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Interlude (Side-RP)
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Author:  Azunara [ Sun Jul 06, 2014 2:17 am ]
Post subject:  Interlude (Side-RP)

((A very much casual fiddle with characters sand-boxy dialogueish RP. Essentially, to get a feel for characters and to help people break them in, chatter, practice, whatever as well as keep up steam while we hash out the rest of DotB. While probably not canon in the events of things, if you want to take certain bits and pieces (IE char A and char B having a conversation and becoming friends) I don't see why not.

I'm assuming for the sake of things that we're taking place in Johto. So I mean the Burned Tower is a good place to start as any, right? Character wise, I guess I'll use all four of the chars I'm gonna use, Keen, Blind, Sol, and Fennec.

I apologize if this is weird or doesn't make too much sense. It's 2:00 AM where I am whoops

as a head's up so we get used to the format and because I'm the worst if we could head each post with character name and location that would make me a very happy azu :D))

Despite the constant of aura of undeath that hung over the city, Ecruteak was peaceful. Quiet. As a rule, not too much happened. It was a small town where trainers stopped on their journey. Once, the Legendary Beasts were born here. The legendary Ho-Oh still stays in its tower, and rumor has it strange creatures have taken the Burned Tower for their own...


Burned Tower

The wraitheon stretched her wings, shaking herself as she got up. It was a bright, sunny day, the kind of day where you really just wanted to spend all day napping. She snorted to herself. That wasn't an option, not when she had to "keep an eye on the city", according to Forrest. Not like Ecruteak needed someone keeping an eye on it these days. There was that one mess with the mutant legendaries, but that was one thing. As far as she could tell, it was going to be another boring day in which absolutely nothing happened.

She sauntered out of the entry way, keeping her head low and for now, unnoticed by the hustle and bustle of trainers. The locals had more or less all gotten used to the strange creatures that lived in the tower, but occasionally stray trainers thought she was a legendary and had to catch her. But even if that never went well, at least it was entertaining. Not even Forrest seemed to awake, she couldn't even go bother him. And the markets were sluggish today, which meant she couldn't even really sit and people watch. The wraitheon gave a rumbly sigh of irritation, ears flattened against her skull as she sat outside the tower. It was going to be one of those days.

Author:  Moonlost [ Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Interlude (Side-RP)

((Sorry for the delayed response, today turned out to be a busy day.
Uh, I think I'm just going to stick with Asher for the moment. I'll probably bring in Allira and maybe Venin or Harrier later.))

Asher - Burned Tower

"Achoo!" Asher let out a loud, barking sneeze. He sniffed, then swatted at the long grass around him in irritation. It was just long enough to reach his nose, and still soft so that it lightly brushed against him, rather than stab him like some of the older blades were prone to. Why did he decide to travel this way again?
Well, admittedly it was because he was curious about the big ruined building he saw. He'd heard rumours of legendaries living around the place. He'd never met a legendary before, and if the rumours were true then this could be his chance! He just hoped that whatever legendary was around was not of the eating-small-furry-things variety.

Boldened by the thought of meeting a living god, he picked up his pace.

Author:  Azunara [ Mon Jul 07, 2014 10:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Interlude (Side-RP)

((im just gonna post again NO ONE CAN STOP ME. anyways, i'll figure out who else gets used later but i have fennec and sol for now.))

Burned Tower

There were a lot of ghosts here. Fennec pricked his ears, skulking along, listening to the chatter. He couldn't take a step without some haunter finding it funny to mess with him simply because he was Giratina's champion. The Champions Forrestal had made caused Giratina a lot of grief--and now here Fennec was, making sure they didn't do anything stupid. They seemed like nice Cha--

He let out a squawk of terror as he heard something sneeze near him, and then nearly tripped over Asher. He leapt away, his hackles raised in alarm. "Stupid ghosts!" He yelped, paused, narrowed his eyes at Asher. "Wait, are you a ghost? You don't look like a ghost but I mean--" He began, tail twitching nervously. "I've seen some weird ghosts anyways and uh, just want to, you know, make sure..."


Burned Tower

The Wraitheon raised an eyebrow when she heard something make a loud startled noise. What in Arceus' name was that? She got up on her paws and padded over towards where she heard the commotion. She tilted her head at the sight of Asher and Fennec, ears pricked. "Are you two okay?" She asked, looking at the cowering Fennec and the tiny Asher. "You're not trying to eat him, are you?" She asked Asher with a grin. "Cause the way he's acting, you're about to make a meal out of him."

Author:  Moonlost [ Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Interlude (Side-RP)


Asher - Burned Tower

Asher let out a surprised yelp of his own as he felt paws brushing over him, his ears flicking down at the loud squawking noise. Instinctively, he leapt back from his "attacker"; briefly giving Fennec a low, defensive growl. Which soon faded at the question he was presented with.
"Pretty sure I'm not a ghost, not unless you killed me with that heart attack you nearly gave me." He responded, giving the hybrid an amused grin. Why on earth did he look so nervous? Asher was at most half of his size! Not that he wasn't sure he could take him if it came down to it, but not everyone looked at an eevee and thought "threat".

His ears did flick back a little as a third voice joined the conversation, quickly turning his head to look at the new arrival. And his jaw opened a little in shock. His nose told him that he was looking at an eeveelution of some sort, but he wasn't aware of any eeveelution that looked half as impressive as this one (although he dearly hoped there was one, he'd evolve into something like that in a heartbeat). Was this the legendary that frequented this tower?
His tail started to wag excitedly, and the little eevee was forced to sit down on his haunches to try and stop it (he failed).
"Nah, he's a little too fluffy for my tastes." He joked, silently cursing himself for not being able to keep his cool. "I'm fine- Who are you? What are you? Are you a legendary? If you're not, how do I evolve into you? Because seriously you're awesome."
So much for attempting to keep his cool at all.

