Preventing Garrison Invasion Bugs?

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Preventing Garrison Invasion Bugs?

Unread post by s1ncer1ty » Sun Jul 17, 2016 11:20 am

Hi all, please pardon me if there's already a topic on this -- I've been digging around and haven't really come up with anything that's helped me yet. Feel free to punt me in the right direction. :)

I've recently been attempting to solo garrison invasions, and a good majority of the time, something bugs out on me. The number of times I've been 10-15 points away from even gold has been frustrating. It's never quite the same bug each time, either. The most recent one did not spawn extra events (I got 1 lost peon and 1 Alliance infiltrator, and then nothing), but I've also had instances where peons won't follow me, my bodyguard and pet just sat in the middle of the garrison picking their noses or playing "who can stand still the longest" or something, mob spawn rates being disgustingly slow.

I generally try to trigger a Botani invasion, but have also tried a couple others. I do it on my hunters (iLevel 692 to 700), have a pet out, the bodyguard, plus extra follower. I load up on crystals and have some form of buff food and flask up. Am I doing something wrong, have bad luck, need to suck it up and bring others (my guild has hit the late-expansion lull, and I hate risking jerks in the group finder)? If it does bug out on me, can I deliberately "fail" the invasion and start over, or would I need to go out and start questing and shiz to trigger it again?

I don't consider myself inept -- maybe a little derpy in raids, but otherwise a pretty competent casual. I've had invasions where I've blown my way well into platinum, but most times it's a struggle just to hit gold.

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