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Unread postPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:18 am 
Illustrious Master Hunter
Illustrious Master Hunter
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Now this thread is about the Warhammer 40k MMO that's coming out. Not alot is knowen yet but I will update it when I get info.

Please keep the posts about the topic I don't want no "aww but it wont be as good as such in such" posts here! or it's a rip off of WoW (seeing as WoW and starcraft are ripoffs of warhammer)

What info I can did up on it so far is mainly all on the Wiki page so here it is! XD

The game will feature relatively in-depth fire-fights with player-formed squads as well as cover and flanking mechanics, within the MMORPG format. However, being true to the setting, war and battles will be a big feature of Warhammer 40,000 Online and Vigil Games are promising to deliver battlegrounds of epic proportions.Controllable vehicles are a key aspect to the game; the developers have said that they are multifunctional and that some are able to sport multiple pilots.

The game will be set in the 41st Millennium, well after the Horus Heresy, and all races important to that period in the setting will be represented, although only one playable race has been announced so far: the Imperium of Man. Details about characters are still largely unknown. However, it has been said that there will be no non-combat classes in the game as this would not fit properly with the background. Players will be able to customize their characters visual appearance with ranged and melee weapons, armor, books, scrolls and chains.

Although war and battlefields will be a large part of Dark Millennium Online the scope of the game will include more of the setting than that; Vigil Games’ General Manager David Adams mentions being able to visit "cities (of all scales, types and sizes), exotic alien temples, Chaos shrines, deserted battlefields, mysterious ruins, ancient structures, drifting hulks in space, etc..." and that they will be populated with all manners of non-player characters.

Grouping with other players will not be required to advance through the game although it will be beneficial for tackling both the harder PvE and PvP content of the game

So no non-combat classes looks like it could be fun! I think that could be cool I liked how you had to heal and do damage in WAR so I proberly will like that. Sucks only humans have been announced so that's Space marines and Imperial guard but in the trailer (that will be below) Chaos is showen and I'm sure all races will be playable!


On the official website a backstory for the game was revealed.

On the very edge of the galaxy lies the Sargos Sector. For centuries it was rendered uninhabitable and isolated by volatile Warp Storms. Even now, deep within the sector the very fabric of reality is unraveling. Only the ancient Sentinel Devices hold the Warp at bay.

But the ravages of time and meddling of humanity have weakened the Sentinel Devices-and now, the battle for these lost worlds is at hand. Drawn to the conflict, the great races of the galaxy descend upon the Sargos Sector, seeking to preserve reality-or to tear it asunder.

Side with the forces of Order, or the vile hosts of Destruction, in a war that will unlock ancient secrets, reveal dark purposes, and determine the fate of the Sargos Sector. For in this dark millennium, there is no peace amongst the stars, only war

Trailer one ----> Link I'm sure i've seen another one...... can't find it D:

What I'd like to know is can you choose what Chaos god to worship? Or could you just be undivided and get perks from all four? I hated that in WAR you could not choose.

So what do you guys think will be in it? Are you wanting to play it? I do XD

I am a professional 2D animator :3
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Cow's art thread!

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Unread postPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:25 pm 
Illustrious Master Hunter
Illustrious Master Hunter

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I am hugely wanting to play this. Cannot wait!!! XD

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