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Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 2:28 pm 
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Aaaand here we promised in my previous guide, here is the Siege of Orgrimmar raid! The end point of Pandaria!

So...Proto-drakes...quite a few of em hm? Especially ach reward ones....Red, Plagued (Now in Black Market, no longer an ach reward), Black (retired), Rusted, Iron-bound, Violet. So many flavors.....but there's still one last ach-reward proto-drake: The Spawn of Galakras.

Let's face it, we all love riding a raid boss into battle. Feels good. Well this achievement gives us that chance! All's we need is all the side cheevs in Siege of Orgrimmar!

Notes: There is no reason to run this raid on Mythic for this mount. Starting in SoO, Blizz decided asking us to do 90% of the raid on the hardest setting for these meta-cheevs wasn't a good idea...especially since ppl kept trying to kill two birds with one stone which made the side achs harder than they should be.


Without further ado....the cheevs:


1: No More Tears: Kill 10 Tears of the Vale, then kill Immerseus.

This one is pretty simple...especially in current gear, which lets you ignore his Berserk timer.

Whenever Immerseus's hp falls to 0, he Splits.....releasing Sha puddles and Corrupted Puddles. You kill Sha puddles and heal Corrupted ones to purify the boss. This ach requires you to do something...different...with the Sha Puddles.

You see, Immerseus's Split phase is actually on a timer....he'll Reform on his own after a bit! If there are any Sha Puddles on the field when he Reforms, they turn into Tears of the Vale, so use CC's! Our group used a Druid tank with Mass root and two Hunters with Ice Trap. Kill 10 of these. Kill boss. Done. Note that these adds don't effect the boss's corruption level.



2: Go Long: Throw the Mark of Anguish to at least 5 UNIQUE players during one of He Softfoot's Desperate Measures phases. The mark must also travel at least 200 yds.

This is the first of 2 achs that REQUIRES a 5 man group

This one is pretty simple. You CAN re-throw to ppl that have already gotten long as 5 different ppl have held it at least once. If you track it, the ach criteria will turn White when you are ready to kill the boss and earn it.

Note that Desperate Measures only occurs twice.

Note also, that you are immobilised when you have the Mark. Throwing the Mark has a 40 yd max range.

Don't forget that they try to rez each other if not killed together


3: None Shall Pass: Kill the Amalgam of Corruption without any Unleashed Corruption fusing with it.

Unleashed Corruption is used by the small adds. Small adds spawn when dps players do their 'purify test'. Any enemy killed during the dps test spawns in the main battlefield. Unleashed Corruption fires a ball straight at the boss. If boss is hit, he gets a stacking dmg buff. This orb can be body-blocked!

Best way to do this is, gear permitting, just ignore the purify tests and dps him down.


4: Swallow Your Pride: Kill Sha of Pride without anyone gaining Pride from Manifestations of Pride while Norushen is alive.

Manifestations of Pride are the big adds. They have 2 methods of increasing your pride:

1: Mocking Blast: Interruptible nuke that raises Pride if it hits.

2: When one of these dies, the 2 closest players to it will instantly get more Pride.

Avoiding Mocking Blast is obvious...but for the need to park 2 players with Gift of the Titans on the add so the et the Pride (Gift of the Titans makes them immune to the Pride gain).

Once the boss hits 30% hp, Norushen will be killed and you can stop worrying about this ach.

Ofc, killing him before he even summons the adds is effective too XD

Sha of Pride can drop the Gooey Sha-ling pet(standard small black sha) on LFR/Normal.....and the Droplet of Y'shaarj pet (small purple pride sha) on Normal and higher.


5: The Immortal Vanguard: Kill Galakras without any friendly NPC's dying.

Very easy. Make sure to kill the Bonecrusher adds ASAP as they are the most devastating to the npc's.


6: Fire in the Hole: Stomp on 6 Superheated Crawler Mines, then kill Iron Juggernaut.

This is done in p2. During p2, Juggernaut shoots a laser that chases you around. Dragging this laser over active Crawler Mines turns them into Superheated Crawler Mines. Pop them after they change.

Try to stay grouped up in p2 to keep the mines close together.


7: Rescue Raiders: Rescue a caged shaman, Ji Firepaw, and a group of Unwilling Combatants in the Valley of Strength...then kill the Dark Shamans boss.

