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Your Boss Fight
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Author:  Azunara [ Tue Feb 22, 2011 9:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Boss Fight

Aaaaaw. The Charrosaurling is awesome. I'll have to edit the mini-pet to react back. And actually, that was Soundwave's Carapace, not Scarab's. I totally forgot to have an item for her to enrage too for him, but I'll add that in.

Carrion and Vulture coming back as spirits made me sad, but his death quotes made me really sad...

Author:  LupisDarkmoon [ Tue Feb 22, 2011 9:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Boss Fight

Azunara wrote:
Aaaaaw. The Charrosaurling is awesome. I'll have to edit the mini-pet to react back. And actually, that was Soundwave's Carapace, not Scarab's. I totally forgot to have an item for her to enrage too for him, but I'll add that in.

Carrion and Vulture coming back as spirits made me sad, but his death quotes made me really sad...

D'OH, I'm stupid. I read it as Scarab's Carapace several times. Fail. I read it right once or twice, at least...

But yeah! Scarab'll have a bit of a happier ending! Although the Charrosaurling made me pretty happy.

And yeah, his death quotes made me sad to. Why do I make everything tragic?!

Author:  Azunara [ Tue Feb 22, 2011 9:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Boss Fight

I agree. I love the little charrosaurling. And I edited Aralos. I rather like her on-sight quote. x3

Author:  Rottingham [ Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Boss Fight

This is the most epic thread ever :D If I were a boss fight, it would be this!

Death Lord Blighten
<Crusader of the Damned>

His location would be in Felwood, top right of the map a giant castle rises from the ground. In the instance, you will fight several Mobs and 4 Bosses along the way (which i will explain in a separtate post if people care about them...) But the storyline is this...

Thunderfrost Cathedral arose from the depths of Felwood. An unholy power locked away inside that nobody fully realized until the source became active after centuries of waiting. The Cathedral's power comes from souls locked away in the dungeon by Inquisitor Prucket(who is the second boss), and by harnessing the power of these souls the Cathedral can give life to the undead sentries and defences that are under the orders of High General Licten (Third Boss). Death Lord Blighten calls his undead minions to spread his Blight around Felwood, which turns out to be what caused all the demonic disease spreading there in the firstplace, and plans to spread it across Azeroth.

Crusader Kazarr, however, does not like this. He is a member of the Argent Dawn, and your questgiver inside the instance. He is a human in bright red armor with a red cape and blonde hair and beard. Anyway, onto the boss fight!

Death Lord Blighten is a forsaken model, but about the size of a troll. He has full T7 Warrior gear on, but black with glowing red eyes, and a cape that is black with a red skull on it. He wields a Giant mace with a giant skull on it that has spikes in a mohawk fashion and the skull's eyes have blue mist coming from them. He sits on a throne and awaits your arival. He can not be attacked yet, so you must talk to Kazarr to begin the fight.

Stage 1 Upon talking to Kazarr, the room shifts into a mist and the door locks behind. 3 spires around the room, one red, one black,a dn one purle, begin to spin. A spire comes to the center of the room (It is randomized which one comes first, second, and third) and you mist bring it down to 50% HP before it goes back. then the second comes, and you do the same for the all until the third is at 50%. Spire attacks:

Red Spire
Inferno Beam: Causes High damage to a single target.
Hot Spot: causes a Spot to appear near that who has done the most DPS. Everyone in this spot recieves damage and has an immolate DoT on them. casts every 10 seconds.

Purple Spire
Arcane Missles: Casts arcane missles at a target
Arcane Explosion: Casts arcane explosion to enemies that are within 35 yards of it. casts every 5 seconds.

Black Spire
Chaos Bolt: casts Chaos Bolt at a target.
Army of the dead: summons 10 ghouls to attack the enemies. casts again 10 seconds after 7 ghouls have been killed.

Stage 2 After the final spire goes back, Blighten Stamd up, runs to the middle of the room, and does a casting animation, all the spires circle him,a dn you must destroy them all. All the spires attack at once, however when a spire goes down then the damage done by the other spires is decreased by 10%.

Stage 3 When all the spires are destroyed, Bligten attacks the person with the most damage done. Blighten Attacks:

Heretic Rush: Rams into a target at random, stunning them for 3 seconds and silencing them for 3 more after they are unstunned. Blighten then attacks the target with the most threat after the attack lands. 30 second recharge.

Soul Strike: strikes a target for high damage, and the 3 closest targets near them for additional damage. 1 second cast. 5 second recharge

burning ambition: does AoE damage around the target who has done the most healing for 5 seconds. anyone that is in the AoE damage for 3 seconds gets slowed. anyone who is in the AoE damage for 5 seconds gets silenced for 3 more seconds. 3 seconds cast time. 30 second recharge.

Stage 4 at 40% HP Blighten stuns everyone, and soul links himself to Kazarr. Everytime you attack Blighten, Kazarr is damaged. If Kazarr is killed, then Blighten goes into a frenzy that causes him to be immune to all attacks and deal 100% additional damage. if Kazarr is healed, then Blighten is healed for 25% of the healing done to him.

Stage 5 at 15%, Blighten leaps into the air and jumps onto a Skeletal Dragon named Dracolych (who is the mount of the fourth boss, but flies away after the fight). You must attack Dracolych and kill him. Dracolych attacks:

Breath of fire: Breathes a cone of fire onto the target. All targets in the cone are damaged. 3 second cast time. 30 second recharge.

Clutch: Grabs a nearby target in his jaws, and swings them into the wall. each swing causes damage. swings 3 times. each time causes 33% of total HP damage to target. each swing takes 4 seconds in between. can only be used 6-10 seconds after Breath of fire.

Stage 5.5 Dracolych is killed, you must kill Blighten for the remaining 15%

After taking to Kazarr: "Such Curs! Cowards! You must fight uneven odds against me!? well let's even them, shall we?" /laugh
When Red spire is in action: "You knwo what they say. If it's too hot... you die!!!"
When Purple spire is in action: "Arcane power! Such a delicious way to start the evening!"
When Blac spire is in action: "It looks like a dead end for you..."
When All spires are in play: "When in doubt, use everything!"
At start of Stage 3: "I can take care of you myself! Let the Blight commense!"
At start of Stage 4: Blighten: "Let's make this a little more interesting, shall we?" soul links himself to Kazarr
Kazarr: "What have you done!?"
Blighten: "What's the fun in it if there's no challenge?"/laugh
At start of stage 5: "I cannot die at the hand of the light! Dracolych, come to my aid!"
after death: "Death is only the beginning... I will be back... I will never... give up..."

