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The Unexpected Friend
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Author:  Ëlfdragon [ Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  The Unexpected Friend

Here's the story I dedicated to my guild before I transferred my mains to Horde. As I said before, this is totally against the Lore in so many ways, so please don't flame me about lore. For the most part a lot of my stories don't go along with the lore. But I write for fun and having things like lore keeping you from being able to write the way you want makes it boring imo. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy it~
I sighed as I walked through the great land of Hillsbrad Foothills. “So much has changed sense Thrall left, and Garrosh Hellscream took over as Warchief…Sense the Shattering happened and Deathwing returned.” I said.
“Yeah.” DragonsClaw, my great Lioness partner, replied. “I wonder if my pack survived…”
“I’m sure they did.” I said. “Do you want to go check?”
“No. It’s too dangerous; they would attack us on sight.” She said.
“You’re right.” I said. We walked in silence for the next couple of minutes.
“Did you hear that?” Claw said, stopping when she heard someone cry out in pain.
“Yeah, I did.” I said, activating my Camouflage spell, and heading towards where the sound came from. We stopped on top of a hill, seeing 5 Orc’s surrounding what looked like a Human boy. “What are those Orcs doing with that human?”
“Trying to get themselves on Varian’s most wanted list.” Claw growled as the wind shifted direction.
“Don’t tell me…” I said.
“That’s Anduin Wrynn.” She snarled.
“What the hell is Garrosh thinking?” I said, anger in my voice, as I recognized the tabard the Orc’s had on. “Those are Garrosh’s special army, the one only the strongest Orc’s may join. Is the fool trying to start a war with the Alliance now?!”
“If he does you can pretty much kiss this world good-bye.” Claw growled. “Cause Deathwing will kill us while we’re busy fighting against each other.”
“That won’t happen if I have any say in the matter!” I said, a dark glow emanating from my body.
“You know you risk execution.” Claw said, looking at me.
“I don’t care.” I said as I took the shape of an Obsidian Nightwing. “We all die if they kill him.” I leapt into the air, and flew towards the Orc’s and Anduin. The Orc’s jumped back in surprise as I landed next to Anduin and roared, wings still held open. “Get on my back if you want to live.” I said in perfect Common to the Prince. The Prince did as told, and climbed onto my back. I launched myself into the air, just barely getting out of range of the Orc’s weapons in time. I gave a small roar of pain as a throwing axe buried itself into my wing, but I kept flying.
“Why can’t I heal you?” Anduin said, and I glanced at him.
“Heal yourself, I’ll be fine. This is nothing.” I said. Anduin stared at me, for the first time noticing my accent.
“You’re not one of my father’s men. Who are you?” He asked.
“You’re right.” I said. “I’m not a member of the Alliance. I’m a Blood Elf Hunter, and my name is Elfdragon.”
“A Blood Elf? Why are you helping me?” He asked.
“I’m not about to let Garrosh kill a child. The Prince of Stormwind or otherwise. And if the fool succeeded in what he wished to do, we’d all be dead.” I said. “If Garrosh killed you, your father would go to war with the Horde, which is what Garrosh wants.”
“And if that were to happen, Deathwing would take us all out while we’re weak.” He finished, and I nodded. “Doesn’t Garrosh realize that?”
“He doesn’t care. He’s a blood thirsty moron. All he cares about is spilling Alliance blood. He proved that when we first entered the Twilight Highlands.” I said.
“What happened?” He asked.
“Garrosh was leading the attack. We had our transport planes and our protection ones. The fool saw a fleet of Alliance ships, and sent our protection to destroy them.” I said.
“But that would leave you guys defenseless!” He replied.
“He knew that, but he didn’t care. Next thing we were being attacked by Deathwing and the Twilights Hammer. Many soldiers lost their lives. Garrosh almost lost his. I’m lucky; I was able to jump off my ship before it was destroyed. A friend of mine, who was on another ship, wasn’t so lucky.” I glided through the air, saddened by the memory.
“I’m sorry.” Anduin said.
“Thrall’s the only reason I’m still with the Horde.” I said after a moment of silence. “And the fact that I’d have nowhere else to go. Sure, I met a nice group of Alliance soldiers during the war against the Lich King, but Varian would never let me join the Alliance.”
“He might after today, and if I talk to him.” Anduin said.
“You really think so?” I asked.
“Yeah.” Anduin said, and then yawned.
“You should rest.” I said, then started to descend so I could land. Anduin jumped off my back once I landed, and walked to where the throwing axe was still imbedded in my wing.
“Let me help you with this first.” He said, and pulled the axe out of my wing. “Now let’s try this again.” He put his hand on my wing, and my eyes went wide as his magic started to heal me. “Good, it worked.” He said once my wing was fully healed.
“Thanks.” I said, switching back into my Blood Elf form. “This is DragonsClaw.” I said, introducing Anduin to Claw, once she appeared next to me.
“It’s nice to meet you.” Claw said, bowing before the Prince.
