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Unread postPosted: Fri May 05, 2017 6:16 pm 
Illustrious Master Hunter
Illustrious Master Hunter
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HEYLO PPLS! Another day another meta-cheev guide for shiny mounts. Today we are going for the Grove Warden's arch-nemesisisisis.....the Grove evil Nightmare Moose!

This cheev requires you to do the side achievements in both Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold to earn.

Let's get started!


Emerald Nightmare:

1: Buggy Fight: Kill Nythendra after squishing 15 Glowbugs.

Whenever Nythendra enters 'Heart of the Swarm' phase (when she lays down and pulls her green pools towards her), 5 Glowbugs spawn aroiund the battlefield. Run near them and click em to squish em. You will need 3 sets minimum to clear this. Due note she enrages after the 4th Heart of the Swarm...keep that in mind if you let it get that far.


2: Scare Bear: Defeat Ursoc while Tur Ragepaw is alive and involved in the fight.

Tur Ragepaw is a friendly furbolg npc that spawns within a rather large trash pack right outside Ursoc's room. You should be able to see him on the way. Just clear the trash, and talk to Tur to get him involved. During the fight, heals just need to keep him alive till the end.

This is similar to the Gamon achieve in Siege of Orgrimmar.


3: Imagined Dragons World Tour: Defeat Dragons of Nightmare while all players have all 4 Dream Essence buffs.

This can be tricky unless you bring an third tank.

Surrounding the battlefield are 4 portals...each leading to where the Nightmare Dragons originally spawned back in Vanilla. During the fight, ppl need to run through the portals and grab a green spirit thingy inside. Get one from each portal.

The difficulty is that EVERYONE needs all 4 buffs...this includes the tanks!

If you only use 2 tanks...then one will hafta hold both dragons at the same time till the first tank is done his portals.

Pet Collectors, don't forget this boss has a chance to drop the Nightmare Whelpling pet!


4: Webbing Crashers: Pop all 8 Pulsing Egg Sacs during the Elerethe Renferal fight...then kill her.

The eggs you need are the ones with a little red energy pulsing out of them. Just step on em to pop em...they HURT though, so keep that in mind. Also note that 4 of them are on out of the way platforms that require the Wings buff to reach or return from!


5: Took the Red Eye Down: Defeat Il'gynoth after causing 20 Ichors to explode on his eye within 10 secs of each other.

You basically need to get the eye from 100% to 0 in one huge blast. Kill adds to spawn ichors. You need to keep the ichors alive till you have 20. Bunch em all on the eye and mow em down asap. Remember that its not enough to just make them blow up....ALL 20 EXPLOSIONS MUST HIT THE EYE OR IT WON'T COUNT!


6: Use the Force(s): Defeat Cenarius in as many runs as it takes to meet the following criteria:

A kill without cleansing wisps.

A kill without cleansing Ancients

A kill without cleansing Dryads

and a kill without cleansing Drakes.

This achievement will take 2 runs minimum. Since the way the boss is normally cleared involves prioritizing the cleansing of Wisps, followed by ancients if Wisps aren't available, you'll easily be able to clear the Dryad and Drake portion of this cheev on a normal run.

Do note that in a no wisp run, you'll have less Cleansed Ground to work with!


7: I Attack the Darkness: Kill a Creature in the Dark in each phase of the Xavius encounter...then kill Xavius.

YOU NEED A DEMON HUNTER IN YOUR RAID FOR THIS! Unless there's something I didn't see, this ach seems to only be doable if you have a Demon Hunter.

Anyway...on the outskirts of the battlefield, have a DH use Spectral Sight to find the needed Creature in the Dark add. Pull him...have raid kill it. Push to phase 2.

Do the same thing...find add with Spectral Sight...pull...kill....push to p3.

Once more...Spectral Sight...find add...pull...kill....finish fight.

Pet Collectors: Don't forget that after Xavius dies, you'll be sent to a section of the Dream where you can battle and capture Dream Whelpling pets!


And thus we cleared the Nightmare's challenges! Now we take on the 10 challenges within the Nighthold!


The Nighthold:

1: Cage Rematch: Kill Skorpyron without anyone leaving the center rings.

Easiest achievement ever. Seriously, you literally just need to do the fight correctly.

Just stay within the confines of the darkened outer circle during the whole fight (there's a grace period on pull where the cheev doesn't start tracking so you can get in position). In other words, the only scorpion adds you'll be dealing with are the ones the boss calls in.


Also do note that the crystals don't block YOUR line of sight...ranged and Healers can just spend the entire time behind them, only moving to avoid Focused Blast!


2: Grand Opening: Activate all the spotlights, then kill Chronomatic Anomaly.

IT IS HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED THAT YOU DO THIS ON HEROIC! On Normal, it is very common for him to not send out enough Time Bomb debuffs for this before he enrages.

Anyways...what you do: Surrounding the central structure of Anomaly's arena are 12 purple/blue circles on the ground. Those are your target. You need to have a player with the Time Bomb debuff detonate on one of these. This cause a hard to see shaft of light to shine on the circle. Do this for all 12 circles then kill boss.


3: Gluten Free: Kill Triliax without eating more than 20 Toxic Slices.

Basically kill him fast so you won't need to eat 20....or ignore them...just be mindful of the sweepers that'll try to explode after cleaning them! Or just eat very few if you must!