And that's my boss fight :D sorry, It's long and not too entertaining, but It's what I would have

Author:  LupisDarkmoon [ Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Boss Fight

It's great, Rottingham! I want to see the other bosses too. ^.^
Glad you like the thread, I'm really enjoying seeing all these!

Author:  Rottingham [ Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Boss Fight

Sweet! thanks :D I tried to do one that wasn't sad... haha. In the end you end up freeing all the trapped souls and the Cathedral loses it's power, keeping Blighten and the other bosses stuck in the afterlife forever with no chance of resurrection. Luckily, the afterlife has poker and chocolate milk, so it's a happy story on all ends :D

I'll work on the other bosses later. for now I must be going to bed lol.

Author:  Rottingham [ Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Boss Fight

Bah, sorry for double post but I couldn't resist! I had to make another boss before sleeping tongiht!

First boss of Thunderfrost Cathedral:

[center][b][size=150]The Rattle Tank
<Vehicle of Death>[/size][/b][/center]

Upon entering Thunderfrost Cathedral's courtyard, you realize that Kazarr and the Argent Dawn are fighting waves of undead. you fight through 5 waves... wave 1 skeletons and skeletal mages. wave 2 ghouls (which do slightly more damage then skeletons, have more HP, and can stun), skeletal mages, and 2 Lich Healers. wave 3 ghouls, skeletal mages, 3 lich healers, and 2 abominations. wave 4 huge army of geists. wave 5 ghouls, lich mages, lich healers, abomonations, and geists. After all these the wall to the Cathedral busts down and a large tank (that looks similar to Flame Leviathan but smaller in size and black with a large skull chained to the front) comes out. There is a skeleton at the top of it with a general's cap on and a patch over his eye. He is Death Engineer Deminsic, and he has a british accent.

Stage 1 the Rattle tank follows a track on the ground and Deminsic is firing cannons at random party members. you must get in cannons yourself that are on different ends of the field, but you have to move from tank to tank in order to go into range of shooting him, because the Rattle Tank has longer range then you do. and if you run across the tracks and the rattle tank runs you over you get instantly killed. every 10% of health that goes down the Tank goes faster around the tracks until it reaches 60%

Cannon fire: does high damage to a random target (cannon or player. if player is not in cannon it becomes priority to shoot them) .5 second cast time. 1 second recharge.

Stage 2 at 60% the Rattle Tank flies off the tracks at high speed and runs into the wall. the rumbling destroys the cannons and the Rattle tank moves slowly. Now you must kite it around for if it runs over you you die. it still fires cannons but not nearly as damaging. and the cannons do AoE in each area they explode on.

Stage 3 at 40% the Rattle tank stops moving, plants itself into the ground like a turret, and puts up a shield that decreases ranged attacks against it by 40%. then it starts firing cannons still at random party members, but robotic arms come out and atack the person with most threat.

Cannon Fire: Does damage to random party members. AoE effect is no longer in use. .5 second cast. 5 second cooldown.

Slam: The robotic arms slam into the enemy, knocking them back 5 yards and stunning them for 3 seconds. 1 second cast. 15 second cooldown.

flamethrower: A cone of fire appears at a random party memeber. the cone reaches all the way to the wall, so anyone in the way gets damages and a DoT for fire damage and armor decrease by 5% for 10 seconds. indicates who is going to be attacked when being channelled. has 5 second cast time. channeled for 3 seconds. 30 second cooldown.

Stage 4 at 10% HP Rattle tank is going to self destruct. DPS race before it does. if you kill it beforehand, you win. if you don't then the self destruct malfunctions, fully healing the rattle tank and it moves at 300% speed, and chases each player down and runs them over.

After busting down wall: "Even Death can't stop this machine from rumblin' in!"
Destroying a cannon or player during stage 1: "Another one [i]bytes[/i] the dust!"
Smashing into wall again: "No no no no no noooo!!!" other cannons are destoryed. "I mean... yes!"
Entering stage 3: "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but this machine will kill you all!"
Beginning stage 4: "No! I cannot let you get away with this! If I go down, we all do!"
Death: My precious machine... how dare you!?"
After malfunction: "Malfunction!? BAHAHA! This day just couldn't get better!"

Author:  Senna-Umbreon [ Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Boss Fight

Whoo. This took forever, but.. I finally put together one myself! Not, well.. Not any of my WoW characters.. But... Well.. You'll see XD

Ghost Girl
<The Corrupted>

(*Cackles* Seriously, how is this a surprise? XD)

Location: Felwood, in a small grove nestled in the mountains between Felwood, Mt. Hyjal and Winterspring.

Location Specifics: The grove is a sickly green with dark accents, braziers with dark purple flames are scattered throughout the area. A large stone platform sits at the far side of the grove, on top of which Ghost Girl sits.

Appearance: Fairly large black fox with red eyes, and instead of white markings, has yellow ring markings, one on each shoulder/hip, one on her forehead, one on each ear and one on her tail. Think Umbreon from Pokemon. The yellow marks glow a faint gold but occasionally will take on a silver tint.


Phase 1: From aggro until 75% HP. Attacks used are Swipe, Fade and Shadow Ball Volley.

Phase 2: From 75% to 55% HP. Starts to use Dark Pulse and Confuse Ray along with her other abilities.

Phase 3: From 55% to 35% HP. At the start of the phase, she uses Darkness Blast to stun everyone, and while the whole raid is stunned, she rambles on for a bit. After she's done, the fight continues pretty much the same as before except that she will use Payback now.

Phase 4: From 35% to death. Uses Darkness Pulse to stun the raid again, then activates her enrage, which lasts for about 1 and a half minutes (It also breaks the stun on the raid.) After her enrage ends, she starts to use Darkness Blast, Moonlight and Shadow End in addition to her other abilities but ceases to use Fade.


Swipe: Basic AoE melee cleave. Yerp.

Fade: Like a Rogue's Vanish, basically. Last only a few seconds and the user will reappear a few yards away from where Fade was originally used.

Shadow Ball Volley: Sends out a volley of shadowy spheres at attackers, doing medium damage.

Dark Pulse: An AoE attack, dealing low damage to anyone within 10 yards of the user. Also causes a Pool of Darkness.

