got sold on the game by looking at all the shiny new Legion art. And then we dump the new guy into the land of block trees and square cats that was impressive 10 years ago but, that was 10 years ago and his or her character now looks like it got thrown in a time machine. Doesn't the game need new players to stick around? I know I wouldn't want to if I was sold that kind of bait and switch.

I agree whole-heartedly that better character customization would be wonderful. I'd love that. I've made every decent looking character I can and am bored with that aspect. I want a Broken, a Wildhammer dwarf, a Mag'har orc. I want my Worgen to have nice glowy eyes like the male, instead of insipid, watery sad little eyes. I really wish we could take a page from Nathanos' where undead are concerned. Yes, I know, the lore on that makes it not an option for your average player, but still. Short of that, can we take a page from China and have the option to stop having knees and elbows and shoulders poke through everything, even plate armor, on undead? Please? I have an undead I sort of like, but I'd really enjoy her more if it wasn't for that. It's silly looking, imo. Just my opinions, though, and not trying to insult anyone.

But as great as character customization would be, I'd rather have the world fixed first.

As much as I hate phasing for the issues it causes with helping other players, etc, I want more of it, for that simple fact of immersion. I want to be done with things for once. To actually save the villagers and put out the fires. I'm not talking about that fact that Kil'Jadaen dies a thousand deaths every day. As strange as that is, it's just part of how the game works. I'm talking about quests and content that isn't repeated on a given character. For that, I hate it that nothing is forever saved. Part of an RPG, to me, is actually feeling a little heroic sometimes. But, I feel more like Sisyphus, especially with older quests. Or like I'm in Groundhog Day. Nothing is forever saved. The village is always burning. So, for quests or content that cannot be repeated on a given character, let me save something for once?

I wish CRZ and all that followed had never happened.

Also, I wish they'd stop it with the horrible animations, like the waddling boars and weird chest shelf thing that happens with Draenor wolves.

And rebuilding. For heavens sake, the Cataclysm was a while ago. I'm sure the good people of Azeroth have recovered enough to pick up a hammer and nails. Fix things! I'm still saddened by Auberdine in Darkshore and Camp Taurajo in the Barrens. They'll never be the same, I know. But, rebuild. I know there are quests there in the ruined versions of them, but that's where the aforementioned phasing would work beautifully. And the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. That would take more than a hammer, but I want it back.

Author:  Rhaenia [ Sun Sep 24, 2017 9:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?


I'd even ask them to go a step further and allow us to join organizations within our respective factions. I'd like to actually BE a Farstrader ranger, rather than pretending I'm one in my head.

Author:  SylviaDragon [ Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

Most of the things I'm really hoping for are cosmetic. I came into Legion highly skeptical after WoD but I gotta admit they have done a pretty good job this xpack and they addressed a lot of my previous issues and hopes. That being said...

-I really, really want playable Arrakoa. I'm aware that if they were ever going to be playable, WoD was probably it- but I will continue to hold out hope for them. I would probably race change my main right away and role lots of new characters but my guess is the next xpack will be more focused on subraces.

-i'm too scared to officially ask for it since updating old zones left the end game rather lacking in Cata- but wow are the old zones really showing their age. the timeline for questing is a backwards mess and a lot of zones did not age well. Also having the zones scale would be great. not all the way to max level but perhaps from 1-60, 61-80, ect would be nice.

-I really want to see more formal/fancy cosmetic gear become available for transmog year round. I got so excited when i heard holiday gear was becoming cosmetic, only to have my hopes dashed when i learned it was only available during the corresponding events. I would love to see more Gilneas outfits, neck slot cosmetic monocle and just Victorian/steampunk options in general. I would also love to see shoulder cloaks like what you see greymane wearing.

-I also really want to see more character customization. As others have already stated wow customization is laughable compared to pretty much every other game out there. I think it would be really cool if most character customization came from gameplay though. Like maybe you have a chance to discover a new hair dye from alchemy, or you can find rare jewelry in hidden treasure chests. Solving puzzles awards you glowing runes and there could be reputation themed tattoos. special world events, raiding and pvp could award various types of scars. "See this scar? I got it while fighting the old god that rose up from the crater in Silithus. I was there when it happened."

