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 Post subject: Suteneko's Story
Unread postPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:51 pm 
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9-20-14 Change: I'm changing the title of this topic. In stead of making a new topic every time I write a new story about my baby hunter, Suteneko, I'm juts going to use this topic and put the name of the story on the post.

So, this is a story I just wrote today, having hit a road block with me other stories. It is different then any other story I have written becuase of one main thing: it is about one of my hunters taming a pet. Before this, I have never written a "pet taming" story. I decided to give it a try, and see how it went. So, this story is about my newest hunter, Suteneko, on Aman'thul. Anyway, here it is.

Taming Glacier

“Thank you, please keep him safe.” Suteneko, a young Night Elf hunter, said to the stable master. The Stable master nodded at her, and she turned and found a ghostly feline looking at her.
“I wont be gone long, Spirit.” She said, kneeling down and placing her hand on the cats cheek. “I promise.” Spirit let out a growl. “I'll be safe, I'll stay away from anything that might cause me harm.” He growled again. “I'm sorry, but I have to do this alone.”
“Ma'am?” The stable master asked. “Hunters can have multiple pets with them now, why cant you just take the ghost saber with you?”
“Because, I follow the old rule that my mother grew up following. The one that says that when a hunter is pursuing a rare beast, they must partake on the hunt alone. Else it wouldn't be a true hunt, and the hunter wont feel the true satisfaction of a successful hunt.” Sute said.
“And what if you don't find this beast?” He asked.
“Then it was never meant to be.” She said. “Even if I do find him, I might not come back with him.”
“And why is that, after going to the trouble of hunting him?” He asked.
“Because my mother also taught me that the best pets are the ones that choose you, instead of you choosing them.” She said, putting her hand on Spirit's head. “And shes right, I tried to tame a pet that didn't pick me, and I didn't form a bond what-so-ever with it. When we fought together we were just going through the motions. But, with Spirit, who chose me, it's so different. We are more then just partners, we are family. When we fight we are truly in sink with each other, able to anticipate each others moves before we make them.”
“I see.” The stable master said, before turning and tending to some of the pets in his care. Sute looked back at Spirit.
“I'll give it 2 days.” She said to Spirit. “If he doesn't show himself to me, I'll come back. Besides, I'll have Blaze with me.” Just as she said that a little ball of fire came racing out of Everlook and jumped onto her shoulder. The Cinder Kitten let out a 'mew' and rubbed his cheek against Sute's cheek. She reached up her hand and petted the kitten, who purred.
“Good Morning Blaze.” She said.
“Mew mew!” Blaze replied. Sute pushed herself to her feet.
“Its time for me to go.” She said to Spirit. It was hard for her to leave him, they hadn't been apart sense she tamed him, but she knew it was the right thing to do. She wanted to keep up the old traditions, just like her mother had done, just like she had taught her. She turned away from the town, and started to walk in the direction of Frostsaber Rock. Blaze jumped off of her shoulder once Everlook was out of view, and ran ahead of her.
Sute smiled, seeing the little puddles of water Blaze's paw left behind. It was an hour before the tall rock know as Frostsaber Rock appeared in the distance.
“We'll be there soon.” She said, looking at Blaze, who now walked alongside her.
“Mew!” Blaze said. “Mew mew.” He jumped up and bumped her bag with his noes.
“Are you hunger?” She asked him.
“Mew.” He nodded his head.
“Ok, we'll stop here then.” She said, moving the the side of the road and grabbing some firewood from her bags. She set it up, and Blaze immediately ran into the middle of the wood pile, flaring out his fur, and setting the wood on fire. He jumped off the pile of wood, looking proud of himself. Sute couldn't help but laugh at the little kitten.
“Thank you.” She said, petting the kitten on the head. She grabbed some meat out of her bag, and placed it to cook. She then grabbed out an apple, and a smaller piece of meat. She gave the meat to Blaze, and took a bite of the apple. She leaned back and looked up, wishing she could see the sky instead of the blanket of clouds that was now covering the sky. She looked down as she finished her apple, and tossed the core into the fire.
She looked at Blaze, seeing him busily eating the meat, which was now burnt to a crisp, just the way Blaze liked it. She smiled at the kitten, taking her own meat from the fire, and starting to eat it. As she sat there, she thought of her mother. She looked into the fire as she remembered what her mother had told her.

“Mom, whats the best way to tame a beast?” Sute asked, as they cleaned dishes after breakfast. “Some people in my training group said its best to freeze the pet in a trap and then start taming. That way it cant resist or fight back.”
“A lot of hunters believe that's the best way.” She said. “It is the easiest and fastest, but I don't believe it to be the best. No, I believe the best tames are when the pet chooses you.”
“Is that how you and DragonsClaw met each other?” She asked.
“Yes.” She said, the great Lioness walking into the kitchen after hearing her name.
“Did you go with another pet?” She asked.
“No, we were only able to have 1 pet with us at all times back then.” She said.
“Then how did you get there?” Sute asked.
“I went alone.” She said. “I didn't really mind, though. I didn't have any kind of bond with the bird I had at the time. It was a bird my trainers had me tame, I could tell he didn't like me, that he would have much rather been flying out free and not fighting alongside me. He was overjoyed when I released him before I left on my quest to find my perfect pet.”
“That's when you met Claw, right?” Sute asked, petting the lioness.
“Yes. Me and Claw clicked almost instantly. We have the strongest bond I've ever had. No pet that I have bonded with yet holds a candle to the strength of mine and Claws bond.” Claw roared and pressed her head into Elf's leg, who put her hand on her head. “I feel that time has only served to strengthen the bond. Its stronger now that it has ever been.”
“I hope that I can form as strong as a bond with a pet as you and Claw share, mom.” Sute said. “I'm never going to tame a pet the way those boys said too. I'm going to let them choose me, and find them the old way, just like you did!” Elf laughed.
“Good. I'm glad.” She smiled. “Now, I have to get going, the boys are waiting for me.”
“Already?” She asked, feeling sad.
“Yes. Its time for us to head to the Outlands, and its time for you to head to training.” She said.
“Ok, mom.” Sute said. “I love you.”
“I love you too, Suteneko.”she said. Sute ran to her room, and grabbed her bow, before leaving the house. She saw her moms friends already waiting for them outside.
“Hi Myth, Zalaxin!” She said, waving the the Paladin and Warrior.
“Hey Sute.” Myth said.
“Hello.” Zalaxin said.
“You guys take care of my mom, ok?” She said. Myth laughed.
“Ok, but you have to promise to concentrate on training and become the best hunter you can, ok?” Myth said.
“Deal!” Sute said, hugging the paladin.
“Make us proud.”Zalaxin said, hugging her.
“And you guys make me proud!” She said, hugging him back.
“Its time for us to go.” Elf said, hugging her daughter and kissing her on the cheek. “I'll see you when we return.” Sute watch as they mounted up and left.
“Good bye, mom.” She said, as she watched them leave.

Sute opened her eyes, tears falling. That had been 5 years ago, and her mother had yet to return. However, she knew her mom was alive, Tyrande or Malfurion would have told her if that wasn't the case.
“Mom...” She whispered to herself, wrapping her arms around her legs and placing her chin on her knees. “I miss you so much.”
“Mew?” She heard Blaze said, and felt him press his head into her side.
“I'm ok, Blaze.” She said, petting the kitten. “You ready to go?”
“Mew.” Blaze nodded his head, and Sute kicked snow over the fire. After making sure the fire was out, Sute set back on her trip, Blaze resting on her shoulder this time. As she neared Frostsaber rock, she grabbed out her map of the zone. It had 3 areas marked.
“So his den is this way.” She said, turning off the road and walking towards the hills. She walked over one hill before she reached the den of Iceclaw. “He's not here.” she said, only seeing some kittens playing outside of the den. The kittens stopped playing and watched her when they noticed her. She moved next to a tree that was close to the den, and sat down, leaning against it.
“Mew?” Blaze asked, looking at her, then to the other kittens, then back at her.
“You can go play with them if you want.” She said. “Just be careful, don't get hurt or hurt them."
“Mew!” Blaze jumped from her shoulder and ran to the other kittens. The cats sniffed each other, before they started to play.

Night came, and Sute set up her bed roll, Iceclaw having yet to make an appearance.
“Maybe he'll show himself tomorrow.” She said as she laid down. As she closed her eyes, she felt Blaze press his body into her chest, spreading warmth through her. She put her arms around Blaze, soon falling to sleep.
She didn't know how long she had slept before she woke up to the sound of kittens meowing in fear. She opened her eyes, and looked towards the den.
“Get back here, you annoying little things!” A forsaken rogue was saying, reaching into the den, the kittens being just out of reach. She heard a kitten shriek as the rogue got a hold of it. “Ah, yes.” He said, examining the kitten. “A perfect test subject for my new poison.” Suki leaped to her feet, and cocked an arrow.
“What do you think you're doing?” She demanded, pointing the arrow towards the forsaken.
“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” He said, turning towards her. “A Night Elf? What are you doing here, young one?” She didn't like the way he smiled at her.
“I'll be the one asking questions!” She said, wishing that Spirit was there. “What are you doing to those kittens?” Blaze let out a growl.
“Oh, and a little Cinder Kitten, too?” He said. “What a lucky night!” Before Sute had a chance to saying anything else, the Rogue threw the kitten at her. She caught the kitten, but the rogue took that moment to shadow step behind her and stun her. As she was stunned, the rogue forced her to the ground, tying up her hands and feet, making it impossible for her to fight back.
“You picked a bad night to come out here.” The rogue said. “Now you should be the test subject for my new poison. Now, for you.” He turned, looking at Blaze, who stood next to the other kittens. Blaze growled at the rogue. “Come now, little one. I wont hurt you.” He walked towards Blaze.
“Run, Blaze! Run!!” Sute said. Blaze looked at her, and she could tell her hated being unable to help. “Go, run! Forget about me, I'll be fine!” She said. Blaze took one last look at her, and turned around and raced off into the night with the other kittens.
“Why lie to the little thing?” The rogue said, turning back towards Sute. “You wont be fine, on the contrary. If my poison works you'll be dead before the sun rises.” Sute swallowed her fear as the forsaken picked her up and slung her over his shoulder. “Oh well, I'll just have to catch that little ball of fire later.”
Sute desperately tried to think of a way to escape as the rogue laid her on the ground next to a campfire and disappeared into his tent. However, she couldn't think of a way, her arrows were back at her camp, Blaze was gone, and there was no way for Spirit to know what was happening, or for him to get out of the stables. She closed her eyes as the rogue excited the tent.
“Now, lets see.” He said, walking towards her, she glared at him. He placed a vial next to her, which gave off a sickly black-green glow. She held her breath, the smell coming from it was enough to make her sick. “Lets get this over with, shall we?” He said, grabbing her arm and talking hold of one of his daggers. She bit her tongue to keep from crying out as he cut her arm.
“Now, for the moment of truth.” He grabbed the vial, and poured a couple drops of the poison into her arm. Sute let out a cry, unable to hold it in, as her arm instantly felt like it was on fire. She squeezed her eyes closed, tears falling.
“Now, I wait.” The rogue said, sitting down next to his camp fire, watching her. As time passed, the feeling spread more and more through her body. It was just spreading to her other arm when she heard a familiar 'mew'.
“Blaze?” She said, only managing a whisper through the pain. “No, Blaze, get out of here!” She said.
“Well, well, well. See, it returned to you.” The rogue said, standing up. He walked over, and quickly picked up Blaze.
“Mew, mew! Hiss!” Blaze said, clawing at the rogue.
“Silly kitten, you cant hurt me.” He said. Just then, a blue and white cat leaped over Sute and attacked the rogue, Sabers charged into view around her as well. The rogue cried out in pain, being swarmed by sabers. The blue and white cat jumped off the rogue, Blaze held in his mouth, and placed Blaze next to Sute, before turning back towards the rogue. Sute saw the rogue fall, being overpowered by the sabers.
“Mew?” Blaze said, pressing his head into Sute's side.
“I'm sorry.” Sute said. “I dont know if I'm going to make it back to Everlook...” She felt herself weakening under the affect of the poison.
“Mew!” Blaze said, jumping onto her arm and starting to lick the wound.
“Iceclaw.” Sute whispered, looking at the cat. “I'm glad I was at least able to see you.” Iceclaw looked at her, and then walked over to her. Blaze jumped off her arm as he pressed his noes against her wound. Sute was shocked as a coldness seemed to spread from where Iceclaw's noes was to the rest of her body, and seemed to rid it of the poison. She felt a claw cut the rope around her hands and feet, and slowly pushed herself into a sitting position.
“Mew mew mew mew!” Blaze said, jumping into her chest. She wrapped her arms around Blaze, tears falling.
“I was so scared.” She whispered.
“Mew.” Blaze said, licking her cheek. Sute looked up when she realized Iceclaw hadn't left yet, even though the sabers had.
“Thank you, for saving Blaze, for saving me.” She said to the feline. Iceclaw walked over, and nudged her right hand. “Does this mean...?” She asked, and Iceclaw nodded. She reached up, placing her right hand on Iceclaw's head. She smiled as she felt a bond form.
“Glacier.” She said, looking at her new partner. Glacier roared, and pressed his head into her. They 3 returned to the tree she had made a camp in front of, and she laid down. “We'll return to Everlook in the morning.” She whispered, exhausted. “There I'll introduce you to Spirit. I think you'll like him.” Glacier laid against her, and soon fell to sleep. She closed her eyes, feeling Blaze squeezed his way into her chest, pushing Glacier so he could have some room. She smiled, as she fell to sleep, happy to have a new friend to travel with her.
So, how is it? Do I suck at writing taming stories? Did you like it? Could I have done something better? Used more detail in a part? Let me know! If you guys enjoyed it I'll think about making more stories about taming in the future, or writing about more of my Crazy Cat Lady's adventures. That's Suteneko's title, if you didn't know :P. Anyways, I'll probably post the next update in my other story tomorrow! Have a nice night, everyone! <3

Edit: So, I made a trip back to Winterspring to take a Screen Shot of Sute, Blaze, and Glacier, just to add an image of them together. Cant wait until I get her to 90, get the rest of her family, and Stamped, so I can take a SS of her and all 6 of her kitties <3

WoWScrnShot_080514_202023.jpg [251.37 KiB]
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Thank you, Tankperson!

