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Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:29 pm
by Epicfail
Welcome to the forums. Post your introductions here! You can copy/paste the form or just do your own thing. Petopia Vets welcome to post too!

Hunter's name: Epicfail
Server name: Demonsoul
Faction side: FOR THE HORDE!!!
Current Favorite Spec: Quickly becoming beastmastery
Current Favorite Pet: ShockTherapy - Skoll spirit beast.

Summary: I'm a Leo. I like long walks in the forest, the chill of a passing autumn thunderstorm and random unintentional headshots. My pet is aptly named due to suffering a similar fate as the pocupine or agitated alligator in that petting him can be rather painful. I enjoy raiding to get phats lewts, pvping to pwn nubs that suck more than I do at this game and generally trolling petopia forums when that particular itch needs scratching. I am generally docile until riled by idiot drivers, hunter/druid nerfs and/or anything Ghostcrawler says.

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:52 pm
by Saturo
Main's name: Saturo
Guildmain's name: Stereoptic
Server name: Sylvanas / Bloodhoof
Faction side: I prefer Horde, but my main is Alliance
Current Favorite Spec: Affliction. Always.
Current Favorite Pet: Thogzazt - Voidwalker, Ravage - Ravager

Summary: I prefer staying up late during the night, gaming and going for runs in the middle of the night and such. On here I'm a pretty noisy person, but IRL I'm the quiet nerd, who everybody knows will snap some day, killing half the town. I'm very sarcastic, and my sense of humor ranges from nonexisting to morbid to plain bad. I'm a raider, always been one, but lately I find myself doing more casual things because of the disbanding of the guild I've been in since early vanilla. My favorite classes in the game are warlocks and death knights, I like the DOTs and the "evil" (seriously, they're just misunderstood!). Hunters come as the third, and that's because I get to shoot people with a gun! :D I'm a fan of RTS and TBS, like WC3, SC2, and of course the Civilization series. My favourite units would be Gyrocopter, Banshee and Gunship, respectively. As you can see, I really like helicopters. xD My favourite movies tend to be Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror.
I am also heavily engaged in the movement to end racism against the mortally challenged.

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 2:02 pm
by swordoath
I'll go ahead and do this. I'm still pretty new so it might be worthwhile, in case people were going "Who's THAT guy?" I've got afew more little points I thought would be good to mention.

Hunter's Name: Zerbebuth
Server: Eonar
Faction: Horde
Favorite Spec: Best Mastery, ever since I started WoW.
Favorite Pet: Loaded question. Right now it's probably Gotengo (Loque'nahak).
Pet Owned the Longest: Ramotith (Echeyakee) -- my levelling partner from the Barrens until 80.
Playing Since: Just a bit after BC's street date.
Most Excited for in Cataclysm: Exploring, taming new pets, archaeology, and troll druids.

I am a casual player; I don't PvP and currently am not actively raiding. Trolls are my favorite WoW race and have been since I first played Warcraft II many years ago. I knew I was going to play a troll from the first time I sat down with the game; I decided to roll a hunter because ranged combat was part of what I pictured when I thought about Warcraft trolls, and the prospect of having a wild beast fight as an ally was very cool and interesting for me. I have a mild case of alt-itis -- I'll roll a new toon, level him ten or twelve levels and then erase him and roll up another one. Zerbebuth is currently my only 80, but I am trying to rectify that by leveling a Death Knight as a side project (also a troll). I get the feeling that my soon-to-exist troll druid will be the only other toon I keep for an extended period of time.

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:01 pm
by Teigan

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:30 pm
by Vephriel
Hunter's Name: Vephriel the Blood Elf
Server: Nesingwary US
Faction: For the Horde!
Current Favorite Spec: BM, and it always will be. :D
Current Favorite Pet: Skorn
Pet Owned the Longest: Technically that would be Skorn as well, but if you count re-taming after the expanded stables it would be Frankenswine, my undead piggy I had for years prior.
How long I've been playing: Since Vanilla, around 5 years now or so.
Favorite thing to do in game: Spending time with my pets, hanging out with awesome guildies, collecting minipets, and adding to my outfit collection. ^^

