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BlizzCon competition

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:28 am
by Wain


Petopia Forums last-minute BlizzCon competition!

UPDATE: the contest has now ended. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Win a BlizzCon virtual ticket, or (if you already have one) an equivalent value in Blizzard Shop virtual goodies (anything giftable, e.g. mounts, pets, game time, the transmog helms).

To qualify, choose a category below and reply to this post with either :
  • In text or drawing (or both), describe / design a new hunter pet model / family you'd love to see announced at BlizzCon, for the next expansion.
    Feel free to let your creativity run free. The creature can fit within an existing family or be something totally new. Existing, untameable models don't count, so we're not asking for "I'd love to see giraffes tameable."
  • In text or drawing (or both), describe / design a new mount you'd love to see announced at BlizzCon
    It can be a new type of thing altogether, or it can be a new mount model of a type of thing that exists in the game, but not just an existing model with a saddle added.

Details & conditions :

~ We'll choose 5 winners in total, picked from a mix of both categories.

~ Please only post one entry per category per person. So you may enter in one or both of the above, but keep them to separate posts.

~ Post your region (Americas / EU) so we know which shop to buy from if you win!

~ Entries close on the evening of Saturday 28 October US Pacific time. We'll take a few days to sort through entries and contact the lucky recipients by PM as soon as possible after that.

~ Good luck! :)

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:46 pm
by WerebearGuy
Hunter Pet:
Considering some of the interesting "spoilers" we have that hinted to Kul'Tiras in the next expansion, some aquatic-themed pets would always be interesting. As such, my submission is going to be just that; a freakish fish-like creature! Abusing the Fox animations, we have the landshark! An amphibious and lithe stalker that resembled a shark, but has legs for land-based mobility. More closely resembling Dogfish for puns, they come in various camouflages, ranging from sand and mud to grass and stone. Some have large dorsal fins, some have fins relating to whale sharks, and some may not even have fins. One thing to note is that despite being sharks, their tail fins are horizontal instead of vertical; this is to keep them more hidden in the ground they stalk. Head shapes are also somewhat diverse, including the freaky goblin shark and the recognizable hammerhead.

Picture later today, no scanner right now.

EDIT: Picture:

Region: US
Already have the virtual ticket, interested in shop pets/mounts.

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:47 pm
by WerebearGuy
A tremendous landshark, like above, using the Fox mount animations. It would be wearing scarce Naga-themed armor, and its dorsal fins would be trimmed off in favor of a saddle resembling Pandaren turtle mount saddles. Its tail fins would be replaced with a Naga-styled trident, its shoulders and thighs covered in bronze plate, and its head covered with a blinding mask topped off with a big fin. Its color would be unique to the pet version in that it would resemble a Whale Shark. Best of all, this behemoth would tower over most other bestial mounts, being as large as a Kodo! Scare off the competition by riding a massive shark with claws. Unique to aquatic mounts, this fishy fiend would be fast on both land AND water, doubling as both a flightless ground mount a swimming mount like the Darkmoon Skate and Riding Turtle. Of course, Blizzard can add magic wings to it if they need to make it a flying mount, but that'd be just plain scary; a flying shark? NOPE!

Again, picture later. Really need to just go buy a scanner instead of relying on a library one.

EDIT: Picture:

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:21 pm
by Dewclaw
Pet: Fanged Kangaroo. I don't know anything about the next exp, so i don't have any tie ins. Just going on pure randomness. Kangaroos, are pretty bad@ss scrappers, so it's be neat to have one by your side. And fangs is not all that much of a stretch. ... garoo.html

Mount: I think it'd also be pretty fun to hop around on a mount fanged kangaroo version. :)

Maybe I'm being too silly, but ehhh. :)

Realm: US (mostly interested in shop pet/mounts)

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:06 pm
by Krysteena
Mount: Battle Ox