Ji is simple...just kill the orcs surrounding him. He's in the middle of the valley

The caged shaman is also simple...enter the bank off to the left (if you're facing Grommash Hold) and kill the miniboss there for a key. Use the key to free one of the two caged shamans near Grommash Hold.

The Unwilling Combatants one is easiest by going right (as if Facing Grommash Hold) and cc'ing the two Theramore Prisoners there...then kill Overlord Thathung to free them.

Kill the Dark Shamans to lock in the ach once done.


8: Gamon Will Save Us!: Kill Nazgrim while Gamon is alive and in combat.

Gamon is chained to a tree at the end of The Drag. Free him, then clear all trash up to Nazgrim. Then kill Nazzy without Gamon dying. Easy with current gear...if not in current gear, just avoid letting Naz build want to avoid his two strongest Rage-dump abilities at all costs as they DECIMATE Gamon.


9: Unlimited Potential: Allow a Corrupted Skullsplitter to become a Harbinger of y'shaarj, then kill it and finally kill Malkorok.

The Skulsplitter in question is at the bottom of the stairs leading to Malkorok. Make sure to climb up first and clear the trash up there before pulling the skullsplitter.

Once you are fighting the boss with skullsplitter in tow, you need the skullsplitter to get hit by Breath of Y'shaarj. When that happens, it'll become a Herald of Y'shaarj. Kill it. Kill Malk.


10: Criss Cross: Complete the Spoils of Pandaria encounter without anyone killing both a Mogu and a Mantid.

start fight as normal, splitting the group up to a different quadrant.

Kill adds (ignore pandaren boxes...don't need em.) till your meter is full...then pull lever. Make sure your side is fully clear, then use the chains to go back to the Spoils chest. Wait there till the ENTIRE raid is on top. Once everyone is up, switch sides. Left group is now Right, Right Group is now Left.

Switching before the other group is done and up top fails the ach from what my group's stay up top and wait when your side's done.


11: Giant Dinosaur vs Mega Snail: Free the Mega Gastropod from the Thrice-locked Cage, then let it eat Thok's corpse.

This is the second of two achs that REQUIRES 5 ppl

As the name would suggest, you need three keys to free the snail. Keys drop in p2

To enter p2, Thok needs to get half the ppl in the raid to 50% hp and those players need to stack. The reason you need 5 is because this mechanic is based on an actual full raid size (10+ players)....

Once in p2, a Jailor spawns in. Kill it and use his key to remove one Gastropod lock...then a new Jailor spawns in.

The problem: Unless you kill and use keys FAST, Thok will be an issue here as he still insta-kills in this phase and he still moves faster and faster the longer it lasts. If needed, you CAN end the phase by freeing friendly npc's, just to get a chance to breathe...just remember to re-enter p2 so you can free the snail.

Once the snail is loose, keep it alive until Thok dies, then kite it over Thok's body to get your cheev.

The snail itself is just like the snails in ToT.


12: Lasers and Magnets and Drills! Oh My!: Kill Blackfuse the following ways:

Without Destroying any Electromagnets.

Without Destroying any Laser Turrets

Without Destroying any Drill Missiles

and Without Destroying any Crawler Mines.

These are the assembly line devices you can break before he uses them. This cheev requires you to, in at least one attempt, let him use the weapon every time he tries to send it down the assembly line.

This can be done in one attempt, just tunnel the boss.

This boss can drop the Blackfuse Bombling pet (a crawler mine).


13: Now We Are the Paragon: Kill the Paragons while under the effects of 3 different Paragon buffs.

This will take 3 lockouts to do.

When a Paragon dies, you can (group role willing) click its corpse and gain his powers. You need to kill this boss 3 times, each time using a new Paragon power.

This boss can drop the Kovok pet (teeny red Kunchong)


14: Strike!: Cause Garrosh to kill 18 Kor'kron Warbringers with a single Iron Star, then kill Garrosh.

This is a bit harder than it Garrosh has an ability called Hellscream's Warsong which buffs the adds in dmg and hp. The hp is enough that the Iron Stars can't 1 shot them.

basically you need to get 18 warbringers together (kill farseers so they don't heal)....lower their hp...then bowl them over with an Iron star. Gl!

Garrosh has a chance to drop the Kor'kron Juggernaut mount (Iron Juggernaut as a mount) on Mythic


Earn all these achs, and you'll get your own personal Galakras to ride into battle! Enjoy!

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