Hunters have been my favourite class since I first installed the game. :D I've been visiting Petopia for years, and I can't express how wonderful it is to be part of this community and having been able to get to know you all and make so many friends. I'm head over heels about my pets, and it's amazing to be among like-minded folk. ^_^

I'm a semi-casual player, my main focus in the game is just having fun. I do enjoy gearing Veph, but it's not a priority at all. I take my time and do some PuG raids when I can, and I like running them, but until Cataclysm I don't have interest in the world of end-game raiding guilds. I am, however, going to be joining one with a group of friends which I'm looking forward to. With the new 10-man raids we can actually have a group of us clear content without worrying about those larger guilds and the headaches that often result from them.

I'm drawn to the Horde, their backstory and lore has always fascinated me. My favourite races are Blood Elves, Trolls, and Undead. In fact my entire character list (for Nesingwary at least) is composed of only those 3, the sole exception will be my future Goblin. xD

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:32 pm
by Kira
Hunter's name: Asliasa
Server name: The Scryers
Faction side: Alliance...I feel out-numbered.
Current Favorite Spec: Beast Master
Current Favorite Pet: Tyranitar, my King Krush.
Pet Owned the Longest: Soshi, my Humar, who I released after leveling to 80 with and now tamed again.
How long I've been playing: I haven't been playing too long, a little over a year maybe? I used to play almost all day, but I've cut myself back. Something tells me once Cata hits that'll be a different story.
Favorite thing to do in game: Run around Dal with Tyran or Rantoth.

I started to play so I could play with a friend that was obsessed, then they left and I began to play for fun. I LOVE to raid, but I can't find a guild to raid with since I Am a BM hunter. Outside of the game, I'm shy at first until I get to know you a bit. I try to draw, fail at it though. I read a lot and play a ton of games. DS, PSP, PS2 and PC keep me amused most of the time. I love playing Pet classes. Hunters and Locks are my two favorite classes, but if I don't play my boomkin or resto shammy then people don't want me to raid. Makes me a sad Hunter.

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:55 pm
by Azunara
Hunter's Name: Firewing, however I frequently play my main, Azunara the druid. Hence my forum name. So yeah. Azu. Rawr.
Server: Cenarion Circle
Faction: Alliance and Proud of It
Current Favorite Spec: BM, Feral DPS, and Demonolgy
Current Favorite Pet: Moonlight, my Rak'shiri, or Bayne, my Krush. On my lock, it has to be Maxwell the Felguard.
Pet Owned the Longest: Moonlight.
How long I've been playing: Since Vanilla, around 5 years now or so.

Summary: I'm a huge fan of reading and writing and drawing, yet you see very little of me doing that, unless you count RP. I'm a fairly, or was a fairly, active in game RPer. Instead, I RP here on the forums. I've raided, and I really enjoyed it, so I can't wait till Cata to see if the raid group still needs a druid. I am usually on my druid, Azunara, though I'm really enjoying my lock, Ravynira.

I'm also an avid fan of Pokemon, my favorite legendary being Dialga. Cause come on. Odd quirks I should mention is I also have a wonky sense of humor. It can be very immature, or it can be very dark. I know a few obscure references to obscure things, so don't mind me if I rattle a few off. The older the reference though, the less likely I'll get it: I'm among the youngest here, though few realize it. (Kind of weird.)

And I'm the Self-Proclaimed Aspect of the Blues until Blizz instates new one, hence the gender. Long story on that, but it's not serious. :p

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 4:02 pm
by Revynn
Main's Name: Revynn
Hunter's Name: Pandóra
Server: Area 52 - US
Faction: Horde, but I have a soft spot for Night Elves.
Favorite Spec: Ummm, Destruction? I only recently hit 80 on my hunter, discovering my love of pets on the way, and haven't had the chance to play around with MM or SV yet.
Favorite Pet: Vader, my Red Demon Dog
Playing since: Off and on since Vanilla. A couple weeks here, a month or two there. Been playing consistently since the launch of Wrath.
Favorite thing to do in game: Kill huge, ugly internet dragons and take their toys.