Pool of Darkness: AoE pool of dark energy that spawns on the ground after Dark Pulse. Does very high damage over a fairly short period of time. GEET OUT OF EET OR YOU DIIIIIIIIIEEEE!!! (Pulling Ghost away from the pool so melee can actually attack her is highly recommended XP)

Confuse Ray: A short Blind effect. Preeeeetty basic.

Darkness Blast: Does low damage to EVERYONE and stuns them for a set amount of time.

Payback: A fairly strong melee attack that causes the user to charge at her target. Done to whoever has the highest threat other than the tank (Basically second highest threat). Also causes her focus on the target of Payback and the tank must Taunt her to regain her attention.

Moonlight: A large but interruptable AoE heal. Heals user and anyone else in the area. (Really good guilds/ambitious people/idiots feel free to let her use it and have it heal raid members!)

Shadow End: Charges at a random target, dealing MASSIVE damage, and causing the user to attack that target for a second or two before switching back to her original target. Deals a fair bit of recoil damage to the user. (Can be survived as long as the healers focus all heals on the target of Shadow End.)

Dark Insanity: Really nasty enrage that increases user's damage output by, well... A helluva lot. Causes Ghost's yellow markings to turn a dark silver (And they stay that way even after the enrage ends.) (It is recommended for DPS to skedaddle and hang back so they don't accidentally get Payback'd into oblivion while healers should purely focus on healing the tank(s), who should mainly just focus on keeping aggro)


Aggro: "You... You humans.. It's because of you all that the Dusk were created! It's because of you that I lost my friends!!!!"

Fade (On use): "Just try and attack something you can't even see!"

Fade (When it ends): "Weren't expecting that, now were you? Ahaha! Now die, fools!"

Confuse Ray: "Doubt you can hit me when you can't even hit the broad side of a barn!!!"

Dark Pulse: "Eat THIS!"

Payback: "DAMMIT! That hurts, you bastard!!"

Moonlight: "It's a sure damn good thing I can heal..."

Darkness Blast (Phase 3 only): "Okay, that's it! I'm through playing around..."

Start of phase 3 rant (After using Darkness Blast): "You know.. You humans have caused me a lot of pain. You see these markings of mine? They aren't supposed to be tinted silver.. It's because of the Dusk I'm like this... That I've hurt my friends.. My family... It's all because of YOU! All of you! It's all your fault I've become this monster!!"

Shadow End: "Want to see how dangerous I can be? How much destruction I can cause because of this curse? Actually, instead of seeing it.. How about you FEEL it, <class of Shadow End's target>?!"

Dark Insanity: <Ghost Girl lets out a wave of dark energy before falling to the ground, trembling, red eyes tinted with fear.> "No.. Dammit! I won't turn into the monster the others have become! I.. Won't.." <Ghost Girl lets out a horrible and furious roar, her golden markings turning a faded silver.> "Fine then!! I may not like this, but it'll do nicely for killing you all! You bastards deserve to be slaughtered by your own creation, anyway!!! NOW DIE!!!!!"

Player death: "You deserved it for what your kind has done to me!!!"

Player death (alt): "You should know by now that darkness consumes all... No, that's not right... No! DAMMIT!!!"

Player death (alt): "Foolish human, thinking you can defeat me!!"

Raid wipe: <Ghost Girl cackles.> "You're all pathetic. Just imagine how much of a chance you would've stood against the Dusk army... Your death against me is nothing short of merciful, if anything!!"

Death: "I.. Wasn't able to defeat these bastards... Sol.. Iron.. Rust.. I'm sorry I wasn't able to kill the ones responsible for all of thi--" <Ghost Girl's voice is cut off as a pained growl escapes her. Eventually she falls silent, formerly bright eyes now glazed over...>

(I love how.. Ghost-ish her quotes are, even when she's a world boss in WoW XD)


Eternal Darkness
(Melee DPS sword. Has its own personal Shadowform graphics.)

Pelt of the Corrupted
(Physical DPS cloak.)
Flavour Text: "The ebony black and silver pelt, now stained red with blood..."
<Effect: Allows the user to fade and become invisible for a short period of time.>

Small Pale-Coloured Egg
Summons a Tiny Cranievee, a small grey-ish brown fox with a grey mane and tail tip, and blue markings.
Flavour Text: "A small blue, brown and grey egg. Its shell is cracked slightly..."
Mini-Pet animations: Usually just kinda.. Stands there. Will occasionally scratch itself with a hind leg, lick its paw, bat at its ear or chase its tail.

<Tiny Cranievee looks up at its owner, tilting its head slightly.>
<Tiny Cranievee squeaks, looking curiously at its own tail, which it then starts chasing after.>
<Tiny Cranievee blinks at <friendly target> and lets out a cheerful squeak.>
<Tiny Cranievee tilts its head at <unfriendly target>, then lowers itself close to the ground, letting out a squeaky growl.>
<Tiny Cranievee bounds over to <other nearby Mini-Pet> and bats playfully at it. Let's play!>
(If the player has Pelt of the Corrupted equipped) <Tiny Cranievee stares up at the black pelt draped over its owner's back. There's an oddly familiar scent coming from it....> <Tiny Cranievee whimpers quietly, averting its gaze from the pelt.>

Wow, this was long.. Will made another post with the end XD

Author:  Senna-Umbreon [ Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Boss Fight

*Shoos away double-post gremlins* Shoo! It's not my fault that my post was too long! >.<

Aaanywho. Now for the ending of my post! Here comes the sad part. Anyone from the PokeRP, prepare yourselves...

Little End Bit Thingy:

After Ghost Girl has died, a small grey and blue fox (With the same markings that Ghost has, but in blue. Also has a few other blue markings.) creeps out of the bushes at the edge of the grove. He'll notice Ghost's corpse and scamper over to her..

<An odd grey and blue creature creeps out of the bushes, wearily eying the humanoids nearby. He lets out a tiny squeak as he notices the corpse of Ghost Girl, then scampers over to her.> "Mommy..? W-Wake up... Please...." <He starts whimpering..> "Mommy, wake up! Daddy woke up.. So why won't you? Please! You have to wake up! Mommy..!!!" <He collapses beside the dead fox, pressing his body close to her.> "Mommy...."

When the player goes up to the creature and speaks to him..

