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Unlockable Minipets in BFA
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Author:  Magnakilro [ Mon Aug 20, 2018 2:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Unlockable Minipets in BFA

So BFA obviously added a lot of minipets, a significant portion bought for the new Polished Pet Charm currency the expansion uses. However, some of these purchased pets are not available unless you complete certain quest lines! This is a list of those pets as well as some other Pet-related info!


Happy Holaua is a lil troll girl npc that sells various mini pets to start off. She's on the pet battle terrace of Dazar'alor. At the start, she sells:

Saurolisk Hatchling (200 charms)

Blue Flitter (100 charms)

Tiny Direhorn (100 charms)

Zandalari Shinchomper (50 charms)

as well as:

Pocket Pet Portal (1000 charms) in case you still need it.

Imaginary Gun toy (250 charms. Makes your minipet play dead.)

Tiny Mechanical Mouse (500 charms. Minipet chases it.)

Now the unlockables:

Lil' Tika (Baby zandalar raptor. Unlocked by completing the questline in Zuldazar involving a Sethrak invasion. You'll get a letter in the mail when this pet is available. 200 charms)

Lil' Ben'fon (Baby Brutosaur. Unlocked by completing a questline near Warbeast Kraal that involves helping two white Brutosaurs fall in love and mate. You'll get mail when pet is available. (300 charms)

Child of Jani (Saurid pet. Unlocked by completing the 'Get Hek'd' achievement, which requires you to do all of the hidden objectives for the saurid loa, Jani throughout Zandalr. 100 charms)


In Nazmir, after completing a small questline involving saving Shoak the Tortollan from a Blood Troll camp, he'll become a pet vendor in Gloom Hollow.

He initially sells:

Bloodfeaster Larva (Not to be confused with the Alchemy crafted pet of the same name. 200 charms)

Crimson Frog (100 charms)


Complete questlines involving Krag'wa in Nazmir and Shoak will eventually send you mail regarding a new frog pet.

Swamp Toad: a mini pet version of the Krag'wa style frogs, using the smaller non-adult model. 200 charms.

Accursed Hexxer (In southern Nazmir, there is a quest to summon and kill a Voodoo mask mob named Aija the Accursed. Complete this quest and eventually, Shoak will send a letter telling you that he has the pet now. Its a minipet voodoo mask. 500 Charms)


In Vol'dun, look for Jenoh, a vulpera npc south of Terrace of the Devout. At first, he sells:

Sandstinger Wasp (50 charms)

Barnacled Hermit Crab (50 charms)

Freshwater Pincher (250 charms)

Carnivorous Lasher (150 charms)


Ranishu Runt (Unlocked by completing the quest 'Charging the Batteries' in Vol'dun. This pet is a teeny Ranishu. 250 charms).

There are also 2 Quest reward minipets in Vol'dun.

Poda: A ferret. Rewarded from a quest to save ferrets from a wasp nest very early in Vol'dun's story.

Guardian Cobra Hatchling: One of the new cobras. Rewarded from the final quest given by Jenoh.

Alliance side:

Dana Pull lives in a dog-filled building called 'Ruff Waters' near Proudmoore Barracks in Boralus. He mostly sells stuff you'd see on Breanni in Legion!Dalaran, but two mini pets can be unlocked from him:

1: Greatwing Macaw: Complete the alliance quest 'Rodrigo's Revenge' in Tiragarde Sound. Pet is a BFA Parrot. 50 charms.

2: Mechanical Prairie Dog: Complete all the questlines in Fizzspring's Resort. Robo-Prairie dog. Essentially a recolor of Rooter, the 800 minipet reward. 75 charms.

Tiragarde has 1 hidden pet both factions can find:

Francois: A Silkie chicken. He's hiding in Norwington Estate. This snooty bird will only acknowledge wealthy players. He mostly ignores you when spoken to. However, if you have at least 1 million gold on you, Francois will become your mini pet. Note that you spend none of that only show it to him.


Drustvar: Nigel Rifthold is unlocked in a treehouse north of Fallhaven in Drustvar. The treehouse is literally right above the 'F' in 'Fallhaven' on the map.

First, go to Anyport and buy 10 Tirasreli Gourmet Chocolate from Xun Xun Sweetflower there. Then find the above treehouse, and click the chest inside twice. This'll spawn Nigel as a pet vendor.

He sells the following at the start:

Crimson Frog (100 charms)
Drustvar Piglet (75 charms)
Bilefang Skitterer (100 charms)

The following two pets are unlockable:

Smoochums: Ghostly cat using the new chubby kitty model. Unlocked by completing the questline given by Abby Lewis in Glenbrook Homestead in Drustvar. 200 Charms.