Description: A massive, muscular beast that's capable of pulling five times its weight, the Battle Ox is favoured by those Highmountain Tauren who find Moose too placid a creature to ride into the heat of battle. Battle Ox are distantly related to Oxen, but are bred to have a vicious temperament and able to withstand the ferocity of battle. They're clad horn to hock in obsidian armour with large spikes along the top of the helm to the base of the tail for self defence (and also because the more spikes there are the cooler it looks). The 'straps' that attach the armour to the body are made of chains, with a softened leather underside to not chaff the Ox and make it even angrier than it already is. Battle Ox are also very aggressive to even their owners, and some owners may prefer to make the ends of their horns blunt as to try and prevent any unfortunate spearing that may occur after being charged at, but the spikes on the armour itself make this almost completely redundant.
Battle Ox come in a variety of colours, but the most common ones to see are jet black to match their armour, and have wickedly long horns of either ebon or ashen white. Another favoured colour would be the rare albino Battle Ox, with snow white fur and blood red eyes beneath a helm of blackened steel. Their hooves may also be sharpened and painted with oil to strengthen them and make them less likely to crack. Their hooves are surprisingly delicate, and owners are wise to not ride the creature on harsh ground for too long, or else their companion may become lame. War paint is also something that may be added, with white, black and red paint often being used to form symbols that mean something important to the rider.
Only the most hardened (or foolish) adventurers not of the Highmountain tribe may be honour of owning a Battle Ox, and even less prove successful in detaining and actually riding the beast. However, for those who are successful and gain the companionship of the noble Ox, they find that the creature is very much a boon to their war efforts, and have even found that (perhaps through sheer stubbornness alone), the Battle Ox will ride through the thickest tides of enemies, and can even be surprisingly loyal.

Image: ((if I can find the time, I'll try to doodle up a little something. Basically imagine a big ol' Ox, stick some even bigger horns on it, dump some armour on and add even more spikes and that's basically it. Maybe put some angry eyebrows on there as well.))

Realm: EU ((I'm not one for the Blizzard virtual ticket, because I won't actually be around the watch the live streams and can catch up using MMOChampion or the like :) ))

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:34 pm
by GormanGhaste
This is a weird thing to ask, but can I post an idea without entering the contest? I'd wait until near the end, just to give anyone else who has the same idea a chance to post first.

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:35 pm
by Vephriel
Hunter Pet: Salamander

Hunter pets have always felt lacking in amphibians, and I think a sort of fantasy salamander would be a great addition to the Warcraft bestiary. Imagine a large axolotl-esque animal, roughly the size of a crocolisk, with smooth, glistening skin and a range of vivid colour patterns. Their bodies look soft and wet at all times (think of the reflection effect used on murlocs in game), with big adorable eyes and short, simple legs ending in webbed feet with rounded toes. Modified ear fins or antennae could display in bright colours at the sides of their head. Their design is far more rounded than the angular crocolisks and reptilians in game. They have long glowing tails that flatten to an oar shape near the end, perhaps even accented with that glowing outline effect that Blizzard has been fond of (the skeletal hell hounds have it, for example). These salamanders can come in all sorts of bright colours: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, etc. Very luminescent and eye-catching, perhaps even a model that shimmers between different colours. The animations would definitely favour both land and aquatic movements.

In fiction salamanders are often associated with fire, but instead of being restricted to orangey-red schemes I thought that for attacks these salamanders spit up big globs of a glowy elemental substance that matches in colour to whatever their skin pattern/colours are. If pet abilities return with more variety again, maybe this could tie in with a type of root/slow effect when the pet spits it at enemies.

No drawings, but a couple animal reference photos: x, x

Region: Americas
(I do already have a virtual ticket, but I'd love some shop goodies <3)

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:43 pm
by Moonith
Mount: Mechanical Frog

Description: This mount would utilize the mist of pandaria frog base model and animations but made out of metal with cogs in the joints, springs and shocks in the back legs, a motor inside the mouth that vents out each of the eyes. This mount would be a special new type of mount. It would have increased jump height and reduced falling damage. Perhaps something slightly similar to a demon hunter's double jump height with reduced falling damage similar to that of a rogue. This would be due to it having springs and shocks assembled on it's back legs. Engineers would craft it and it could be a rather expensive mount to craft. With how new xpacs and certain zones in each xpac are ground only this would be a very nice mount to allow easier access from point to point without being too over the top. An alternative to the climb and glide/slowfall method most use in these zones.

