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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by gigandetsgirl » Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:02 pm

Oh my gosh, this looks like so much fun! I have never done anything like this before. In no way can anything I come up with hold a candle to your boss fight or the other incredible ones that have been posted, but I would like to try for fun. I’m not sure how Constantyne would ever become a raid boss, but I wrote this not as if he was evil… just defending his home from evil. Maybe this is a possibility if we ever had the opportunity to play a truly evil character!

Constantyne Dawntreader
<Guardian of Silvermoon>

Constantyne is found inside of Sunfury Spire in Silvermoon City, in the area where Lor’themar Theron normally stands with his council. Much of the Spire is desecrated from an apparent attack on Silvermoon, and many fires burn within the room. Broken glass lay everywhere. Screams are heard in the distance. A mob of red and orange dragonhawks flies near the entrance of the spire. Constantyne stands in the middle of the room, strong amongst the destruction, while his beloved worg Whitney stands snarling beside him.

Constantyne stands as tall as a normal blood elf male, his build lean and muscular. His skin is pale and his long, light blonde hair kept long and free. It moves slightly as his chest heaves up and down, and breeze floats through the spire’s shattered windows. His eyes seem to glow green not only with magic energy, but also with rage. He is dressed in mail armor, red and gold as the colors of Silvermoon. Whitney is a large, black worg with sharp claws and bared fangs.

Stage 1: 100%-75%
- Constantyne throws his arms open and freezing, fire, and snake traps spread everywhere.
- Whitney charges, viciously tearing at the tank with her claws and fangs.
- Constantyne attacks with a rotation of steady, aimed, and chimera shots
- At 75%, Constantyne fires a shot that hits the ground and unleashes dozens of vipers that begin to attack and constrict the party. If a party member is constricted, other members must fight to free them from the snakes’ grasp. Lasts until snakes are killed.

Stage 2: 75%-50%
- Constantyne casts Rapid Fire at 60%, increasing his attack speed by 50% for 15 seconds.
- Constantyne begins to perodically cast Mend Pet, healing Whitney for up 90% of her total health. Can be interrupted.
- Whitney strikes a member with Undying Grip, sinking her fangs into a party member’s leg to cause massive bleeding damage. She must be attacked in order to release
- At 50%, Constantyne fires an icy shot that strikes the ground, covering it in ice for 30 seconds. During this time period, party members’ agility and movement is decreased by 50%.

Stage 3: 50%-25%
- At 40%, Whitney howls, putting up a buff on Constantyne called “Loyal Inspiration.” Constantyne is healed back up to 50%.
- At 25%, Constantyne fires a fiery shot that strikes the ground and engulfs it in flames. Party members must continue moving to prevent themselves from being engulfed. Causes periodic damage, even when moving. Lasts 20 seconds.

Stage 4: 25%-0%
- When Constantyne is around 15% health, Whitney should fall. Upon her death, Constantyne gains a buff called “Hunter’s Anguish” that increases his agility and critical strike rating by 100%. When this buff is up, Constantyne glows red (much like in bestial wrath) and fires an endless barrage of arrows at the party.

Aimed Shot - 2 second cast time. Causes massive damage.
Chimera Shot – Instant. Causes high damage. 10 second cooldown.
Mend Pet – 1 second cast time. Heals Whitney for 10-30% of her health per cast.
Steady Shot– 1.5 second cast time. Causes low damage. Generates 10 focus points. No cooldown.

Monologue: Intruders! Who dares desecrate my fair city? No matter. Your path of destruction ends now! Selama ashal’anore! (Justice for our people!)
Aggro: The sin’dorei will prevail!
During fight: My father died for this land! His death will not be in vein!
During fight: Band’or shorel’aran! (Prepare to say farewell!)
Killing player: You will never step foot in my city again.
Killing team: <laughs> Burn in the Nether! Glory to the sin'dorei!
Upon killing Whitney: <roars> WHITNEY!!!! NO!! DIE!!
Death: No… no… I have failed… Father? Is that… you…

End details:
After Constantyne dies, the ghost of another blood elf spawns. It the ghost of Bastien Dawntreader, Constantyne’s father. He looks down at his son’s body and cries, then speaks. “You fought well, my son. It is time to come with me now.”

After speaking, the ghost of Bastien kneels down beside his son. His spirit, and the bodies of Constantyne and Whitney disappear

Bow of the Sin’dorei Guardian

Dawntreader Family Crest
+ Agility
+ Critical Strike

Bloodstained Locket
+ Stamina
+ Agility
Flavor text: This locket is very old. A picture of a female blood elf fills one side; a young blood elf boy the other.

Bastienne’s Flower
+ Stamina
+ Spirit
Use: Grants the user an increased chance of finding rare items for 10 minutes. One hour cooldown.
Flavor text: “It’s for good luck, Daddy!”

