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Share your ~level-scaled world~ tames! [img heavy]
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Author:  Krysteena [ Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Share your post ~level-scaled world~ tames! [image heavy

Ay, thanks for the heads up, I'll certainly get something posted for Kali shortly in that case :D Just got to actually get some decent screenies on her with them all first :lol:

As for Sol, I feel like Clefthooves of any colour, although mostly browns and whites, would work very nicely. Big gentle creatures that could have a feistier side to protect their master if need be. Especially the Draenor ones with their huge tusks. Accidental impalement is just a day in the life of a farmer, right?

Goats also strike me as a companion he could have, seeing as they're cute and quite like livestock as well. The brown, brown spotted and white might look good with the LF colour scheme in particular.

Riverbeasts have never been one of my favourite families, but a gentle hippo looking creature who can double up as a mount might be good for Sol. Now I mention it, Clefthoof also have this little perk in that they're very good pack animals. The pale variant comes to mind for the riverbeast option.

What about a gruff old Talbuk stallion who has had it with these young colts running around and causing havoc? While looking suspiciously like the magic of friendship only made him grumpier, the tan Draenor talbuk has got some LF-esque colouring. I'm not as certain on this guy though, seeing as Sol already came with a Talbuk who is significantly less grumpy looking.

Just because, this cute gazelle is small, like livestock, and really, really cute. Not sure how much of a gank counter one would be, though.

Basically, any overly large 'pack' animals come to mind for him, alongside smaller ones that might need protecting by those bigger animals. :)

Author:  Funk [ Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Share your post ~level-scaled world~ tames! [image heavy

Thank-you for the suggestions!

I already shared screenshots, but so far Sol has a tan wolf, black boar, yellow kodo and lightforged talbuk (aka regular talbuk).

Only the wolf has a name, and it's named 'Dog'. :lol: I'm at a loss for names for Sol's pets rn.

I adore the old boar animations, and for some reason the black one stuck the best for Sol. I'm not sure if I'll swap it out for a different colour eventually, but I've tried a few so far and black is my favorite. I'm not too strict on the Lightforged palette, but unlike several of my hunters, I do want him to have largely more natural colours. I'm definitely grabbing him a greater/Draenor boar.

I'm also definitely planning on grabbing goats and clefthooves, so I like that suggestion. I'd like him to only have one of these guys, so I'll have to see what I like once he's in Draenor. I might try an Outland clefthoof once he's in that level range, though.

He'll probably have several goats, and it's possible I'll even give him two of the same colour. Heck, maybe I'll give him enough goats for a small herd. I'll have to see which colours I like once I can get Sol near them in game.

As for plans, so far I plan to grab him a brown yak and maybe a tan yak too. I also want to grab him a musken, but the one I like the most for him (the tan one) isn't tamable. :( I might settle for brown, but I have that guy on my dwarf already. I don't mind having the same skin on different hunters, but the whole reason I have so many hunters is to play around with lots of different skins. (As an aside, the black musken is absolutely gorgeous, and my pandaren hunter sports him.)

Pandaria again gives me inspiration for Sol's tames: mushan. I'm not sure which colour I'll grab for Sol yet, but I'm actually thinking about the green one to bring in more variance in colour.

I'll give the riverbeasts a shot, but the mouth on that model drives me insane, which is a shame, because they come in such nice colours. :(

I'll also grab that tan talbuk while Sol is in Draenor, and maybe an Outland or Argus talbuk too. Maybe he'll have a talbuk herd instead of a goat herd. Hmmmm.

I like the gazelle suggestion too; I was tempted to tame one while I had Sol in Mulgore (a friend flew me over). Encroaching on horde turf certainly puts Sol at a greater risk to be ganked. :lol:

Speaking of, I actually did take Sol to the Northern Barrens (riding a water strider up from Theramore) to tame a tallstrider with the idea of making it a 'chicken'. Even though I love tallstriders, I just didn't like the look of one with Sol. (Note: I didn't get ganked, although some horde did stop and stare at me blast through their questing zones.) I'm actually thinking of making Sol's 'chicken' a teroclaw chick.

Now, here's where my ideas start to get a bit more unusual. Sol is a lightforged draenei. There's two parts to that, and one of them is the draenei part. Draenei seem to be pretty skilled engineers and like to make constructs, so I've actually seriously been considering mechs for Sol.

A gold arachnodrone could help him around his farm:
(It could even be 'light-infused')

And a robot sheep seems obvious:

And so does a robo chicken:

Which seems to be getting a pretty rad update in BfA:

I also thought about grabbing Fenryr once Sol is leveled up and geared up, since he's got this kinda-light infused vibe to him.

Of course I'm sure all of this will change once I get him to the levels needed to tame these things. :lol:

Author:  Funk [ Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Share your post ~level-scaled world~ tames! [image heavy

All that planning, and Sol already has a deviation:


Listen, there is such a thing as a crocodile farm. And they look good together.