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 Post subject: Re: Suteneko's Story
Unread postPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 1:54 pm 
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Here's the next taming story for Suteneko. Enjoy~

Taming Emerald

Suteneko walked silently out of the town called The Harborage in the Swamp of Sorrows. Spirit and Glacier walked on either side of her, and Blaze walked behind her. Once they were a little ways away from the town, Sute pulled out her map.
“That's where he is suppose to be.” She said, Spirit and Glacier looking at the map. They had heard a story of a vicious beast roaming the forest near the shore. The beast was said to attack travelers at random, and with no warning, and the town wanted it hunted down and killed. It didn't help any that, soon after Sute herself arrived, a Dwarf Warrior arrived at the town. He was hurt, and claimed that the beast, a green tiger with a hunched neck and glowing red/gold eyes, had attacked him and his traveling companion. He claimed the that beast killed his friend, and would have killed him if he hadn't been able to stun it.
The hunt for the beast would start the next morning, but Sute wanted to find this feline before anyone else did. Luckily, the Dwarf was willing to tell her where he had been attacked, and even marked it on her map for her.
“Lets go, we have to get there before anyone else does.” She folded up her map and put it back in her bag. Glacier and Spirit roared their agreement, and the 3 of them set off in the direction of the cat. They walked well into the night, only stopping once the moon was high in the sky.
“We'll stop here and rest. But we cant stop for long.” She said, looking at Spirit and Glacier. Sute sat down and leaned against a tree, put her arms around her leg and placed her chin on her knees. Glacier and Spirit laid on either side of her.
“Mew?” Blaze pressed his head against her leg. She reached down and petted the kitten.
“Why is this cat attacking people at random? What's making him so hostile?” She said. She picked up Blaze and put him on her lap. She closed her eyes, feeling warmth spread from Blaze to her as the little kitten purred. Slowly, she fell to sleep.

Sute opened her eyes, feeling a cold noes press against he side. Glacier looked at her, and Spirit was up as well.
“Thanks for waking me.” She said, looking up at the sky, seeing it just start to lighten. “The hunting groups will leave in a couple hours, and I want to get there before they even leave the town.” After eating a small breakfast, Sute set off.
The sun was just peaking over the tree's when Sute reached the area that the Dwarf had marked on her map.
“He should be around here, so be ready.” She said to Glacier and Spirit. Spirit roared, looking in one direction. “Do you think he's that way?” Sute said, looking in the direction Spirit was. He roared again, and Sute started to walk in the direction he was looking. Sute walked for a few minutes, before a sound in the bushes made her stop. She looked to her side, towards where she heard the sound. Glacier and Spirit moved protectively in between her and where the sound came from, ready to attack anything that came out. As they stood there, the tiger, a green female with glowing red/gold eyes and a hunched neck, just like the Dwarf has described, walked out from the bushes, growling at them. Sute immediately knew something wasn't right with the cat. She felt a strange, eerie aura coming from the her, her fur gave off a strange glow, and she looked lighter then a tiger of her size should be.
“Shhh, its ok.” She said softly to the tiger, taking a couple steps towards her and stopping when she was just in front of Spirit and Glacier. “I'm not going to hurt you.” She said. The tigers replied with another growl. Sute knelt down, reached into her bag, and grabbed out some of her meat. She held it out to her.
“Its ok, I wont hurt you.” She repeated. “I want to help you.” The tiger stared at her, and she stared back. For a minute, neither of them moved, the only motion was that of the leaves in the morning breeze. Finally, the tiger started to move. She slowly approached Sute.
“They wont hurt you, I promise.” She said, noticing that she kept glancing at Spirit and Glacier. The Tiger sniffed the meat once it was close enough, and then promptly snatch it out of Sute's hand and retreated back into the bushes. Sute slowly walked over to the bush, and place more meat close to it.
“There's more here if you're still hungry.” She called out, then moved away from the bush, and sat next to a nearby tree. “I wonder if she can hunt...” Sute said to herself after a couple moments. “With her neck hunched over like that.”
“Mew.” Blaze said, scratched his neck then jumped onto her lap. “Mew.” He shook himself.
“You think she's in pain, and starving?” Sute said. “Is that why you've been attacking people?” She looked back towards the bush, and saw that the tiger had came out from hiding and was busily eating the meat she had place close to the bush. She knew that the tiger was starving when she saw how fast she had devoured the meat she had left. She sniffed the ground, looking for more, before looking towards where Sute, Blaze, Glacier, and Spirit now sat.
“Would you like more?” Sute asked, reaching into her bag. The tiger moved closer to her, obviously feeling more comfortable around Sute and her pets. Spirit and Glacier settled down next to each other as well, seeing that the green tiger wasn't a threat. Sute held out another piece of meat to the tiger, who grabbed it from her and started to eat it. Sute leaned back against the tree and looked at the sky as the tiger ate.
“This is not a vicious tiger.” She whispered to herself. “The poor thing was probably just looking for food and defending itself...I wonder how long it'll be until the hunting parties arrive.” She sighed. Sute looked at the tiger. Now that she got a close look, she look awkward while she ate, her hunched neck defiantly gave her problems. Sute couldn't imagine how hard it was for her to hunt with her neck the way it was. The tiger looked up at Sute as she finished eating and watched her for a moment, before walking over and laying down next to Sute, laying her head on Sute's lap. The tiger roared softly at Sute, its voice having an eery sound to it. Sute reached up her left hand and placed it on the tigers head. As soon as her hand made contact with the tiger, she felt her mind being pulled somewhere else.

She ran, as fast as her legs would carry her, hearing the sound of the demon chasing after her, and of its master as well. They were drawing closer, so she tried to push herself to run faster. She ran for another 3 minutes before the demon got close enough to throw his axe at her, stunning her.
“You gave us quite the chase.” The Human warlock said. “But now, its over.” He smiled at her. She growled, preparing to defend herself. “Why even fight, you cant win.” She growled again.
The Warlock attacked, and she attacked him, trying to kill him before he killed her. She was able to badly injure him before his demon grabbed her and threw her to the ground, slashing her with his axe. She roared in pain as the demon slashed her again. She pushed herself to her feet, and tried to attack the demon, but she was quickly stunned by the Warlock. His right eye was closed, claw marks leading down it from his forehead to his cheek, and his right arm hung limply at his side.
“I was going to just take you back and sell you like I originally planned.” He said. “But no, not anymore. Not after you dare to attack me.” He held his left hand out towards her. “I want you to suffer, you filthy beast. Just as you have made me suffer.” She roared in pain, feeling as if her body was set ablaze, and her neck was breaking. She curled into a ball, trying to shield herself from further pain, but it just kept increasing. Soon, the pain became to much for her to bear, and she blacked out.
When she woke up, the warlock was gone, and the pain had decreased to a constant throbbing all over her body. She pushed herself to her feet, and tried to lift her head, but was only able to lift it a couple inches. Slowly, she walked towards the water, all the beast who saw her ran in fear. When she got to the water, she looked at her reflection in it. Her once yellow eyes now glowed a red/gold color, her neck was hunched over, her fur was darker and gave off a strange glow, her belly fur had changed to a light-green color, and her body build wasn't the same.
She moved away from the water, and laid down in the shade of a tree. She let out a quiet, fearful cry. She was in a land she did not know, surrounded by creatures she had never seen before, and now she looked so different that, even if she was able to return home, her pack would not recognize or welcome her. She was terrified, and suffering from the curse the Warlock had placed on her, and she just wanted it all to end.

Sute opened her eyes, and looked at the tiger, her left hand still on her head, fur hot to the touch. She had heard stories that wild beast could choose to share their memories with Hunters and Druids, but it was extremely rare.
“So, that's what happened to you.” Sute said. “You were cursed, and now you're suffering.” The beast let out a soft, sad roar. “If you would let me, I would like to help you find a way to remove the curse.” She said. “And return you to your home.” The tiger looked at Sute, and then at Glacier and Spirit, who looked back at her. They both roared, and pushed themselves to their feet.
“They'll help too.” Sute said.
“Mew!” Blaze said, pressing his noes into the tiger.
“And so will Blaze.” Sute smiled. The tiger pushed herself to her feet, and moved to in front of Sute, sitting down. She left out a roar, nodding her head as best she could. Removing her glove from her right hand, Sute placed it on her head. It wasn't long before Sute felt the bond form. “Welcome to the team, Emerald.” Sute said, pushing herself to her feet.
“Lets start looking for a cure to your curse.” She said, wanting to get out of that area before the hunting parties arrived. Emerald roared, and pushed herself to her feet. “Lets start our look in Marshtide Watch.” Sute said, starting in the direction of the city, her 3 pets following close behind, and Blaze riding on Emerald's back. Emerald let out a soft roar, feeling safer and more comfortable in this strange land now that she had others around that did not pose any threat to her, and wanted to help her.
Hope you guys liked it~

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Thank you, Tankperson!
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 Post subject: Re: Suteneko's Story
Unread postPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2014 11:17 pm 

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Thank's for sharing.

I simply kept these extrema ratio knives

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 Post subject: Re: Suteneko's Story
Unread postPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2014 9:19 pm 
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Hi guys. Sorry its been so long, but I've been really lacking motivation lately, and with WoD hitting not to long ago, I've been focusing on gearing and leveling...
Anyways, here's the next part of Suteneko's story. I'm not to happy with this, and how short it is, but I was getting stuck on this part and wanted to get past it before going on to the next part, so here it is. I hope you guys still enjoy it~

Hunt for a Cure

Sute sighed as she sat in the Inn in Booty Bay. Emerald sat next to her, and Spirit and Glacier sat together on her other side. Blaze slept peacefully on her lap as she thought about what had happened the last couple of days. She had spent them trying to find a cure for Emeralds curse, but no one she asked in the towns she had visited had ever heard of such a curse or seen a Human Warlock with a scar over his right eye pass through.
“Can I get anything for you, hunter?” The Inn Keeper asked her, walking over to where she was sitting.
“No thank you.” Sute said. “Have you seen a Human Warlock with a scar on his right eye pass through?” She asked.
“Yes, I have. He passed by a couple nights ago. I believe he was heading to Stormwind.” he said.
“Really? Thank you!” Sute said, standing up.
“But, unless you want to walk to the city, I suggest you wait until morning. The Flight Masters wont rent out anymore Gryphons tonight.” He said, before turning and walking away.
“We'll leave first thing in the morning.” She said, walking to the room she had rented for the night, her 4 companions following her. “We'll find him.” She said, looking at Emerald as she laid down. “We'll cure this curse he put on you.” She put her hand on Emerald's head. Emerald let out a soft roar, and laid down next to the window. Blaze jumped onto the bed and took his normal spot next to Sute's chest, Spirit laid behind her on the bed, and Glacier laid at the foot of the bed.