<The fox-like thing looks up at you..>

"Who.. Are you..? Do you know what happened to Mommy...?"

Player: *Nods* "...."

"I.. Don't really know what you are.. But.. You remind me of Mommy's owner..."

Player: "Her.. Owner?"

"Mmhm.. She's nice. She took care of Mommy! And me too..." <He whimpers..> "I.. There's something that my Daddy needs to see. He's not here right now... But could you.. Please bring something to him for me..? I want to stay here with Mommy..."

Player: "... Erm, okay? Wh-What do you need me to take to your, uh, Daddy?"

<The fox-thing gets up and slowly walks over to some bushes and disappears into them. A few seconds later, he reappears, dragging a nest-like bundle of twigs, sticks and grass. In the middle of the nest, lies an.. Egg. A small crack is visible on it..>

"Could you take this to my Daddy? My Mommy was taking care of it, but... She's not awake right now, and it's close to hatching! I can't take care of it.. So maybe you might be able to get it to Daddy before it hatches? He'll know what to do about it!"

Player: "Uhh... Okay..? Um, what does he look like? Your.. Daddy, I mean.."

"He looks like a big dinosaur! Grey and blue! Same colours as I am!"

Player: "Um, okay.. Anyway idea where he'd be..?"

<The fox blinks, then slowly shakes his head..> "Um, no.. Not really. Sorry.."

Player: "Uh, it's okay. I, uh, travel a lot.. I'll probably find him eventually. Umm.. What is your name, anyway? So if I do find your Daddy, I can tell him you sent me.."

<The fox brightens slightly, glad to see you'll take the egg.> "I'm Rust! Thank you a lot... Me and Mommy are grateful that you're doing this! Maybe we'll see each other again so we'll be able to thank you!!"

Player: "Err, yeah.. Maybe we'll meet again. It was.. Nice meeting you, Rust. Tell your.. Mommy that.. The egg will be in safe hands...."

<Rust smiles.> "I will! Thanks again!!"

Player: "You're.. Welcome..."

<Rust's smile grows larger, and his tail starts wagging a bit as you turn and walk away...>

.... Okay, yeah. All of this killed me. Not only was the whole darn thing long.. WAUGH IT MADE ME SAD. ARRGGHHH!! *Flails*

Author:  LupisDarkmoon [ Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Boss Fight

...Owwww. Now I'm sad again.
I -LOVE- this thread. It's also the most depressing thing ever. xD
Poor Rust... *Hugs* (And poor player. "Ohhhhshhhiiiiii.... kids.")

Those quotes cracked me up. xD Which is great, because everything else here is really depressing! (Not that that's a bad thing!)

Author:  Azunara [ Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Boss Fight

Awwwww, Rust. I can totally see the player just thinking that, too.

...I need to edit Aralos again so she interact with the cranivee egg too...

Author:  Rottingham [ Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Boss Fight



If I were the player I would go jump off the nearest cliff, camp as ghost, and delete character... after returning the egg of course!

Author:  rubybeam [ Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Boss Fight

I think I may make a kanmimpi boss, but all of the possabilitys....I don't plan on making kanmimpi very easy either seeing how insane she is, I also make to make a few sad things during the fight i'll possibly edit this post while thinking it over at school unless a new post is made

Author:  Azunara [ Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Boss Fight

(("But Azu!" you say, "You've already done a boss fight for Solara!" And I reply, "I break all known laws. I. Am. Azu." Really though, this idea came into my head after rereading parts of RotS, seems like a fun idea for a fight, and...uh...Shh.))


??+ Elite, Friendly mob.

Location: Starts out, you guessed it, outdoor boss in Hinterlands. Yaaay Hinterlands! There's Solara and a pink portal. After tasteh dialogue, you go through portal to a grey version of the area you were just in. You now see Kamimpi: <Shepard>. Unique model, looks like this. ... -197614129 (Credit to Rubybeam. Not my drawing, totally hers.) And then, the fun begins.

Appearance: See other description in prior fight. For image-y goodness, (Also not mine! This one is Lupis'.)

Stages: Throughout the entirety of the fight, you will be trying to heal Solara to full. Various waves of trash mobs will be coming to say hi. There are four stages, with five different bosses. Solara will summon a "Dusk Voice", essentially an all black version of her, every minute.

Stage One: Five waves, made of "Forgotten Memories". Just shadowy versions of Solara.

Boss One: Ghost Girl <Sister of Solara>
Appearance: Think black fox with gold rings on legs, forehead, and stripes on her tail and ears. Umbreon.
Confuse Ray: Blind
Dark Pulse: AoE Shadow Damage
Dark Fury: An interruptable spell that will be only cast on Solara. Interrupt it or Sol's health will drop nicely.

Stage Two
: More "Forgotten Memories", but Kamimpi will occasionally unphase and use "Suffering" on raid members. Powerful DoT.

Boss Two: Shadwyn <Sister of Solara> and Aurora <Daughter of Solara>
Appearance: See Ghost.
Attacks: Same as Ghost's, except instead of Dark Fury she has this.
Fallen's Cry: An attack that sends everyone running.

Appearance: White seal with a horn.
Ice Beam: Think Frost Bolt.
Sheer Cold: Interruptable Raid-Wipe thingy. Must be interrupted.

Stage Three: Still more "Forgotten Memories", and Kam still pops up.

Boss Three: Soundwave <Mate of Solara>
Appearance: Wasp, really. Think yanmega.
Wing Buffet: Knockback.
Enrage: He enrages. The entire fight. Have fun!
U-Turn: Switches to attack second highest on threat, hits hard, then goes back to tank.

Stage Four: Once Soundwave is down, Solara will fight back. She will launch an attack called "Solar Rage" which kills anything still standing, heals the raid and brings their mana to full.

Boss Five: Kamimpi <Shepard>
Appearance: See above.
Suffering: Heavy DoT
Shepard's Fury: Moderate spell, hits ranged.
Shepard's Agony: Moderate physical attack, hits melee.
Swipe: Cleave. Oh noes!
Dream Illusion: Weaker versions of the former bosses will spawn. Kill them and the fight ends, with Kamimpi fleeing. You'll be teleported out of the Dream World and there will be a small chest full of ze loots.


Solara: "Damn Cat-Fox, too scared to face me out here."

Stage One:
Kamimpi: "Now you will taste my suffering!"

Boss One:
Ghost Girl: "Solara! Why did you leave us? We needed you..."

