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Demonicow's Pet naming Thread/Post
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Author:  Demonicow [ Sun Jun 22, 2014 4:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Demonicow's Pet naming Thread/Post

Hello Demonicow here :headbang: 8-) with a request, ive seen some of the unique names you guys come up with and

thought where better to find a name for my pets then a hunter/pet based community.

following the instructions that were posted i have created this thread or post whichever you might prefer to cover

the many pets i have waiting back home at the stable that need new names, following the instructions i would

prefer anything between a mythical, serious, or lore-friendly name

i dont quite understand how to respond to "A short description of you/your character so that readers can suggest

names that fit you better. For instance, what's your playstyle and personality like?" my main Demonicow has a very

agressive attack posture with big guns and a loyal pet at his side he doesnt mind letting everyone know he is

present with a loud bang and the sound of mangled flesh, as a natural hunter and a child of the earth mother he

has respect for all life except that of the enemy with the exception that the end result is mutually beneficial to

both sides.

Demonicow is a proud Tauren who respects nature and hunts with his faithful companions by his side ready to defend

their master at a moments notice together Demonicow and his companions go forth to defeat all who would stand in

his way and should he die then he would do so with his friends by his side for Great Honor!

if there is one sentence that would best describe him it is this

"Mess with the bull, you get the horns."

that should about do it for the whole playstyle/personality

now on to the very long list of pets i need renamed

starting by family


Aqua Saber Cat

Ice Saber Cat

Maned Lion - Sambas(rare)

White Pandaren Tiger -Savage(rare)

Hunched Black Gem Cat - Skarr(rare)(already named)( additional/optional names will be acceptable)


Ancient Turtle

Ancient Fire Turtle

Spirit Beasts

Spirit Leopard - Loque'Nahak(rare)

Lightning Saber Worg - Skoll(rare)


Green Armoured Stone Quilen - Portent(rare)

Blue Armoured Stone Quilen - Portent(rare)

Core Hounds

Grey Core Hound - The Kurken(Unique)

Drakeadon - Chromaggus(Boss)


Red Serpent

Blue Arcane Worm


Green Armored Scorpion - Madexx(rare)

Orange Armored Scorpion


Black Jormungar - Rattlebore(unique)

White Jormungar


Green Fire Spider - Kirix(rare)

Shale Spiders

Green Shale Spider - Jadefang(rare)


Green & Blue Ravager - Death Ravager(Unique)


Green Devilsaur - King Krush(Rare)

Water Striders

Red Armored Water Strider - Glimmer(rare)


White Armored Chimaera - The Razza(Rare)


Grey Rhino


Purple Silithid Colossus - Gorishi Fledgling Colossus(Unique)


Red Firefly - Blacksting(Unique)


Green Outland Basilisk


Black Bear


Green & Red Scarab Beetle

Birds of Prey

Green & Yellow Parrot

Undead Eagle


Red & Black Felboar


Metallic Blue Crab

Gem Crab - Karkin(rare)


White Crane


Green Cataclysm Crocolisk


Red Runed Demon Dog


White Fox


Grey Goat - Stompy(rare)


White Gorilla - Tsul'Kalu(rare)


Blue Moth

Nether Rays

Green Nether Ray


Blue Porcupine - Bristlespine(rare)


Green Spiked Raptor


Green Sporebat


Turquoise Tallstrider - Strider Clutchmother(rare)

Warp Stalkers

Black Warp Stalker - Zormus(rare)

Wind Serpents

Grey & Green Spiked Wind Serpent - Quetzl(rare)


Green Direhorn

Blue Direhorn(not yet Tamed)

btw you dont have to name every single pet all at the same time
if everybody pitches in for a name then the end result is sure to be a good one and thanks in advanced Signed, Your Friend Demonicow

Author:  Rhyela [ Sun Jun 22, 2014 9:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Demonicow's Pet naming Thread/Post

I once had a normal lion named Regal, after this guy from Tales of Symphonia. I like the name because 1) it's named after a guy who's a great fighter, and 2) it signifies the lion's status in the animal kingdom.

Personally, I think both of those traits fit in well with Sambas.

As for the rest, I can't think of anything at the moment. Sorry!!! :(

Author:  Niabi [ Mon Jun 23, 2014 4:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Demonicow's Pet naming Thread/Post

Natually, whenever I think of Tauren I think of nature. Here's a list of websites that could help you out if you're interested in keeping with that sort of theme for your pet names beyond what you may consider as obvious suggestions.


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