“Thanks for the ride.” Sute said, as she dismounted the Gryphon she had rented in Booty Bay and fed him an apple. The gryphon snatched up the apple without a sound and quickly ate it. She turned away from the gryphon and walked out of the gryphon area and down the ramp, summoning her 3 pets as she did so. She looked at the city in front of her. It had been 2 years sense she was last in Stormwind City.
“Time to start looking.” She said, looking at Emerald. Emerald had her ears up and was sniffing the air as best she could. She shook her head, unable to catch any scent she recognized. “I'll just start asking around then.” Sute walked around the Trade District, asking everyone who would give her the time to ask.
Sute searched for 2 days, and found nothing. No one who was willing to spare a moment to answer her question had seen the warlock, and she was starting to run out of hope. She could tell this was making Emerald sad, as well.
“Don't worry, Emerald.” Sute said, putting her hand on her back the morning of the 3rd day sense they had arrived in Stormwind.. “We'll find him. And if we don't, I promise I'll find a cure for your curse, no matter what it takes.” Emerald pressed her head into Sute's leg, letting out a soft roar. They were walking out of the Inn, when Emerald stopped, and sniffed the air.
“Emerald?” Sute asked, as the tiger continued to sniff the air. Sudden, Emerald let out a growl and ran in the direction of the docks. Sute, Spirit, and Glacier ran after her, Blaze holding onto Glaciers back. Emerald ran to the docks, and stopped in front of where the ship that heading to Northrend docked. She snarled at a Warlock who was standing next to some crates. The Warlock turned around when he heard the snarling, and Sute saw that he had a scar over his right eye.
“So, you're still alive.” Was all he said.
“Excuse me,” Sute said, moving to stand just in front of Emerald. “Are you the Warlock that placed a curse on Emerald?” She motioned towards Emerald, indication who she was talking about.
“I am. But what does it matter to you?” He said.
“My name is Suteneko.” She said, bowing slightly. She still remembered what he has said to Emerald in the memory that the tiger had shared with her,but she wanted to give him a chance to fix what he had done. “Emerald and I are now battle partners.”
“What do you want? Out with it already!” The Warlock demanded when Sute took a moment to decide how to ask what she wanted to.
“The curse you placed on Emerald is causing her pain everyday, and makes it hard for he to do things as simple as eating.” Sute said. “Can you please remove the curse you placed on her?” The Warlock laughed, and the Felguard, who had been standing next to him this whole time, did as well.
“Now why would I do that?” The Warlock said. “I have no reason to remove my curse from that filthy beast. She almost killed me!” Emerald roared in rage, and, if Sute hadn't been standing in front of her, would had leaped at the Warlock.
“Please.” Sute begged. “I'll do whatever you want me to, just remove the curse from Emerald!”
“Wrath, hurry up, we gotta go!” A Worgen called from a nearby ship.
“I'll be there in a moment!” The warlock called back, then looked back at Sute. “You know.” He said. “I had been hoping that that filthy animal would just starve when I left it in that swamp.”
“I told you leaving it alive was a mistake.” The Felguard standing next to him said.
“I know.” He said. He looked back at Sute, and she didn't like the look he gave her. “I think its about time I correct that mistake.” Spirit and Glacier moved to in front of Sute, ready to defend her and Emerald.
“I wont let you harm Emerald anymore then you already have.” She said, grabbing her bow, and preparing to attack.
“Then I'll just have to kill you, too.” He smirked, his hand starting to give off a dark glow, as his Felguard charged. Spirit leaped at the Demon, Glacier charging at it at the same time. Emerald charged around Sute and ran right at Wrath. She shot an arrow at him, who easily dodged the attack. In response, he let out a Shadow Ball heading right for Sute, who tried to dodge, but was too slow, taking the hit to her shoulder.
She looked up in time to see the Felguard throw Spirit off of him and knocking Glacier aside with the side of his axe. The Felguard then charged at her, knocking her to the ground.
“He's to strong, we cant beat him.” Sute realized with fear. Wanting to protect her pets, she did the first thing that came to mind. “Spirit, Glacier, Emerald, DISMISSED!” She yelled, her three pets looked at her in surprise, before vanishing. Pushing herself to her feet, she activated her Deterrence just before another Shadow Ball hit. She then Disengaged, trying to get distance in between her and Wrath. Hoping that it would work, she activated her Shadow Meld, thankful for the cloud filled sky blocking out enough Sunlight for her Shadow Meld to work.
She saw Wrath relax his stand once she vanished.
“You know she's probably just Shadow Melded, right?” She barely heard his demon ask.
“Yes, but we can take care of them later, they know they don't stand a chance against us now. And we've already wasted to much time here, we have to go retrieve our next shipment.” He turned away, and walked to the ship where the Worgen was waiting. They exchanged some words, before the Worgen disappeared. Sute remained Shadow Melded until the ship had been out of sight for a few minutes.
Summoning her pets, she ended her Shadow Meld. Spirit, Glacier, and Emerald all appeared in front of her, and turned towards her. She knelt on the ground and clutch the shoulder that the Shadow Ball had hit, a new wave of pain washing over her from the attack.
“Her must have placed a curse on me.” She said. Blaze let out a worried Mew, and pressed his head against her. “I'll be fine.” she said. “I just need to rest. Lets head back to the Inn.” She pushed her self to her feet, and she and her pets slowly, and quietly, walked back to the Inn.
Well, there you have it. Again, I hpe you guys enjoy it and hopefully it wont take me as long to get the next part out.



Thank you, Tankperson!

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Hi guys! Heres the next part of Suteneko's story. I promise, its longer then the last one, and I'm also happier with how this one came out. So, anyways, here you guys go. Enjoy~

Taming Night

Sute woke up with a start, and shot into a sitting position, grasping her bow, which lay next to her. Looking around, she let out a sigh, seeing nothing but her pets. Blaze let out a disgruntled mew, having been thrown from her chest when she suddenly sat up.
“I'm sorry, Blaze.” She said, picking the kitten up and hugging him. She smiled as he purred and nuzzled her. Blaze was growing bigger, and she wondered how long until he hit a growth spurt, and how much longer she would be able to hold him like this. Her thoughts turning away from Blaze, she let out a sigh as she thought about the dream she had just had.
“Are you ok?” Sute looked up, seeing the Tauren Hunter she had been traveling with looking at her.
“Yeah. Sorry I woke you, Menardi.” Sute said, glancing at the darkness around them.
“Are you sure?” She asked. Aqua, her blue spirit cat, walked over and sat next to Menardi, watching Sute. Sute let out another sigh, and looked at Menardi.
“I'm worried about Emerald.” Sute said, looking at the cursed tiger sleeping in between Spirit and Glacier.
“About rather or not you'll be able to cure her curse?” Menardi asked.
“Well, there's that, but that's not the thing that worries me the most.” Sute said, looking back at Menardi. “She's been traveling with me for 6 months now. And while we are getting stronger, she seems to be growing weaker at the same time, if that makes sense.”
“You mean, while she is growing in physical strength, her spirit is growing weaker?” Menardi asked.
“Well, kinda.” Sute said. “I don't know what it is, but something in her is growing weaker.”
“Aqua, can you help us out?” Menardi asked her partner. Aqua left out a ghostly roar, and walked over to Emerald, pressing her noes into her side. After a moment, Aqua lifted her head up and returned to Menardi's side, letting out a soft roar.
“So, that is what the problem is.” Menardi said, letting out a sigh.
“What is it?” Sute asked, feeling more worried.
“It seems like her spirit is weakening, due to the curse.” Menardi said. “I cant say I'm surprised. It would be hard for anyone to be in constant pain all the time, and I don't think this curse was designed to last forever.”
“So the curse is slowly killing her?” Sute asked, looking at Emerald before looking back at her friend.
“Yes. But there's no way in knowing how long it will be before the curse kills her.” The Tauren said.
Sute gently placed Blaze, who had fallen to sleep, on the ground, pulled up her legs, wrapped her arms around her legs, and placed her forehead on her knees.
“I don't want to lose her...” She whispered, tears coming to her eyes. She felt a hand on her shoulder.
“Me and Aqua will do anything in our power to help.” Menardi said. “Now, you should get some sleep. We'll be arriving at the Sanctuary of Malorne tomorrow. We need to make sure we're well rested just in case they send us directly into the Molten Front to fight back the remainder of Ragnaros' forces.”
“I don't get why they're still fighting us. Ragnaros was defeated a while ago.” Sute said, laying back down.
“Elemental's are very stubborn. And I'm sure there's still Druid's of the Flame in hiding, leading them.” Menardi said, laying down as well, Aqua curling into a ball next to her. “I don't think they'll stop attacking us until we've completely wipe those druids out.”
“I hope this wont take to long.” Sute said, closing her eyes.
“Me too.” Menardi said, as Sute drifted back into sleep.

Sute woke up early the following morning, and saw that Menardi, Aqua, and her pets were still sleeping.
“Good Morning, Blaze.” She said, as the kitten ran over to her. “Shall we get breakfast ready?” Blaze mewed, and followed Sute as she placed out some wood to make a cooking fire. Once the wood was set up and Sute had stepped back, Blaze jumped onto the pile, flaring out his fire-fur and setting the wood ablaze. He then jumped off the pile and walked back over to Sute.
“Thanks, Blaze.” Sute said, petting him. He purred, and pressed his head into her hand. She smiled, and set out some meat to cook. She handed a piece to Blaze, who immediately started to eat it. Sute stared at the fire, getting lost in her own thoughts. She jumped slightly as she felt something brush up against her.
“Good Morning, Emerald.” Sute said, looking at her. Emerald let out a soft roar and sat next to Sute. “How are you feeling?” Sute asked, rubbing Emerald's neck. Emerald started to purr, and Sute smiled at the sound. Sute kept rubbing her neck as she thought about her conversation with Menardi the night before. Sute stopped rubbing as Emerald pushed herself to her feet, and walked over to the nearby river to drink.
Sute looked away from Emerald as she drank, the worry she felt the night before starting to creep back upon her. “We'll find a cure for this.” She whispered to herself, looking at the ground. “Before its to late, this I swear.” She closed her eyes. Sute's eyes shot open and she shot to her feet when she heard Emerald roar in pain.
“Emerald?” She said, and saw her still next to the river, rolled into a ball. Sute ran over, and put her hand on Emerald side, but quickly pulled her hand away from Emerald, her fur to hot to touch. “Emerald!” Sute screamed, waking the others up. Glacier and Spirit raced over to her side, and Menardi and Aqua was there soon after.
“Sute, what happened?” Menardi asked.
“I...I don't know.” Sute said. “She just came over here to get a drink and the next thing I knew she was on the ground in pain! What if...” Tears came to her's eyes.
“Aqua!” Menardi said, and Aqua walked over, sniffed Emerald, and shook her head.
“Her fur is to hot to touch...” Sute said, looking at Aqua, who nodded her head.
“We need to wake her up somehow.” Menardi said. Sute looked at Menardi, then back at Emerald. Bracing herself against the pain, she put her hands on Emerald's side and tried to shake her awake while calling to her.
“Sute, you're going to damage your hands!” Menardi said, pulling Sute's hands off of Emerald.
“But what else can I do to wake her?” Sute said, crying. All of a sudden, Blaze ran over, and pressed his head into Emerald. Blaze closed his eyes, and, as they watched, his fire-fur started to glow brighter.
“Mew!” Blaze said. Sute looked back at Emerald, and put her hand back on her side, her fur no longer burning hot.
“Emerald?” Sute said, putting her hand on Emeralds head. Slowly, Emerald started to wake up. “Emerald.” Sute said in relief. Emerald let out a weak roar.
“Aqua, can you now?” Menardi said, looking back at her partner. Aqua walked over and pressed her noes into Emerald's side. Her body started to glow, and the glow slowly spread to Emerald's body, until it was completely glowing. Soon, the glow faded, and Aqua picked up her head then sat down next to Menardi.
“Thank you.” Sute said, as Emerald pushed herself to her feet.
“Lets go eat breakfast.” Menardi said, pushing herself to her feet. Sute nodded, and stood up as well. They walked over and sat around the fire. Sute grabbed a piece of meat but dropped it suddenly, her hand hurting. She looked at her hands, and saw they were both burnt.
“Whats wrong?” Menardi asked, walking over to her. Sute glanced over at Emerald, who was watching her.
“My hands.” Sute said. Blaze put his front paws on Sute's wrist and started to lick her hands as Menardi looked at them.
“Wait here.” She said, walking over to her bag. Menardi grabbed out a can of ointment and some bandages, and returned to Sute.
“This may sting a little. But your hands will feel a lot better when I'm done.” Menardi said, opening the can on burn ointment.
“Ok.” Sute said, wincing as Menardi started to apply the ointment. Emerald walked over and sat down, pressing her head into Sute's side as Menardi finished with one of Sute's hands and moved onto the other. She left out a soft, sad roar.
“Its ok, Emerald.” Sute said, putting her arm around Emerald. “Its not your fault that I'm hurt.” She smiled. Emerald let out another soft roar.
“This ointment should make the burns heal within a couple days, but you should take it easy until then.” Menardi said. “And you shouldn't use your bow at all today.”
“Ok.” Sute said. Emerald picked up the meat Sute had dropped, and handed it to her. Blaze pressed his noes into it as Sute grabbed it, and a tiny film of fire formed around it, burning off all the dirt and anything that had gotten on it when Sute dropped it. “Thanks, you two.” She said, smiling. Emerald and Blaze both let out a purr, nuzzling her.

“Lets check your hands.” Menardi said as she and Sute sat by the tree in the Molten Front, 3 days later.
“They feel a lot better.” Sute said, as Menardi removed the bandages.
“Good as new.” Menardi said, as Aqua sniffed Sute's hands.
“Thank you, Menardi.” Sute said.
“Are you ready to get into the fighting?” Menardi asked, standing up and holding a hand out to Sute.
“I've been wanting too for the past 3 days.” Sute said, taking Menardi's hand and allowing her to help her up.
“Well then, lets get fighting.” Menardi said, Aqua roaring.
“Lets.” Sute said, Emerald, Glacier, and Spirit roaring. The 2 friends walked to the fighting, and prepared to take out some Elemental's, when sudden a messenger bird flew over to Menardi and let out a chirp.
“What would this be?” Menardi said, holding out an arm. The bird landed on her arm and held out a message that Menardi took. “Looks like this is where we part ways, Sute.” She said after reading the message.
“You're being summoned to join the fighting in Pandaria, aren't you?” Sute said.
“I am.” Menardi said. “But we'll meet again.” She put her hand on Sute's shoulder. Sute smiled.
“If you see my mother, can you tell her I said hi and that I miss her?” Sute asked.
“Of course. I'll also tell her what a strong, caring hunter you're becoming.” Menardi said, smiling. Sute hugged Menardi.
“Until we meet again.” She said, backing away from her Tauren friend.
“Until we meet again.” Menardi said, before activation her hearthstone and disappearing.
“Lets go.” She said, looking at her pets, before turning and running down the ramp leading to where the fighting was taking place.

