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TRP reference thread
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Author:  Krysteena [ Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  TRP reference thread

Lil thread to dump TRP stuff, backstories, etc because the addon has an apparent habit to wipe. Will be edited/added to as time goes on, with other characters being implemented at later dates. Some posts will be reserved in order to keep everything together for each character. Feel free to read my unnecessarily dramatic writing, too

Krysteena Eboncrest
< Huntmaster | Mercenary >

House name - Eboncrest
House Sigil - Ebon Warhawk
Occupation - Ranger/Mercenary
Favoured mount - Sabaad
Favoured Pet(s) - Felrius, Thalanos

Chaotic - Lawful

Deceitful - Truthful

Vindictive - Forgiving

Paragon - Renegade

First Glances

Appearance - Disgruntled and scarred, Krysteena isn't the definition of Elven beauty. Deep crimson hair frames a perpetual scowl that fouls her face, and delicate scars lace across her skin like cobwebs. The scar on the right side of her face is a little less delicate, however; an ugly mar from her eyebrow down to her chin, and the eye on that side, when not covered, can be seen to be a filmy white colour, blinded by the injury she sustained.
Armour - Adorned in the typical colours of her family's crest, Krysteena prides herself not on appearance but on practicality and skill - a trait seen by her armour. The leather is scuffed from the sheer amount of use it has seen, while the skull Krysteena keeps on her right shoulder is the trophy of one of her particularly dangerous hunts to display her skill - and perhaps subtle bragging rights.
Presence - Krysteena presents herself as being cold and indifferent to her surroundings, her gaze rarely resting on one particular person for long. She has a general air of being unapproachable and tends to distance herself from large crowds; much more a woman of action than one of idle chitchat. She doesn't seem to be outright aggressive, however, but wouldn't hesitate to bite back if necessary.
Companionship - Krysteena is very rarely ever truly alone. Whether by her side or remaining vigilant within the shadows, one of her favoured companions are also close-by should Krysteena ever need them. Even if she does appear to be alone, it would be unwise to approach the huntress with any ill intention.

Author:  Krysteena [ Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TRP reference thread


"A true hunter never misses their mark."

Krysteena is a Sin’dorei with a perpetual scowl on her face and a delicate hand reaching for her bow with every passing stranger. Deep crimson hair frames a face that, if left unscarred and free from her unpleasant expression, would have perhaps been considered beautiful. Years of hardship, however, have shaped Krysteena into a battle-hardened huntress who has little time for social pleasantries and meaningless pastimes. She can be rude and indifferent, often throwing insults and brash tones towards those she takes an immediate disliking to, and has picked up a tendency to ignore those who don’t seem to be worth her time.

For a price, Krysteena can be employed as a mercenary of sorts, hunting down huge beasts or individuals of great importance in order to further crucial events, gain an advantage or simply for the thrill of the hunt. Even for those who have use of her skill, Krysteena is difficult to track down, generally only making herself known if she herself has taken an interest in the possible task. Only jobs that are worth the risk are the ones that she’ll take and it’s not uncommon for her to refuse a job if the pay isn’t what she believes it’s worth. This applies to jobs that aren’t dangerous enough for her liking as well. However, if one is able to convince Krysteena that the job is worth it, then she prides herself on her work and will not rest until her target lays dead at her feet.

Krysteena Eboncrest was a young adult during the events of the Third War and, despite her skill with a bow and arrow from that tender age, she never expressed interest in joining the Farstriders. The Eboncrest house that she was born into was known for breeding Ebon Warhawks; a particularly brutal breed of Dragonhawk known for their melanistic plumage and vicious temperament that made them particularly viable for use in battle. With the encroaching threat of Forest Trolls, such Dragonhawks were in high demand, and Krysteena became proficient in managing the wily creatures from hatchling to young adults, when they would then be sent off to their new handlers. The sigil of the Eboncrest family was, rightfully, an Ebon Warhawk, and it was a crest beared with great pride. For many years their family had raised the magnificent beasts, either as companions or mounts, and it seemed that for many more years Krysteena would keep this legacy alive.

