<Vanilla Gladiator> (an all Level 60 Twink Guild)

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<Vanilla Gladiator> (an all Level 60 Twink Guild)

Unread post by Lazurianis » Tue Mar 18, 2014 8:22 pm

I'm speaking on behalf of Vanilla Gladiator on Darkspear -- myself personally, I do not like the general community of Darkspear, however; Vanilla Gladiator has a great community, so, with that being said, here are a few things you should know about us before you considering joining.

Notable Attributes;
-We are Alliance,
-We do all-60 PvE (and currently working up to all-60 PVP as a whole guild)
-We run weekly raids
-We also help you gear upon hitting 60 (we will also carry you if necessary if you are stuck at Level 50-59)
-Any class/race is welcome (including Death Knight and Monk)

Myself, I have previous experience with twinking, and I recommend the following for a 60 Twink Guild;
-Stick with the original 9 classes, IE: Warrior, Paladin, Priest, Mage, Hunter, Rogue, Shaman, and Mage.
-Play the class you play best, however, be flexible; because twinking is not the same as end-game content, you will need to have an open mind to change to rotation or talents/glyphs.
-Get to know the community, and help them as they've helped you, or new members (this just applies to life in general.)
-Have fun while you're doing it.

If you have any questions, look for me as Árrów-Darkspear

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