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Interest Check - AMA-Style RP
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Author:  Varethyn [ Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Interest Check - AMA-Style RP

Hey all, while I notice that the RP side of Petopia has fallen away of late I wanted to see if there was any kind of interest for this. For years now I've wanted to do an Ask Me Anything (AMA) RP thread similar to the RP Tumblr pages out there with my elf boys Varethyn and Kithren. I love them so much and miss RPing so I thought I'd try introducing them to you guys in a fun way!

What this thread will entail is I introduce my boys and you guys get to ask them questions (or just stop by to say hi) to which I'll do my best to reply based on their personalities using avatars of them. I realise messaging these questions will be a smidge awkward as you'd have to PM them to me in order to keep the thread itself clear of clutter. I'd also make a separate thread for anyone who wants to comment on my replies or questions people asked.

It's still fairly WiP but here's an example:

Someone wrote:
Hey guys!

Varethyn: Oh, ah... hi.

Kithren: Well hello there.

I'd edit the avatars so that they have different expressions to better reflect their reaction stowards the questions asked them. For the most part I will use these static avatars but depending on the substance of the question there may be custom art! You can ask Vare, Kith or both at the same time! All you need do is title the PM appropriately ("Question For Vare", "Question for Kith" or "Question for the Boys"). You can ask for yourself, or you can join in with the RP with your own characters asking the questions! You can ask as many questions as you like, whenever you like, and I accept all questions - although if there is anything I personally don't want to talk about I will reply letting you know that. Don't fret if I don't reply at all! That's probably a sign that I am working on a post for it otherwise there'd be a spam of "Thanks for the question!" PMs x)

I do accept "Magic Anons" and anonymous questions in general - simply mention somewhere in the PM that you'd rather remain unnamed when posting. Magic Anons for those who don't know cause havoc by casting a spell of their choice on the boys/thread for a few posts. Anything from turning one/other/both of them into an animal to gender swapping, it all goes. Once again if anything does bother me I'd let you know that I'm not comfortable with it.

Let me know what you guys think! I've wanted to do something like this for a long time and hope some of you would like to join in :) If you have any questions feel free to ask them here!

Author:  Krysteena [ Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Interest Check - AMA-Style RP

Oh, oh, yes! I'd definitely be interested in this! :D I can't say I've ever RPed in WoW, but, that being said, this will be a nice thing to ease into first~

Author:  Varethyn [ Sun Mar 04, 2018 7:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Interest Check - AMA-Style RP

Awesome! The questions don't strictly need to be WoW-oriented so if you want to ask about something in particular, go for it! Expect a lot of "Wha?" and "Huh?" for the more obscure topics however x)

Author:  TygerDarkstorm [ Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Interest Check - AMA-Style RP

Since silly me got all gung ho and kind of jumped ahead, I'm here to officially say I'm interested. :D

Author:  Varethyn [ Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Interest Check - AMA-Style RP

Okay I'm done being sick. However I'm saddened by the lack of interest for this. Maybe getting some questions in might help, so while I was hoping to make a separate thread for this I'm going to open up PMs now. For now I'm only allowing questions for Vare as his expressions are mostly done. You can ask Kith some things too but expect delays as I work on his reactions.

Tyger already sent me a question in her excitement so I shall work on that soon :)

REMEMBER! You guys are allowed to ask anything. Doesn't have to be WoW-related, doesn't need to be RP, no limitations unless it's something I personally do not wish to answer. Ideally I'd like them kept clean buuuut at the same time it would be funny to see how the boys react to that sort of thing too! Seriously, say hi. Ask them how they're doing, what their interests are. Anything at all that you'd like to know about them.

Author:  Varethyn [ Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Interest Check - AMA-Style RP

Rosaliah (TygerDarkstorm) wrote:
The blood elf huntress is passing by, her nose in a book--a little out of character for the mercenary, but she seems interested--when she happens to look up over the rim and blinks out of surprise. "Varethyn?" she inquires hesitantly. "Is that you? It feels like ages since I have last seen you. How have you been?"

Ah, Rose! It's... been quite some time. I almost didn't recognise you.

I can't say I've been good. Well I mean, things aren't bad. I've been fine. But well... The Legion and all. Living alone with my pets got tough when the demons began to show up. I managed to make my way to Dalaran and hide out there until that got attacked too.

I was surprised when the whole city teleported to a new part of Azeroth though. Legion activity is even worse there than the mainland of Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms, but I couldn't wait to explore the island! I've even made some new friends along the way. Animals, that is. I'm currently helping out at the Trueshot Lodge in Highmountain in exchange for shelter. It's... not my first choice with so many other people around but it's better than hiding in a cave hoping demons don't find you.

Anyway, how have you been? I hope things have been easier for you.

