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Unread postPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 5:59 pm 
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Hey all...been too long. Way too long. The longest long to ever long!

Anywho....Pterrorwings! Lovely beasties, eh? Would be lovely to ride one.....well you can! The Armored Skyscreamer!

Juuuuuust need a few achievements......from Throne of Thunder!

And that's what I'm here for!

So let's get right to it!

To start, do note that you DO need to kill all bosses except Lei-shen and Ra-den (Ra-den is a Heroic exclusive bonus boss) on Heroic. I HIGHLY reccommend NOT doing Heroic AND Side achievements at the same time, as many side achs are rather difficult if not impossible on heroic.

Without further ado:


1: Lightning Overload: You need to get two Focused Lightning orbs to touch each other while fighting Jin'rokh the Breaker. Boss does not need to die.

This one can be VERY annoying. Having someone tank the boss while everyone else runs around on mounts can help. The issue is the orbs are ALWAYS faster than you, so its hard to keep going without losing your orb.

Sudden turns CAN help avoid losing your orb.....from my experience though, it seems Luck based. Just keep at it.


2: Cretaceous Collector: Kill Horridon without killing any dinomancers. You can actually get this solo if you have current HfC gear. Nuke him down and if gear/dps is good, he'll die before any dinomancers spawn in.

Horridon can drop a Pygmy Direhorn pet (baby blue direhorn) and Spawn of Horridon mount (blue Direhorn mount)


3: Cage Match: Kill the Council of Elders without them or their adds leaving the circular area.

Very can even solo it.

Just stay in the big circle they start in. Stay away from Mar'li if she's possesed....her Shadowed Loa Spirits are still instant death. Don't worry about Kazra'jin...he only goes as far as your position.

The trash preceding this encounter can drop the Living Sandling pet (Sand elemental pet)


4: One-Up: Kick a Whirl Turtle into 5 or more other Whirl Turtles and then kill Tortos.

Very simple, just kill a turtle so you can kick it...then make a clump of defeated turtles to kick the shell at....or, if you time it can kick the shell into turtles that are spawning in and get the criteria done that way.


5: Head Case: Kill Megeara the following ways:

Once without killing Frozen Heads

Once without killing Flaming Heads

and Once without killing Venomous Heads.

This is your typical 'multi-lockout' cheev. Just kill it without killing one of the head colors...and do it each week till you've gotten all 3.


6: Soft Hands: Kill Ji-kun without the Golden Egg being destroyed.

This is one of the two hardest cheevs in here.

The Golden Egg spawns from the upper nest closest to the first lower nest that starts hatching. The egg spawns a few secs after the lower nest fully hatches. It spawns from a branch sticking out of the upper nest, then falls into the chasm below. Obviously if it falls into the chasm, you fail.

One player needs to fly up and catch the egg mid-flight....this will remove the wings buff and make you fall. If you fall to the point where the game has to return you to the battlefield, the egg will break.

What you need to do is throw the egg to someone on the boss's platform ASAP. The person holding the egg can't take avoidable dmg, or the egg breaks. The person also can't attack...or the egg breaks.

What my group did was once we got the egg to the person on the boss platform, we made the egg carrier drop to a lower nest while the rest of the group killed boss.

Ji-kun can drop the Clutch of Ji-kun mount (armored Ji-kun)......and Ji-kun Hatchling pet (baby Ji-kun in the style of a baby raptor)


7: You Said Crossing The Streams Was Bad: Reveal the Green, Orange and Purple Fogs during the Durumu encounter. Boss does not need to die.

This is the other hardest ach here. You need to be able to survive THREE 'color laser' phases to do this.

Whenever you enter a 'color' phase, you'll see three red flashes (Crimson Fog locations) and a single white flash. That white flash is where the fogs you're looking for are. Once you see it, stack all three lasers on it till the fog shows up. Repeat this for the second color phase. For the third color phase, you now know which color is gonna be there, so you only need to stack the two colors that combine to form the one you need. Ach will be earned once the third is found. These combo-color fogs are unattackable, so don't worry about killing em.

Do note his super laser during 'maze' phase is still insta-death.


8: Genetically Unmodified Organism: Kill Primordius without anyone in the group getting a bad mutation.

This one can be solo'ed.

You just gotta kill the boss without stepping into any purple puddles and without stepping into ANY puddles while fully mutated.

You become Fully Mutated when the total number of Mutation stacks you have is 5.

Primordius can drop the Viscous Horror pet (Looks like his Heroic-only adds with the same name) on Norm and Roic. In LFR he can drop the Living Fluid pet (looks like the add with the same name seen on all difficulties)


9: Ritualist Who?: Kill all 24 different Ritualists in Dark Animus's room.

Whenever you enter Animus's room...there will be 6 randomly named Ritualist trash mobs there. You need to kill all 24 names.

If you don't kill Animus, you can leave and reset and come back and a new group of 6 will be up. Do note though that if you DO do this method, you'll hafta run ALL the way back to the raid entrance to leave unless Hearthstone is up. Also there will be no message about anything being reset when you do reset it, so don't worry about that.

Dark Animus himself can drop the Son of the Animus pet (looks like his adds)


10: Can't Touch This: Kill Iron Qon without taking dmg from the following abilities:

Burning Cinders

Rushing Winds

Storm Clouds

Frozen Blood

Frozen Solid!

Cinders, Clouds, and Blood are different flavors of the same thing: They are the lines of badness that come out when he throws his spear at the ground.

Frozen Solid! is the p4 Ice tornadoes

Rushing Winds is the p2 Tornadoes

Just dodge all these things. Easy and soloable.

This cheev is cumulative. You do NOT need to do all at once.


11: From Dusk 'til Dawn: Kill Lu'lin while Suen still has over 30% hp remaining...then kill Suen.

Really straight forward.....don't really hafta explain this one XD


12: A Complete Circuit: Kill Lei-shen in the following ways:

Once after he's Disabled the Static Shock Conduit first

Once after he's Disabled the Overcharge Conduit first

Once after he's Disabled the Diffusion Chain Conduit first

and once after he's disabled the Bouncing Bolt Conduit first.

Another 'multi-lockout' achievement. The Conduits are the 4 pillars on the corners of the battlefield. You CAN target them to see which is which. During battle, he charges up a conduit if he stands near it. When he hits 70% hp, he enters an intermission where all conduits spam their abilities. When it ends, the Conduit he charged up the most (the one he was tanked near the longest) will be disabled.


Complete all of these challenges AND kill all bosses preceding Lei-shen on Heroic, and you too can ride upon the wings of the mighty Pterrorwing....until you get to Broken Isles...then you ride upon its mighty footwork.

Good Luck!

Siege of Orgrimmar coming soon!

Avatar made by the awesome Senna-umbreon

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