Married, 2 kids under 4 and a 7-5 job means that I have to raid late-night, often till 1:30-2AM just to get up at 6 for work the next morning . . . 5 times a week. We've been wiping on the attendance boss lately, though, and I've spent most of my time leveling alts and farming mounts. I've been gaming since I was 5(?) and tend to gravitate towards adventure games and RPGs, anything with a compelling story. I also have a fairly deep interest in Anime, even though WOW has prety much sucked away all my spare time, and I like to write short Fantasy stuff. I'm not nearly confident enough about my abilities, though, so most of it ends up englected before I can get anything close to finished.

. . . and cars. I like to go fast. Organized racing, though. None of that street crap.

I'm stoked for Cataclysm, but . . . well, SW:TOR looks flipping awesome.

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 4:59 pm
by Turgus
Hunter's Name: Orchimedes
Server: Ravencrest
Faction: Horde
Favorite Spec: Beast Master all the way
Favorite Pet: Chomper aka King Krush
Playing since: Release of Vanilla WoW
Favorite Thing to do In-Game: PvP, I just love testing my skill against other players, especially in 2v1 or 3v1.
Most Excited for in Cataclysm: Finally being able to play the race I have always wanted to play, GOBLINS! :) The rest of it is icing on the cake.

Other Stuff: I am a casual player and only have one level 80 character. Hunters are my favorite class, with druids coming in a close second.
There are allot of things I am looking forward to in Cataclysm, especially with all the new pets that keep popping up.
IRL I am an easy going older-than-average college student with some unique world experience; so I tend to have a little different take on things than most.
So just be warned that I can talk a politician, a teacher or a preacher to death about almost any given topic. :geek:

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 5:44 pm
by Yuku
Hunter's Name: Yuku, and Animalove
Server: Shandris
Faction: Alliance
Favorite Spec: BM til WoLK- MM just to raid til patch 3.3.3- returned to BM forever
Favorite Pet: Zero, the SB Loque- soon be put aside for blue fox- Ashtail
Playing Since: Right before BC released
Favorite Thing to do in-Game: Mount farming/ Rare pet hunting XD i'm known in my guild as Crazy Mount girl
Most Excited for in Cataclysm: Worgens! been fan of them since playing the game, but bit sad that the vanilla worgen looks be replaced with the player models :?

Other Stuff: Love of the hunter, natural shammy healer, plays the best as a feral druid. I started the game cuz i love games involing collecting pets- yes my first game was Pokemon :P, just fell for my hunter, has been and alway be my main- though i have 5 other 80s. I love hunting new rare pets- and go crazy for any mounts [got the 100 mount achievement-woot!] I do end game raids- but not out to get the best gear or be first in GS. I started in the last 4 months in PvP- I make a wonderful rogue killer, also helps i played a feral kitty and rogue ;p Very Exitced for all the new pets Cata is bringing- for me its the foxes, my favorite animal- glad to see it in my favorite game. I've used this site since playing the game- finally got the nerve to talk in the forums :D Hi

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 7:45 pm
by Daniya
Hunter's name: Daniya
Server name: Hyjal
Faction side: Alliance-Spacegoat
Current Favorite Spec: SV
Current Favorite Pet: Anarcrab
Playing since: BC

Hunter's name: Danaria
Server name: Farstrider
Faction side: Alliance-Dwarf!
Current Favorite Spec: Bm
Current Favorite Pet: Apollo (ghostwolf)
Playing since: Vanilla (was a nelf though!)

Both are max level- I leveled Daniya up through BC because I really wanted to be a draenei, but race changes were unavaliable (and unlikely I thought). Guild leader didn't let me change to her :( I did pvping on her though.
I didn't 'main' on either of my hunters in Wotlk though- found out I really liked healing. I have all 4 healers at 80 too. But pretty sure I will go back to hunter as a main in Cata.

Also really looking forward to leveling a fem. goblin hunter somewhere. Though what I really want is a gnome hunter...

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:27 pm
by Wassa
Hunter's Name: Wassa
Server: Wyrmrest Accord
Faction: Horde
Favorite Spec: Survival
Favorite Pet: Do you need to ask? =P
Pet Owned the Longest: Hahadori
Playing Since: Patch 1.3
Focus in WoW: Raiding, exploring, RPing

'ello! I'm Wassa Ji'ro, obsessed with trolls and I adore birds, especially my Hahadori. She isn't my pet; I'm her pet.

