timewalking twink gear

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timewalking twink gear

#1 Unread post by Xota » Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:10 pm

Many of the timewalking gear guides are from before the two most recent changes: disabled set bonuses, and MoP dungeons. I have some assumptions I think are probably still valid, but also some questions.

I assume that gem sockets are still highly valued, worth 10 of main stat each. I've been trying to get as much MoP gear with the maximum gems sockets, ideally with the best secondary stats. I'm putting MoP enchants on them.
In order to get ring and neck enchants, I'm using WoD or Legion items. In my garrison, I keep the pitfighter building churning out Ashran items, for them to proc gem sockets (for rings and trinkets). I prefer one of my trinkets to have the 'freedom' on-use.

For the neck, I'm going to try Prizerock Neckband. I would guess I want an enchant from legion, but I'm not sure which one. And would primary stat gems still be the best for it?

Are legion legendary's special functions active in timewalking?

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