-One thing I really hope I don't see again is the rng reputation mounts. Reputation mounts should be rewarded at the end of your reputation grind- end of story. Hitting exalted should not open up a new grind where you basically earn exalted several times over trying to get lucky on a low drop rate. You already did the work, you should have your reward. If they are concerned with keeping older world quests relevant they could have givien them a significant increase in curious coins or a higher legendary drop chance, a guaranteed piece of gear form a cosmetic set of gear themed after that faction, or have them drop boa reputation tokens and gear for alts.

In parting I would like to say that the thing I probably enjoyed most about this xpack and truly hope they continue doing in the future, was adding secrets to the game. I'm no good at puzzle solving or riddles but Its always so exciting to see people hunting for that stuff and it brings an otherwise disconnected community together and i really appreciate that. I also have to say that hunters were treated exceptionally well in terms of pets and interesting looks and tames this time around and i wholeheartedly enjoyed it.
I don't think they will be doing much like class hall quest lines in the future but i have to say I enjoyed those too. They were something special.

Author:  Xella [ Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

I want ranged survival back.

I want them to turn off CRZ in new content on PvP servers, and keep it off—group finder solves any "oh but nobody's around to kill this big bad with me qq" issues, and the faction balance between servers is a delicate thing on PvP servers.

I want the four "pure" DPS classes to get a fourth spec (fifth in hunter's case, if they insist on keeping melee survival now that they've made that mistake). I want "pure DPS" to die—everybody should have at least a tanking or a healing spec, even if they don't choose to use it. I want to not feel obligated to main a druid (which I am currently doing) just because I want to be a ranged DPS AND a tank. I want demon hunters to get a ranged dps spec like I feel they ought to have gotten from the start because this "druids are the only ranged AND tank available" nonsense is... well, nonsense (and also because I like Vengeance a LOT more than I like Guardian, lol).

Beyond that, most of what I want has to do with aesthetics. I want more character customization options—subraces or just more of what we've got. I want skin to be added to the barber shop for the non-furry races. I want them to add the new hair styles to character creation so that new alts don't all have to run to Stormwind/Ironforge/Orgrimmar/Undercity as the very first thing they do.

I want them to fix the problems they caused when they added new character models and didn't finish them three? four? years ago. I want them to drop current "character recustomization" (because right now the only purpose for it is gender swaps and skin tone for non-furry races) and rename "race change" to "character recustomization," at the same price point that current recustomization is at, or I want the option of a free round of them for every existing character once they're finally done tinkering with the new models (which they seem to have given up on) and animations (which are still in progress).

I want more customization glyphs—the ability to use old racial animations for spells that now use custom ones, the old spectral wolf glyph, things like that.

I want the next expansion and raid to be pretty and colourful and aesthetically pleasing. Mac'Aree is the only place on Argus that I can stand being in for more than about three minutes, because the other two are just too similar to... well, everything we've had before. I want it to be designed for flying, and I want flying to be available out the gate. I'm tired of dying because all of my core rotational abilities cleave (sunfire, lunar strike, shadow word:pain/mind flay, ice lance, frost orb, etc etc etc) and other players love training a million things on top of me while I'm fighting cos they have other places to be and their straight line from source to destination intersects my quest mob's position.

I want ranged survival back.

Author:  cowmuflage [ Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

More underwater zones.

Author:  zedxrgal [ Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

Jumping on the bandwagon on character customization. WoW is still in 2004 when it comes to being able to create a custom character.

A total game overhaul. The whole game INCLUDING beasts, zones etc being 100% updated to modern looks. No more blocky wolves, cats etc. As someone already said. What a slap in the face to see the gorgeous Legion content /graphics, create their first character & their thrust into a 2004 zone. Yeah that makes someone want to stick around. :roll:

Worgens to get completely redone WITH TAILS.