“Blaze?” Sute said, when they had stopped for a break a couple hours later. They were sitting right inside of the Magma Springs, and he had disappeared. She heard him mew, and turned around, seeing his head sticking out of a lava pool. She laughed as he climbed out of the pool and shook himself off, then ran over to her.
“Did that feel nice?” She asked him. He mewed again, nodding his head. “You can go play more, just stay close.” She said to Blaze, who mewed happily and ran back to the pool and jumped back in. Sute heard an unhappy growl, and looked to her side.
“I told you I was willing to leave you in Mount Hyjal, Glacier. I know this place is probably uncomfortable and hard for you to be in.” She looked at him. He let out a roar and pushed himself to his feet, digging his claws into the scorched ground. “I know.” She said. “As uncomfortable as it is for you, you want to be here.” He nodded his head. “Hopefully we wont be in here much longer.” She said, putting her hand on Glaciers head. Sute looked towards Spirit as he started to growl, a more warning type growl then an uncomfortable one, and looked in the direction he was looking in.
“We need to get back to camp!” Sute said, seeing many Fire Hawks flying towards where the battle was being held from Fireplume Peak. Sute turned back towards Blaze when she heard him let out a fearful yowl.
“Blaze!” She said, grabbing her bow, seeing that a Lava Burster hand came out of the lava underneath him. “Dont worry, I'll get you down!” She called, aiming and release an Arcane Shot at the worm. Spirit, Glacier, and Emerald all charged at it, which cried out in pain as all 4 attacks hit.
“No!” Sute yelled, as a young Fire Hawk swooped down and snatched Blaze up as the Lava Burster fell, and headed towards Fireplume. “Blaze!” She yelled as he let out another terrified yowl. Without a second thought, Sute bolted in the direction of the Fireplume Ridge, the only thing on her mind being rescuing Blaze. It didn't take Sute long to arrive there, having had no difficulties scaling the floating rocks. Sute grabbed out her bow as she found herself surrounded by Fire Hawks. Sute glanced up to the rocks above her, and saw a red Fire Spider watching her.
“I just want my friend back.” Sute said, sense that this was more of a territorial display then a hostile one. “Give me back Blaze and I will leave.” She readied an arrow as a fire hawk dived at her, releasing it and hitting it right in the chest. She ducked down as it fell, it barely missing her. She turned to see it had landed on the rocks behind her, its fire going out soon after its landing.
“I'll say again. Give me back my Cinder Kitten and I will leave.” She said. Spirit, Glacier, and Emerald roared in unison, reenforcing what she had said. The Fire Spider hissed, and the Fire Hawks surged forward. Sute prepared to fight her way past them, when suddenly she heard a roar, and the hawks stopped. Sute looked towards her side, and saw some hawks part. She was shocked by what she saw.
Walking towards her, was a cat. His body was made of onyx gems, which reflected enough of the fire's light to make it seem like he was glowing. His eyes glowed red, just like the lava that filled the Molten Front. And his neck, just like Emerald's, was hunched, except, unlike Emerald, it didn't seem awkward for him, as if he was born with his neck being that way.
“Skarr.” She thought, having been told about him soon after she and Menardi had arrived in the Molten Front.
Sute's attention was drawn away from Skarr as she heard another hiss, this one being closer to her. She looked, seeing that the red spider had came done from where he was standing. Skarr roared at the spider, and it hissed again. The spider charged at Skarr, who growled, and easily dodged the spiders attack, then attacked it from behind. The spider hissed in pain, and quickly climbed back up the rocks, out of the range of Skarr's claws. He roared again, getting one last hiss from the spider in reply before it disappeared over the rocks.
“So, did you come to help me,” She said, as Skarr turned towards her, “Or do you just want to fight me yourself?” His answer came in the form of a growl, as his claws dug into the ground below him. Sute quickly dodged to the side as he leaped at her. “Stay out of this fight.” She ordered her pets, feeling as if there was a hidden meaning to Skarr appearing here today, and to him attacking her. Sute held her own well in the fight against Skarr, and soon they were at a standstill.
“You're strong, and fast.” Sute said, and Skarr let out a snarl. The two of them stood there, neither moving an inch, waiting for the other to make their next move. All of a sudden, they heard a fearful yowl from above them, and Sute's head shut up.
“Blaze!” Sute called, seeing a Fire Hawk trying to fly off with him. Faster then she ever had before, she ready an arrow and shot it, hitting the Fire Hawk in the chest, killing it instantly. Before anyone else had a chance to react, Spirit sprinted towards the rocks, using the speed he had to run up them a little ways before pushing himself away from the rocks and catching Blaze in his mouth. Doing a little twist mid-air, Spirit landed on his feet, and quickly returned to Sute's side. She knelt down and took Blaze from him, holding the trembling kitten in her arms.
“Shhhh, its ok.” She said as Blaze let out a fearful mew. “I'm here, you're safe now. Nothing will hurt you anymore.” Blaze buried his head in her chest, and she knew, had he been able to, he would have been crying. Sute looked up, hearing something walking towards her. It was Skarr, and he stopped a couple feet from her.
“If you still want to fight, we can do it later.” She said as Spirit, Glacier, and Emerald moved in between them. “Blaze needs me more right now then you need to fight me.” Skarr roared something, and Spirit, who had been standing in the middle, moved to beside Sute, allowing Skarr to move closer to her. Skarr sniffed at Blaze.
“Blaze is the only reason I came up here. He means everything to me, and is the last of his kind. I'm not going to let anyone hurt him, not even you. Even if it kills me, I will protect him.” She said, her eyes blazing. Skarr sat before her, letting out a soft roar. Sute's eyes went wide. “You want to help me protect Blaze?” She asked. Skarr nodded his head. Not letting going of Blaze, Sute removed the glove from her right hand, and placed it on Skarr's head. A couple seconds later, she felt the bond form.
“Welcome to the team, Night.” She said, as he pushed himself to his feet. Skarr, now known as Night, let out a roar, scattering the Fire Hawks who had still been watching. “Lets get back to camp.” Sute said, pushing herself to her feet. Sute got down from the floating island, and returned to camp, Blaze still held in her arms, and Night walking close behind her. Everyone in camp paused for a moment to look at her new partner as they entered camp, but they quickly returned to the fighting.
There you have it. I hope you guys enjoyed it~ If you guys feel up to it, let me know what you guys think so far. Until next time~
PS: If you guys notice any spelling errors, please let me know. I don't always catch them!
PSS: I really like how this SS came out looking...

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Thank you, Tankperson!

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So, I need a little help from my readers. I'm at a fork in the road right now, and I don't know what path to take, so I'm coming to you to see what you think. I have 2 things I can have happen next. Either I could:

A) Take Suteneko to Pandaria to start up her quest for a cure for Emerald again. In Pandaria she will have a final confrontation with Wrath, and Emerald will finally be cured of the curse and we will get to see what she really looks like. Sute's team will remain at 4 though, and she will not get another pet. I kinda like her with four pets though. But that brings us to option B

B) I write into the story something that prevents her from going to Pandaria once people are able to freely come and go from there, and take her to where she'll tame her 5th and final pet. This will make her tale longer and make is so she has the full 5 pets aloud to Hunters. But, there's one issue I for see with this one, I have no clue who to make her 5th pet. I originally had all 5 pets planned out, but when I tamed her 5th pet (Shango) in-game, they didn't click at all, so I tried a couple of different cats. None of which clicked with my little hunter. Maybe I'm making it harder on myself because I want all of her pets to have different models/fur color and all be cats because of the title I have on her ("Crazy Cat Lady"). I know some of you might be thinking, "but Glacier and Spirit are both the same model and the same color, and while their fur color is different, Emerald and Night are the same model!" The way I see Glacier and Spirit is, while they are the same model, they're different as well. Spirit is a Ghost Saber, so I can deal with he and Glacier sharing a model. And originally, Glacier was going to be one of the Saber cats, but I decided against having him as one when I first saw Iceclaw listed on Petopia. And about the fur color with Spirit and Glacier, some people might call Glacier's skin white, but I don't agree 100%. I see a mixture of Blue, Gray, and White in his fur. Now, to Night and Emerald having the same model. Emeralds model is only temporary. It will change as soon as her curse is broken.
Anyways, back to the topic of Sute's 5th pet. I was thinking about maybe trying one of the feline spirit beasts, sense she is Beast Mastery speced. I wouldn't have it be Magria, seeing how my alt, who I had appear in "Taming Night", Menardi, my Tauren BM Hunter, has Magria as her main pet. And I don't think Loque'Nahak would work because I was never that fond of the skin, (then again, I felt the same way towards Skarr, but changed my mind about not having him as Sute's pet when they clicked right after I tamed him on her) but I could give him a try. I could also try Gondria. Then there's Ankha, who I already tamed but stabled right after because that was when I was going to camp for Skarr. I didn't feel anything when I tamed her, but, if you guys feel she would be a good addition to the team, I can bring her out of the stables and run around with her in-game for a bit and see if I feel anything form. Long story short, if I go with option B, it might take me a little longer to get the next part out, because I would have to search for the right pet to top off her team. And in Gondria's case, I'm not sure if I have tamed her on Sute or not yet, so I would have to camp for her if not.

Wow, I ended up typing out more then I planned on for part B, haha. Either way, let me know what you guys know (If you feel up to it). If I hear nothing back in a couple days I'll probably end up talking to some people I know who read this and see what they thank and then make my decision based on what they say. So, pm me or comment here with your thoughts. I'd love to hear what you guys think on this matter. So, I'll let you guys be for now, until my next post~ :hug:



Thank you, Tankperson!

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A I can not wait any longer to see what will happen!

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hidden to prevent spoilers

I think if you can find a 5th cat that you click with you should write about that first. if you absolutely must have a spirit beast I think Loque'Nahak has the potential for an interesting story since it is not a ghost like the other cats. its spirit mend abilities could help Emerald (and come in handy during the final fight) you could have all sorts of shenanigans take place in the jungle. Getting lost, maybe meeting one/both of the factions in the zone and earning the favor of the cat demigod.

on the other hand, Loque'Nahak is in a zone you would encounter in the 75-80s, and it looks like you are close to 85 now so i don't know how you would feel about more or less going back a few levels. (not to mention Loque'Nahak is an absolute nightmare to actually camp.)

of course either of the two hyjal spirit beasts could work for many of the same reasons given above. Maybe you could have some kind of story about how this cat was killed in the forest fire when the elementals came. maybe you even saw it happen and tried to save him/her but you were too late. later on when you get in trouble the spirit of the cat appears and saves you in return for the kindness shown to it in its final hours and from then on the spirit beast follows you.

down side: you have already had a story centered around this zone and depending on how true to the tame you want the story to be, writing about a naked tame would probably not be an easy thing to fit into the story without it feeling silly.

outside of spirit beast options, there are a few skins i can think of.
any lion skin. Sambas is around the same level as Sute right now. also since you are still in azeroth you could still pay a visit to the barrens for supplys or something.
A lynx. you almost never see them anymore. it would probably be hard to wirte a story about it though since most of them are in the blood elf starting zone or outlands. i think there are a few 85s in zul'aman though!
i think both the dreadsaber and shango from sholazar basin are of a model and color that you dont have yet? o.-



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First off, thanks to biscitandchina and SylviaDragon for your input. I'm sorry biscitandchina, but after I read what Sylvia had to say, I came up with this idea, and I just had to use it. So, here's the next part of Suteneko's Story. Enjoy~

An Attempted Rescue, A Life Long Friend

Sute looked up, seeing the air ship parked high in the sky above her. She saw a Gryphon land on the ship as another one jumped off it and flew towards the ground. She looked forward as the person in front of the line mounted a gryphon. Once he was safely in the saddle, it took off and started to carry him towards the air ship.
“4 more people.” she said, looking at her 4 pets, all of who stood right behind her. She felt a warm cheek rub against hers, and she reached up and petted Blaze, who hadn't left her shoulder for more then 20 minutes sense the incident in the Molten Front 2 weeks earlier. 2 days ago she got a letter alerting her that the King was now allowing anyone who was able to fight to go to Pandaria and aid in the rest of the fighting. She was excited for 2 reasons and nervous because of one.
One of the reason she was excited was because she had realized that maybe the Pandarians would know how to cure Emerald's curse, and she knew she was running out of time to find a cure. She glanced at Emerald as she thought this. The other being that she had a better chance of seeing her mother in Pandaria because she was one of the first soldiers the King had sent there. She had heard that her mother had demanded to be sent to the new land when she learned that the young Prince had gone missing there. Sute smiled, her mother was the only person she knew who could get away with making demands to the King himself.
The reason she was nervous about going there was, she knew Wrath was there, and even though it had been 6 months sense they last met, she wasn't sure if she was strong enough to stand up to the Warlock yet. And she knew he would try to hunt her down when he learned she was in Pandaria.
“Name, Race, and Class.” The guard said, pulling her from her thoughts. She realized it was her turn. “Name, Race, and Class.” He said again when she didn't answer, not looking up from his clipboard.
“Suteneko, Night Elf, Hunter.” Sute said.
“How many pets?” He asked, flipping threw the pages until he landed on one labeled “Night Elf – Ru-Ta”
“4.” She said. She watched as he scrolled threw the name and heard him mumbling something about 'just enough space left'.
“Ah, Suteneko, there you are.” He said, his finger resting right under her name on the list. She saw there was a mark next to her name. “It seems the King would like to see you before you leave for Pandaria.” The guard said, looking up at her. “Please report to the Keep right again.”
“Yes sir.” Sute said, before leaving the line and heading back towards the city.
“Name, Race, and Class.” She heard the guard say to the next person as she walked away.
“Well, I guess we're putting our plans on hold.” She said to her pets as she walked up the first of the ramps leading out of the dock area. Emerald let out a growl. “I know, I wanted to leave right away, too. But if the King calls, you cant just ignore him, unless you want to end up in the Stockades.”

