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Unread postPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 3:28 am 
Expert Hunter
Expert Hunter

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Okay so, I was looking at the appearance changes page on petopia, when I noticed that Deviate Coiler Hatchling was listed as changing from

windserpentskinorange -- ... range.html
windserpentskin --

Which effectively removed a skin. Or perhaps it may have been assumed that they were the same skin all along.

However, looking at the wowhead pages, specifically the "view in 3d" window for Deviate Coiler Hatchling
and Deviate Coiler
and zooming in on the wings, specifically looking at where they join the body. And then zooming out and looking at them as a whole.

To my eye, the coiler is darker, with a bit more definition on the scales and a steeper gradient in the shaded areas. Whereas the hatchling has more orange in it, is a little brighter, and the shaded areas aren't as dark. Additionally, the scale texture on the Hatchlings is a little softer, due to there not being as much contrast between the tints and shades - the lines just aren't as defined as the coiler.

So I went and tamed a hatchling and compared it to the deviate coiler in game... to the best of my ability not having a friend to help. But, to my eye, it seems that the Deviate Coiler has a slightly more yellowish tint to it, whereas the hatching is a bit less saturated and a bit more orange.

I'm pretty sure they're still different. It's like the orange hyenas... subtle, but they're different.

So this is moot if the hatchlings are changing skins on the PTR - currently the ptr page of wowhead shows them with their old skin, but it doesn't look like the wowhead PTR pages have any of the updated 4.0.6 skins in their model viewer. I can't get on the ptr myself... it keeps trying to suggest development realms... of which there are none... so I can't check.



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Unread postPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:31 am 
The Insane
The Insane
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You're right, they're different! I wonder if the Petopia change was just an assumption they were all the same colour and not an in-game change. Looks like that is the case. Good they're probably both still in the game :)

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