I agree with the return of rep mounts. What's in place now IS NOT enough of a reward for months of grinding. Including the return of flying licenses in zones. Was so nice to be able to pay gold to learn zone specific flying. I cannot stand the fact that flying now requires almost daily grinding for several months to complete one of part then you have to grind even more to complete the second.

The option (probably not possible) for players to have a vanilla beast "look" or new hotness beast look like what they did with the bears. I would love to see my precious Skoll get an updated model (no the Draenor model).

Definitely sub races. *cough*NAGA*cough*. Or as others have mentioned alternates to the hunter class. Like maybe dark rangers etc.

That's all I can think of for now.

Author:  Sukurachi [ Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

cowmuflage wrote:
More underwater zones.


Author:  SylviaDragon [ Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

Forgot to add that I would really like to see Spirit Bond again for my hunter. I really miss that one. =/

I'd like it if they updated all the graphics. I know, sentimentality is an important thing. But I'm tired of seeing what appears to be two games of different eras smashed together. And think about this from the perspective of a new player who got sold on the game by looking at all the shiny new Legion art. And then we dump the new guy into the land of block trees and square cats that was impressive 10 years ago but, that was 10 years ago and his or her character now looks like it got thrown in a time machine. Doesn't the game need new players to stick around? I know I wouldn't want to if I was sold that kind of bait and switch.

I have to agree its becoming a problem and i have heard my share of stories about this actually happening and driving potential players away. As a matter of fact I tried to get my sister into the game a few months back and there were two huge issues she had
1: she had no idea what was going on. new players are going through xpack stories in a conviluted order. It goes Cata (or mop if they roll pandas), outlands, lk, cata AGAIN, mop again, time traveling outland Wod, then they finally get to legion. As a new players try to imagine how hard keeping track of the horde warchief is, let alone who the big baddie is supposed to be.
2: the old world art. She started with a night elf druid then decided to test out a Panda for horde and had this massive "Wait...WHAT!?" moment as soon as she zoned in. She had a hard time playing through the older zones after that and often comments on how "everything looks so pretty on your screen. but i'm stuck here with these ugly square trees. Look at this, I can literally count the corners on this bush!"

I know it would be a huge undertaking that would detract from the end game content- don't know how well Wow would take another filler xpack so soon after WoD- but they really do need to update things. even if its only one or two zones at a time during patches.

Author:  Quiv [ Wed Sep 27, 2017 8:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

Oh boy! In no particular order...

1- The option for cross faction play. I know faction war is at the heart of the game, but I want a way to opt out of it. Every human ever born in the shadow of Stormwind wouldnt be necessarily aligned to the Alliance. Let my character (ME) think for myself and choose. I'd even be happy with a faction defection system, even make it something that requires investment if they don't want people willy nilly hopping back and forth. I just hate the fact that I can't play with friends based on forced faction allegiance. Of course I know this will never happen. Theres a lot of gameplay implications, as well as in-game politics, so on and so forth. I just want the choice. Let people play how they want to play. Orcs and Humans playing nice isn't a novel idea. Me being able to play a blood elf with my alliance friends doesn't undermine the faction war.

2- I want mob white hits dazing off mounts GONE. This is such an archaic thing. Certain mobs given actual abilities that do this, fine. But white hits? Come on. This doesn't make the world dangerous, it makes it annoying and frustrating. They seem to be confusing annoying with dangerous a lot lately, just look at Antorus zone design. While we are at it, get rid of mob predictive pathing or at least fix it. At best its weird to see a mob run in the same direction as you alongside you.

3- Character customization overhaul. Wows character customization is stuck WAYYYY in the past. This would be a good time to add sub races and just go nuts with customization options. They need to have things like eyebrows, mustache, sideburns, beard all be separate options, and a ton more added. Night elf paint colors should not correlate to their hair color. They could even add in game collectables to unlock things like gnome pink hair for other races. Please let me change my eye color by itself! And adding subraces, I feel, would fulfill the need to add a new playable race. I like options!

4- Dyeable gear. I know this would be a monumental job, but I feel a lot of groundwork has been laid with the wardrobe system. Being able to dye my gear would be a dream come true. I doubt it will happen but man can you imagine! Especially if they did it correct and made it a full color wheel and not a small number of set shades of color. This would present its own problems, as in why farm other pieces of gear when i can just dye the ones I have? Those are solvable though.