Author:  Varethyn [ Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Interest Check - AMA-Style RP

Krysteena wrote:
Ahead of Krysteena, the campfire was dying down, and the soft light and warmth that emanated from it was giving way to the harsh and cold reality of Highmountain's true climate. Her armour, meant more for warmer temperatures, was doing little to stop the wind that was blowing in, and Felrius, as scraggly and thin as he was, was no help. Neither were suited for the climate, but where the warchief instructed her to go, Krysteena would follow with dogmatic loyalty. She just wished that that loyalty would land her in a warmer place next time, with more than just burly bears and the occasional rabbit to hunt. If Krysteena didn't get anything challenging to hunt soon, she was afraid her aim would begin to suffer as a result.

So lost in her thoughts, Krysteena didn't notice when a fellow hunter moved to sit down nearby, no doubt hoping to benefit from the minimal heat of the rather sad-looking campfire. Trueshot Lodge, within the main building, was a warm and inviting place, but it always grew busy on nights when it was cold, and Krysteena didn't care for feigning interest in whatever stories some of the hunters would be no doubt detailing within. Perhaps this newcomer was much the same. Krysteena could appreciate that, at the very least, and she cast a bored glance over to where the other had sat.

It was only for a moment, and Krysteena's emerald gaze immediately settled back onto the dying fire. In the few seconds she had had, the most interesting thing Krysteena determined was that he was a Blood Elf, and seemed to appreciate simpler armour over the extravagant many of their kind seemed to drift towards. Again, Krysteena could appreciate that. However, she had no intentions of striking up conversation, and simply rested a had atop Felrius' head as both an act of companionship and careful monitoring. The wolf raised his head a small amount, but it quickly dropped back down to his paws with a soft thump. The stranger was of no interest to him, either, and so Krysteena thought nothing more of it.

That was until, within her peripheral, she caught sight of something significantly more interesting. Wrapped loosely around the other hunter, Krysteena had taken it for some sort of strange garment at first. However, when the 'garment' moved, she saw that it was, in fact, definitely not a piece of clothing. It instead appeared to be a dragonhawk, sluggish in the dropping temperatures, but also keenly alert. Krysteena didn't often seen hunters with dragonhawks at all, even those of her own kind, and she was guilty of this, to a certain extent. Holding reverence for a beast so perfect in design, Krysteena watched the other's companion for a small moment, before her gaze once again returned to the fire. She chose now to speak, and hoped the small gesture on her behalf might be well-received.

"I see you stick well to your roots," Krysteena commented, gaze unwavering and voice belying minimal emotion. Even then, for those who knew her, speaking first was an inclination of interest. Whether the other chose to respond or not would determine whether that interest would remain. "I rarely see dragonhawks being used now. I mostly see wolves and cats and bears." She ignored Felrius' perking up at the first beast mentioned. "I'm not usually one for speaking out of turn, but your companion has caught my eye. May I ask for a name of which to call your beast, and perhaps yourself?"

Ah... h-hello. I'm sorry I... I didn't notice anyone else was here. It's a lot colder up here than I'm used to. Argorok's feeling it pretty bad, as you can see.


I guess it's kind of... stereotypical? An elf with a dragonhawk... We've been together since I was young. I have other pets too but Arg here is always with me no matter what.

Ah! Well, as I said my dragonhawk's name is Argorok. And I... that is my name is Varethyn. Varethyn Swiftrunner.

S-sorry, I'm not used to being around other people. I usually stick to myself with only my pets for company. You... seem to like Arg. Best not let him know that, he loves attention.

That's a beautiful wolf you have with you. What is his name? Oh, and yours of course.

Author:  Varethyn [ Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Interest Check - AMA-Style RP

Tårnfalk wrote:
Tårnfalk looks around in Dalaran. She sees a bloodelf. She noticed his stunning dragonhawk. Tårnfalk loves everything about it and approaches the bloodelf. "What a pretty bird you got there. I love all pets, would you mind telling me the story of how you tamed him, and what he means to you?"

Ah, hello there. Thank you, though he's not really a bird. Kind of a bird/reptile hybrid of sorts. Dragonhawks are odd creatures.

I hatched him from his egg! While I was exploring Eversong Forest I found a nest that had been raided by a lynx. Argorok's egg had been knocked into the undergrowth so the lynx missed it, so I saved it. It was tricky to raise a dragonhawk like that but it was worth it, plus I had help from my... my mother's own dragonhawk who had miscarried her last brood at the time. We've formed a very strong bond since then so he means everything to me. We're always together wherever we go and I'd never trade him for anything because of that.

He's still young yet, for a dragonhawk anyway, and can be quite the handful. He's very vain and loves attention so um... try not to fuss him too much. Oh and hide anything shiny.

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