He just needs a name :/

I also love how ridiculous the flower crown looks on Sol.

Author:  Krysteena [ Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Share your post ~level-scaled world~ tames! [image heavy

You're welcome for the suggestions, and I love your little deviation, he looks very pleased with himself :lol: Tbh it's a shame the flower crowns are a year-round thing, but I don't know if Sol would consider it a shame :'D

Also, a gold arachnodrone is a brilliant idea for him. Can't say I can think of many who would intrude on a herd protected by a giant robot spider. :lol:

Author:  Thwip [ Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Share your post ~level-scaled world~ tames! [image heavy


Buata had a small adventure today! I had to check around on other servers and managed to find Quall up on ED. A little custom group shenanigans and Buata had herself a pretty new friend!

Author:  Funk [ Sun Mar 04, 2018 5:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Share your post ~level-scaled world~ tames! [image heavy

I love Quall with Buata!

I went and named Talyse's pets, and also got rid of a few/swapped a few for different models. I don't have the time for more screenshots atm, but I can just link her stables here. Some of the colours aren't the actual ones she has tamed, though. Also, Gwin is a placeholder for the new hawks coming in BfA. IDK which I'd tame, yet, but I know she will be named Gwin. :)

Sol also made another tame, in Westfall:

I don't know how it ties into his theme yet, but I have some ideas mulling around. I also like that the colours match his tabard pretty well. Apparently his bird is being updated to this model, but I'm hoping the updated tan & purple variant will be available.

Author:  Funk [ Wed Mar 07, 2018 1:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Share your ~level-scaled world~ tames! [img heavy]

Ystelle nabbed an exotic pet, who I've named 'Luxe':
(also pictured: weird omnipresent shadow at the bottom of the nightborne heritage set)

Sol also got his sheep :)

Sol's pets are all unnamed still hmm.

Author:  Krysteena [ Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Share your ~level-scaled world~ tames! [img heavy]

Ystelle's new pet is looking great with her heritage armour, and Sol's sheep matches even more perfectly than I first imagined :lol:
Quall and Buata are looking great, Thwip! That's a very pretty new friend indeed :D

I finally put my foot down in levelling and have managed to get Vyonne from the stale level of 70 up to 87 - and so have placed her in Pandaria and intend to level in Dread Wastes to get her to 90. The Dread Wastes is one of my favourite zones, and the Mantid are, hands down, my favourite faction. While Vyonne, as a Nightborne, would never have been in contact with Mantid at all, I'm putting her through it all anyway, and am ready to cry over the Mantid and then leave at 90 and mope about their fate for a few days. Obligatory screenshots in Dread Wastes are obligatory.

The first is an unintentional tame, Rakesh, who I came across whilst looking for the grey pandaren tiger (which I consequently didn't tame). He's a quiet boy, preferring to silently pad alongside his mistress than put on any sort of show to ward predators off. Vyonne found him in the Jade Forest, alone and away from the rest of his pride (?), and noted that all the other tigers did seem to operate as a pride, which was unusual for such animals. Figuring she'd have better luck taming a lone tiger than risking aggravating several, Vyonne sought to befriend Rakesh, and found a stalwart and very pretty companion. He's one of the largest of her big cats, but is also one of the most gentle.

Next is Acenath, who was Savage. Acenath was intended to be Rakesh, but within seconds of completing the tame, I knew that Acenath was female and so Rakesh was just not going to work. Surprisingly difficult to track, seeing as the tracks are green and Jade Forest is, oddly enough, a whole lot of green, I didn't actually catch Savage until he started to come back the way he'd came and I used his old tracks to find out where the new ones were going to be. Acenath is a very gorgeous girl, and is the largest of Vyonne's big cats. She's solitary, but gets on well enough with Rakesh as to tolerate him. Very much Vyonne's pretty girl. The above screenshot also features an exploding swarmborn, which is always fun.

Lastly is Shali, a tame I didn't decide I wanted to make until I ran around on the matching mount for a bit. Vyonne and Shali are very similar, and Vyonne takes good care of her crane, as Shali can't really hold her own against much of anything. I'm not entirely certain on the name 'Shali', but there we go. Shali might not stick as well as the others, since she's just pretty and doesn't have much of a personality beyond that, but, if all else fails, she can 'grow' into the Regal Riding Crane mount that Vyonne uses instead.

All of my hunters (and by that I mean two), end up having a reference to at least one Mantid Paragon within their stables. Krys has Zekhar, who is a reference to Hisek's old Empress Zek'hara, and Kali has Luciel, a name taken from Iyyokuk the Lucid's title. Vyonne willl probably end up with a Paragon reference somewhere, I just haven't decided which, seeing as she canonically didn't meet them. We'll gloss over the detail, because it will happen, knowing me :lol: I'm thinking a reference to Xaril this time around - just got to find an appropriate pet for the poison-chugger :')

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