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 Post subject: My little Eevee
Unread postPosted: Mon Dec 01, 2014 4:57 pm 
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Warning possible blood and gore. You have been warned

I was and still am a big pokemon fan. Have played pokemon Red in elementary and played most pokemon games up to today. My fav pokemon of all being a charizard. I always said to my self that he would always be my starter pokemon. However 1 day I was laying in my bed when a thought came into my head. if I had to choose a pokemon to be my starter and I couldn't choose a charmander what would the next best pokemon. I thought long and hard about it and sense starters where ok in there own way I would not choose any of them if I had another choice. Pikachu while cute and famose would not realy be my first choice ether. Then it hit me. if I could choose something awesome I would probly choose some cute and cuddly. Eevee was the perfect choose other then chamander. being a pokemon that had multiple forms but if a trainer loved them enouph they didn't realy have to evolve and could still stay as an Eevee and be able to put out some damage. Just then my dad came home from work. I went downstairs to greet him and he pulled out a 3Ds game. He told me someone from work gave it to him after asking him if he had anyone at home that was a pokemon fan. Me and my mom bother love pokemon but my mom just love Pikachu realy while I like most other things about it other then the cometive stuff. So he gave my the game and I happly took it. I ran upstairs and put the game in my 3DS and began playing. However this game seem to be completely different. It had the 3D graphics like X and Y but I was staring at a forest in first person. I look around with my stick and when I looked down I saw none other than and Eevee. I just simple went "awww" in realy life. The Eevee's ears twitched alittle. "ok what do I do? How do I control myself?" I said outloud to myself and alittle to the Eevee infront of me. It's head tilted slitly. I some how made my character crouch down but I still had the first person perspective so I had no idea what my avatar looked like. Upon crouching I tried calling the Eevee over to me. It was hastent but came to me little by little. Soon enouph it was close enouph that I could start peting it. "That's a good little Eevee. You'r soooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuutteeeeeeeee!" I said outloud to it. It looked up at me through my petting hand on his head. I then began to scratch its chin, then his back, soon enouph it was laying down and little me pet it some more. I saw this as my chance and rubed its belly like a puppy and inbetween graping and petting it's little paws. I get a text box that reads "Eevee likes you." I then ask outloud after the box comes up if she was male or female while simotanisly lifting its leg even though it doesn't realy show anything in pokemon games. Eevee just looks at me with a :| stair at me. I let go of his leg with my realy face going "sorry. I just wanted to know what your gender was. Another text box appears that reads "I AM FEMALE!" I sat there saying sorry for awhile and pulled my hands away in game. I sulked in real life thinking I affended her. She istead comes closer to me and rubs her body on me with text box saying "Eevee forgives you. Eevee likes you." I couldn't help but do a quite "YAY!" in person. I manged to get my character to hug, snuggle and cuddle the little Eevee followed by some in game (somehow) kisses on her face. I looked around the screen and found the character create logo on the left hand buttom corner of the screen. With my pen stick thing I clicked it and my screen went black. I got a question on my characters name and gender. Being a pokemon game I of corse went with the trudisonal Boy named Tie.(yes I am also a digimon fan) I got back into the forest and this time as a male avatar with Eevee instead of looking at my character looked at the screen at me with a :| expreshion on her face. Text box pops up again "Eevee know you are realy female. so why choose male?" "wha?" I said to myself then I said to her "I always go with a boy named tie when playing pokemon. It's kinda like a tridisonal thing for me sense the days of red" I sat there with a :P expression remembering the good times of playing red verson and going through a pokemon game for the first time ever. Eevee had a :roll: Expression appear above her head.

After awhile of easying into the game and "by easying in" I mean "hanging out with the Eevee the whole time" I began to quickly form a friendship with this Eevee and wanted to take her with me. while I looked through my bags to see if I had any poke'balls Eevee quickly jumps into my bag and holds with her a poke'ball.

breakawhile I will continue this and finish it.

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