Stage Two:
Kamimpi: "You won't leave until I decide it!"

Boss Two:
Shadwyn: "Sister? Why did you let him kill me? It's all your fault."
Aurora: "Mommy...?"

Stage Three:
Kamimpi: "Now do you know what it feels like to have your soul ripped apart, just for being yourself? If you want to stop, beg me!"
Solara: "You'll never have the satisfaction!"

Boss Four:
Soundwave: "Solara! Why did you leave me? Why? You're weak. Pathetic. I will end your existence!"

Stage Four:
Solara: ", Cat-Fox...TASTE THE FURY OF THE SUN!"

Boss Five:
Kamimpi: "Pathetic. No matter what you do, I will win in the end."

Summon Dusk Voice:
Solara: "The Dusk will aid me, even in this world!"

Solara near death:
Solara: "No, it can't end like this! No!"

Solara death:
Solara: "Is...this how it ends...?"

Player Death:
Solara: "Fel."

Player Death (Alt):
Kamimpi: "Hehe...You'll all fall in the end..."

Raid Wipe:
Solara: "Damn you, Cat-Fox. And you call the Dusk evil?"

Kam's "Death"
Kamimpi: "This means nothing. I have had my fun, my triumph. You will lose in the end, monster." <Kamimpi laughs harshly.>
Solara: "We'll see who's laughing when I tear you into pieces, huh?"


Dusk's Revenge:
(Physical DPS polearm.)

Ghost Girl's Paw
(Physical DPS trinket.)

Shadwyn's Hide:
(Caster DPS cloak.)

Aurora's Horn:
(Ranged DPS cloak.)

Soundwave's Wing:
(Tanky shield)

Solara's Gift:
(Healy trinket.)

Solara's Collar
(Rare, mini-pet.)
Summons a small version of Solara, the Psyceon. She occasionally attacks critters, and she whispers you. She also may occasionally cast a very small heal on the player. Following whispers:
"I love the sun, it's so warm!"
"I love flying, did you know that? Everything becomes so pretty..."
"I miss my family..."
When healing the player: "See? Isn't the sun nice?"

Author:  Rottingham [ Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Your Boss Fight

Awesome :D I'm lovin' the multiple bosses! I want a soundwave...

Author:  tactfullyArtisan [ Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:27 am ]
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Name/Title: Jettatura <Heir of Frost>
Location: Winterspring, in the center of Lake Kel’theril. Would most likely be a World Boss similar to the Nightmare Corruptor in Duskwood. She is a neutral mob so as not to disturb questing lowbies in the area.
Locations Specifics: No boss room, as she’s outside; typical Winterspring, though as you approach her a mist effect similar to the ones you experience in the various Vry'kul places in Northrend will show up on your screen.
4. She is a goblin, though obviously one warped by spending so much time in the frozen lands of Winterspring. Her skin is pale aqua and ashy, only remnants of the vibrant green it once was showing through. Straight russet hair tied back haphazardly on her head, with a long fringe covering one of her icy blue eyes. A deadly smirk plays on her lips. She wears the Valorous Cryptstalker’s Battlegear, minus the helm. She sits on a stump of a tree, out of which is fashioned a sort of chair, hung with icicles. Next to her stands a withered-looking high elf, a cold glare set on his face. He has white hair and glowing blue eyes with an almost feral glint to them. He is named as well; Eskendal <Consort of Frost>
5. Stages.
Stage One – 100%-70% Normal tank-and-spank, with icy AoE slicks, called Black Ice, that slow run speed and deal steady damage over time. Uses an icy arrow that deals frost damage as her main attack, which has no dead zone. Eskendal will remain neutral on the periphery, unable to be attacked, but will sometimes target a random player and place a magic debuff on them called Crystallization that slowly gains stacks until it reaches 10 (ticks every one and a half seconds), which, if allowed to get to ten, will make the player explode in a freezing supernova, killing the player instantly and freezing any players within a fifteen yard radius within ice blocks for fifteen seconds. Naturally, you want to dispel this as soon as he casts it.
Stage Two – 70%-20%
She does a short monologue emote, then grows in size a bit and gains a few new abilities – a stacking debuff called Frostbite on the tank that steadily increases frost damage taken is applied whenever the tank is hit by her. This lasts for ten seconds and so when the stacks reach a certain number she must be taunted off by another tank until the stacks fall off. Her AoEs become more frequent, and Eskendal will cast Crystallization on two targets at once now. Also summons adds in the form of spectral sabers; the tank that is not focused on Jettatura can pick these up and can quickly be AoE’d down by one or two DPS, as they have minimal health and do nothing other than offer a distraction.
Stage Three – 20%-0%
She will do another short monologue emote, stunning all players currently engaged in combat. Eskendal will take the shape of a leopard Spirit Beast (think Loque’nahak.) and will leap at the tank that had the highest amount of threat against Jettatura, and then combat will resume as normal. Eskendal will periodically begin to try to heal her, emoting “Eskendal begins to channel a spiritual heal!” which should be interrupted, as it is a five second cast and heals Jettatura for 400k. Eskendal will periodically cast Crystallization, as well as using a Spirit Strike occasionally on the tank he is focused on. He doesn’t do a lot of damage, and so can be kited with relative ease, or held by an off tank if that suits your fancy. Killing him, however, sets off an insta-enrage that will wipe the group. She will have gained one significant new ability, though – she will emote “Jettatura begins channeling a massive attack to her <direction; left, right, front>!” A patch of non-damage-dealing flames will appear along the path that she has selected. All players must move as far away from the spot as possible, as in five seconds she will cast a massive white-blue death lazer in that direction that will instantly oneshot anyone within its range. For a short 5-7 seconds afterwards she is stunned and will take 200% usual damage. After she does this attack thrice (during which you cannot lower her below 1 health), she begins channeling it in a 100 yard radius around her, at which point it is a DPS race. She channels the attack for 15 seconds, and you must get her to 0 health within that time frame or else she will wipe the entire group.
6. Phase One
Frost Arrow – Basic attack that hits for 5-7k on a decently geared tank, assuming all heroic gear with maybe a few epics scattered in here and there.
Black Ice - AoE that deals 7k a tick every 3 seconds and slows movement speed by 25%. Should be avoided. 30sec cooldown.
Crystallization – Magic debuff that deals stacking damage, 1k on the first tick and ticks a total of ten times, each tick increasing in damage by 2k. Final AoE oneshots the debuffed player and encases any players within a 15 yard radius for 15 seconds. It is highly recommended that this be removed as soon as it is applied. 45 sec cooldown.
Phase Two
All the abilities from Phase One, plus:
Frostbite – Stacking debuff applied to the tank every time it is hit by Jettatura, increasing Frost damage taken by 10% each time. Lasts ten seconds.
Crystallization may now affect two targets at once.
Black Ice’s cooldown is now 20 seconds.
Summon Disciples of Frost – Summons four Disciples of Frost, which deal moderate damage and have a limited health pool.
Phase Three
All of the abilities from Phase One and Two, plus:
Chilling Winds – Seven-second-cast AoE that is marked by a series of blue-white flames on the ground and an emote; deals massive amounts of damage that cannot be mitigated. Stay out of this.
Spirit Heal – Used by Eskendal. Scaled-up version of the Spirit Beast’s ability of the same name; has a cast time of 5 seconds, heals for quite a bit of her health pool.
Spirit Strike - Used occasionally by Eskendal. Direct-damage magic strike that hits for 7-9k on a decently geared tank, most likely more on a caster. Has a 20 sec cooldown.