Author:  Azunara [ Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Interlude (Side-RP)


Fennec, Solara
Burned Tower

Fennec seemed a bit disgruntled, trying to make himself look a lot less fluffy and uncollected than he actually was. He settled for hunching himself and watching Asher and Solara quietly, tail twitching. If this was the super big scary legendary that Giratina talked about, she didn't seem that threatening. Okay, sort of weird looking, but she wasn't as grumpy as a lot of legendaries he had seen.

Solara gave Asher a huge grin, "I'm Solara. I think the term I've heard thrown around is Wraitheon, 'though I used to be something else. Arceus, used to be a whole lot of things. Forrest likes to remind me continually that I'm not actually a Legendary, just a bit more toothy than most. Kind of like a Champion."

Fennec pricked his ears, fascinated. Why couldn't Giratina do anything cool like that for him? The manectric stifled his whine, ears pressed against his skull. He didn't want to talk badly about his master, but he had to admit, having at least some sort of benefit of having the Reverse World's master breathing down your neck all the time would have been nice.

"Unfortunately, best way to end up like this is do something pretty big--in my case, I was kind of the leader of the Dusk army, long story that--and then die. Birdbrain up in his tower got it into his head that I'm way more useful to this world alive than dead. So now I'm all feathery and here today having this conversation. I wouldn't worry about it, though. I know plenty of people who were awesome without dying or doing weird evolutions. You may not be tampered with by a birdbrain, but you can still end up pretty great without it."

Author:  Moonlost [ Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Interlude (Side-RP)

Asher - Burned Tower

A slight huff escaped from the eevee. He wasn't *quite* sure that he was willing to die to be awesome... although the offer surely was tempting.
Solara... That name though, it sounded familiar, although Asher couldn't pin down why. Maybe from one of his parent's stories? Or did he hear it from someone while he was travelling? Either way, it was bugging him, although he dare not ask about it.

"I dunno about that." He responded, switching his thoughts away from why he sorta-knew the name. "Seems like all my other family members get to be cool and unique, while I'm still sittin' here boring and brown years later."
He flicked an ear in slight irritation, before deciding to switch the conversation entirely. He flicked his gaze between Solara and the other fellow as he introduced himself.
"I'm Asher, what are you two doing here anyway?"

Author:  Azunara [ Wed Jul 09, 2014 12:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Interlude (Side-RP)

Solara, Fennec
Burned Tower

Solara also had a feeling she recognized the name, frowning. Fennec piped up, "I'm, er. Fennec. My master, he uh. Wanted me to keep an eye on things out here. No offense to you, miss really big scary wraitheon creature. Uhm." The mightyectric flinched, as if waiting for either Giratina or Solara to start yelling at him. When it looked like neither were about to do the thing, he straightened a bit, ears pricked.

"I got it!" Solara cried out with a toothy grin, "I remember Lyra talking about you once. You're Venin and Phantom's kid, aren't you?" Sol asked. "S'good to meet you, by the way. As for why I'm here, currently nothing for me to do. That tower is sort of my home base. I keep an eye on the city, do what I can to protect it, and when Johto gets into some sort of mess, my job to try and clean it up. It was a bit rough at the start, but I've gotten some help, so now it's easier--have more time to visit my family now, too."

Fennec listened quietly, although he didn't interject. The name Venin sounded familiar. His father would occasionally talk about her, but that was mostly during conversations of the Dusk Wars, and the other Hounds tended to be an afterthought.

Author:  Moonlost [ Wed Jul 09, 2014 1:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Interlude (Side-RP)

Asher - Burned Tower

Asher perked his ears up as he listened to Fennec, wiggling about with questions he wanted to ask. Just who was this guy's master? He must be pretty tough to scare the willies out of someone to this extent. He opened his jaw to ask just that, but snapped it shut as Solara interjected with her own tale... And her inquiry as to his lineage.
The eevee immediately tensed, waiting to see if either of the two would launch at him. During his (admittedly short) time away from his folks, he learned that neither of his parents always had the best reputation. He'd heard tales of dusk survivors about the Hounds - how savage they used to be. Remorseless. Bloodthirsty. The mother he knew and the Venin that they spoke of seemed like completely different pokemon. If this Solara held a grudge for something that had happened in the past, he might well serve as convenient target for her to deal some sort of revenge.

The breath he was holding was soon expelled out, and he smoothed his fur down a little.
"Yeah, that's me." He looked up to Solara and gave her something of a sheepish grin, before falling silent and listening to her tale.
"All of Johto?" He had to ask once she was done. "Man, I take my wishes back, sounds like you got a lot of work cut out for ya. Wings and markings are cool and all, but not if you have to be a slave for 'em. No offense."
He flicked an ear before continuing, allowing curiosity to get the better of caution. "So how do you know my parents anyway?"

Author:  Azunara [ Wed Jul 09, 2014 2:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Interlude (Side-RP)

Sol, Fennec
Burned Tower

"Like I said, I'm glad to have the help. Way I see it, being alive and keeping an eye on Johto, even if I don't get to meander as much as I used to, does beat being dead. As for your parents? Was part of the Dusk War myself. Was one of the original Dusk back then, got to see both sides of the conflict. By the time your mother had left the Dusk, I had joined right and proper. Ended up becoming one of the Champions alongside Buzzard and Confusion. And, y'know, once the war was over and we had lost and I didn't have incessant chatter in my head, we all made up, no hard feelings. Your parents didn't try to kill me, I didn't try to kill them--I like to think we're friends. Granted, they probably still think I'm dead, but other than that, friends."

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