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 Post subject: Elfen Lied 2 for 2
Unread postPosted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 12:18 pm 
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ok so this is a story based on the vary violent anime Elfen Lied.i am still trying to figure out the Fanfic site so I can post there but for now my fanfics will be here.i hope that's ok.if you know the Anime Elfen Lied then you should know what to then on with the Story.

Hi there the name's Rusty and I'm a new security Guard for this werid but old facility. They said that's it houses some werid creatures or so but I'm not quite sure what they are. I was just realy despite for money and 1 of the big guys of the company approached me and asked for me to come work there. He said the pay would be good so who was I to turn down the offer. I lived in this run down house for aslong as I could remember which isn't much. I don't even Remember my Parents. As for why I have the Name Rusty was a name I disided to use cause I couldn't think of any other name.

So new Job. I walked into the building to be greeted by men in in Suits and all wearing shades. one of the men walked up to me and smiled and said " Ah so this is the young lady you where talking about? Please to meet you miss...? " " Rusty " I replied. The man Raised a brow. Most likely at my name. I get that a lot. he spoke again " Well then Rusty I take it you know how to use a gun? "
" I have no idea how to use a gun. Infact I freak out when I pick up a Knife. Unless I have Bread with me. The bread distracts me so I can put Butter on them. " The man laughed at me and said " Your gona do just fine then!!! " He turns to 1 of the Guards and says " Please show this lovely Lady to the 87 Room." " YES SIR!!! "
I followed the Guard to this 87 room. The door was big and kinda gave off and eary vib from it. It was like something or someone powerful was inside. When the doors finaly opened I saw what appeared to be a young woman maybe in 20s chained up to the wall. I was amazed and awed at this beautifull Creature. Without thinking I walked up to her unaware of the dark stare she was giving me. I bent down on one knee to look her in those Blood red Eyes of her's. "What is Your name your name Miss? " I asked. When she spoke it my vary soul shook and I could feel my own body shakeing " I belive the name they gave me was 87. " "Well that's not right your a person. not a number " I said back with her brow raised. I continued to speak " now do you have a real name? " She replied with "no". "Oh come on you have to have a name. I even gave myself a name when I didn't have 1." I said. " I don't..." she said with a sad and longing look in her eyes. I looked her Over and I noticed something beyond awesome. she had horn on her head. they where long and kinda bent into a devilsh sort of way. I asked " Are those Real? " while I reach to touch them. They where infact real! I rubed them for awhile and 87 just looked at me with a raised brow. "Aren't you gona run? Don't you know what I am ? what I can do? " she said in a vary venoms voice. I simply Replied with " no I have no idea that someone with horns even existed. THIS IS SO AWSOME!" I yelled that last part and she had a look of surprise on her face. "I KNOW HOW ABOUT I KNOW YOU!!? " I shouted excitedly at her. " From this moment on you are gona be called Hope" I said with a huge smile on my face.

ok so just to give you a let know on this story. Rusty has taken up the job to work at the diclonis facility and meets a speacil diclonis that happens to be Lucy/Keade's daughter.

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