I would like another, to add to my rotating sig, please.

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I would like another, to add to my rotating sig, please.

Unread post by starkittens » Mon Nov 21, 2011 9:04 pm

can i get a sig for my rotating sig, with my it?
Starkittens pets
Some of them might not show up.. (at least, they didn't when i looked at them)

I probably wont be taming anything new (at least, that i'll keep...) for awhile,

I Would like it in a semi forested, semi clearing, (so forest in the background clearing in the foreground), I would like Snowfire To be sleeping next to Icefang, I would like IceFire and SkyFire playing in the trees,a small pond be added, for WaterFlower, and Snapfire, And the last three, you can do what every you want with.

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