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Unread postPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:47 am 
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bestazy wrote:
I really want to level up an allied race or two, especially for the armor sets, but to be honest I think they just came too late for me. I already have a fully leveled character for every class I'm interested in playing (druid, DK, hunter, mage) and don't see myself doing one I'm not interested in just because of the new races.
If I could class change and still get the armors, Blizz would be taking my money, but since you don't, I don't see any reason to do it.

See, the heritage armour lock makes sense on paper, but in practise, can cause some problems. Say I wanted to race-change Krys to a Highmountain Tauren, but I also wanted the armour for her. To do that, not only do I have to pay however much a race change actually is, but I've also got to level a HT up to 110 to actually unlock the armour. It seems a bit of a waste of either my money or my time, depending on which aspect I place more importance on. I get why they would do it, but, honestly, having a small, lore-based quest chain for getting the armour that can be accessed by both those levelled or race-changed seems a better bet. Of course, that is also on paper, and so in practise that approach may also have had some problems.

Also, Veph, in-game Veph looks absolutely amazing as a Nightborne! She really matches Skorn perfectly - or even more perfectly than she already did, at least <3 If money isn't the issue, then there's no reason why you shouldn't go ahead and make the change. The worst that will happen is having to change her back if you don't like her, after all :)


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Unread postPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:45 am 
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Ok, story time...

I created my first Hunter, a male Night Elf, not long after I started playing back in 2007. I was playing with my girlfriend and mycousin at the time, a Draenei Mage and a Night Elf Warrior, and we played these characters for a while -- up to level ~50 -- when we started to realize that the whole blue and gold thing wasn't really for us. I still liked my Hunter, and was cool with the Night Elves, but most of the other races and the general Alliance vibe just didn't click for us. So we decided to join the rag-tag band of monstrous survivors, outcasts, and mana addicts that was The Horde.

Around that time my sister-in-law had also joined us, and with Blood Elves being the hot new thing, we all decided to roll BE's. We also decided that, since there were 4 of us (almost a full dungeon group!) we had to get super serious and have at least one tank and one healer. So I ended up rolling a Priest, my cousin a Paladin and the girls brought the damage as a Warlock and a Hunter (!). Those four characters are at the core of my love for World of Warcraft and represent my most nostalgic memories of the game. We played them for about 3 years, up to the tail end of Wrath of the Lich King, when my girlfriend started to lose interest in the game, her sister joined a guild run by some RL friends, and my cousin and I decided to go looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

We decided we wanted to start from scratch in Cataclysm, picked ourselves a new realm and everything, and I went back to my first love: the Hunter. We stuck with The Horde and I made another Blood Elf, mostly because I liked the idea of the Farstriders and figured it'd be a nice call-back to my Night Elf. I named him Solaufein, after a character from Baldur's Gate II, and I had a blast with him in Cataclysm. I did all the Molten Front challenge tames, got into a bit of raiding, and so on... Good times! :headbang:

Then along came Mists, and we almost skipped that expansion :shock: I guess we had gotten pretty burned out after years of playing, and MoP's vibe didn't really do it for us, so we took an extended break and didn't get into it until about 6-8 months after release. I played both my Hunter and my Priest in Mists, which caused the first major change to my Hunter. With WoD looming on the horizon, I decided that it was inconvenient to have my characters spread out across multiple realms, and that I'd transfer Solaufein to my Priest's realm. I also decided that having two male BE characters was getting to be a bit too much of the same, so with the transfer I figured I'd try a female Blood Elf instead.

That incarnation of my Hunter lasted throughout WoD, which was a time where I became increasingly frustrated with the game and the first time I was truly unhappy with the state of the Hunter class. We took a LOT of breaks during WoD, but I had high hopes going into Legion, and I wouldn't be disappointed...

I became a father the year before Legion released and, having become a more casual player, I realized pretty soon that maintaining multiple characters would be difficult in this expansion. I also realized that playing a female for a main was a no-go for me. Maybe my CRPG roots conditioned me to have my characters be a reflection of myself or something -- whatever it was, I needed my Hunter to be male. His original name wasn't available so I used the name of my NE Hunter from back in the day. Lorfean. I also changed his looks -- I was never completely happy with his design throughout Cata and Mists, and the new models had NOT done it any favors. What I came up with was OK :|

I played (and am still playing) Legion intensively. I loved the focus on class identity, loved the Lodge, loved the artifact weapons and how unlocking new skins and color variants had me explore almost every facet of the game... I even loved what they did with Survival. A LOT. But almost more than anything else, I loved Suramar and the Nightfallen. The city was unlike anything we had ever seen in WoW, and to get to know this race, and experience this crucial series of events in their history first hand -- to be a part of it, instead of reading about it in a book or having an NPC tell you about it -- is, to me, one of the coolest things Blizzard have ever done.

And then they announced BfA, Allied Races, and that the Nightborne would be joining the Horde, and I never looked back :D This is everything I wanted me Hunter to be -- the culmination and combination of my entire history with the class, that started way back in 2007. And it's freaking awesome 8-)


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