Monologue: “Well, friends. Welcome to the new Frozen Throne – while I’ll admit, it isn’t nearly as fancy as the Lich King’s, I believe it suits me just fine.”
Aggro: “Prepare to meet your fate!”
Phase Two: “Agh! You’re stronger than I thought – no matter, my disciples shall make short work of you.”
Summon Adds: “My children! Make them feel the cold fingers of frost. Eradicate them as the chill of winter eradicates all life it encounters.”
Phase Three: “Enough! Eskendal, I am in need of your assistance. Aid me in defeating these trespassers!”
Eskendal: ”Yes, my liege.” Turning to face the tank. “Prepare yourself for the inevitable.”
Player death: “Death is an inevitability.”
Player death (alt): “The chill of death embraces you.”
Player death (alt): “Another meaningless life crushed beneath my icy boot.”
Death of Eskendal: “No! NO! You will pay for your actions!”
Death: “I feel... warmth..."

8. Gear/drops
Bow of the Heir
Epic +Agi bow.
”Touching the bow sends an icy chill up your spine.”

Staff of the Beloved Consort
Epic aster staff.
”The jewel mounted at the top seems to be glowing an icy blue.”

Eskendal’s Claw
Blue caster dagger.

Cloak of Frost
Blue tanking cloak.

Highborne Field Research Journal
This Item Begins a Quest (Level 85)
”This notebook is wet and dog-eared, but appears to be some sort of diary detailing an examination of the Highborne that once lived near Lake Kel’theril. The entries mysteriously stop sometime in the dead of winter a few years past.”
Turned in to Nymn at Everlook for a bag of rare/epic gems and a selection of four cloaks pertaining to the four types of specs; tank, melee dps, caster dps, and heals. A staff similar to the model for Abracadaver remains staked in the ground near him for half a day, similar to Nefarian's or Onyxia's head being put on display in Orgrimmar/Stormwind.

The Loyal Disciple
Blue +Agi trinket.
Use: Summons a Subdued Disciple to fight at your side for ten minutes. (20 Min Cooldown)
(The Subdued Disciple looks like the adds she summons.)

This was fun! I never thought I’d flesh it out as much as I did, but the end result is almost two pages long in this Word Document I’m using to type it xD This is the first bossfight I've ever designed though, so it's probably pretty crappily fleshed out.
The story behind this is that she had been doing research on the Highborne at Lake Kel'theril, and was eventually corrupted by the Arcane magics that lingered there. Unable to leave her side, her loyal companion Eskendal soon followed her into the corruption. She was eventually relieved of her corruption by a skilled group of adventurers, but sadly did not survive. Eskendal perished along with her, so tied were the two in their endeavors.

Forgot to add that there's special music when you engage her too! Some sort of orchestrated version of this.

Author:  Laniary [ Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:57 am ]
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Laniary Oakwalker, Archdruid of the Claw
<The Deluded>

2. Location: Feralas, on an island West of the Ruins of Feathermoon.

3. Locations specifics: On the north coast of the island sits a small dock, clearly made hastily with a single Night Elf female by the name of Deriza standing near the edge. She's friendly to both Alliance and Horde and is non-interactive unless in a raid group. When interacted with aa unsettling fog affect covers any players in the zones screen. (Even lowbies) Not to long afterwards Deriza starts to speak. As soon as she's finished speaking aa Elfish boat glides out of the fog and the raid 'Zones' in. As soon as the loading screen is gone a short cutscene starts. Your raid marches slowly through the lush forest that strongly resembles Feralas vegetation, Deriza leading the way and speaking. After a few short seconds your raid group stops in front of a gloomy looking cave and the cutscene ends. Your raid may not mount and has only way to go, through the instance portal located in the tree's behind you, or the cave. Upon entering the cave the first phase of the fight starts.

4. Appearance:
Phase 1: A light skinned female Night Elf, bearing the markings of the claw on her face. She has dark blue hair pulled into a loose ponytail and is wearing what appears to be the druid tier one set. A dark aura emanates from her and energy seems to flow at her feet as she moves.
Phase 2: A dark blue bear slightly larger then normal, a similar dark aura radiates even stronger then before.
Phase 3: The bear is now sporting dark growths from both its spine and hind legs, and has grown at least ten fold. Dark webs seem to flash across the bears body and upon closer inspection reveal to be the blood burning inside its veins.

Phase 1: The Gauntlet. 100%
Upon entering the cave the entire raid gains a debuff by the name of 'Lucidity' The debuff has no timer and starts at one hundred stacks. The second the debuff is applied three large faceless ones named simply 'Faceless One' seem to spawn from the walls of the cave. A single stack of Lucidity will fall off everyone in the raid every 10 seconds. If the debuff reaches 0 then everyone will lose control of their characters and the adds will kill you. The faceless ones must be tanked on top of each other with one tank taking each. Every ten seconds one of the adds will randomly pick one of the three people with aggro and deal 100% of their health split between the two nearest targets and themselves, this attack is instant and the only warning given is large glowing eye that appears above the targets head. The adds share a health pool and are relatively easy to kill, usually lasting roughly a minute.