Region: US

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:45 pm
by Moonith
Pet: Unicorn (Spirit Beast)

Description: This pet would utilize the unicorn base model and animations. Instead of being ghostly like most spirit beasts it would be a white unicorn with rainbow colored feathering, mane, and tail that has a unique rainbow glow trail when it runs similar to the glow trail the mage tower skin for feral druids utilizes. It would be a rare that has multiple spawn points and paths in the zone it spawns in. This rare would require the hunter to track and lure it out with the rainbow generator toy. The hunter would have to find sparkling rainbow hoof prints that it leaves behind and flare it out of stealth then quickly use the rainbow generator to make it gain the distraction debuff (a daze) that lasts long enough to complete a tame beast on the creature. If for whatever reason the hunter fails to tame the elusive beast it will use vanish and then teleport to another random spawn point in the zone for it and go back to stealth roaming again.


Region: US

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 8:10 pm
by Quiv
Region: Americas/US

Hunter Pet
As much as I would love to see an undead family with things like skeleton/undead devilsaurs, my pet entry is going to be the octopus. I want a tameable octopus, not like the kracken though. I want it to be able to come on land with a cool walking animation that uses its tentacles. I want it to rear up on some tentacles and use its front ones to attack (think the quick striking animation that hydra heads use). It could even have a hard exoskeleton or whatever, WoWify its biology to allow for all this. I think it would be such a rad pet!


Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 8:15 pm
by Quiv
I hope I understood the restrictions correctly, we could put one entry for each category. If not, I'll delete this!

Region: Americas/US

I want more dinosaur mounts. I want a devilsaur mount, but not with a saddle. I want it to be a passenger mount with a harness that has rider "pods" on each side of the body. I also want a dimetrodon mount with a rider "pod" on the side of its fin. If this doesn't quite make sense, google Dinoriders. Anything along those lines I think would be amazing.

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:18 pm
by SpiritBinder

Now I know I've mentioned these before, but IF (as others have mentioned) it ends up being a south seas expansion, I would LOVE to see some Couatl Mounts.
Shouldn't be too hard as they already have the mount skeleton in place (Heart of the Aspects) that uses the wind serpent rig.
These really could just be so beautiful and vivid :)


Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:01 pm
by Xylexia

A new model to the spirit beast family utilizing a saddleless fox mount skin, while employing the fantastically vibrant colors and effects of the leyfeather hippogryph.

This has always been a personal need of mine. This could also be added to the fox family, rather than making it a spirit beast. The fox family needs a serious overhaul!

Thank you for reading.


Best of luck to everyone! Your ideas are great.

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 12:29 am
by Talihawk
Since we already do have so many cat and dog models, I figured it'd be fun to try something different. And with the next expansion likely having to deal with oceans and water, I decided to add a little twist to the usual 'Cockatrice' concept.

He'd give his hunter the ability to breath underwater and can be used both under the seas as well as on land! Hope you like it ;)

"Aquatic Cockatrice"


region : Americas / Dalaran

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 12:41 am
by SylviaDragon
Pet idea:

Well since its looking more and more like we may be getting some under water zones soon, I would love to see some sea serpents or sea dragons based off of various fish, eels, real world sea dragons and ingame naga.

Sea Serpent/ Leviathan family.
This family would include various “sea monster” style pets that could fly/hover on land much like the Arcane Wyrms do. They would include things like existing eels and sea snakes, sea “dragons” done in a style that pays homage to naga and other variations that could include models based off of other fish species. The family could be expanded to include other famous beasts of fable such as the kraken, (not sure if the ones in wow are considered sentient or not?) hippocampi and Merlions.
Perhaps there could even be a void-touched spirit beast version in similar colors to Sha-touched creatures.

Possible pet ability: Leviathan’s Blessing. The Leviathan/Sea Serpent secretes a special slime that allows you to breathe underwater for ten minutes.

Unlocking the family could even require a secret questline where you gather the components needed to cast a spell that would allow them to “swim” and breathe on land. Reverse water breathing potion!

Pictures: one of these days i will be able to do something quick and simple instead of breaking my hand...

alternate themed serpent headshots:
Random void spirit beast alternative

(US realms Would prefer the blizzcon ticket mount.)

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:00 am
by Niabi
Pet: Owlkitts (owl + kitten)

Description: Smaller cousins of the Priest's Lightsworn Seeker, these owl-feline-mini gryphon hybrids are comparable in size to the Marsuuls found currently in the game.