Constantyne’s Wedding Ring
+ Stamina
+ Spirit
Flavor text: “I love you, you silly elf. Please come home soon.”

Black Worg Pup
Companion pet

Thank you so much Litlemouse for my amazing signature! :hug:


<The Dawntreaders>
Constantyne Whitnee
Bastienne, Costin, and Willoe

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Cerele » Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:17 pm

I am going to cry i just worked on an epic one with the nightmare flight and alextrasza that took me an hour and a half to write, then my mouse dropped and clicked out of page D=

signature thanks to Kurieno

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by gigandetsgirl » Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:53 pm

Oh no :hug: I'm so sorry!

Thank you so much Litlemouse for my amazing signature! :hug:


<The Dawntreaders>
Constantyne Whitnee
Bastienne, Costin, and Willoe

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Galahandra » Sat Jun 11, 2011 4:24 pm

Going to do this for my character. She would be a boss only available for the Horde to kill!

Beastmistress Galahandra
<Champion of the Silverwing Sentinels>

Galahandra can be found in Ashenvale, deep within the Silverwing Sentinels encampment. Surround by low level NPCs. Attacking her would not activate PvP for your character, despite being a horde only boss.

Galahandra stands at an average size for a female Night Elf. She is decked out in the full Field Marshall's Set, with a Silverwing Sentinels Tabard on. Her bow is that of the same set. Her weapons remain hidden till her last stage.

Stage 1: 100%-80%
- She starts out mounted on a Nightsaber, with a smaller one to assist her.
- Juliet <Galahandra's oldest companion>
- During this phase she can't be tanked. She will target a random member of the raid and focus upon them. This person needs to be healed through it. Will last for fifteen seconds.
- Serpent Sting
- Immolation Trap
- Arcane Shot
- Cobra Shot
- Her pet will run around the raid, putting a stacking DoT on each member as it runs past (Rip debuff)

Stage 2: 80%-60%
- At the start of this phase Galahandra will throw a couple of bombs out at the raid, stunning them all for ten seconds. During this time she will get her next pet out. It will remain out with the previous if it wasn't killed.
- Tyrant <Devilsaur>
- Galahandra is off of her mount.
- Galahandra can now be tanked, during this phase she will use the following attacks:
- Immolation Trap
- Snake Trap
- Deterrence
- Mongoose Bite
- Wing Clip
- When Galahandra uses wing clip, she will run to the member of the raid furthest away and start attacking them. This will last for ten seconds.
- Tyrant needs to be off tanked. He puts a stacking healing debuff on the raid.

Stage 3: 60%-40%
- At the start of this phase, Galahandra throws a bomb at the entire raid, freezing them all for ten seconds. During this time she will get her next pet out
- Ashanali <Wolf>
- Galahandra is once again untankable.
- She will use the following attacks:
- Immolation Trap
- Snake Trap
- Explosive Trap
- Serpent Sting
- Cobra Shot
- Arcane Shot
- Kill Command
- Intimidation
- Much like phase one, but she can now stun the player.
- Ashanali will attack the same target as Galahandra.
- Gaping Wound - Absorbs and takes the next heal on the target.

Stage 4: 40-20%
- Galahandra throws a ticking bomb in front of her. All members of the raid must run 30 yards out of range within 8 seconds before it explodes, killing them.
- She now has a new pet out.
- Oso <Bear Spirit>
- She has the same attacks as the previous round.
- Oso will attack the same target as Galahandra.
- Spirit Strike - Puts a stacking debuff on the target, stacking up to ten times.
- Spirit Heal - Puts a HoT on Galahandra. Can be spell stolen.

Stage 5: 20-0%
- Galahandra throws a bomb at her feet, knocking back the entire raid and stunning them for ten seconds. She also has a new pet out.
- Musto <Son of Har'koa>
- Galahandra brings out her Primal Fury fist weapons. She will charge one random raid member. When this happens she gets the 'Primal Blessing' buff. This increases her haste and critical strike chance and damage done by 100%. This is a DPS race in which you need to kill her before she kills the raid.
- When within 10 yards of Musto, Galahandra will regain 2% of her HP per second. He must be kited away.
- Galahandra keeps the same attacks.

Hard Mode

Don't kill any of Galahandra's pets till after she has been defeated.

Completing this will be a 100% chance of having <Silverwing Nightsaber> drop off of Galahandra.

Aggro: This land belongs to us. You shall trespass no longer!
Start of phase 2: Enough of this! Tyrant, come and lend you mistress a hand...
Start of phase 3: Ashanali, come! Help me vanquish these intruders.
Start of phase 4: Oso shall smite you where you stand!
Start of Phase 5: Musto, give me your strength!
On Changing Forms: May the Goddess forgive me!
Killing player: Feeding time <name of pet currently out>
Killing team: Your filth will no longer set foot in our land again!
Death: We will never... Give up... The fight.

