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 Post subject: Blue Pterrodax!
Unread postPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:03 pm 
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Apologies for making a new thread but I didn't want to spam the happy thread with my awful screenshots and it's more a general thread, so posting there about this wouldn't have felt right.

But FFBHBSZDV WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?! Ever since BFA launched I was heartbroken over the blue pterrodaxes being untamable. Then, today, I saw a fellow hunter chilling near the steps leading down to the port and did a double-take when I saw that they had a blue pterrodax! I didn't want to bug them so I came here to look it up and, yep, a few of them are tamable!

... And they're in Atal'Dazar, because of course they are. :roll:

But, there's some in the non-instanced version that are tamable and... I have no clue how to get up there. So, cue me running around like a moron for five minutes before I threw up my hands in defeat and went into the instance. I was sad to see that the pterrodaxes were flying pretty high up until I noticed that one in particular would come close enough to the platform at the entrance, so I beast lored it to be sure I wasn't insane and just dreaming up the entire thing. Tamable, but it wasn't the color I wanted. I left and reset the instance and went back in... and had to repeat this five times before a blue was finally in the right place for me to shoot it before I hit Aspect of the Turtle and Tame Beast...


... And they can fear. Fun times, and you better believe I'm thankful I didn't get feared off of there! O_o;

Second attempt...


Was a success! :headbang:

(Edit: His name is now Malicieux (Mischievous) because of the little runaround he gave me.)

I don't have a name for this troublemaker yet, but I'm absolutely smitten with him! ♥ I'm so, so happy this color is finally tamable and to whoever flipped the switch for this to happen: thank you so much!

Ack!.jpg [590.14 KiB]
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BlueTame.jpg [617.36 KiB]
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BlueBuddy.jpg [266.31 KiB]
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