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Author:  Hisae [ Fri Mar 14, 2014 2:00 am ]
Post subject:  Wow Fanfiction

:hug: Hello everyone! :hug: Not sure if this goes here but please move it to its rightful forum if it is not. :)

I just had a realization hit me this evening. All this time, I thought I had been making characters for RP but I haven't. Each character I create, I start writing ideas for them and then incorporate the lore and in-game events into a story to make fanfiction! I can't believe I've been sort of blind to what I have been doing. lol.

Take Riyon (Lyon in Japanese) Rinoa Lyon is her RP/fanfiction name. She's a horse breeder but she used to be a mage that fought in several wars but for reasons unknown to her her powers have disappeared. She's a hunter now but still retains the ability to sense magic and be able to tell the difference between them (Holy, Dark, Arcane, etc.)

My mind has been weaving a fanfiction of her own that will lead up to the new expansion (hoping to do that, just pray the Writer's block doesn't return).

Have you ever made a character for fanfiction or used the RP for a base for a fanfiction? I would love to hear your stories! :) I used to write stories previously that had my past main's mounts (Chronos-Black stallion/Black War Steed and Byakko-the Swift Frostsaber) as talking characters that had powers and abilities of their own to protect their master. :) I'm going to do that again as I had a blast! I called it Mount RP! Lol

Author:  SylviaDragon [ Fri Mar 14, 2014 3:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wow Fanfiction

Ahhh yes I have done that. I had a 230(?) page story for my shammy/ hunter and Pally. I had switched servers to play with a friend and had made a shaman named Zrithious and since it was a RP server I thought I’d give her a history just in case and that story exploded into a fan fiction.

Zirithious was a Zull’aman troll who had the misfortune of being borne with blue skin in a green skinned tribe. Her mother had to flee Zul’aman to protect her child but soon died of sickness. Zirithious was found by a patrolling Blood Elf ranger and adopted. She fell into the lap of luxury, her farther being a noble and a respected mage who wanted her to follow in his footsteps. Unfortunately the war between the elves and the ZA trolls made Zirithious a target for harassment and her poor temper made it impossible for her to finisher training or make any friends.
She eventually left and began to train with the trolls in Durotar but they eventually kicked her out for dabbling in both shaman and hunter training without making up her mind. She worked as a bounty hunter for a while before deciding to go to outlands. On her way there she took pity on a blood elf pally down on his luck and hired him as an escort of sorts. They butted heads at first but grew closer over time.
Long story short, they had to endure a zeppelin crash in winterspring, hypothermia, the death of one of Ziris raptors (Pathos) and they both had to come to terms with their past. (ziri was being hunted by her elder brother who she stole a raptor from, and the paladin, Solaran, was on the run from the law after a warlock with political power framed him for the murder of his paladin trainer and the death of his sister.) Solaran and Ziri eventually fell in love and settled down in outlands.
The group consisted of Solaran, Zirithious, Ziris three raptors Sin (black riding raptor) Grin (venomhide) Pathos (Takk the leaper) Omen (black lion) Zamies (druid flight form style bird) Sedalb (white warp stalker) and Forlorn (white skeleton horse given to her by a once-paladin-now-undead warrior in Undercity. Forlorn still tries to eat grass sometimes and it just falls through his jaw.)
Phew. Sorry for the wall of text.

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