“Ah, Suteneko, we've been expecting you.” the guard said as she walked up to the entrance to the keep. “Please, go right in and head right for the Throne Room, King Varian Wrynn is expecting you.” Sute bowed to the guard, before entering the keep. Blaze jumped off her shoulder and landed on Nights back as they neared the Throne room, he then jumped down to the ground as they arrived at the doors. Sute stopped right outside the doors. She straightened out her armor nervously as the guards pulled the doors open. As she entered the room, she saw that she was not alone. There were also 3 Dwarves, 1 Worgen, 2 Humans, 2 Gnomes, a Draenei, and 2 Night Elves in the room.
“Ah, Suteneko, welcome.” the King said as she bowed to him. “Now everyone's here.” Sute went to stand with the other Night Elf, and the King continued once she was with them and her pets were settled behind her. Blaze jumped back onto her shoulder as the King began to speak.
“I called you all here because I have received word that the forces of the Drakkari and Scourge, among others, have reappeared in Northrend.” The King started. “I have been informed that their numbers are too great for the small amount of soldiers who remained in Northrend to keep under control. I wish you all to go to Northrend and assist in dealing with these enemy forces. Once I tell you your assignment, you may leave immediately. I understand that you all wish to head to Pandaria, and the sooner you finish clearing your assigned zone of our enemies, the sooner you can head there.” Varian said.
“Yes sir.” Sute and the others said. Sute listened as he started to tell them where they were all going. First, the Worgen and one of the Dwarves were sent to Icecrown. Next, the other 2 Dwarves were sent to Storm Peaks. The Draenei was sent to Borean Tundra, and one of the Humans were sent to Howling Fjord. The 2 other Night Elves were sent to Grizzly Hills. The two Gnomes were sent to Zul'drak, and the remaining human to Dragonblight. As each person heard their name called off and the zone there were assigned to, the bowed and left.
“Suteneko.” The king said, finally getting to her. “You will be going to Sholazar Basin, and assisting the Wolvar and the Gorloc in wiping out the Scourge forces there.”
“Yes sir.” Sute said, bowing, then turned and left. As she exited the Keep, Emerald left out a soft, sad roar. “I know, Emerald. I wanted to be on the air ship heading to Pandaria right now as well.” She put her hand on the tigers neck. “But orders are orders.” Sute headed to the ship headed for Northrend when she entered the dock. She looked at the line leading to the air ship, the same guard still standing at the front, clipboard in hand.
“There'll be a seat waiting for you and your pets on my Air Ship as soon as you finish up in Norhtrend!” A Dwarf called over to her, and she knew he was the pilot in charge of the ship transporting people to Pandaria. Sute smiled and waved at the Dwarf, who had mounted his gryphon and flew to his air ship. She exchanged greetings with the other 11 soldiers as she boarded the ship heading for Northrend. They were all grouped with who they were teamed with, getting to know their partner in the long trip to Borean Tundra. Sute, being sent by herself, moved to the front of the ship, so that she could watch where they were going. She sat down and leaned against the wooden wall surrounding the ship as it started to move. Glacier laid down in some shade cast by the mast, and Spirit laid next to him. Night stood next to Sute, his paws on the wall, looking over it and watching the water below. Sute guessed he had never been on a boat before, and wondered what he was thinking. He lowered himself as the ship started to speed up, and laid down next to her. Blaze climbed down from Sute's shoulder and laid on her lap. Emerald let out a roar as she sat next to Sute.
“This wont take long.” Sute said. “I hope...” She looked down. Emerald laid down and put her head on Sute's lap, purring as Sute began to rub her neck. Soon, Emerald was asleep. Sute looked down at Emerald, lost in her own thoughts, as the boat continued to speed towards Northrend, unaware of just how little time Emerald had left.

Sute stretched as she dismounted the Gryphon she had rented to get her to Rivers Heart in Sholazar Basin. After summoning her pets, they headed towards Rainspeaker Canopy, figuring the Gorloc would be easier to convince to help her then the Wolvar. She was just leaving Rivers Heart when she heard someone call to her.
“Hey, Night Elf! Are you Suteneko?” Sute turned around, and saw a Blood Elf and a Troll walking towards her.
“Yes. Who are you?” Sute asked.
“My name is Soleran, but you can call me Sol.” The Blood Elf said. He was in black and red armor, with a shield strapped to his back and a sword strapped to his hip. “And this is Zirithios.” He motioned towards the Troll.
“You can call me Ziri.” Sute barely heard the troll say. Sute saw a black lion behind Ziri.
“Who's that?” She asked.
“This is Omen.” Ziri said, louder then before.
“Is he your pet?” Sute asked, kneeling down and petting Omen, who had walked over to her. He sniffed her hand.
“He is.” Ziri said. Sute noticed that she seemed to grow more comfortable talking with her when it came to her Lion. Her pet. This somewhat confused Sute, that she had a pet lion, because Ziri looked like a Shaman to her, but she pushed the thought aside, it wasn't important.
“Who are these guys?” Sol asked, looking at Sute's pets.
“This is Spirit, Glacier, Emerald, and Night.” Sute said, her pets walked over as she said their name. Blaze 'mew'ed as he jumped onto Sute's shoulder. “And this is Blaze.” She said as the kitten rubbed his head against her cheek.
“Ah, a Cinder Kitten. I never thought I would see one.” Sol said.
“Blaze is the last of his kind.” Sute said.
“Can I hold him?” Ziri asked.
“Sure.” She said. “If he'll let you.” Sute gently picked up Blaze from her shoulder. “I'll be right here, don't worry.” She whispered to him. Blaze looked at her, and then at Ziri as she walked over. She held out her hands, and Blaze jumped to them, mewing as he did so.
“He's so warm.” Ziri said, holding Blaze in one arm and petting him with the other hand.
“He is. I never have to worry about being cold at night thanks to him.” Sute said.
“I bet.” Ziri said, handing Blaze back over. Blaze quickly climbed back onto Sute's shoulder.
“So, what should we do?” Sol asked.
“I was thinking about going and seeing the Gorloc.” Sute said. “I think they'll be easier to get to aid us then the Wolvar.”
“Lets get going then.” Sol said.
“Ok.” Sute said, and the 3 set off.

Later that night, Sute sat with her back to a tree. It was easier then she thought to get the Gorloc to help her. And, surprisingly, the leader of the Gorloc told her that the Wolvar had already agreed to a truce between the two races. The “puppy-men”, as they called them, realized that they could lose their home if they didn't put their differences aside and work together to take out the scourge threat.
Sute looks over at Sol and Ziri, who were laying together and both already asleep. She wondered, it seemed like so many Horde and Alliance soldiers already got along just fine, so why couldn't Varian form a truce with the Horde?
“Like Garrosh would ever agree to a truce.” She said. She looked over at her pets, and saw they were all looking in the same direction, as if listen to something. As she watched, Emerald pushed herself to her feet and walked over to Sute. She let out a soft roar.
“I cant sleep.” Sute whispered, rubbing Emerald's neck. Emerald started to purr.
“Sute?” She heard a voice behind her, and looked to see the Ziri was up. The troll came over and sat next to Sute. “Can I ask you something?” She asked.
“Sure. What is it?” Sute said, she and Emerald looking at Ziri.
“Emerald isn't a normal hunched cat, is she?” Ziri asked. “I only ask because she looks more uncomfortable then others I've seen, like Night.”
“She isn't.” Sute said. “She's not suppose to be this way.”
“Then why is she?” Ziri asked.
“She was cursed by a Warlock after she tried to defend herself from him.” Sute said. “From what I understand from the memory she shared with me, shes from a different land, and he brought her here. Probably to sell her or something... But she escaped, and when she defended herself, she hurt him, so he did this to her.”
“She shared a memory with you?” Ziri asked, surprised.
“Yes.” Sute said.
“She must have really trusted you right from the beginning.” Ziri said. “How long has it been?” she added after a moment.
“It was close to 7 months ago when I met her. I don't know how long she had lived in that Swamp before I found her.” Sute said.
“Have you ran into the Warlock who did this?” She asked.
“Yes.” Sute said. “I ran into him in Stormwind soon after she joined my team. I begged him to remove the curse from Emerald, but he refused. He ended up attacking us, and I had no choice but to dismiss my pets and flee when I realized he was way to strong for me to stand a chance against him.” She looked down at the ground.
“You honestly thought a Warlock would do something to help you?” Sute and Ziri looked up, seeing Sol walking over. He looked at Emerald. “Warlocks are good for nothing, evil, and only care about what they want and what they need.” He said, sitting down next to Ziri. “Warlocks will do whatever they have to to get whatever they want, and it doesn't matter whose life they destroy in the process.” Sute looked at the paladin as Ziri put her hand on his shoulder. She had a feeling that something bad had happened to him, something caused by a Warlock, but she wasn't going to press him to tell her, knowing the memory might be hard for him.
“I just hope I can find a cure for Emerald before its too late.” Sute said.
“We'll help you if we can.” Ziri said, as she and Sol stood up. “Now, its late, you should be getting to bed.”
“Yeah.” Sute said. “I get the feeling we're going to have a busy day tomorrow.” She smiled., laying down next to the tree as they returned to their spot. Sute was almost asleep, when she heard a loud roar from off in the distance.
“The king is out.” She heard Ziri say. “But we aren't anywhere near his hunting grounds, we should be fine.”
“Good.” Sute said, closing her eyes, as her pets positioned themselves around her. Spirit laid near her head, Glacier near her feet, Emerald near her chest, leaving just enough room for Blaze to fit in his normal spot, and Night with his back against hers. Soon, Sute was deep asleep.

“Did you hear that?” Ziri asked as they walked past a cave, looking for the remaining Scourge that was seen in the area. Omen had his ears perked, as did Sute's pets.
“Yeah.” Sute said, looking towards the cave. “I think it came from in there.”
“Well, lets go check it out.” Sol said. Sute and Ziri nodded, and they entered the cave. “Well, here's those Scourge we were looking for.” He said, grabbing out his one-handed sword and his shield. Ziri grabbed out her bow as Sute grabbed out hers. Sute looked at the Troll, still amazed by her skill. Though Ziri looked like a normal Shaman, she was trained in the skills of a Hunter, making her a shaman-hunter hybrid, and she could flawlessly combined her hunter and shaman abilities, making her attacks extremely powerful. Sute looked back ahead of her as Sol charged forward, slashing a ghoul as soon as he got close enough.
Ziri shot an arrow at a ghoul. The arrow erupted into a combination of arcane energy and flames as she combined her Arcane Shot with her Flame Shock. Omen charged forward, pairing with Spirit as they tore into a ghoul. Glacier, Emerald, and Night charged towards a Abomination, Omen and Spirit joining them after they finished with their ghoul. The 3 friends looked at each other as they heard a pained roar come from deeper in the cave. With a silent agreement, they started to push deeper into the cave, working faster then they had been before.
“There's the main cavern.” Sute said, 10 minutes later, as she killed a ghoul.
“Yeah, lets kill the rest of these and then check it out.” Ziri said, as she and Sol killed some cultist who were stuck in the ground and unable to defend themselves thanks to her Earthquake spell.
“Sute, go on ahead, we'll finish these guys off!” Sol called to her as they heard another pained roar, much weaker then the others they had heard.
“Ok.” Sute called back, as her pets charged ahead, she followed close behind. Sutes eyes went wide as she entered the main part of the cave, and saw a Lich and 3 cultist surrounding a Snow Leopard. Much of its white fur was stained red, and it looked as if it was barely alive.
“Hey! Pick on someone your own size!” Sute yelled, preparing a Multishot, her eyes blazing in fury. Spirit, Glacier, Emerald, and Night all roared, digging their claws into the ground, the hair on the back of their necks standing on end. Even Blaze let out a roar and ran up to stand by the bigger cats, his firefur blazing with anger as he snarled at the Scourge.
“I knew this thing would be perfect bait.” One of the cultist said, as they turned away from the Leopard.
“Come, meet your death.” The Lich said, as half a dozen ghouls climbed out of the ground. Sute let her Multishot launch, as her pets, Blaze included, charged for the ghouls. Sute kept up her attack, while keeping an eye on Blaze. She watched as he leaped for a ghoul, easily dodging its clumsy claws due to his smaller size, and landed on its back. The ghoul cried out in pain as Blaze dug into its back with his claws, flaring out his firefur at the same time, and catching the Ghoul on fire. Moving from its back, Blaze attacked the ghouls neck, tearing into it with his fangs. Blaze jumped off of the ghoul as it gave out one last pained cry before falling to the ground, its body smoldering as the fire died out. Blaze roared triumphantly, and jumped onto Nights back as he charged past Blaze towards the Cultist. Sute smiled, proud of Blaze, as she attacked one of the Cultist. Blaze and Night attacked another, while her other 3 pets took out the third. Finally, the Lich was all that was left.
“Curse you, girl!” He said, launching an attack at Sute. She dodged, as her pets attacked the Lich. She launched her Kill Shot at it, and watched as it fell, its body turning into a small, smoldering ball. Sute turned her attention to the Snow Leopard, and hurried to its side. She crouched next to the Leopard, putting her hand on its shoulder.
“I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner.” She said to it, as it watched her out of the corner of its eyes, to weak to turn its head. Ripping the glove off her right hand, Sute knew there was only one way to save the Leopards life. She put her ungloved hand on its head, and waited the 10 seconds it took to tame a pet. 10 seconds passed, and...Nothing, no bond formed. Tears came to Sute's eyes as she stared at the dying Leopard, her pets gathering around it. Blaze came to Sute's side, pressing his head into the Leopard. “I'm so sorry.” Sute whispered, not looking up as Sol and Ziri walked up behind her. The Leopard let out one last, weak roar, as if to say, 'It's ok, you did your best' before its eyes closed, never to open again. Ziri put her hand on Sute's shoulder as she closed her eyes, more tears falling.
“We'll make them pay for this.” Sol said, as Sute pushed herself to her feet.
“We will. We'll avenge her.” Sute said, wiping her eyes. Sute turned towards her friends, feeling more determined to finish off the Scourge in Sholazar then before.
“We'll make them wish they never came out of hiding.” Ziri said.
“Lets bury the Leopard.” Sol said, putting his weapon and shield back in its place before picking up to Leopard's body. The 3 friends and 5 pets walked out of the cave, with Blaze riding on Sute's shoulder and Sol carrying the body of the Snow Leopard. They found a nice, calm place to bury the cat. After Sute and Ziri cleaned all the blood out of the leopard's fur and combed it out, they buried it. Sute sent a prayer to Elune, hoping that the Leopard would find peace in the afterlife.