5- Tier transmogs to become class unrestricted. Seriously, a lot of tier (and even pvp sets) have generic pieces that anyone of the armor class can wear. Death Knights can look like paladins, Warlocks can look like priests, rogues look like druids. It can happen now with offset pieces, so the argument for class identification based on gear went out the window in 4.3. The hard restriction on tier pieces and mogging them is a bit silly at this point. At least make it available for older tiers or anything but the current tier.

6- I hope they continue the Legion model for gear progression. While Legion's class specific design made alt catchup a bit rough (especially if you had a bunch), the gearing catchups is amazing. Legion did a lot right in my book in this regard.

7- Learn from 7.2 and class content verses player content. 7.2 was hopefully a big eye opener. They added a lot of content but due to being class based, an individual player only saw a smidge of it. I love class content, I think it was amazing to do all the quests for the classes and bring back that unique feeling. I just hope they learned how to balance that with the patches. Its tricky, no doubt! When it comes to a lot of Legion content design, I think the criticisms come more from a place of "how can we optimize this" more than "its broke, fix it." I think were headed in the right direction, we just need to course correct and be flexible. I'm personally thrilled.

8- I want the Warlords of draenor mount rares back. OK not poundfist, and certainly not the void talon portals. But the others. I personally had a lot of fun in camp groups for these, but I get this aint for everyone. The rares and mounts in Argus didn't quite capture that for me. It was basically every 4 hours see if a mount rare is up and go farm it on all the alts you could. I like having the actually rare spawns with 100% drop rate. I just don't want to see another poundfist or void talon portal. I don't mind putting in the work but theres a threshhold when the requirement for a game is too high. poundfist crossed too many lines, and the void talon portal RNG was just.. uhh naw.

9- Theyve gotta do something with sharding/phasing. This is too long to go into here. I know theres a lot of benefit but when I have alts on the same server, but when I log in, I am in two different Dalarans, thats a problem to me. I'm just not a fan of some of the side effects of it.

10- Another mail wearing class FFS. I am tired of being restricted to mogging between huntery or shamany stuff. I envy my alts so much for this, the options they have with having a third class is amazing. Also better mail helms. I hate mail helms for the most part :lol:

11- I want a vacation xpac. Think Mists of Pandaria after the doom and gloom of Wrath and Cata. Something that fresh and vibrant. I know thats likely not where we are headed but maybe they can spin it in there somehow. Just no more fel green for a while. They really need to stop inundating us with stuff like like that. First we got Thrall shoved down our throats, then it was orcs in general, and now its fel and demons. I love how the xpacs seamlessly flow into one another (one aspect of MoP I didn't care for was how abrupt it started), I just want a break from the doom and gloom. Thats why I hope we get some islands next xpac. I want some vibrant jungles and oceans and beaches. Just to cleanse the visual palate.

Author:  Shelassa [ Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

This is a good topic! Jumping onto the bandwagon:

1) As many already mentioned above, I want more character customization options. WoW is seriously lacking in that department as of right now. More of... well, everything, will make it better. In particular, I hope they add a possibility of tattoos - through WoWHead modelviewer, it is seen that Vrykul use tattooed "shirts", which I think is a nice way out if they don't want to add it to the character creation screen as an option. Additionally, I think it is past the time for the sub-races.
P.S. Update goblin and worgen models.

2) Please, no big "KINGDOMS SHALL BUUUURRRN!" threat this time. The last two threats like that have not been kind to the lore of both factions. I seriously hope they lower the degree of world-saving for a bit and concentrate on building up factions after the loss of Varian and Vol'jin and shaping the world that's recovering from the biggest invasion ever.

Inner conflicts, tensions in the factions' hierarchy, more lore to existing playable races (it's about time we see gnomes take back Gnomeregan and trolls choose a new leader and so on, show some Pandas and dwarves around!). Faction leaders making frequent appearances as well as some other important characters such as, for example, Jaina. All in all, an attempt of factions to return to relatively peaceful coexistence with some local skirmishes and head butting here and there, with the mood growing darker as the expansion goes on, ultimately leading to N'Zoth rearing up his ugly head in the next one.