Frenzied Cottontail: Essentially an easier to get re-color of Darkmoon Rabbit. Unlocked by killing the Cottontail Matron rare in Drustvar. 300 charms.

Drustvar also has 2 hidden pets that both factions can find:

1: Taptaf: To get this piggy pig, head to Fletcher's Hollow in Drustvar. Follow the coastline south till you see a house to the right. Kill the rare gnome there. Taptaf will run up to you offering a quest to become your pet.

2: Wicker Pup: You need to build your own! The four pieces are located within magically sealed chests throughout Drustvar. You need to click the torches surrounding the chests to open em.


Stormsong Valley:


This pet can only be unlocked by alliance players.

1: Complete the questlines in Mildenhall's meadery and Rosaline's Apiary.

2: Kill the Mead, Honey, and Bee enemies in the Meadery until an Annealed Honey Amulet drops.

3: Bring this amulet to Rosaline Mildenhall in Boralus (there's a few areas she can be in, including one building that you can't enter, but you can target her and use an 'interact with target' keybind to get at her.)

4: Listen to Rosaline's story. She'll give you a letter.

5: Head back to the basement lab of Mildenhall Meadery and give Ancel the letter.

6: Complete the quest 'Bumbles the Bee' which just requires you to head a bit north and find a secret ingredient nearby.

7: Complete the daily quest 'Let's Bee Friends' 7 times.

8: You'll receive Bumbles via achievement. Bumbles is a black bee minipet.


So up those charms! Especially since reputation reward pets ALSO use them.

In fact: Here are the reputation pets and their costs here so you can judge for yourself where you want your charms to go to. Repa marked with (A) are alli, (H) are horde. No marking are neutral. All pets require Revered reputation.

Champions of Azeroth:

Azeriti (Azerite earth elemental. 100 charms).

Azerite Puddle (Azerite slime. 200 charms)


Tortollan Seekers:

Cou'pa (yellow baby turtle with a green shell. Name and color scheme are a reference to the Koopa Troopas of the Mario Bros. franchise. 200 charms.)


Talanji's Expedition (H):

Tragg the Curious (Same type of frog as the Swamp Toad sold by Shoak, but this one uses the adult model. 75 charms)


The Honorbound (H):

Lil' War Machine (teeny Horde siege tower. 200 charms)


Storm's Wake (A):

Seabreeze Bumblebee (orange bee pet. 250 charms)


Order of Embers (A):

Corlain Falcon (Grey falcon pet. 200 charms)


7th Legion (A):

Lil' Siege Tower (teeny Alli siege tower. 200 charms)


Edit: 8/21/2018: Accursed Hexxer added

Edit: 8/29/2018: Alliance unlockables added.

Edit 9/28/2018: Added guide for Bumbles and charms prices for all Reputation pets.

Author:  Magnakilro [ Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unlockable Minipets in BFA

Editted post to include Accursed Hexxer

Author:  Magnakilro [ Wed Aug 29, 2018 9:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unlockable Minipets in BFA

Added the Alliance unlockable pets as well as the hidden pets in Drustvar and Tiragarde.

Author:  Teigan [ Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unlockable Minipets in BFA

Great information, thank you for compiling this!

Author:  GormanGhaste [ Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unlockable Minipets in BFA

Thanks! Turns out I didn't do the last two Fizzspring quests, and completely missed Rifthold even though I did the Society quests.

You didn't mention the awesome temporary title :)

Author:  Wain [ Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unlockable Minipets in BFA

Very useful, thanks! I've stickied this for now :)

Author:  Lamiara [ Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unlockable Minipets in BFA

great compilation!

any tips how to efficiently get those charms?
Maybe like the shoulder enchant in Legion?
(I know about the chests and rares)

Author:  Magnakilro [ Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unlockable Minipets in BFA

Only tip I can give is Mission table and pet battle WQ's that give charms. Unfortunately, with the charms being different from the past two xpacs, there's not much we can do to load up on em quick. Which is unfortunate because of just how many charms you need to get everything (unless you use the AH to get some of the pets ofc)

I'm thinking of including the prices for rep reward pets here as well as how to unlock Bumbles to this guide too. The rep reward prices mainly being to help people work out just how many charms they need if they want a full collection.

Author:  Magnakilro [ Fri Sep 28, 2018 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unlockable Minipets in BFA

9/28 edit: added the Reputation pet costs and Bumbles guide.

Author:  GormanGhaste [ Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unlockable Minipets in BFA

Found out from Warcraft Pets that the Drustvar Piglet is unlocked by completing the Cured Ham quest. I believe every other pet that Nigel sells is unlockable by horde players.

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