Heroes vs. Villains Tournament!

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Heroes vs. Villains Tournament!

Unread post by Rottingham » Wed Jul 04, 2012 7:52 pm

This was a game I played back in gradeschool with some friends. now over the 8-9 years of us doing this It's been improved drastically, But since we decided to start up another tournament again I figured I'd try and share this with everyone on the forums!

It is called Heroes vs. Villains. The backstory behind it is that once every year (or week, back in school :P) there is a tournament held where The greatest heroes and villains would compete against eachother in order to see who was the most powerful being in the universe.

Each person chooses a hero and a villain. The heores then compete against other heroes and the villains fight other villains to see who the greatest fighter of their group is, then the winner of the Heroes' Bracket and the winner of the Villains' bracket would challenge each other.

Every week there would be a new host (I will be the host for the first tournament just to show how it's done.) The host makes the brackets to see who competes against each other first, who the winners fight, and so on until the final showown between the best hero and best villain. The host also acts as a story teller, telling how the fight ensues. The host also chooses the different arenas to fight in (Arenas will be explained later)

Now for the combat element. The host rolls dice, and whoever has the higher dice wins that "attack". the lower dice does not add up, only the higher. The first competitor to reach x amount of points (for example, 50 or so? it depends on the host's rules) wins that match. if the dice are a draw, then no points are gained. From the statistics the host tells the story of the fight is as much or little detail as the please.

That's about it.

Player options
Players in this can choose any hero or villain that they want. It could be from a book, a movie, a video game, a completely original character or anything off the top of their head. But it is up to the player to give some details about their choices to help the host make the battle as real as possible for is those two confronted each other. Give detials on powers is they have any, personality, things like that to help the fights progress better.

Each player chooses two arenas, or battle grounds, for the fights to take place in. They do not need to be related to either your hero or villain. So suppose you choice Kirby, you don't have to choose a Kirby arena. You can choose Asguarde if you so desire! It's all up to you!

Rules for choosing
There are very little restrictions to anyone's choices, but we've come up with these rules just due to trial and error with them.

1. No Gods
though it would be amazing to see Zeus and The flying spaghetti monster fight each other, it could offend someone's religion (as it has in the past) to have a God that they worship defeated before their eyes by something that would not normally cause pain to a god. Unless it's a "non realistic" god from a video game or a book or something, please try and keep your choices to the ungodly.

2. No OP
Sometimes it's cool to just make up a person who can feel no pain, never tire out, never die, has no weaknesses, and can take on armies in a few seconds. But here that is kind of... umm... bad. Just simply due to the fact that we don't want someone like Harry Potter or Banjo and Kazooie going against someone of that magnitude. Not because it's unfair, as the game is based on chance and the roll of the dice, but because it's hard for the host to find a way for them to then give up or for them to be defeated. I can't tell you how many times my friends and I have tried to find a way to overlook this apart from the fact that they say "This is a waste of time" and leave... that takes the thrill out of the fight and has the players become less attached.

Simply put, every hero and villain must have a weakness of some sort.

3. Be a fighter.
This one sounds silly, but the hero or villain must have some experience in combat. It's hard to have Scar (from the Lion King) lose to Enrico Polini (from Rat Race) when he has no idea how to even throw a punch. It can make for a comical story and might make the fight more entertaining, but most of the time it just blows the entire fun out of it. Please try and choose someone who can at least stand up for themselves if they have to.

And thats IS is! We need at least a minimum of 4 people (though I hope for more) to try this. If we have an odd number of people, then I will join in. (don't worry, I am not biased. I usually find fun ways to defeat my own chatacters.)

So then...


Post here your Hero, Villain, Arenas, and stats about all of them if you can. Also, if it's not someone you made up and you have a reference (The book that they were from, a picture of them, ect.) then that would be extremely helpful.

Good luck, and may the most Honorable or Dastardly win!


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