I'm an officer in my raiding guild <Instinct> that was created by my friends and I when we transferred to Wyrmrest Accord. We are currently the #1 raiding guild on the server (although we are just big fish in a small pond with how current WAs raiding is >.> ). I used to be a hardcore raider back in BC, but I'm casual now.

Other than my hunter I love the druid class. I have two druids at max level and will probably make more come cata.

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:02 pm
by Tudyk
Hunter's name: Odetta (Orc) / Spinne (Night Elf)
Server: Uther / Thunderlord
Faction: Despite my elf ... "Lok'tar Ogar" gets me every time!
Favorite Spec: Surv /BM
Favorite Pet: Cosmicrage, my windserpent / Brophy, my Skoll
Pet Owned the Longest: Both hunters still have the pet they ran to a strange zone at 10 to tame. Marit, my Nightsaber / Chesterliver, my Black Bear.
Playing since Nov '04.
Most excited for in Cataclysm: The splitting of the Barrens!!!

Strange work schedules (or complete lack of work) make my playstyle sporadic at best, over time. Raided 3 days a week as a feral druid during MC/BWL/AQ. Leveled the druid to 70 first (I love tanking ...) but ended up raiding on a hunter. Work stuffs made me have to stop raiding right about the time my guild killed Vashj the first time. Picked up in Wrath by leveling a warrior to 80, but ended up raiding through Ulduar on a hunter again. =D Left server due to guild explosion and leveled a resto shaman, but (you guessed it!) ended up raiding ToGC / first wing of ICC on a hunter.

Then I FINALLY managed to get fired from my terrible brain-rotting cubicle job. Spent the summer cooking for the drum corps I used to march with. Went to Paris for a week, spent some time in Spain, couple of weeks in Canada and a couple more weeks getting in some long-overdue catch up time with relatives in northern Minnesota.

Back to WoW... playing a couple hours a week with my little brother and his wife. Running around PvPing on alts with my BF and his brother and generally getting my ducks in a row before Cata (and my little Goblin JC/Engy resto shaman!) comes.

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:32 pm
by rubybeam
Hunter's name: rubybeam
Server name: trollbane
Faction side: alliance
Current Favorite Spec: beastmastery. my love for taming pets is too great
Current Favorite Pet: none. I don't choose favorites
Summary: Eh..there's not much to know about me, I love taming pets and have plenty, I have many alts on both horde and alliance, mostly containing hunters. I'm not on WoW as much as you'd think though

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:16 pm
by Mustafah
Hunter's name: Mustafah
Server name: Draenor EU
Faction side: Horde
Current Favorite Spec: Don't really have one, gotta try Surv and then ill decide.
Current Favorite Pet: Echo, (Loque'nahak) wanted him for a very long time, and got him finally a few weeks ago. Soon will start camping for King Krush

Summary: Mustafah's tales are yet to be fully told, because most of them didnt happend yet. On his childhood, his zeppelin crashed over Un'goro Crater, and he lived in the wilderness, there he learned to be a hunter. The devilsaurs of Un'goro became friendly to him, one of the first person to achive such allies. He learnt to ride a devilsaur. The Devilsaurs told him there is a portal to a place called Sholazar Basin, in the northern part of Un'goro, he will find the last green devilsaur, they call him, Krush, King Krush, like him, green skin. Today Mustafah is a proud horde member, a loyal member, but he keeps searching the ways of peace, unlike many orcs.

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 2:35 pm
by zedxrgal
Hunter's name: My main is Giordana, Jobiensis, Rexiah (horde) and Zarilira (horde)
Server name: Nesingwary
Faction side: Alliance /horde
Current Favorite Spec: BM/MM
Current Favorite Pet: Skoll on my main
Pet Owned the Longest: Snort and Timber
Most Excited for in Cataclysm: Exploring, taming new pets, archaeology

Summary: Long time WoW player since ......................... before vanilla I guess. :lol: Warcraft and I go WAY back. But I guess you could say 2004. Primarily Horde till WotLK came out then started my main. Oddly though I seem to be fading back to horde only again. I think that's it.

