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 Post subject: A curiosity on some pets
Unread postPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:58 pm 

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G'day folks,

I'm seeing a lot of mention on the boards here for wolves, raptors and the t-rex when it comes to DPS pets. Straight off I'll admit that my hunter only just made 69, so I still have a way to go in comparrison to a lot of you guys, but thus far the pet that I have enjoyed most of my time with was a Silithid.

Yes it's only a cunning pet, and I wasnt going out of my way at all to make it mega DPS, but when I switch from it to a t-rex or a wolf, I didn't notice much of a damage difference.

When I cracked 69 I went straight for a Spawn of Uvuros, mainly due to thinking they look somewhat awesome, and I built it as pure DPS... But again, the damage didn't seem to be overly impressive.

Perhaps this is where a lot of people say a BM hunter isn't much chop for PvE at present.

But if I may specifically ask - I've not seen any mention of the core hound for damage output. Can anyone rate it versus the wolf/raptor/t-rex for damage potential? ...Or in choosing a Core Hound am I simply going to look like a roleplayer?

Cheers in advance.

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Unread postPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:25 pm 
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Pet DPS isn't going to look very different so long as you're not in level 80 gear, and not fighting raid bosses.

When people talk of DPS in PvE scenarios, 99% of the time it's referring to raid bosses. Pet DPS wont' help your AoE, and trash in raids shouldn't be too big an issue. What matters is how much DPS your pet can help you produce on a boss.

So at 69, you really won't be able to see much difference in pets. As for core hound DPS, use it if you like it. I often thought to myself that I would use a core hound from Molten Core just because it would match the pet one (but core hounds would, on a raid boss, do slightly less overall DPS than the other 3 pets).



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