Owlkitts inhabit the highest tree canopies where they stay well protected from larger predators and threats down below. Playful and intelligent creatures, they use stealth and guerilla tactics to take down their would-be adversaries. Unsuspecting adventurers who have wandered to close to the trees have been pounced on by these critters. Most are left a tad scratched as a result but never fatally wounded.

Their diet consists mostly of insects and small animals but are not opposed to taking down larger, more formidable prey when banded together in greater numbers.

Taming an owlkitt is reserved only for the keenest minds as it is said that to even get close enough to one is somewhat of a mini-game in itself ;)

Images: Please note that these pieces of artwork are not my own and belong to their individual artists respectfully. I submit them solely for the purpose of providing conceptual inspiration only.





Coloration of the species should be subdued and natural so as to blend in better with the environment. I was thinking of introducing: a white skin with black and grey markings, a black skin with white and cream markings, a blonde/cream colored skin with tan and chocolate markings, and a chestnut colored skin with white and tan markings to start with. For further variety, we can throw in a spirit/ghost version along with a void and/or fel skin too!

They're Illidan approved ...


Realm: US/N. America. Game time would be preferable if my submission is chosen as I already have all of the Blizzard Store pets and mounts currently available, and having already purchased a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket.

Sorry for all the edits. Too many ideas running rampant inside my little noggin :D

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:29 am
by peanutbuttercup
Mount: Swan pedal boat (and variants)

Description: We have a few choices for aquatic mounts now, but very little for waterwalking (just the waterstriders) or rafts (which is a toy). So I think pedal boats would be a fun alternative and they can even make them amphibious with wheels so they can be used on the ground like the waterstriders. I'm suggesting a swan here but any aquatic bird would do (duck, goose) or even a rubber ducky. With Gnome/Goblin engineering, anything is possible!


Region: US

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:17 am
by Tsukina
First and as always, to apologize for my terrible and horrible English as an automatic translator.

I propose something but I do not know if it would be valid.

I propose the pet, "Herd of puppies" (ignore the rest of animals like the Rex or the Boar, concentrate on the puppies alone).
Image ... 1436180607

Something like that you domes several cachorrros in 1 single, and that its damage is distributed (for example they are 10 cubs each 1 has 1/10 of health and 1/10 of the damage and 1/10 to make to jump procs).

Nah is a JOKE, (although we would all love to kill in bgs with a herd of adorable and bloody puppies to those of the other faction xd.

In fact I propose to the "Lizards of sand".
The most similar without drawing your own is this Image ... 92kr51.png

Their special ability would be to glide, they are not able to fly but if they plan, or maybe the dust cloud would be fine.
Since they spend a lot of time under the sands waiting to hunt.
Their diet consists of almost anything at their reach and is believed to be related to Warp Stalkers.

The drawing is not mine, it is a fan art of another game but if I start to draw you would not know if it is a lizard or a cupcake.

Region: Eu

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:40 am
by Xella
Like peanutbuttercup, I really want more variety in water walking mounts. I have both of the ones that are in-game already, but I don't really like how many of my alts look on them, and water walking is such a big thing when flying isn't available—it's not the be all end all of mounts USUALLY, but in certain areas where there's water, you'll be using it a lot more frequently.

My mount idea is a spikier/Warcraftier version of a crested gecko, with additional webbing (both in between the inevitably-clawed toes and as frilling, like on Onyxia or the other dragons). I think a new skeleton would be best, but it could probably get away with using the warpstalker skeleton without much issue, which would save development time.

(I apologize for my total lack of ability to draw geckos. It looks more like some other kind of lizard, lol :x oh well)

Then again, I'm not sure how I'd feel about it being announced at BlizzCon, because that'd indicate it'd be a CE reward—on the one hand, fantastic for people who don't like fishing, since that's currently the ONLY source for water walking mounts. On the other, water walking is an in-game advantage... for real money, for the first time. Hrmmmm.

(I'm on US/NA servers!)

Re: BlizzCon competition

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:26 am
by Tamazin
Mount: Peryton

Description: A Part deer, part bird that used to live in Atlantis but escaped through flight.

The body of a deer with the wings and tail of a bird, they could come in a variety of colors: blue, green, purple, black, brown and white.
They could maybe walk on water as well?

( I'm on US\NA servers.)