After the first wave of adds are defeated the raid must travel past their already despawned corpses and further into the cave, at this point the raid may mount up and the cave seems to wind downwards. After a short distance you reach a large open door, through the door is a pathway filled with exactly 20 mobs named 'Night Terrors' (Shadowfiend model) A tank must pick all 20 up and continue through the hallway, the adds do little to no damage to a geared tank but lay a nasty debuff down on the tank every thirty seconds, at that point tanks must swap. Each Night Terror has four million health and is immune to all forms of movement impairing affects.

After opening the door at the end of the hallway the adds despawn and you're faced with a large cavern filled with stalactites and a pool of water covering half of the caverns floor. Laying in the water is Laniary she has 40 million health. She is non-interactive and friendly to both Horde and Alliance until someone moves within 10 yards of her, Lucidity is still ticking down even when in this room. When Laniary is engaged she will slowly stand and start talking.

Phase 2: Burn baby burn. 100% - 50%
After she's finished speaking a shadowy bear will spawn from her and she will shift into bear form as well. Laniary will tank the shadowy apparition, when targeted the mob is labeled simply 'Unknown'. At this point the raid must burn the apparitions health down from 5 million. As soon as the raid kills the shadow Laniary will drop down to 50% health and the raid will drop to 25 stacks of Lucidity and have 4 minutes to finish the fight. The apprition will do an aoe affect to all players within 30 yards.

Phase 3: The power of corruption. 50% - 0%
At this point Laniary will sprout shadowy growths and become hostile. Entering the third phase, she has 20 million health left and will stack 'Corruption' on the tank, after 4 stacks the tanks must swap. Every 1 minute she will spawn 4 undead that must be picked up by the third tank and kited as they leave dark clouds on the ground that will reduce 1 stack of Lucidity per second, these adds are to be ignored by dps. At 20% she soft enrages and does 5% more damage per stack of Lucidity on the tank. Throughout this entire phase she does a a frontal cone shadow breath, and a cleave, as well as targeting two random raid members and chaining them together in the air for 5 seconds.

6. Attacks.
Lucidity: A stacking debuff that starts at 100. One stack will fall off every ten seconds. When the 50 stacks is reached the target will receive a 10% damage buff and a 30% movement speed increase. At 25 stacks the target will receive a 100% damage buff and a 60% movement speed increase. At 0 stacks the target will be stunned for 5 minutes (This affect can not be removed by bubble or trinket)
Gaze of the old god (Faceless One): Instantly deals 100% of the targets health split between two additional targets. 10 second Cooldown.
Terrify (Night Terrors): Reduces all healing affects by 5% and increases damage taken by 3%. Stacks up to 20 times. 30 second Cooldown. Lasts 30 seconds.
Dark Roar (Unknown): Does 20k damage instantly to all targets within 30 yards. 30 second Cooldown.
Unstable Reality (Unknown): Upon death deal 20 million damage to target.
Corruption (Laniary): Increases attack speed by 50%. Stacks up to 5 times. Upon reaching 5 stacks the target will lose all stacks of Lucidity. Lasts 40 seconds. 10 second Cooldown.
Spawn Undead (Laniary): Spawns 4 undead on the target furthest away from the boss.
Nightmare Fissure (Undead): Leaves a shadowy cloud on the ground, removes 1 stack of Lucidity per second. 20 second Cooldown.
Survival Instincts (Laniary): Deals 5% more damage per stack of Lucidity to the target. (Maximum of 10 stacks)
Shadow Breath (Laniary): Deals 10k damage to all targets in front of the boss. 15 second Cooldown
Swipe (Laniary): Deals 50k damage split between two targets in front of the boss. 20 second Cooldown.
Affliction (Laniary): Chains two targets in the air for 5 seconds, dealing 4k damage per second and reducing their Lucidity to 5. Players cannot be targeted by this affect if they have less then 5 Lucidity. 30 Second Cooldown.

7. Quotes. On aggro, on stage change, on specific attacks, etc.
(Upon talking to her at the dock) Your arrival is most fortunate, travelers. Our transport has just arrived. I'll tell you everything that you need to know on the way.
(Cutscene) About two months ago our small group discovered what we believed to be a relic of Ursoc, It took some convincing but after a while we had Archdruid Oakwalker venture to our discovery, it wasn't long after she arrived before it happened. Members of our party started to grow anxious and withdrawn, I too felt the nervousness of the animals around us. Unfortunately, by the time we had figured out what was going on, it was too late. We unsealed the cave and a dark force was released, it grasped at the back of our minds like a parasite, eating away at our sanity. I was the only one to escape before Oakwalker turned on us. You'll find her in the cave up ahead, I dare not go further then this, Elune-Adore brave adventurers.

Mysterious Voice:
(Gauntlet Phase)
Whisper 1:
Whisper 2: All your troubles... all your woes... leave them behind.
Whisper 3: You struggle... you fight... yet you do not stand a chance...
Whisper 4: My influence is... unstoppable...

(Aggro) Wh- who's there? I can feel it, pushing against my subconscious, it wants me to kill you... NO! I must fight this! For Ilthilior and my precious Kaylai, assist me adventurers! I will drive the taint from my mind!
(Entering Phase 3, now yelling.) Aaaaugh! It's too much! Please! Run while you still ca- (transformed now) COWER BEFORE ME!
(Soft enrage) I can feel your every desire, your hopes, your dreams, your fears. Do you really think you can stand before the might of an old god?!
(Player Death)
1: Despicable...
2: Hope wanes!
(Wiping the raid) It was fun while it lasted!
(When all stacks of Lucidity are removed from the raid) YES! I CAN FEEL IT! FEED ME FOOLISH MORTALS!
(Death) Ka...ylai...

8. Shiny things:
Glistening Tooth
Epic Tanking Trinket
"It was stained black by her blood."

Claw Pendant
Epic Caster Neck
"It bears the mark of the druids of the claw."

Corrupted Claw
Epic Melee Dagger

Headdress of the Archdruid
Epic Leather Caster Helm

Tear Soaked Letter
This Item Starts a Quest (85)
"It's addressed to Ilthilior and Kaylai Oakwalker."
Turned in to Ilthilior Oakwalker in Darnassus. (If the looter is Horde it allows the player to enter a zoned Darnassus via Cenarion Circle escort.) Gives no reward. When completed the Night Elf man bursts into tears, revealing in text that Kaylai is their young daughter.