“And you.” He said, returning the bow.
“Now, rest Prince.” I said.
“What about the Orcs?” He said.
“They probably went to Orgrimmar to report to Garrosh.” I said, setting my sleeping bag up for Anduin.
“What would Garrosh do?” He asked, lying down in the sleeping bag.
“Well, he’s smart enough to know only a Horde would be in Hillsbrad.” I said. “And only a handful of Horde soldiers can turn into an Obsidian Nightwing. So he’ll probably summon all Obsidian Nightwing’s to Orgrimmar tomorrow, and when I don’t show…”
“He’ll know it’s you.” He finished.
“We’ll be in Dun Morogh by the time they start looking, we’ll be fine.” I said. “They won’t dare look in Alliance Territory, and I only plan on leaving it during the trip from Dun Morogh to Elywnn Forest. I’ll get you back to Stormwind safely, don’t worry.” I smiled at him.
“I’m more worried about you.” I barely heard him mumble.
“So, what do you think?” Claw said, sitting next to me, once Anduin had fallen to sleep.
“I don’t know.” I said. “I can never show my face around the Horde towns or cities again.”
“You know Garrosh will keep trying for the Prince. As long as he’s Warchief, Anduin will never be safe outside of Stormwind or the other cities.”
“I know.” I said. “And with them dead, I’m the only one willing to go against Garrosh and the Horde to protect him. And, in turn, us.”
“We’ll think of something.” Claw pressed her head against me. “Who knows, maybe Anduin is right and he’ll be able to convince his father to welcome us into the Alliance.”
“I’m going to get some rest.” I said, lying down next to the prince, my back towards him.
“I’ll wake you if anything happens.” Claw said as I closed my eyes.
“Thanks.” I mumbled, before drifting off to sleep.

I opened my eyes and pushed myself into a sitting position. I looked around, and saw Claw and Anduin both still asleep. “I should get breakfast cooking.” I said, and pushed myself to my feet. I walked to my bag, and pulled out the meat, bread, water, and fire materials I had. I started the fire and set the meat to cook. I set the bread next to the fire, making sure it was close enough to get warm, but far enough away that it wouldn’t burn.
“I wonder what they would tell me right now.” I said, thinking of the 3 friends, all of which were like brothers to me, that I had lost. I sat there and stared into the fire, remembering a happier time.
“Elf?” Anduin’s voice broke through my thoughts. I blinked my eyes twice, bringing myself back to the present. “Are you ok?” He asked.
“I’m fine.” I said. “Just remembering a…Happier time. Did you sleep well?”
“I did.” He said, sitting next to me. “How long do you think we have?” He asked. Before I could answer, a bird appeared, and flew over to me. I held out my arm, and it landed on it, a letter for me in its beak. I took the letter, and the bird left. “What does it say?” Anduin asked.
“Obsidian Nightwing’s of the Horde.” I read, doing my best to imitate the way Garrosh would say it. “It would appear there is a traitor amongst us! Some of my warriors had a high-classed Alliance dog in their possession, and were in the process of escorting them to the Undercity for transport to Orgrimmar when one of you attacked them and rescued the Alliance dog! I am ordering all Obsidian Nightwings to report to Orgrimmar immediately! If you do not arrive in 2 hours, you will be considered the traitor and be hunted! If you are the one responsible for this, and you bring the Alliance dog back to Orgrimmar within the next 2 hours, your punishment will be lightened. Lok’tar Ogar! The Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream.” I balled up the letter and threw it on the ground.
“He must think we’re fools.” Claw said, walking up and hitting the balled up letter into the fire with her paw. “‘Your punishment will be lightened.’ Bah, we’d be executed just the same.” She sat down on the other side of Anduin.
“Not like we’d help him doom this world in the first place.” I said, getting up and checking on the meat, then handing some to Anduin.
“So, we have 2 hours before they search parties leave Orgrimmar.” Anduin said, and started to eat the meat I gave him.
“Probably less.” I said. “If all the other Nightwing’s get there before the 2 hour deadline, Garrosh would assume I’m not coming and send out the parties.” I tossed a raw piece of meat to Claw, who snatched it out of the air and began to eat it, before taking some of the cooked meat for myself. “We’ll leave once we finish eating.” I said in between bites. We finished eating in silence. Once we were done, I put out the fire and packed the leftover food while Anduin rolled up the sleeping bag. “Let’s get going.” I said, once we finished, a dark glow starting around my body as I started to change forms.
“I wonder if they’re looking for us yet.” Anduin said as we entered Dun Morogh a few minutes later.
“I’m sure they are.” I said. “But so is your father.” I flew low and fast, wanting to get Anduin back to Stormwind, to safety, as quickly as I could. I knew I had lied to him the other day, we weren’t safe in Alliance territory, he would only be safe in cities, and I knew Garrosh would send his troops to Dun Morogh and Elywnn, hoping to catch us before we got to Stormwind.

“I’m going to fly around the edge and drop you off in front of the city.” I said to Anduin as Stormwind came into view.