“Avengers Shield!” Sol cried out, throwing his shield at a group of ghouls.
“Multishot!” Sute cried out, hitting the same ghouls.
“Multishot!” Ziri cried as well, only her Multishot was combined with her Flame Shock and Earth Shock. Sute's and Ziri's pet charged towards the ghouls, breaking off into pairs. Spirit was with Omen, Glacier with Emerald, and Blaze helped Night. The friends and pets gathered together as the last ghoul fell, waiting for whatever the scourge threw at them next.
“Up there!” Ziri said, pointing towards a Frost Wyrm flying towards them. The Frost Wyrm roared as it neared them, launching an attack, which they easily dodged. Sute and Ziri both launched a Arcane shot, as Sol threw his shield at the Wyrm, it being out of range of his sword. The undead drake roared in pain as the attacks hit its wings, and it fell from the sky. Night, Glacier, Emerald, Spirit, and Omen charged at the Wyrm as it slammed into the ground, Sol close behind them. It pushed itself to its feat and slashed at them, but was to slow and easy to dodge. It cried out in pain as its side erupted in flames as Ziri hit it with a flaming Arcane Shot. Launching one more attack each, the 3 friends and 6 pets (AN: I said 6 pets here because I'm including Blaze) finished the Wyrm off.
“Is that it?” Sol asked, walking over to Sute and Ziri.
“Looks like it.” Ziri said, placing her bow on its spot across her back.
“You can go now.” A Wolvar said, coming up to them.
“We can finish the rest!” A Gorloc said, standing next to the Wolvar.
“Ok.” Sute said, smiling at the two. The 3 friends traveled to Rivers Heart together. Sute looked in the direction of the where they buried the Leopard as they entered Rivers Heart.
“I'm going to visit the grave before I leave.” Sute said, Blaze climbing onto her shoulder.
“Would you like us to come with you?” Ziri asked.
“No thank you.” Sute said, smiling at her friends.
“Well, we'll see you around then, Sute.” Sol said.
“Until we meet again.” Ziri said, hugging her.
“Until we meet again.” Sute said, hugging her friend back. Sute waved as her two friends rode off on the Windriders they had rented. Sute turned and walked towards the grave. It took her 5 minutes to get there, and she crouched down and put her hand on the grave once she arrived at it.
“We killed all the Scourge in this zone, and the others should be finishing in the other zones if they're not already done.” Sute said. “The rest of your family should be safe, and none of them should have to suffer as you did.” She closed her eyes, hoping that the beast found peace. Sute turned towards her pets and was about to say something when Emerald let out a pained roar and collapsed to the ground.
“Emerald!” Sute yelled. 'Another attack!' She though, rushing to the tigers side. Blaze jumped down from Sute's shoulder, pressing his noes into Emerald and drawing the blazing heat that had overcome Emerald into his own body.
“Emerald?” Sute said, shaking her. She got no response. “Emerald?!” She yelled, shaking harder, tears coming to her eyes. She still got no response from the cursed tiger. “No...Emerald...” Sute said as her fur grew cold under her hands, and more tears came to her eyes. “Please, no...” She whispered, looking at her unmoving chest.
“Emerald!” Sute cried out, burying her head in her hands, sobbing. Blaze let out a roar, pressing his head into Emerald and trying to make her body warm again. Glacier, Spirit, and Night walked over and pressed their head into Sute. Sute removed her head from her hand and wrapped her arms around Glacier, burying her head into his cool fur as she continued to cry. Sute's head shot up as she heard a ghostly roar, and she turned.
Standing a couple feet from Emerald was a cat that looked like a Snow Leopard. Her eyes, noes, and mouth gave off an ice blue glow, as well as a few spots on her head, neck, and at the base of her neck. Sute watched as the beast walked over to Emerald, and pressed her head into Emeralds side. The Snow Leopard-like cat's body began to glow lightly as she pressed her head into Emerald. The glow traveled from it to Emerald, and soon Emerald whole body was glowing.
“Spirit Mend...” Sute whispered, shocked, as the glow faded. “Emerald!” She said, as her eyes opened and she let out a weak roar. Sute wrapped her arms around the tiger, happy tears falling. “Thank you so much.” She said, looking at the leopard. She let out a roar and went to stand on the grave of the leopard Sute had been unable to save.
“Are you her?” Sute asked, looking at the spirit beast. She nodded her head, then walked over and nudged Sute's right hand. “You want to join my team?” The leopard nodded, and Sute removed her glove, placing her hand on her head. “Welcome to the team, Snow. And thank you again.” Sute said, as Snow pressed her head into Sute, letting out a purr.
There you have it. The 2nd to last part of Sute's story. Sorry if the end seemed kind of rushed, I ran out of things to add in to make it less-rushed. But on the bright side, it came out longer then I thought it would :) Also, I would like to thank SylviaDragon for allowing me to use two of her alts in this part, Soleran and Zirithios. It really helped me get past the writers block I ran into with this part, and I hope I at least did a ok job with them, and made them act at least somewhat how you would have made them act.
So, there you have it, Sute's full, and almost final, team. I say "almost final" cause there's one more thing I must do before i can call her team complete, that being curing Emerald of her curse.
Oh, and one last thing before I sign off, MARRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Until next time~

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So, just giving you guys a little update and here to tell you all Happy New Years Eve/New Years. So, for the update, I just wanted to say that, even though I would like to say "I'm half way down with the last part of the story!" I just cant, cause honestly :( ... I haven't even started, only thing I've done so far is go and tame the "Cured Emerald" in-game. You see, I'm really lacking any motivation to do any writing, and I was hoping that taming my new kitty in-game would help me with that, but sadly, it didn't :cry: . I'm hoping that maybe, if I start leveling Sute in Pandaria, that will help, which i plan on doing within the next couple of days. So, I cant promise if I'll be able to post the next part soon. I'm hoping that within the next couple days I'll find my motivation and write out the whole thing quickly. But, as I said, I cant promise that it'll be within the next couple days, or weeks. Hopefully, it wont take months. So, again, sorry :cry: . I'm trying to think of different ways to see if they'll help me find motivation...

So, onto another thing. So I've been wondering lately, how do you guys see Sute? I mean, I know I've posted SS's of her and her pets with each taming story so I know how she looks in-game. But I'm just wondering, how does she look in your guys mind while you're reading, before you look at the SS's. (Now, I don't know if any of you who read this are artist or how many of you have accounts on the forums) But, I would love to see how you guys see her and her pets, if you guys are up to showing me. Now, I'm not saying this might help me find my motivation, but I'm not saying it wont, I cant really say for sure, but if you guys would like to draw something or make something and show me, you're free to. Anyways, now I'm going to go and get ready for stuff, so I'll catch you guys later. Have a nice New Years and happy 2015! :hug:



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First off, let me start out with this: I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY ABOUT HOW LONG THIS TOOK FOR ME TO FINISH! :( I have no words to discribe how sorry I am for how long this took to get out. I hit a brick wall that was about 200 miles high, 200 miles long, and 50 miles thick. That and I lost motivation to do a lot and I've just grown so bored of WoW lately (I've been spending alot of time on FFXIV the last couple days cause a friend finally convinced me to play it again...) Again, I am sooooo sorry. But, its here now! And I hope the length makes up for how long it took, even though I get the feeling it wont. So, without further ado, Enjoy!

To Find A Cure

Sute glanced at her pets behind her, her team now full with 5 pets. There was Spirit, the Ghost Saber, the first pet she had bonded with, who she had met while training in Darkshore. They had been through a lot together, and she hoped she would have him by her side for a while yet. She knew, however, that being a Ghost Saber, a living spirit, that it was only a matter of time until his life energy, the thing allowing him to remain in this world and fight along side her, would die out. When that happens, she knew he would vanish, and there was nothing she, nor he, could do to stop it.
Then there was Glacier, formerly known as Iceclaw, who she met in the cold land of Winterspring. She had left Spirit behind when she went to search for this cat, only taking Blaze, her beloved Cinder Kitten, along with her. When she first met him, she was tied up, and dying to poison. She had been captured by a Forsaken Rogue while trying to protect some cubs from him. He had easily overpowered her, and was testing his new poison on her. That poison caused her the worse physical pain she had ever felt. But, Glacier had saved her, and to this day, she still didn't understand just how he cured the poison that was running threw her. But yet, even after all that she went threw to meet him, she never once regretted her choice to leave Spirit behind that day, and the choice she made in going there.
Then there was Night, the 4th pet she had tamed, who she had met in the Molten Front. She had been helping take out the remainder of Ragnaros' forces there, and had been taking a break. Blaze had been playing in the Lava pools when he startled a Lava Burster, and got stuck on its head. Then, things just got worst for the little kitten after the Lava Burster had been killed, when a Fire Hawk snatched him up and fled to Fireplume Peak. That was were she met Night, at the time known as Skarr. After a short battle with him that was interrupted, and after telling him that she would do anything to protect Blaze, even at the cost of her own life, she had earned his respect. And, deciding that he wanted to help her protect Blaze, he joined her team.
Then, there was Snow, the Spirit Beast, then 5th addition to her team. She met her two times, once when she was a normal Snow Leopard, then again when she had become a Spirit Leopard. Sute had been in Sholazar Basin at the time, even though she wished she was in Pandaria. The King of Stormwind, Varian Wrynn, had ordered her to go there before heading to Pandaria, to assist the locals in taking out the Scourge forces that had surfaced there. She had been joined by two Horde soon after arriving. One was Blood Elf Paladin named Soleran, the other was a Troll Hunter-Shaman hybrid, named Zirithios. Sute had been amazed by Ziri, by how easily, and effortlessly she had combined her hunter and shaman skills. Truthfully, she looked up to the Troll. It was a week later when they found a Snow Leopard. She had been beat to within inches of her life by a Lich and some Cultist. With the assistants of her pets, Blaze included, Sute had easily killed them, and the Ghouls that the Lich had summoned. But, she had been to late to save the Leopard. She and her two friends gave her a proper burial, and, after finishing off the scourge a few days later, Sute visited the leopard's grave. That's when she met the Spirit Beast, and where Snow joined her team. That was were Snow saved Sute's 3rd pet, Emerald's, life.
Last, but certainly not least, there's Emerald. Emerald was different then all of her other pets because of one simple fact, she was suffering from a curse that a Warlock named Wrath had put on her. Sute had spent a week searching before she found him. Once she had, she had begged him to removed the curse from Emerald. However, he refused to, going so far as to attack Sute, trying to “correct the mistake of leaving Emerald alive”. She was quickly overpowered by the warlock, and was forced to flee. Since then, she spent more of her time training, and becoming stronger, Emerald never leaving her side.
Now, standing in line, yet again, to get on the Airship to go to Pandaria, Sute knew she had to hurry to find Emerald's cure. It was only 2 short days ago that the last, terrible, attack had happened. The attacks happened when the power that Wrath had used to place the curse reached its highest point. This point causes Emerald unimaginable pain, and made it fell as if her fur was on fire. The sudden burst of heat would cause Emerald to roar out in pain, and then cause her loose consciousness. The only way to stop the attack was to wake her up, which would be impossible if Blaze wasn't able to draw to heat out of Emerald's body and into his own. This last attack had been the worst one yet, having killed Emerald. Emerald was only still with Sute right now because of Snow. Snow had used Spirit Mend on Emerald, and had saved her life. Sute put her hand on Emeralds head, who stood by her side. Emerald let out a purr, and rubbed her head against Sute's hand.
“Hey, you're Suteneko, Elfdragon's daughter, correct?” A dwarf asked, walking over to Sute and pulling her from her thoughts.
“Yes, I am.” She said, looking at the Dwarf.
“And you where one of the 12 soldiers sent back to Northrend, correct?” He asked.
“Yes. I was sent to Sholazar basin to help the Gorloc and Wolvar.” Sute said.
“Ah, good.” He said. “Please, follow me.” He turned away from her and started to walk, not even taking a moment to see if she would follow. Sute glanced at her pets, then at the long line ahead of her. Blaze let out a mew and nudged Sute's hand from where he sat on Emeralds back, then jumped down and followed the Dwarf.
“Let's go.” She said to her pets, before leaving the line and following the Dwarf. Sute followed the Dwarf as he walked past where the guard still stood with his clipboard, the Dwarf only stopping to whisper something in the guards ear. The guard nodded to the Dwarf before turning to the Rogue he had been addressing.
“I'm sorry Ma'am, it seems this ship is filled up. You'll have to wait for the next one to arrive.” He said to her.
“Come on, lass.” The Dwarf said to Sute. “We have to leave soon.” Sute nodded and followed him to where the Gryphons were kept. “You might want to dismiss your pets until we're up there.” He said, and Sute did so. Blaze climbed onto her shoulder as she mounted a gryphon and it quickly took off, flying up towards the Air Ship.
“I promised your mom I'd get you on the first flight to Pandaria that I could when you finished up in Northrend.” The Dwarf explained as Sute dismounted the Gryphon, patting it on the head and feeding it an fish.
“Thank you.” Sute said, summoning her pets to her side. “Do you think my mom will be waiting for me where the ship docks?” She asked the Dwarf.
“No, I'm sorry, she wont.” The Dwarf said, frowning. “She had been, but then the King had to call you away, and she had to go aid the Prince with something. Something about needing to find an ancient artifact before Garrosh could get his hands on it or something. It didn't make any sense to me.” He shook his head, confused as to why finding the artifact was so important and why Elf had to help him. “She did tell me that she would head right back to the place once she finished helping the young prince.”
“Ok.” Sute said, deciding that she would wait for her mother.
“But.” The dwarf said, as if reading Sute's mind. “She also told me to tell you to not just wait for her. She knows you have something very important that you must do, and that she will find you, if you already arrived and left to start that quest, once she finishes.”
“Ok. And thank you.” Sute said, bowing slightly to the dwarf. The Dwarf nodded his head, then turned and walked over and said something to the captain. Sute turned and walked to the edge of the ship as the captain started to call orders to the rest of his crew. She leaned against the rail of the ship as it started to move underneath her, her pets all pushed themselves up onto their hind legs and put their front paws on the railing, look out as well.
“We're on our way.” Sute said, glancing down at Emerald. Emerald turned her head and looked at Sute, and Sute saw a new sparkle in Emeralds eyes, one that she had never seen before. Sute reached her hand over and rubbed Emeralds neck. “It wont be long now.” She said as Emerald let out a purr.