I've never hated typing as much as I do now, I should look over spelling and grammar when I get up tomorrow. >.<

Edit: fixed some stuff I overlooked at 3 in the morning >.<

Author:  Rottingham [ Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:51 pm ]
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I love the mechanics that everyone puts in their fights! This is one of the best threads out there!

I shall continue my boss fights after a quick round of Starcraft with my friends

Author:  Rottingham [ Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:51 pm ]
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I love the mechanics that everyone puts in their fights! This is one of the best threads out there!

I shall continue my boss fights after a quick round of Starcraft with my friends

EDIT: and here's another boss battle!

Inquisitor Prucket
<Soul Sapper>

After destroying the Rattle Tank, Kazarr takes you across the courtyard into a lower basement, when undead appear and try to attack from behind. He barricades the door with some troops and the players continue downstairs. on the way you fight skeleton warriors and lich mages and healers down several flights of stairs. at the bottum you see a forsaken dressed similar to Baron Ashbury, but instead of a wizard hat its more van helsing-ish, and has 2 dagger-like . This is Inquisitor Pricket, and he's torturing a human ghost. You attack or aggroe him, adn then the fight begins!

Stage 1 Prucket attacks by himself, simple tank and spank. However he has these moves:

Dual Blow: a devistating blow with both weapons, knocking the target down. .5 seconf cast. 20 second cooldown

Shadowstep. shadowsteps behind the target with most healing done and stuns them for 3 seconds. immideiatly shadowsteps back to the target with most threat after stun. 30 second cooldown.

Haze: Throws a bottle of poison at a random target. hazes them, causing the drunk screen effects, lowering hit rating by 20%, and poisons the target for 50% of total health over 10 seconds. haze and lowered hit only lasts 3 seconds. 3 second cast time. 45 second cooldown.

Stage 2 at 55% Prucket jumps to a ledge, and geists jump down from the ceiling and attack the players. If the gests last longer then 5 seconds (they dies quick) Then they let out an AoE poison. more geiest continue to fall from the ceiling. 50 in total, but they fall 10 at a time. meanwhile, Prucket snipes at you with a gun.

Multi-shot: Prucket shoots all targets at once, causing low damage. 10 second cooldown

Detonating shot: Shoots a bomb at a random target. after 5 seconds it explodes, causing AoE damage to all targets (geists incuded) within 5 yards. .5 second cast time. 15 second cooldown

Stage 3 Prucket jumps down again after all 50 geists are killed and repeats stage 1.

Stage 4 At 30% Health, Prucket stuns all players. he opens a cage and an abomination comes out. He jumps on the abomination's back and continues to snipe players more then 5 yards away from the abomination with his gun as the abomination chases you. Prucket doesnt have detonating shot anymore, but still multi-shot.
Abomination attacks:

Hook: Throws a hook to bring a random target further away then 5 yards towards him ,and stuns the target for 5 seconds. .5 second cast time. 20 second cooldown.

Swing: Swings his arm, knocking back every target in 5 yard. 1 second cast time. 25 second recharge.

Frenzy: if not killed in under 2 minutes, the Abomination goes into a frenzy, increasing attack power by 100%, defence by 50%, and attack speed by 25%.

Stage 5 after abomination dies, repeats stage 1 until dead.

Aggro: "You're souls look healthy... Time to reap the harvest! En Garde!"
Death of player: "Your soul will do nicely for our power..."
(alt): "This is too easy!"
(alt): "Are you even trying? please dont have me beg for you to do better!"
Stage 2 beginning: "I grow tired of you pathetic excuses of flesh! My helpers can take care of you!" First wave of geists fall "Now stad still so i can shoot you!"
after detonating shot detonates: "I'm on fire, baby!"
(alt): "I'm burnin' I'm burnin' I'm burnin' for you!"
Start of stage 3: "That was fun, but I want more action!"
Start of Stage 4: "Enough of this foolery, I'm bored..." leaps on abomination "High ho silver! AWAY!"
player death in stage 4:
abomination "I do good? i do good?"
Prucket: "Indeed you did!"
Abomination frezny: "Now you are all in deep trouble!"
Stage 5: "No more Mr. Nice Inquisitor... Time for me to end you!"
Death: "No! I can't die... Blighten would kill me..."

Author:  Litlemouse [ Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:05 am ]
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(Also, before I begin, I have NO IDEA if my CD times are accurate, too long, or too short.)

Name: Litlemouse the Wildbender

Location Area: Sholazar Basin. Somewhere in a huge tree.

Location Specifics: The tree's inside has been carved out, and there's not much inside atm. Litlemouse is standing with her back to the entrance, kneeling down as if looking at something. There are two large cats, a panther and a tiger, in the room next to her, although they are facing the entrance, unlike their Mistress.

Appearance: Green-haired, female night elf, with a long spiked bow and a large axe. No helmet covers her face, although the rest of her armor is tough and well-designed. Slim but deadly XD

Stage 1: 70-100%, Feral Call.
Stage 2: 40-70%, Feral Call, Wild Awakening.
Stage 3: Under 40%, Feral Call, Wild Awakening, Desperate Survival.

Feral Call: Calls upon a large number of nightsaber cubs to attack the group. However, these cubs have a very small amount of health. Damage should be low as long as one of your group members has an AoE of some sort. CD: 40 seconds

Wild Awakening: Awakens the tree, stirring it into action, causing branches to sprout out of the walls of the room. If you get impaled on a branch, the damage is high, but players can avoid this by hurrying to the middle of the room. CD: 30 seconds

Desperate Survival: Litlemouse is in Desperate Survival mode now; all of her damage dealt is increased by 20%, but her attacks have an increased 5% chance to miss or parry. Damage received by her is also reduced by 20%. CD: None.

On Aggro: "I see you've come to make an 'improvement' on the world. No matter! Soon you will be the dirt I walk on!"
Stage 2: "Your weapons are strong, but is your skill?"
Stage 3: "You will never see the sky again!"
On Player's Death: "An easy kill!", "I hunt even now!"
Feral Call: "Time to eat, my pretties!"
Wild Awakening: "Do you feel it? You have angered the life force you seek to protect!"
On Death: "I... will never.... die. My body... returns... to the earth."

Loot: Bow, hunter gear, druid gear, (shaman and warrior gear?), and the EXTREMELY LOW DROP-RATE CHANCE OF.... NIGHTSABER KITTEN! XD

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