WoW General - Resource Threads

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WoW General - Resource Threads

Unread post by Vephriel » Thu May 20, 2010 12:33 pm

Instead of having a large amount of stickies cluttering up the top part of this forum, we're going to try something a little different. This will be a stickied post that will list all helpful/informative threads so that they don't get lost, but at the same time they will no longer take up space at the front of this forum.

If you have a suggestion for a thread you think should be listed here, either report that thread for a sticky or PM me directly.

Kalliope's Cataclysm Gear Guide

Account Recovery Form

Giggle's Guide To BM - PVE

The Casual Hunter's Guide to WotLK Gearing

GUIDE: "What does x cap at?"

Magnakilro's Guide to Solo'ing ZG Mount Bosses!

Magnakilro's Guide to Solo Farming the AQ 40 Bug Mounts!

Magnakilro's Guide to the Frostbitten Achievement

Magnakilro's Guide to Bloody Rare Achievement

Magnakilro's Guide to the Time-Lost Proto Drake

Magnakilro's guide to the Red Proto Drake

Magnakilro's Guide to Solo Farming Mojo, the Blue Frog Pet!