Sute stepped out of the inn and into the sun light. The ship had arrived in Pandaria late the night before, so she had decided to stay in the town that night, and set out in the morning. She looked at her 5 pets, all of which seemed just as eager as she was to get their search started. Without a word, Sute left the inn, and headed towards the entrance of the town. As she neared the entrance, a commotion caught her attention.
“Whats going on over there?” Sute wondered, walking towards the crowd.
“And Killer the Core Hound pup wins again!” Someone was saying. “Is there no pet out there that can beat this mighty Core Hound?”
“Of course not!” The gnome that owned the Core Hound said. “Killer is the strongest battle pet ever, no one can beat him!” The gnome had a huge grin on his face, causing some people in the crowd to roll their eyes. “Who shall be my next victim?” The gnome asked. Sute looked around the crowd, wondering who would battle this Gnome next. No one stepped forwards.
“Ah ha. I knew it, you all know it would be worthless to try and beet Killer, for no one can best his strength!” The Gnome said, causing people to murmur in annoyance in the crowd.
“Someone needs to put this gnome in his place.” Sute heard someone whisper close to her.
“Yeah, his ego is getting so big its going to crush him. And truthfully, I'm sick of hearing him put everyone down. He needs a reality check, and he needs one now.” Someone replied.
“So why don't you fight him?” The first person replied.
“Are you kidding, my battle pet is a Mechanical Squirrel. He'd be weak against an Elemental pet like a Core Hound.” The reply was followed by silence.
“You!” The Gnome said, pointing in Sute's direction. “That's a Cinder Kitten at your side, is it not?”
“Yes, it is.” Sute said as Blaze jumped onto Emeralds back.
“How much do you want for it?” The Gnome asked. “Only a battle pet trainer as awesome as me is worthy of owning such a rare battle pet!”
“I'm sorry, but Blaze is not for sale.” Sute said, meeting the Gnomes gaze.
“Nonsense!” He replied. “A lowly Night Elf like you is not worthy of owning something as rare as a Cinder Kitten! You must sell it to me!”
“I will do no such thing.” Sute said, as Emerald and Night let out a growl and Blaze hissed at the gnome.
“Then we shall have a battle!” The Gnome said. “When I win you have to give it to me! It shall be mine!”
“He has a name.” Sute said, getting tired of this gnome calling Blaze an 'it'. However, she didn't really want to have a pet battle with this gnome. Sute looked down as Blaze nudged her hand. He looked determined and ready to fight. This Gnome had insulted his mistress and he wouldn't let him get away with it. Jumping off of Emeralds back, Blaze took a step towards the gnome, and let out the most ferocious roar he could muster.
“We accept your challenge.” Sute said, moving her gaze from Blaze to the Gnome.
“Fantastic!” The Gnome said. “You better say your goodbyes now! Killer, lets make this quick!” The Core Hound took a couple steps forward.
“Let's just get this over with.” Sute said.
“This pet battle will be between Killer, the Core Hound Pup, and Blaze, the Cinder Kitten! One on one, no switching!” The referee stated. “Let the battle begin!”
Killer started the fight with a howl, causing Blaze to take a step back. Not wasting any time, Killer let loose a ball of fire from both of his mouths, trying to burn Blaze. Blaze, recovering from the slight fear the howl had caused, leaped out of the way of the attack just in time. Using his momentary speed increase, Blaze clawed Killer in the back, causing the Core Hound to roar out in pain. Spinning around quickly, Killer scratched Blaze, and followed the scratch up with another burn attack. Blaze let out a pained growl, and retreated from Killer, trying to get some distance between them.
“Haha!” The Gnome laughed. “Just as I thought, you cant even train a battle pet correctly! You most definitely are not worthy to own such a rare battle pet, let alone ANY battle pets!” Sute couldn't help but glare at the Gnome, she was really getting sick of him.
“Come on Blaze, I know you can do it.” Sute said, turning her attention back to the fight. Blaze glanced at the Gnome, letting out a snarl. He was getting really sick of this Gnome insulting Sute. Blaze flared out his fir-fur as he snarled, setting the ground in the battle area ablaze. Killer let out a surprised howl as the ground underneath him started to burn. He growled more as smoke rose from the ground, making it harder for him to see. Blaze used this chance to enter his stealth, just as he had seen his older teammates do countless times. Killer looked around, growling when he couldn't find his target. Letting loose a roar, Blaze leaped onto Killers back, rending him with his claws and burning him with immolate. Killer thrashed, throwing Blaze off of his back, then charged at Blaze, trying to scratch him again. Blaze barely dodged, but Killer grabbed him by his tail, throwing him to the ground, momentarily stunning him. While Blaze was stunned, Killer burrowed into the ground. Quickly jumping to his feet, Blaze dug his claws into the ground, trying to feel for where Killer would attack from.
His plan having worked, Blaze leaped away right as Killer came out of the ground. Not wasting any time, Blaze charged back at the Core Hound, clawing and rending him as best he could. Killer let loose another howl, trying to frighten Blaze and make him take a step back. Blaze fought threw the fear though, not slowing on his attack. Blaze and Killer finally parted, both letting out a ball of fire. Killer hoped that his burn attack would finish Blaze off, and Blaze hoped likewise with his immolate attack. The two attacks met in the middle, causing a small explosion and the area to fill with smoke, and causing both pets to cry out in pain.
“Blaze?!” Sute called out, worried about her little kitten.
“Aha! I win!” The gnome said, laughing. He stopped laughing as the smoke cleared. “IMPOSSIBLE!” He cried out. Sute couldn't help but smile, because Blaze was still on his feet. Killer was on the ground, not moving, and Blaze had his little paw on one of Killers necks. Blaze let out a victorious roar, then turned and walked tiredly over to Sute.
“I'm so proud of you.” Sute said, picking up the exhausted kitten and hugging him close to her. Blaze purred, rubbing his head against Sute. The crowd cheered for Blaze, glad that someone finally put the Gnome in his place. As the cheering died down and the group started to disperse, Sute turned and started to head back to the entrance of the town.
“Hey, you!” Sute stopped a couple minutes later, hearing the Gnomes voice.
“What do you want?” She asked, not turning around.
“There's no way a lowly Night Elf like you beat me, so that means you cheated which means I won. So you have to give me that Cinder Kitten!” He said. Sute turned her head and looked at the Gnome. He was wielding a 2 handed sword. Sute shook her head, realizing that this gnome was a Warrior, and warriors always looked down on Hunters, feeling that they were weak. Truthfully, Sute only knew of 1 warrior that didn't look down on Hunters, and that was Zalaxin, her mothers best friend.
“I did not cheat.” Sute said, turning towards the warrior.
“You must have! No one has ever defeated Killer before! Its impossible! So gave me that kitten now! It belongs to me!” He said, taking a step towards Sute with his sword posed to strike.
“For the last time, I did not cheat!” Sute said. “And stop calling Blaze an 'it'.”
“Fine then, I'll just take it then!” The gnome said, taking another step towards Sute. Emerald, finally having enough, suddenly leaped forward, catching the gnome off guard and pinning him to the ground with a claw to his neck. Sute's other pets moved to surrounding the warrior, who really wasn't all that strong.
“Ok, okay! I'm sorry, I'll let you keep it! Just get these things away from me and don't kill me!” The gnome begged. Sute's 5 pets snarled, not liking being called 'things'.
“Only if you promise not to harass the people who live in this town and the pet battlers who come to Pandaria to get stronger.”
“Ok, I promise! Just don't kill me!” The gnome continued to beg. “I'll go back to Stormwind, I'll never return here!” Emerald looked at Sute, who nodded her head at her pets. Emerald let out one more growl, pushing down lightly on the Gnomes neck, before she and Sute's other pets returned to her side. The Gnome quickly pushed himself to his feet, and ran away as fast as his legs could carry him. Sute let out a sigh and shook her head.
“Thanks you guys.” She said, looking at her pets. “I really didn't want to get into a fight in the middle of this town. Besides, it would have woken Blaze up.” She looked at the kitten, sleeping soundly in her arms. “Now, lets get going.” She turned back towards the town gates, and left.

Wrath watched as the last of his catch was loaded onto his transport ship. He smirked as a black tiger snarled and threw itself at the front of its cage, trying to get out and attack him. His eyes narrowed, though, as he counted the number of beast being sent back.
“There's only 20.” He said to Krenthun, his Felguard, as the demon walked up next to him.
“The beasts are getting wiser as time passes.” Krenthun replied. “They're learning how to avoid our traps.”
“We need to find a better way to make gold.” Wrath said.
“What if we try catching and selling rare Battle Pets?” Krenthun suggested.
“I don't know of anyone willing to pay as much for a Battle Pet as people are willing to pay for rare and exotic beast from another land.” Wrath stated plainly.
“Wrath.” He looked behind him and saw Sam, his lead trapper, walking up behind him.
“What is it?” He asked the Worgen.
“There is someone here who wishes to speak to you.” He said.
“Oh? Who is it?” He asked.
“He refused to give me his name, stating that he is here on business. I can tell that he's a Forsaken Rogue and the mount he came on, as well as his gear, is very rare and very expensive.” Sam said.
“So he's a collector.” Krenthun said as he and Wrath started to follow Sam to where the Rogue waited.
“Lets see what he wishes for us to retrieve for him.” Wrath said, smirking at the thought of how much gold this Forsaken must have.
“Ah, Wrath. It is an honor to finally meet you.” The rogue said, bowing as Wrath walked up.
“And you are?” Wrath asked.
“Ah, please forgive me. My name is Phantom. I am a collector.” He said. “I am always on the hunt for rare mounts and battle pets.”
“So I can tell.” Wrath said. “However, my,” He thought of the best word to use. “business, only deals with rare and exotic beast.”
“Yes, I know. But you are still the best trappers I've heard of. Everyone says if you cant find it and catch it, no one can.” Phantom said. “And I will pay you very well.”
“Very well. What do you wish us to catch for you.” Wrath asked.
“Well, it's an EXTEREMLY rare Battle Pet. There's only one know living one.” Phantom started.
“What is it?” Sam asked.
“Its known as a Cinder Kitten.” He said. “As I stated before, there is only one living Cinder Kitten known of in the world today.”
“Do you know where I can find this Cinder Kitten?” Wrath asked.
“It is said that it is currently in the possession of a Night Elf Hunter. They say she goes by the name of Suteneko, and the Cinder Kitten's name is Blaze.”
Wrath smiled. “Oh yes, I know the hunter.”
“You do?” Phantom asked, surprised.
“Yes. She and I have...Crossed paths before.” He said, choosing his words carefully. “We, however, are not on good terms.” Phantom nodded his head, deciding not to ask for further explanation.
“I, however, am not sure where she is at the moment. Last I heard she was seen in Northrend, but after leaving there my contacts could not figure out where she went.” Wrath thought for a moment, and glanced at Krenthun.
“She shouldn't be hard to find.” the demon said, answering his unasked question.
“Our trappers have seen her here in Pandaria only a day ago.” Sam stated.
“Very well. But, before we make this a deal, how much gold are we talking?” Wrath asked, returning his attention to Phantom.
“I am willing to pay Four Hundred grand.” He said. Wrath eyes widened. “As I stated before, I am a collector, and this Cinder Kitten is the only living one. People would pay me thousands just to come and see such a rare battle pet. Now, do we have a deal?” Phantom held out his hand.
“You've got yourself a deal.” Wrath said, shaking the Rogues hand. Wrath turned towards Sam as Phantom walked away.
“Lets get to work catching this pet.” Sam said, turning and walking towards where they kept their mounts.
“It seems its my turn to search you out, little hunter.” Wrath said to himself. “Only this time, you will not get away.”

Sute let out a sigh as she exited the town surrounding the Temple of the Jade Serpent. She had visited the great Serpent after being told of the wisdom that she held, hoping that she would know how to cure Emerald. The serpent, however, had regretted to inform Sute that she did not know how to cure Emeralds curse, but instead told her to visit the Temple of the White Tiger. So, that's where she was heading next.
“Don't worry, Emerald.” She said, glancing down at Emerald. “We'll find this cure.” Emerald looked at her, then padded off ahead of her, looking more comfortable in this land then she had been in the other places they had gone together.
“Looks like we found the land she came from.” Sute said to her other pets, standing around her. Blaze let out a small meow, looking at Sute from where he sat on Snows back. “Which means there's a good chance that Wrath is here in Pandaria, somewhere.” Blaze growled, thinking of the Warlock that had tried to kill his friends. “Come on.” Sute said after a moment. “Lets catch up to Emerald.”