The family’s most prized Warhawk was Thalanos; bred from two incredibly aggressive parents and left until he was of age before they even tried approached him in order to preserve as much natural instinct in him as possible. Presented as a challenge for a much younger Krysteena, the deal had been that, if she could break and tame the Warhawk, he wouldn’t be sold off, and she would instead be allowed to keep him as her own. Always having favoured the Ebon Warhawk over the more typical golden variant, Krysteena gladly agreed.

Thalanos, however, didn’t agree, and the first time Krysteena dared attempt to enter the enclosure with him resulted in her having to sprint back out again and yell for her mother as Thalanos snapped and hissed at her heels. The second, third, fourth, and even fifth attempt happened in a very similar manner. Krysteena would enter, Thalanos would attempt to maim at least one of her limbs and she would often come out sporting some sort of injury. Then again, it was to be expected. Taming Dragonhawks was never easy, and the Warhawk was known for being particularly tricky. Yet, Krysteena bared her emblem of an Ebon Warhawk with pride and she wasn’t going to dishonour her family by failing in her first true test. Thalanos was hers alone to master. Sometimes Krysteena doubted herself, but, as she repeatedly went into the enclosure, she began to see progress.

However, during the training process, the constant threat posed by the Forest Trolls spilled over. At first it was stable hands being chased off or killed. Then it was a few select Dragonhawks, mostly the few golden variant ones that sometimes came out of their pairings. Krysteena and her mother would awaken to a horrific commotion outside and, when they checked in the morning, another Dragonhawk would be found dead. It was on the morning that one of their prized Ebon Warhawks was killed off and decapitated that Krysteena’s mother implored she go to the nearest Farstrider post in order to ask for their assistance. Krysteena left on the swiftest Hawkstrider they had to offer, pushing the beast as hard as she could in an effort to outrun the Trolls that were beginning to surround her family home even as she left.

Krysteena only got halfway before a sudden sense of dread dropped in her stomach and her instincts began to scream that she turned back around and returned to her home. Never one to ignore her gut, Krysteena whipped the hawkstrider around and rushed back.

As she had feared, she was much too late.

On that day, Krysteena lost everything. Her mother, her home, her legacy and the life she was supposed to lead. Her family’s sigil was aflame and there was nothing she could do as everything was destroyed. The sole survivors were herself and two Ebon Warhawks, for no help came for hours even after the smoke began to rise above the treeline, and there was only a charred and broken body left as the sole remnant of her mother. It was because of this that Krysteena vowed she would never join the Farstriders, for she considered this a failure in their sworn duty, and she would not be associated with such. Instead, Krysteena all but abandoned her home, heading out on her own and choosing a much different path to the one that had been intended for her. Never again would she mention her family name, nor would she give hint that she had been the sole survivor of that family. On that day, aside from the two Ebon Warhawks to act as memories, nothing was left, which is how Krysteena intends for it to be. For all intensive purposes, the daughter of the Eboncrest family died alongside her mother, and the Sin’dorei Krysteena is now will never be what she could have been.

Author:  Krysteena [ Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TRP reference thread


< First in Loyalty >


Appearance - Lithe of frame, scarred, and almost sickly in appearance, Felrius isn't the young and fit alpha wolf he once was. However, his loyalty is unquestionable. He lopes beside Krysteena with his head loww and teeth beared, watching for any danger that might harm his mistress, and will nto hesitate to defend her at the slightest hint of a threat.
Temperament - Felrius is nothing but loyal to Krysteena. He watches her back like no other, warning her of those who approach too close with a low growl, and planting himself in front of her if they continue to approach without permission. A steady hand and stern tone are all that keep Felrius in line when it comes to Krysteena.

Felrius is Krysteena's most loyal and trusted companion. Thin and covered in scars and old wounds, he does not look like he could hold his own against anyone or anything. However, he's one of the very few that Krysteena would trust to have her back in the heat of battle and domestic environments alike; the bond between them shared to no other. Felrius is outright vicious when exposed to anyone away from his mistress and those who consider him more of a foul lapdog than a veteran of battle past are solely mistaken once they overstep unspoken boundaries. He is one of Krysteena's oldest companions, second in time only to Thalanos, and will not hesitate to remind even his mistress of this.