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:06 am
by Loethlin
Main's name: Ciasteczko
Hunter's name: Pralinka
Server name: Defias Brotherhood (EU)
Faction side: Alliance, since I wanted to play with my friends. Troll at heart.
Current Favorite Spec: Fire! :) But for my Hunter - Beast Mastery.
Current Favorite Pet: I really can't decide. I love all my spirit beasts, but I bonded with my King Bangalash (LeonardNimoy) the most.

I've been lurking here for a long time, but registered not long ago, and since then, I was spamming you with all sorts of crap, so maybe I really should introduce myself.

I like pinacoladas and getting caught in the rain.
I'm not that good at writing Loethlin 101 posts.
Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.
Ok, so I'm really bad at this.
You remember high school? There was that kid with glasses, band t-shirts and a hoodie who was always reading books during recess and gave you Vulcan salute as a hello? That's me.
I've been playing RPG, the pen and paper kind, since I was 12, and discovered the joys of MUDs only a yeal later. Since then, the most time I spent in one game was 4 years in Anarchy Online. I switched to WoW a little over 2 years ago and picked Mage. I love that class. I've levelled all ranged classes to 80 since then, but I enjoy hunter so much it's my 2nd favourite. And the pets, they are so awesome. I like animals IRL very much, and this aspect of the hunter is quite appealing, but also brings out the compulsive hoarder side of me. I just have to catch 'em all.
Outside of WoW, I currently study psychology, having previously studied literature.
I spend my free time reading books, following several certain tv series, playing D&D with my friends, writing bad fanfiction and drawing awful fanart.
I'm a big Trekkie, I ship K/S, I drink too much, smoke too much, probably should cut down on caffeine.
I love to cook. My signature dishes are chocolate-whisky cake and pasta alla carbonara, but I excell at most pastas, pastries and stews. I honestly have no idea why most women don't like to cook. I suspect it has something to do with society's expectations of what a woman should be able to do. Well, frak society.
...Yeah, I'm not the most social person in the world, with all the agoraphobic issues, but it's so much easier on the internet.
And you guys on Petopia seem nice, so I decided to try and, you know, be a part of a community for once in my life.
Until you ban me, for being an insensitive, mean b*tch that I am.

That's pretty much it.

Hello, Petopia! :D

Oh, yeah. I'm Cancer. But I don't believe in astrology. I'm a scientist!

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:39 pm
by 12gunner
Hunter's name: My name is Tardron (yes go ahead and laugh if you see it)
Server name: Nesingwary
Faction side: Horde!
Current Favorite Spec: BM
Current Favorite Pet: Twitchy, my unstoppable silithid
Pet Owned the Longest: Crunch, the ravager
How long I've been playing: For about a year now

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:15 pm
by Zulhan
Hunter's Name: Zulhan
Server: Demon Soul
Faction: Horde
Favorite Spec: Beast Master
Favorite Pet: Zoidburg (Blue Crab from Stranglethorn)
Playing since: Patch 1.3 I think...

Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:55 pm
by Jolyroger
Hunter's name: Jolyroger, Male NE; Juntuk, Male Orc
Server name: Draenor ,Nesingwary
Faction side: Alliance, Horde Lok'tar Hogger!
Current Favorite Spec: BM, always BM, nothing else.
Current Favorite Pet: Takk, Raptor (Takk The Leaper)
Pet Owned the Longest: Takk, tamed when I was 23. Leveled Old School.
How long I've been playing: Since 9 months after WoW launched.
Favorite thing to do in game: Tame rare pets, and level them. Occasionally raid.

Summary: I have always played a Hunter. I tried a Rogue, Death Knight, and a Druid. I will be trying a Rogue again in Cat, along with a new Worgen Hunter. For me, BM spec is all there is. No intention to try the other specs as for me it is all about the pets. I currently have 5 Hunters, all BM. But I will probably be dropping some.

On my main, I have done ICC up to Lich King, but have not killed him yet, and at the rate it is going won't kill him for a long time. I have a level 80 Draeni Hunter as well as a level 80 Death Knight.