In the same key, I hope the new zones will not be level-scaling. Having a zone be level-scaled means it exists in and off itself, and should fit in the timeline at any point - as the first and the last at the same time. I think that did not work out real well, because that chopped off existance also meant nothing ever coming out of the said zones and them existing in stasis through the leveling process. For comparison, once you're done in, say, Azsuna, you return to Dalaran and start a new zone without the connection between the two. The only connects there are is a bit of Nightmare between Suramar and Val'sharah and Queen's Reprisal in Azsuna - and yet, due to the zone being in vacuum, we don't know whether Stormheim or Azsuna "canonically" happens first. On the other side, for example, the whole leveling process of WoD leading to Nagrand or WotLK where you could go through the connected storylines, in the end leading to ICC (Howling Fjord - Storm Peaks / Borean Tundra - Sholazar)

2.5) Shadowlands!

3) I also hope for old zones to be updated - not only in terms of visualization, but also with content. A buddy of mine, completely new to WoW, started playing a Panda. The amount of explanation I had to do for to him to bring him up to speed... "Right now, you're in Pandaria, although both these guys were Warchieves and died since then. Oh, he makes an appearance in the zone? Well, this is back from Cataclysm, before Pandas even appeared and before his death. This world is TBC, so neither of what I said counts. Oh, and this is Lich King. And both are before Cataclysm and Panda"... and then Pandas act like he's one of those races they'd never seen before and so on.

At the very least, I hope for updated starting locations / quest chains and visual overhaul.

4) I hope for a much lower degree of RNG. Some RNG is totally fine, it can even be, dare I say it, fun. But what we currently have? Ain't fun at all. At the very least, return of reforging to deal with extremely bad RNG to make it not so bad. Return of the actual meaningful professions and reputations: recipes, mounts, pets, some not-too-bad gear, perhaps unique transmog.

5) I want WoD PvP system back - from gearing up and way gear (both PvP and PvE) behaved in PvP to removing the templates. The idea was good, but the way it turned out is lacking. PvP is plain disastrous right now. I also wish they'd add more PvP rewards for "casual" players, that you earn based on participation instead of rating and that can only be achieved through instanced PvP, preferably, random battlegrounds (World Quests are nice, but they aren't making any favours to actual PvP which includes, y'know, PvP-ing). I also hope for PvP sets with set bonuses, and vendors where I could choose my stats.

Oh, additionally: I hope they sack Versatility and deal with the rest of the secondary stats. A +15 ilvl item should be an upgrade. But alas it is not, because it's all Vers.

6) More cosmetic stuff altogether - transmogs that are faction based (like the Wardens) and marked as Cosmetic, glyphs (for example, something like Elune's Light - turns Arcane Shots light blue instead of whatever it is, permanent armored form for doodoos, Shadow Shield to turn Power Word: Shield shadowy for SP, etc.)

7) Like the Pandaria scenarios are available through the Seat of Knowledge, I hope they make old dungeons / old world if they do revamp it / new scenarios showing off the most important fragments of Azeroth's past available through the Caverns of Time.

8) Catch up on some loose plot points - Sylvanas & Helya, Sylvanas & Greymane & Eiyr, Wrathion & Sabellian & Ebonhorn, Dragonflights altogether after the loss of Ysera (I worry for Alextrasza), Calia Menethil, Alonsus Faol, Odyn, Medivh, Jaina (+ Kalecgos)... The list can go on and on.

9) Windrunner sisters reunion. A legit one this time. From the Horde point of view, I hope that before meeting Sylvanas, Alleria visits Silvermoon and looks around / talks to the citizens and leadership, because I don't trust in the way Vereesa might have portrayed both the faction and her sister.

10) For the love of God I hope Blizzard class design team takes a step back and looks hard at how things currently are. Bring in community representatives if needed, conduct polls (even if they only reach out to a part of community, it is better than none). Many specs right now are just pitiful and those that are not still have dire problems.