4: A Change in Scenery: Bring Aluriel to the following locations in Nighthold. She must reach the destination within 120 seconds and she must be killed at that location:

Shal'dorei Terrace

Shattered Walkway

Astromancer's Rise.

This is basically a harder version of the Shannox cheev in Firelands....not only do you have 2 minutes to bring her to one of these locations, she also has to die there.

Shattered Walkway is the bridge you fight Krosus on.

Astromancer's Rise is the building you fight Etraeus in...the hallway below his room is suitable enough for this, though it will be very cramped.

Shal'dorei Terrace is where you fight Tel'arn. Note the bridge you cross does NOT count for this even if the minimap marks it as the needed need to fully bring her into the Terrace.

Make sure you clear everything leading up to and within the area you are bringing Aluriel to.


5: Elementalry!: Kill a Well-Traveled Nether Elemental, then kill Etraeus.

This can be tough, especially if your dps is lacking.

A Warlock is reccommended for this.

When you reach the courtyard Aluriel patrols, look left and you'll see a lotta trash. Among them is an untargettable, unattackable Nether Elemental add bound by 2 trash mobs. You need that elemental! You may wanna clear the path to Etraeus first before getting it though!

Pull the 2 mobs...a few seconds later, the add will activate and become attackable and such....have your lock Banish it till you clear the area. Once clear, un-banish then bring the add into Etraeus's room and rebanish where it can't be cleaved.

When the group is ready, you may want to weaken the add a bit'll make your life easier. 50% is a good spot. Then rebanish and pull boss.

The add's name changes and hp increases with each phase Etraeus goes through. On Fel Phase, you may want to lower the add to has a TON of hp now so keep that in mind. Rebanish after.

In Void phase, the add becomes the Well-Traveled Nether Elemental you need...finish him off here then kill Etraeus.

There's no DR on Banish for this add. So just keep re-applying as needed! Good luck!


6: Fruit of All Evil: Kill Tel'arn while everyone is afflicted with Arcane Exposure.

Throughout Tel'arn's garden are fruits you can eat. They give the debuff.

DO NOT CLICK ANY YET! Clear the area till you have access to enough fruits for the entire raid, AND clear the needed space for the Tel'arn fight itself.

Once all is ready, everyone needs to click and eat a fruit. While debuffed with Arcane Exposure, 3 effects will randomly occur:

1: You stop and puke like if you drink too much alcohol.

2: You randomly get punted.

3: You spawn a 1 hp add only you can see that attacks someone in the group. KILL THIS FAST! IT HITS VERY HARD!

You must complete the fight with the entire raid dealing with these effects.


7:Burning Bridges: Quench 15 Burning Embers, then kill Krosus.

This achievement is not as straightforward as it seems. Burning Embers are the adds that spawn when a Burning Pitch fails to hit a player. Now the goal is not to KILL the least...not the traditional way.....

What you need to do is keep the adds that spawn around the current section of bridge alive (current being the section right in front of Krosus). They must survive until Krosus breaks that bridge segment, causing the Embers to fall into the insta-death water below. You need to kill 15 Burning Embers this way. Note that you only have THREE bridge segments to do this in! If he breaks the fourth, its a wipe.


8: Not For You: Kill Tichondrius without getting hit by Echoes of the Void.

This is a Personal Achievement...only need YOU to do it, not everyone.

You need to hide behind a fel spike when he casts this ability. Don't hide TOO close to the spike as you may still get hit anyway! Absorbing the Echoes dmg through abilities does not count as far as I know.

Blacksmiths: Tichondrius has the plans for the Green Core Hound mount!


9: Infinitesimal: Allow an Infinite Whelpling to betray you, kill it, then kill Elisande.

You must have a player with the Infinite Whelpling mini pet in your raid for this. You can catch one as a wild pet in Tanaris in the area outside the Caverns of Time entrance.

What you need to do is kill a Recursive and an Expedient Elemental in such a way that their bubbles overlap each other (don't need em to FULLY overlap...just overlap enough).

Once that's done, the player with the Whelpling must run it through the overlapped portion of the bubbles. The whelpling will grow into a drake and start attacking the group. It has pretty low hp, so killing isn't hard.

Once it dies, finish the encounter.


10: I've Got My Eyes On You: Kill 16 eyes of Gul'dan in 3 seconds, then kill Gul'dan.

When he spawns the first set of Eyes (3 on Normal I believe)...lower their hp to about 20-30%....DO NOT USE DOTS!

Now let them Duplicate 3 times (3>6>12>24). The Dupes will have the same hp you left the originals at.

Once the third Duplicate is done.,..kill them all FAST!

Stay spread out to avoid splashing the damage the Eyes do.

Mount collectors: Do note Gul'dan has a chance to drop the Green Infernal mount on all non-LFR difficulties and a red one on Mythic!

And that's everything! Enjoy your moose!

I may or may not do Tomb of Sargeras's ach when that's out....considering that one seems to reward Weapon transmogs rather than a mount.


Edit: Forgot to include Krosus. Sorry bout that...especially since his ach isn't what it seems!

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Unread postPosted: Sun May 07, 2017 2:09 pm 
Illustrious Master Hunter
Illustrious Master Hunter
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Joined: Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:12 pm
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Made an edit: Forgot Krosus's ach...he's now included!

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