Bow of the Silverwing Sentinel

Juliet's Fang
Strength Trinket
On Use: Increases Critical Strike rating by xx

Tyrant's Arm
Intellect Trinket
On Use: Increases Spell Haste by xx

Ashanali's Howl
Agility Trinket
On Use: Increases Critical Strike rating by xx

Oso's Paw
Spirit Trinket
On Use: Increases Mastery rating by xx

Musto's Rage
Stamina Trinket
On Use: Increases Maximum HP by xx

Claw of Hidden Rage
Agility, Stamina, Crit and Haste

Claw of Unending Fury
Agility, Stamina, Mastery and Hit.

Equipping Both of them will give a chance on ranged/melee hit to give you the 'Primal Blessing' turning you into a Tiger and increasing your critical strike rating by xx

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Lupis » Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:51 pm

This is so, so late. And so, so long. And I love it.

<Leader of the Dusk>

<Eyes of the Dusk>

Location: ((Totally copy-pasted from Azu AGAIN! I’m lazy!)) Hinterlands. He is located in Seradane, in a largish cave. 85+ mobs patrol about, either called, "Scarab's Minions" <Dusk> or "Corrupted Dawn" <Dusk>. They are neutral, but once one is killed, they will all become aggressive. Inside the cave, it has a Stockades layout, looking more or less like this.
Boss Boss
--- ----- ---- ---- ----- (End Boss)
Boss Boss Boss
Prior to him are the following bosses: Gamin, Thunder, Seventeen, Buzzard and Solara. He’s in the very last room, “Insins’ Lab.” Raid instance is called, "Cavern of Shadows." Room names are as follows: "Gamin's Den", "Thunder's Cave", "Seventeen's Lair", "Buzzard's Roost", "Solara's Nest" and "Insins' Lab".

Lair details: It’s extremely deep. It’s round, with a battered old stone spiral staircase going down, following the edge of the room. There are windows on the walls, and the room gets darker the further down you get. There are several more “layers” made up of circular rooms, each with the same staircase headed down. At the very bottom there is another round room, this one almost completely lined with large glass tubes. They’re all dark, filled with water and holding one random Dusk creature each. On top of one tube there’s a dark hallway.

Appearance: ...He’d need a whole new model, one made to look like a Kabutops. Hands is a brown owl, perched on his arm. One of his scythes is broken in half.

Stage 1: 100-80%
-Scarab is found on the top room. He’s a neutral mob unless someone has any of the Dusk Boss “heroic mode” drops, in which case he enrages and hard mode is activated.
-A typical tank&spank fight. He deals high damage, and periodically uses Cleave. Hands dives at players, stunning them with Screech and causing them to bleed.
-Throughout the fight he stacks Harden.
-At the end of the stage he becomes un-attackable and runs down the stairs to the next level.
-Note on Hands: If her health is lowered to 10%, she faints and becomes un-attackable. However, Scarab gains Berserk, and will quickly wipe the raid.
-In hard mode, Harden stacks more quickly and Hands’ Screech is an AoE stun.

Stage 2: 80-60%
-Similar to the previous stage, but he keeps the Harden stacks, and has a new attack, X-scissor.
-Hands enrages, doing 20% more damage. Stun lasts 2 seconds longer.
-At the end of this stage he runs down to the next level.
-In hard mode, X-scissor deals damage to the target and two nearby raiders.

Stage 3: 60-40%
-Similar to stage 2. Keeps the Harden stacks, and learns another new move, Ancient Power. The group must move out of the rumbling spots on the ground - they stay throughout the entire stage and more spawn, so it is a DPS race.
-Hands enrages again, doing 40% more damage than her original amount. Stun lasts another 2 seconds longer.
-At the end of this stage he runs down to the last level.
-In hard mode, Ancient Power does more damage and spawns more.

Stage 3: 40-20%
-It’s too dark to see. He stealths (to avoid tab-targeting) and appears behind random party members, using Night Slash on them. Hands flies from glass tube to glass tube, opening them once every 30 seconds. Each time one is opened, it releases a Dusk beast. It also starts to glow, lighting up the room and dropping Scarab’s stealth. All Harden stacks drop once his stealth is removed.
-The Dusk Beasts have an on-attack skill called Infect. It stacks every time the target takes physical damage. Once it reaches 50 the player is Mind Controlled, berserks, and attacks the raid.
-An infected player must be lowered to 5% heath to be cured.
-At 20%, uses Vanish.
-In hard mode, two Dusk beasts are released per tube.