“Ok.” He said, understanding why. An alarm sounded as I started to loop around the city.
“They know we’re here.” I said.
“It’s good to be home.” Anduin said a couple minutes later as I landed in front of the city.
“I’m glad I was able to get you here in time.” I said as he got off my back and I switched forms.
“You’ll be safe now, Anduin.” Claw said, appearing at my side.
“What about you two?” Anduin asked, looking at me. “Where will you go?”
“Maybe the Outlands.” I said. “Probably the only place that will be safe for us.” I shrugged. I looked towards the city, and saw Varian walking towards us, some of his soldier’s close behind. I recognized two of them right away. One was Bulzye, a Draenei Hunter, who was the leader of the nice group of Alliance I met in Icecrown. His partner, LockedOn, the white saber worg, wagged his tail as he recognized me and Claw. Bulzye’s wife, Jassalyrn, the Night Elf Priest, walked along side him. She smiled at me, and I smiled back.
“We should go. Now.” Claw said, growling slightly.
“What is it?” Anduin said, looking at me.
“Nothing you need to worry about, now go.” I said, the dark glow starting.
“Go!” Claw growled. Anduin took one last look at me, then ran to his father. “We shouldn’t have stayed so long.”
“I know.” I pushed myself into the air, pressing my wings as hard as I could, as I started to hear the roars of the Wyvern’s behind me. I looked to my side, and saw Anduin make it to his father just before the tree’s blocked him from sight. “Good, he’s safe now at least.” I said. I thought of my friends as I heard the roars getting closer. It was pointless for me to run, and I knew it, I never learned Master’s Riding, and was a slower flyer because of it. ‘Looks like I‘m going to join you guys sooner than I planned.’ I thought. ‘Hopefully Bul, Jass, and the others can keep him safe.’
I roared as a net wrapped itself around my body, holding my wings against my side, and I fell from the sky.
“I knew I should have killed you the first chance I got.” I was shocked to see that Garrosh had came himself, and that he had ignored the “Alliance Dogs”, as he would call them, to come after me.
“Yeah, too bad you didn’t.” I said, switching back into Blood Elf form, Claw appearing, growling, next to me. “Who else would stop you from dooming this world?”
“I’ll crush both the Alliance and the Twilight’s Hammer beneath my feat!” Garrosh said.
“Not without their help.” I mumbled.
“What was that?” Garrosh said, gripping his weapon.
“Why don’t you just kill us and get it over with.” Claw snarled.
“No.” Garrosh said. “I’m going to execute you in Orgrimmar, so you can serve as an example.” An Orc grabbed my arm, so that I couldn’t escape, like I would have even tried to. I looked to the side when I heard a bark, and saw LockedOn leap at an Orc as the one that had grabbed me was Death Gripped.
“Bulzye, Jass, Heardy, Deevel, everyone!” I said, in common, seeing most of the group I had met in Northrend.
“Hey Elf, long time no see.” Heardy, the Human Death Knight, said.
“We thought you could use some help.” Deevel, the Dwarf Warrior, said.
“Thanks.” I said, disengaging away from the Orc’s.
“You honestly think you and these Alliance Dog’s can kill me?” Garrosh said, laughing.
“Nope.” I said, replying in Orcish.
“Let’s get out of here.” I heard Bul say as I was suddenly surrounded by smoke. I quickly switched into my Nightwing form, and took to the sky, feeling someone pull themselves onto my back.
“I thought we could use a little smoke bomb to cover our escape.” I heard the person on my back say.
“You were right, Luna.” I said, glancing at the Night Elf Rogue, Lunaran, on my back. “So, did Varian send you or did you guys come on your own.”
“Varian sent us.” Liorra, the Draenei Paladin, said, pulling up next to me. “But we would have come on our own if he hadn’t.”
“Yeah, after he heard what you did for Anduin, and how you risked your life to save him, he told us to get you and bring you back.” Rayray, the Dwarf Priest, said, as the rest of the group moved to flying around me.
“So, I guess Anduin was right.” I said, looking back ahead of me.
“About what?” Jass said.
“He said he might be able to convince his father to welcome me into the Alliance.” I said.
“Well, it took more than him alone. We also told him about how you fought alongside us in Icecrown.” Mortimer, the Human Mage, said. I looked at Mort, and saw him in the form of a blue dragon.
“I knew it was you guys who took down Ragnaros in the end.” I smiled. “Congrats.”
“Thank you.” He said.
“Elfdragon.” Memorize, the Draenei Shaman, who was Deevel’s wife, said as we came into view of Stormwind. “Welcome home.” I looked ahead of me, seeing Varian, Anduin, and the rest of the friends I had made in Icecrown standing in the gates of the city.
“And we welcome you as the newest member of the Prosperitas family.” Vievette, the Human paladin, said.
And that's it. Again, I hope you guys enjoy. And if you guys have any constructive criticism, I welcome that. Have a nice day~

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