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WoD hunter pet buffs (6.1)
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Author:  Lunaboreal [ Tue Apr 21, 2015 11:02 pm ]
Post subject:  WoD hunter pet buffs (6.1)

Interchangeable group buffs provided by hunters are an incredibly useful tool. I think the old pet flowchart that was on was great for breaking down pets by buffs and prioritizing them. However, with Warlords of Draenor, all the pet buffs have been completely reshuffled and the old pet flowchart is gone. Also, most of the exotic pets now have 2 group buffs to compensate for Lone Wolf being able to provide one of every buff. Here is what you generally need to know:

PvP (from Arena Junkies)
MM Non-Tryhards: Mortal Strike > 5% Agility > 3% Versatility > 5% Haste > 5% Crit > 5% Multistrike > 2,5% Mastery > 10% Stamina > 10% Spell Power
MM Tryhards: Mortal Strike > 5% Agility > 3% Versatility > 2,5% Mastery > 5% Haste > 5% Crit > 5% Multistrike > 10% Stamina > 10% Spell Power

SV: Mortal Strike > 5% Agility > 3% Versatility > 5% haste > 5% Mastery > 5% Crit > 5% Multistrike > 10% Stamina > 10% Spell Power

BM: Mortal Strike > 10% Mastery > 5% Agility > 3% Versatility > 5% Crit > 5% Multistrike > 5% Haste > 10% Stamina > 10% Spellpower


Use whatever your group is missing. PvE groups are larger than less arena teams, so you'll have more people providing their respective classes' buffs and slightly different demands.

For random dungeons, make sure the stats buff is covered. Other than that it depends on the group composition. Since I'm limited to 5 on-call pets, I often skip the water strider. There will only be 1-2 classes in a group that would benefit from the spell power buff, while all classes would benefit from any other buff (except stam - that's just a tanking & survivability buff).

If you're running BM spec, take full advantage of the exotic pets with 2 group buffs. You would think you can squeeze 10 pet buffs into 5 on-call pet slots but it's actually impossible. The best you can do is 9:

worm - 5% stats + versatility
spirit beast (sub cat if you play other spec) mastery + crit
clefthoof - versatiltiy + multistrike
rylak - haste + stam
choose between:
corehound - multistrike + ancient hysteria
quilen - battle rez + crit
water strider - crit + spell power


The List
MM & SV (single-buff, non-exotic pets)
ancient hysteria (time warp/heroism/blood lust) - nether ray
battle rez - crane, moth
crit - wolf
haste - sporebat, wasp
mastery - cat, hydra, tall strider
mortal strikes - carrion bird, riverbeast, scorpid
multistrike - bat, dragonhawk, wind serpent
slows - crocolisk
spell power - serpent
stamina - bear, goat
5% stats - dog, gorilla, raptor
versatility - bird of prey, boar, porcupine, ravager, stag

BM (2 group buffs)
clefthoof - versatility + multistrike
corehound - ancient hysteria + multistrike
quilen - battle rez + crit
rylak - haste + stamina
shale spider - 5% stats + crit
silithid - stamina + spell power
spirit beast mastery + crit
water strider - crit + spell power
worm - 5% stats + versatility

Author:  Lunaboreal [ Tue Apr 21, 2015 11:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: WoD hunter pet buffs (6.1)

Hunters looking for pet information on the hunter forums are sent to Petopia all the time. However, the information on the main website is pretty raw and takes a lot of digging through to make it useable. I've gone ahead and sorted all the new WoD pet buffs and figured out what we need to know for group buffs.

Petopia, please make this information prevalent on the main page. If you can make it website-pretty that would be awesome ^..^ Hunters need to know what pets to have for their various situations moreso than a wall of pet spell icons.

Thank you, and happy hunting!

Author:  Makoes [ Wed Apr 22, 2015 2:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: WoD hunter pet buffs (6.1)

All the information on pet abilities can be found easily on the side bar under the
Pet Talents & Skills section
-Full List of Skills

Since the petopia site focuses on the PETS and not on the hunters (or how to play them), the information as you have provided it is not relevant to the main site.

Edit: However, I will say that the Choosing a pet section could probably due with an update. That being said though, it is more a guide line on what to look for depending on what role you want the pet to fulfill, without dictating what the "best pet" is for the situation.

Author:  Kalliope [ Thu Nov 19, 2015 6:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: WoD hunter pet buffs (6.1)

Thank you so much for presenting that information in a more practical format! I've been gone for all of WoD (and the tail end of Pandaria) and was curious about the changes. This gave me exactly what I was looking for in the format I was looking for. :)

Being the pet nerd I am, I couldn't help but reorganize the information by buffs provided (and add a few missing buffs), though I doubt anyone needs it this late in the expansion. :D

Exotic pets are marked (*)

Battle Resurrect: Crane, Moth, Quilen*
Bloodlust/Heroism: Nether Ray, Core Hound*
Critical Strike: Hydra, Raptor, Wolf, Devilsaur*, Quilen*, Shale Spider*, Spirit Beast*, Water Strider*
Haste : Hyena, Sporebat, Wasp, Rylak*
Mastery: Cat, Hydra, Tallstrider, Spirit Beast*
Mortal Wounds: Carrion Bird, Riverbeast, Scorpid, Devilsaur*
Multistrike: Bat, Dragonhawk, Wind Serpent, Chimaera*, Clefthoof*, Core Hound*
Slow Movement: Crocolisk, Spider, Warp Stalker, Chimaera*
Spellpower: Serpent, Silithid*, Water Strider*
Stamina: Bear, Goat, Rylak*, Silithid*
Stats +5%: Dog, Gorilla, Raptor, Shale Spider*, Worm*
Versatility: Bird of Prey, Boar, Porcupine, Ravager, Stag, Clefthoof*, Worm*

Author:  Equeon [ Thu Nov 19, 2015 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: WoD hunter pet buffs (6.1)

That's very helpful, thank you! And welcome back(?)

Author:  Kalliope [ Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: WoD hunter pet buffs (6.1)

Hee, thanks! Not that I'm quite back yet....but soon. :)

Author:  Astratia [ Fri Dec 11, 2015 12:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: WoD hunter pet buffs (6.1)

Thank you for that simplified list :)
I was able to release some pets that I no longer required because their buff was covered by something in my stable that I use more often. Good example of this being the two sporebats I had (couldn't decide which look I liked..). I no longer needed them because I have a wasp that I like over sporebats, and a Rylak which I love :)

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