< Ebon Fury | Warhawk >

Appearance - Thalanos possesses scales of obsidian and eyes of burning amber; with a cold and calculating gaze and a keen intelligence known within all Dragonhawks. It is his colouration that sets Thalanos apart, alongside his snappy temper if strangers brush up against his pristine feathers, as the Warhawk he truly is. If he's seen, it's often beside Krysteena, who watches him with a sense of sheer pride and awe.
Temperament - Full of scorn and pride, Thalanos wears an expression similar to his mistress. When others approach he warns Krysteena of their presence and fixes them in his fiery gaze in distrust. However, he is a vain creature, and compliments are well-received - both by Krysteena and those who wish to gain Thalanos' favour.

One of two Ebon Warhawks to survive the Forest Troll attack n Krysteena's home, the irony of the wily beast being tamed upon the spilling of her mother's blood is not lost on the Sin'dorei. He is a haunting memory to the raid that left everything Krysteena had ever cared for as piles of ash and bloodied dust; his scales the smoke that spiralled into the iridescent sky and his eyes burning with an intensity to rival the fires that consumed their home. However, even Krysteena would not leave the hatchling alone in the flames and, when she left, Thalanos went with her.

Thalanos was the most vicious hatchling they'd ever had and, as he has grown into the beautiful creature he stands as today, this aggression has not been lost - simply fine-tuned by Krysteena and kept under careful control. He was, and still is, her first true companion and wherever Krysteena goes Thalanos will follow.

< Ebon Quel'dorei Steed >


Appearance - tba
Temperament - tba

Author:  Krysteena [ Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TRP reference thread


< The Pride of Eboncrest >


Appearance - Sabaad is large and imposing, more than capable of carrying her mistress into the skies with no trouble at all. As with all Ebon Warhawks, Sabaad has deep melanistic scales flecked with paler red shades. However, she is noticeably lighter as a result of her mature age and being bred as much for beauty as she was her aggressive disposition.
Armour - Sabaad is adorned in leather plating running down the length of her back to defend from any blows she may endure in the skies. The sigil of the Eboncrest house is emblazoned onto the elaborate headpiece she wears and a set of thin metal chains are secured to the headpiece in order to keep the surprisingly gentle, but no less deadly, creature in line if need be.
Temperament - A true Ebon Warhawk, Sabaad was bred purposefully for her vicious temperament. Like the gaze of her mistress, Sabaad, too, watches each passerby with an unnerving look in her eye and, althoug she appears gentle under Krysteena's hand, she lets out a low warning hiss whenever someone strays too close.

Sabaad is an image of deadly beauty; her iridescent scales of ashen ebon and armour of deep scarlet belying a keen intelligence fuelled by bloodlust. Bred specifically from an esteemed Bloodfalcon mother and Ebon Wahawk sire, Sabaad has mothered several clutches of hatchlings in the name of the Eboncrest family, and her offspring were the most desirable of all the females available. Sabaad was the personal mount of Krysteena's mother, bred selectively in order to ensure only the best for such an individual and lovingly raised to ensure that the Dragonhawk would prove successful in raising her own.

Sabaad was injured, but not mortally so, when the Forest Trolls attacked whilst attempting to save Krysteena's mother from her demise. She failed, but when it looked as if Sabaad would perish in the flames in her distress at her mistress' death, Krysteena was able to coax her out from the burning remains and tend to the creature's wounds. Slowly but surely the two began to bond and, when Krysteena first adorned herself in the traditional riding garb of her family, it was upon Sabaad - and only Sabaad - that she flew.

Author:  Krysteena [ Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TRP reference thread

Gallery and Notes
This shall be where various pieces of art go. Depending on how things go, I won't use every piece in my TRP, but this can be a little point of reference if I'm away from my computer and don't have access to the files.
Goes without saying but please don't steal the art. I didn't draw any of this but I paid for it and it'd be a huge upset to both myself and the artist to have this art stolen.
At some point Krys will get her art, I promise

Disclaimer: Sekk doesn't currently have a character in-game but once Kul'tiran druids are available he will. I know it might not seem like it but I do know what I'm doing. If you're curious, please ask!

Full illustration of Sekk - Tunfischhai
Full size found here

Complex fullbody sketch - bioluminosity
Full size found here

Author:  Krysteena [ Mon Sep 03, 2018 3:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TRP reference thread

Just to keep these separate. Might add corresponding avatars at some point

Signature by Ashaine <3

Art by Tunfischhai
I'm just really chuffed I figured out gimp with this one tbh

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