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Unread postPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 5:24 pm 
Illustrious Master Hunter
Illustrious Master Hunter
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Another Legion mount guide for something that may not be super obvious to snag!

The Brinedeep Bottom-feeder is a fish mount. It is a reward from the new fishing rep. This new rep works JUST like Nat's rep in WoD.

First up....Where is this rep?

The rep is on a little side island floating next to Dalaran.

How do you get there?

Easiest way is to get a Glider or something similar, then head to the little pet battle area in Dalaran (its near Violet Citadel). Once there, look off the edge of the city till you see a floating island with a pond. Glide to it.

The other way, for the Glider-less, is to fish in the Underbelly's fish schools. If you are lucky, you may catch something called 'Margoss's Insignia' or something like that....using it poofs you to the island.

Once there you'll find a man named Margoss who has a quest...just fish in his pond till you find a Drowned Mana...then hand it to him for 250 rep. This is his only quest.

Now for the grind......hope you don't plan on experiencing Broken Isles content if you wanna try this all in one go!

Basically you just fish in this specific pond for Drowned Mana.....its not a guarenteed drop...its somewhat uncommon. This mana can be handed in to Margoss 1 at a time or 10 at a time (50 rep for singles...500 for 10). You can only have 100 Drowned Mana on hand at once. He uses the same rep lvls Nat did.

Margoss also sells stuff.......using Drowned Mana as currency.....

1: A lure that makes it easier to catch the special baits for Legion's rare fish (needed for the fishing artifact). 1 Mana each.

2: Silly 'fun' makes it a rubber duck, the other makes it a murloc head.

3: Stingray Fry: Baby stingray mini pet for 50 Mana

4: Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder mount: Fish mount for 100 Mana.

So not only do you need to fish up the countless Drowned Mana to get the max rep to get the fish....but you also need to fish MORE till you hit the stack cap for the actual fish itself. Good Luck!

Edit: Missed something super important. While fishing here, you may get an item called 'Essence of Aqueous' or something like that....use this to summon an Immerseus clone. Kill it to buff the pond to give Guarenteed Drowned Mana for a while.

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Unread postPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 6:46 pm 
Illustrious Master Hunter
Illustrious Master Hunter
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Point of information: Rylak slow-fall does not cut it!

I'm up to plain 'friend' so far. I'm hoping more people learn about it, so there will be more people fishing up Marks of Aquaos. Makes it go much faster. Also suggest not using a Tenacity-specced pet, as it might aggro Trashy, which is mean *and* inconvenient :)

Browncloaks Unite

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