Cannot say that I can't wait for another class / spec revamp and learning how to play certain class/spec combinations anew, but it is better than nothing.

11) I want a fourth spec for Hunters that is roughly what the old Survival was. Be it based on poisons, Shadow powers ala Dark Ranger or Void powers like Alleria, doesn't really matter.

While I think the best option for old Survs out there to hope for would be intergrating the spec into MM, I also think it not a good way out. Not only it brings in the problems with balancing it out, but it also washes down the "spec fantasy" itself.

12) Instead of having a row of talents be split between, say, movement and defensives (Warlocks) or single target / AoE, have a row dedicated to a single function. For example, AoE, and the ways / forms of dealing said AoE (direct damage cooldown such as Barrage or Butchery, passive effect such as Volley or Serpent Sting after Carve, a dot on CD like old Lynx Rush or Dragonsfire grenade).

Author:  Shelassa [ Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

Ooop, and the last one:

13) As a Hunter, I hope Blizzard does something with the pets. As pessimistic as it sounds, at this point I'd agree for pets to be a purely cosmetic choice (with the removal of the Exotic tag) with all Hunters being given Pet Training through the respective NPCs in capital cities, that would allow choosing 1 or 2 pet abilities from the list of available ones (+1 for BM for the "spec fantasy" moment).

Author:  Wain [ Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

Great thread! I've loved reading through all the ideas :)

For me:

- Repair / fill out classes again. With artifacts gone after Legion they'll need to be replaced with something, and NOT another artifact equivalent, or some other class hall "earn powers you already had before, on a tree over time" grind. They need to be fun again. They need real colour added back to them. And a quest chain with forced lore leading to a long-term grindy thing is not colour.

- I agree with so many others that now would be a great time to add more character customization and racial variants. So many people would love to see this. It would take some time, but if they focused on this instead of adding a new race or class I think a lot of people would be very happy. Racial variants would need linker stories to explain how they end up departing their original lands and feeding into the regular quest flow. Either that or they're added as special variants that begin at higher level (the level of the zone in which they originate) and have to be earned.

- Pet family powers to be fleshed out again. Either that or remove all of them and add a different system. Anything but this current lop-sided system where certain families have powers and others don't.

- cool new imaginative beasts for us to tame... of course! :) I hope the artists are allowed to let their imaginations run wild and create some unusual creatures, like they did with the marsuul, rather than purely Azeroth versions of recognizable creatures. And I'll add to that: I hope they give wolves and cats a rest for a while! I don't want to see a new model of either for a couple of expansions. :D Sure, any new model is welcome, but I'd really love to see that creative time spent on something novel, like the amazing marsuul and panthara :)

Author:  Krysteena [ Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

The more I read, the more I start to really want greater character customisation :lol: I'd like to see character scars as an option, to add to character customisation ideas. Krys technically has a scar over her right eye, but aside from giving her a patch, I can't show that in-game.

Also: Stag mounts. Some that are nice and simple, with nature embellishments. Then, a 'war stag' or something, with sharpened horns and elaborate armour on it. I'd also wish for nicer Rep grinds. I miss that you used to be able to get a tabard, run dungeons, get rep, and then get some mounts. I know that's an older way, but simpler Rep grinds would be nice. The Argussian Reach rep rewards are much better. A decent chunk of mounts so it feels worth your time.

Actually, double also: Updated older mounts. Like what they did with the Kodo. I know there's always the question of 'time and resources v worth' but newer players will see fancy mounts and then get stuck with a blocky undead horse. Even if they do just polish up the edges, it has begun to feel like, instead of updating things, they're putting the shiny things behind new and difficult content instead.

Author:  Wain [ Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of WoW - what do you want?

One other thing I would like to see is a series of "astral" / starry pets. It seems like it's not too hard for them to make astral models for things and they'd make a cool addition to spirit beasts. I know the style is related to the Titans, and we're moving away from them now, but there'll always be titan relics around and I'm sure we'll be seeing their legacy for some time to come.

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