“This path should take us to the Temple of the White Tiger if we keep following it.” Sute said, looking up from her map. “Shouldn't be to much longer before we get there.” She folded up the map and put it back in her bags, then continued to follow the path, her pets walking alongside her. She looked at Blaze, who was padding along a little bit ahead of them.
As she watched the little kitten, Sute's mind turned to what her life would be like without him. What she would do if she ever lost the energetic kitten. She shook her head.
“I'll never lose him.” She whispered her herself. “I'd die before I let anyone take him.” Sute stopped walking as a shadow passed over her, a chill going down her spine. She glanced at her pets around her, they all looks as if they felt it too. They glanced around, as if trying to find the source of their unease.
“Blaze.” Sute called to the little kitten, who stopped and looked at her. “Come over here.” Sute said. Sensing his companions uneasy, Blaze started to pad back towards Sute and the others.
“Blaze!” Sute cried, as suddenly a Felhound appeared and picked up the young kitten.
“Well, you certainly made finding you easy.” Sute's head snapped to the side as she heard his voice.
“Wrath.” She said, staring at the lock.
“Oh, good. So you do remember me.” He said, a smirk on his face.
“How could I forget the one who has caused Emerald so much suffering?” Sute said.
“Oh, you wont have to worry about that anymore soon.” He said. “But, I guess I should be thanking you for making finding you so easy.” He crouched down as the Felhound ran up to him, and took Blaze from it, the Felhound vanishing as soon as he had hold of Blaze.
“What are you going to do to Blaze?” Sute asked, drawing her bow. Her pets started to growl, and Blaze hissed and tried to claw Wrath from where he was held in his hands.
“You see, I have a Horde client who is willing to pay a lot of gold for this little guy. So I'm going to take him.” Wrath said, smirking. Blaze growled more and flared out his fur, trying to burn Wrath and cause him to drop him. “Now now, none of that.” Wrath said as a Rogue unstealthed next to him, holding a cage. “Now, you just sit in there quietly like a good little kitten while I take care of this hunter and her pets.” He said to Blaze as he dropped him into the cage and the rogue closed it.
“Give me Blaze back!” Sute said, notching an arrow.
“And if I don't?” Wrath said. “What are you going to do?”
“Take him back by force.” Sute said, glaring at the Warlock.
“Oh, really?” Wrath asked. “Well, then, I hope you're stronger then you were last time.” His hand started to glow dark as he prepared a Shadow Bolt.
“Be careful, guys. We still don't know where his demon is.” Sute said.
“Should look behind you.” Wrath said, sending off his Shadow bolt. Sute avoided the Shadow Bolt, and spun around, disengaging just in time to avoid getting hit by the Felguards ax.
“This is going to be fun.” Krenthun said, as Glacier and Spirit leaped at him. “I can already tell she's stronger and more skilled.” He called over to Wrath.
“It wont make any difference.” He said, dodging an attack from Emerald. Sute quickly launched an arrow at Wrath, then glanced around, trying to locate Night and Snow. She saw them, just barely, through their stealth. They were slowly approaching the rogue holding the cage with Blaze in it, from either side. Sute turned her attention back to Wrath, who seemed to be having a small amount of trouble dodging Emeralds attacks. Sute quickly prepared her bow, and let loose an Arcane shot. She hit him in the shoulder, in the same place he had hit her when they first met.
“Looks like I cant hold back this time.” Wrath said, putting some distance between him and Emerald, his whole body starting to give off a dark glow. “Now, you will face my full strength!” He said, transforming into a demon. Sute glanced towards Krenthun as he started to laugh, and saw that he, too, had transformed. He was no longer a Felguard, but a Wrathguard instead. (AN: Yes, yes. I know this is not how it works in game and that its a Talent that changes your demon, but I always thought it would be cool if the Demon transformed when the Demonology warlock used Metamorphosis.)
“Now things get really fun!” He said, preparing his two swords to strike. Sute turned her attention back to Wrath as he began to speak.
“You should have forgot about the kitten and ran when you had the chance.” He said, his voice sounding more demonic then human now.
“I'll never abandon Blaze, or anyone that I care about!” Sute said, notching an arrow.
“To bad, now you're going to die. But don't worry, death wont be the end of it for you. I think I'll let my Void Walked take your soul to the void and let them have fun with you.” Emerald snarled and Sute felt a chill go down her spine. “And don't worry about your pets. I'll kill Emerald as soon as I'm done taking care of you. As for the other 4, if I cant sell them, I'll just make them suffer the same curse as Emerald.” Sute took a deep breath, and let it out slowly, forcing down the fear she now felt towards this Warlock.
She glanced to where Night and Snow were now attacking the Rogue, who still held onto the cage Blaze was trapped in. He seemed to be struggling to fight off the two cats with only one hand, and Sute could see that Blaze was clawing and biting him as best he could through the bars of his cage.
“That's right.” She thought to herself, disengaging just in time to get away from Wrath, who had leaped at her, his clawed hand slamming into the ground right where she had been standing, causing it to erupt into flames. “It doesn't matter what happens to me. As long as I protect him, as long as I protect them. He wont get my pets. He doesn't realize what would happen if I die.” She smiled, knowing that, even is she was to fall to this Warlock, her pets, and Blaze, would be safe. She readied her arrow, remembering the promise Night had made to her.

Sute stared up at the Pandarian moon, shining brightly above her. She felt a cool head rub against her arm, and looked to see Night sitting next to her.
“Cant sleep,either, Night?” She asked him, and he let out a quiet roar. “You miss your home, don't you?” She asked him, and he looked at her. She shook her head. “Promise me something, Night.” He tilted his head, and roared softly.
“There's a chance there's a Warlock named Wrath somewhere in Pandaria, and if he learns of me being here, there's a good chance that he'll hunt me down.” She started. Night let out a small roar, as if to ask why. She looked up to the sky as she continued to speak. “He's the reason Emerald is suffering like she is. He's the one who placed the curse on her. She should have died because of it, should have starved cause she cant hunt because of it. But she survived, because of me. And he doesn't like that. So now he wants to try and kill her, along with me for saving her and trying to cure her. After our first meeting, I still don't know if I'm strong enough to beat him.” She looked at Night. “So, promise me Night. If something happens to me, if... If I don't survive our next encounter with Wrath, promise me you'll take Blaze back to the Molten Front with you. That you'll raise him just like he was your son... That you'll keep him safe.” Night looked Sute right in the eyes, and put his paw on her leg. He let out a soft roar then pressed his nose into her cheek.
“Thank you, Night.” She said, as he removed his paw from her leg and laid down. She laid down next to him and placed her head on his side, staring up at the sky once again. Slowly, she closed her eyes, and fell to sleep.

Sute shot another Arcane shot at Wrath, hitting him in the shoulder again.
“You'll have to do better then that now.” He laughed, brushing the attack off as if it was nothing. “Come now, what happened to that confidence you showed earlier?” He mocked. Sute glared at him, preparing another attack. However, before she got the chance to send it at Wrath, she sensed something next to her. Spinning around, she brought her bow up just in time to block an attack from Krenthun. Unable to take the full force of the blow, her bow snapped, and she was sent flying. Sute gasped as she hit the ground, and clenched her arm, which was now badly cut.
“It really is to bad you're not stronger.” Krenthun said, walking towards where Sute laid on the ground. “This would be a whole lot funner if you could put up a better fight.” Sute pushed herself up into a sitting position.
“What now?” She said to herself, she looked past Krenthun to where her broken bow lay. “My bows broken, and even if it wasn't, I couldn't use it with this arm...I guess this really is it.” She closed her eyes. “I just hope Night can get Blaze away from them.” She opened her eyes as she heard a pained howl, and she, Wrath, and Krenthun looked in the direction of the howl. Sute smiled as she saw that Night had his fangs dug into the Worgen Rogue's upper arm, and saw Snow rip the cage out of his hand.
With Blaze's cage away from the Rogue, Sute's 5 pets hurried to her side, ready to defend her with everything they had. Using her good hand, Sute opened the cage, freeing Blaze.
“Its ok, Blaze.” She said as he pressed his head against her. “No matter what happens to me, you'll be safe, I promise.” She placed him on Nights back, then pushed herself to her feet. “What now, Wrath?” She asked, looking at the Warlock.
“So, you got the kitten back, it doesn't matter.” He said, shrugging. Using his demonic speed, he shot forwards, and grasped Sute by her neck, lifting her into the air. Sute's pets jumped away, instinct telling them to get away from this Warlock-in-demon-form. “He'll be easy enough to catch again, without you or these other 5 nuisances to protect him. I've got all the time in the world to catch him again.” He smiled, as his hand started to glow with his felfire magic.
“You, on the other hand, are out of time.” Krenthun said, walking up.
“Damn you.” Sute managed to say, as she felt her neck start to burn. She clenched his wrist with her good hand, trying, hopelessly, to get him to release her.
“I might actually have a reason to go back to the void with you there.” Krenthun taunted. A snarled cause them to look towards Sute's pets. There, they saw Emerald, standing there with her claws digging into the dirt below her. This snarl was pure rage, pure hatred, a sound Sute had never heard come from the curse tiger before. Suddenly, her body started to glow brightly, and her body seemed to grow. As she continued to glow, her body changed. Her neck straightened, her fur lightened, and her chest fur turned to a green-gray color. Her eyes turned yellow and her muscles filled out.
“So, your hatred of me broke the curse?” Wrath said, looking at the tiger. Emerald let out a roar, then charged towards Wrath, but Krenthun was faster, charging past his master and knocking Emerald to the ground. Emerald quickly returned to her feet, shaking off the blow as if it was nothing. She took a step towards Krenthun, roaring at him again.
“Just keep her busy for a little bit longer, Krenthun.” Wrath said, returning his attention back to Sute. “She wont last much longer.” He smirked. Sute barely managed to glare at him. She felt herself weakening, darkness appearing at the edge of her vision.
“Emerald is safe...Blaze is safe...They'll all be safe now.” She thought to herself. Suddenly, an arrow embedded itself in Wraths shoulder. A moment later, the arrow exploded, causing Wrath to cry out in pain and drop Sute. Wrath retreated from her as another arrow buried itself in the ground right where he had been standing. Worried about Emerald, Sute weakly looked to where she was standing. She was no longer alone, standing next to her was Aqua, the spirit beast, and a Lioness.
“DragonsClaw...” Sute realized. Sute pushed herself weakly into a sitting position, and froze as a Wind Serpent wrapped itself loosely around her, and hissed at Wrath. A red Direhorn and ruby Gem-Serpent moved in between Sute and Wrath. The Serpent hissed, and the Direhorn slammed his tail into the ground and roared. A wolf howled and ran passed Sute, stopping alongside Claw. Then a Shell Spider, Water Strider, and Devilsaur joined the other pets in front of Sute, and a Core Hound joined the pets at Emerald's side.
“I'm sorry it took up so long to get here.” Sute heard a voice say from behind her that she hadn’t heard in years, and felt a hand on her shoulder.
“Mom...?” She whispered, looking to her side and seeing her mother standing there.
“It's me.” She said, smiling.
“Now, before we can all catch up, lets take care of this worthless lock.” Menardi said, coming up to Sute's other side. “The quickest way to get on our bad side is to hurt one of our friends, isn't that right, guys?” The Shell Spider and Water Strider hissed, the Devilsaur and Aqua roared, and the Core Hound howled.
“And trying to kill my daughter is the best way to get on ours.” Elf said. Her wolf snarled, Claw and the Direhorn roared, and the 2 serpents hissed.
“We should fall back.” Krenthun said, retreating to Wrath's side.
“Looks like you get away with your life, this time.” Wrath said, obviously angered. “Next time you wont be so lucky.” With that said, he vanished.
“He must have a Demonic Circle close by.” Menardi said. “Should we go after him?”
“No, we can get him later. We have something more important to tend to.” Elf said, as Sute's 5 pets and Menardi's and Elf's 2 pets returned to their sides. Snow and Aqua pressed their noes' into opposite arms, both casting Spirit mend on Sute. Sute closed her eyes as she felt strength return to her. Emerald pressed her head into Sute's chest as the Wind Serpent removed itself from around her.
“Emerald...” Sute said, laying her head on Emeralds neck.
“Come on.” Elf said gently, picking up Sute and placing her on the back of her Direhorn. “Lets get to the nearby town so you can rest. We can catch up there once you get settled and something to eat.
“Ok, mom.” Sute said. Blaze ran over as Emerald stood next to the Direhorn, and, using Emeralds back as leverage, he jumped onto the Direhorn's back, and crawled into Sute's lap, pressing himself into her. He let out a meow as they started to move, and she petted him on the back. Sute looked ahead of her, at her mother and their best friend, then at the 14 pets surrounding her, all ready to leap into action if anything dare try to attack them.
She looked at Emerald, and let out a relieved sigh. Emerald was cured, Blaze was back with her, and they were all safe. She had completed her quest, which she had spent the last 8 months trying to complete. And, even though Wrath was still out there, she would make sure she was ready to face him next time. She knew how strong he could be now, and she wouldn't be caught off guard by his demonic strength next time. She looked back ahead at Elf and Menardi, and had the feeling that she would never face him alone again. Exhaustion washing over her, Sute leaned forward and leaned her head against one of the spikes on the Direhorns head. Closing her eyes, she slowly feel to sleep, all of the things she had been worried about the day before gone.
There you have it. I had a lot of fun with Wrath here, and I think I love him, but I also hate him. And the name of his Felguard, Krenthun, was stolen from my Gnome Warlock. I just want to say thank you again to all of you for reading this, and I hope you guys enjoy it. And give a special thanks to SylviaDragon for all the help you given me for this, and even just letting me spoil parts I was really proud of by telling you them on Below is a picture of Sute and the cured Emerald, Sute and her full team, Elf and her team, and Menardi and her team. I didn't put in the name of Elf's and Menardi's pets, I couldn't think of how Sute would know them, and only Claw and Aqua were mentioned in the story before this part. but, the names are on the SS's. Anyways, again, I am so sorry about how long it took for me to get this out.

PS: I left this story open to possible continuation, sense Wrath is still at large. But I'm not making an promises that this will be continued. I might just end Suteneko's Story here, but I might not. It's up in the air right now, but again, no promises. Until next time~
PSS: Please pay no mind to how the SS's of Elf and Menardi were taken in their garrison. I just hopped onto them quickly to snap a SS cause I told myself I wouldn't let myself play any games today until I finished this.

File comment: Suteneko and Emerald
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File comment: Suteneko and her team
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File comment: Elfdragon and her team
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File comment: Menardi and her team
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