Worth returning?

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Worth returning?

Unread post by Diskette » Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:49 pm

I use to be active in this site back in the day when I played. But I quit now mid 2018 I am actually thinking about returning, my main worry is that the game has changed so much from what I knew and loved I was wondering if it's even worth returning?
Naturally if I go back I'd be maining a BM hunter it's been my baby since pre icc and alot of time has gone into her. I think if I resub I get legion free nothing is overly clear if there is or was a cut off period for that. So I got basic questions before spending money.
1. Anyway to try for free on my account? If so how?
2. How is BM now? I've seen talks about making bm just like mm and I'm worried.
3. I think I wouldn't go back to raiding as it became carebear easy to me in wod and yeah :/ killed my raiding need.
4. Is it even fun anymore?
And finally 5. Do you still enjoy the game or looking for alternative? (like wanna suggest other games to me that would be rad to as I love mmo games where I can play with others but still have a tin of solo content to do)

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Worth returning?

Unread post by Xota » Thu Aug 09, 2018 2:41 pm

1. Yes. At least kind of. You can play on lowbie characters (under level 20). Or you can reactivate your account for "free". It costs gold not real life money, about 200k on US, about 300k on EU. There's a button on your character selection screen. If you end up not enjoying the game, then it doesn't matter that you don't have that gold anymore. If you do enjoy it, then you can possibly accumulate that much gold in a month. The token price is based off of how much people are willing to pay for it, so it's indirectly linked to how much gold a player can get in a month.
2. I don't play MM, so I don't know. Personally, I have more buttons to choose from to push. I think that's because talents have been rearranged. All pets have abilities again. AFAIK, BM is still more mobile than MM.
3. That's not a question.
4. That's subjective.
5. So far I still enjoy it.

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Re: Worth returning?

Unread post by Valnaaros » Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:20 pm

Beast Mastery if more mobile than MM and are able to deal damage while moving (unlike MM). It has high damage and is a relatively easy spec to play. Currently, MM doesn't have any strong benefits. It is less powerful than BM even in ideal situations. Because its mobility is limited, it will only lose damage in situations where you have to move. Unlike BM, MM doesn't rely on its pet to do the majority of damage. Pets are bound to specific specs (Tenacity, Ferocity, and Cunning), but they all the same health, durability, and damage. Specific pets may be more useful in certain situations, but the only time that would matter is when you're in Mythic+ or Raiding. Once you're 120 and get some decent gear, it just comes down to whichever pet is your favorite.

I would give raiding a shot in BfA. It was pretty good in Legion and that will hopefully continue into the new xpac.

I still find it fun, but like what Xota said, it is subjective. We may find WoW fun, but you may not. The best way to decide if you really want to come back is to return for a time.

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Re: Worth returning?

Unread post by Teigan » Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:55 pm

1. Xota covered that well.
2. BM is ok-ish. I'm having alot more fun with survival, though, surprisingly enough
3. That's a statement.
4. By "it" do you mean WoW? I think it is.
5. I still enjoy it. I'm excited for the new expansion. I don't know of any other MMOs that have that certain something that WoW does, so I don't have any suggestions

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