Stage 4: 20%-1%
-Starts with Hands letting out a large screech, opening all remaining glass tubes. (There will be a lot.) Many Dusk beasts swarm the raid and must be killed before anyone is fully infected.
-Scarab appears once again. He has learned Infect as well, and attacks twice as fast.
-At 5% he gains the buff Steel Skin, causing him to take 99% reduced damage. Hands must be lowered to 10% for this to fade.
-At 1%, becomes un-attackable. Fight ends, end bit plays. The chest with the loot is found in the glass tube that Scarab stands on during his speech.

Cleave: A typical cleave attack, dealing damage to all nearby players.
Screech: Stuns the target for 3 seconds and causes the player to bleed for moderate damage.
Harden: Scarab takes 1% less damage. This can stack to 100%. Stacks once every 10 seconds.
X-scissor: A high-damage attack that lowers the armor of the target for 5 seconds.
Ancient Power: Causes the ground to shake and spikes to rise up at any player standing on shaking ground. This stays active throughout the stage and more and more patches of ground will be effected.
Night Slash: A high-damage attack that causes a DoT, dealing moderate-low damage for 10 seconds.
Infect: Every physical attack adds a stack of “Infect” to the targeted player. Once the stacks reach 50 the target is mind controlled.
Steel Skin: Scarab takes 99% less damage until Hands faints.

Aggro: I sssee. You think you are ssstrong, do you? It’sss alwayss the sssame. You think physsical ssstrength is the only sstrength. Very well then...
Aggro Hardmode: Sssso, you sseak me out to ssslay me? You’ve killed my lieutenantsss. Do you know what thisss meanss for you? Yessss... It means I will kill you... sssssslowly.
Stage 1 end: Ignorancccce. We have evolved. We have gone beyond nature'sss own limitationssss.
Stage 2 end: Formed by hhhuman hhhandssss to be monsterssss, we hhhhave become a forcccce for freedom!
Stage 3 end: We unified massssive ssssectionsss of the world! Can you not ssssee what life would be like, without the warsss over family tiesss?
Stage 4 start: An entire world, one unified family. And you wish to dessstroy thissss dream. I will dessstroy you firssst!
Upon Dusk Infection: You! You sssee the truth! Join usss!
Dusk Player Cured: Betrayal? Of courssse. I wasss a fool not to sssee it coming.
End bit
*Scarab jumps back, landing on a glass tube. He cradles the wounded Hands in his arms.*
“Hhhere we are again. The needsss of the many versssess the needss of a few. Thisss all hhappened before... And what did you get for it? More war. You never give unity a chanccce! Blind...
*He begins fading into the dark hallway as he backs away, until only his voice can be heard.*
“We will ssstart again. We alwaysss do. New championsss will risse, and the memoriesss of old will be honored. The Dusssk will alwaysss overcome the Dawn. The sssun will always bow down to the darknesss, and when the sssun diess, we will rule.”
*The room begins to get lighter, and Scarab is gone. His voice echoes one last time.*
“Gamin, Thunder, Sseventeen, Buzzard, Sssolara... Perhapsss I will find you again.”
*A hiss echoes*

Scythe of the Dusk Lord
Agy/stam Polearm

Old Needle
Equip: On melee attack, has a chance to cause you to enrage, dealing more damage for 10 seconds. Causes the player to turn black and gain glowing red eyes.
Flavor text: It's full of a strange black sludge…

Owl Wing Tunic
Cloth healing chest
Appearance note: Gives you Stormrage-esque wings on your arms.

Tattered Feather
This item starts a quest.
The quest has you bring the feather, Blazing Sun from the Solara fight, and Carrion's Crystal Shard from the Buzzard Fight to an NPC called Dr. Insins. He will then reward you with "Sun Darkener", a healer staff.

Shattered Spine
This item starts a quest.
This quest has you bring the spine, Claw of the Fallen Psyceon from the Solara fight and Fire Dragon's Wing from the Buzzard fight to Dr. Insins. He will then reward you with "Moon Raiser", a tanking sword.

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Lazurianis » Sun May 20, 2012 8:27 am

Name: Shetou <Chaos Lord>
Location: Stormwind City
Link: ... tou/simple
Health: 250,865,985,700
Armor: <Scales with Phase>
Resource: Chaos Energy
Damage: 75,000-250,000
Level Requirement: 90
Raid Settings: 40 Man Heroic (Outdoor Raid Boss)
Classification: End-Game Boss
Race: Chaos Human (Link to Picture: ... r_1972.jpg)
Berserk Timer: 10 Minutes

Lore: When Shetou was young he respected everyone, including the horde, but shortly after he turned six, his parents were ruthlessly murdered by Horde soldiers (Those soldiers were, Thrall, Garrosh Hellscream, and Cairne Bloodhoof) and swore vengeance on all of the Horde because of this act of violence and treason. So very many years Shetou served the Alliance, for years on end was he trained by several different rogues. Eventually, after collecting much knowledge as he got older, he became a Master Rogue. He was amazing in combat, either quickly killing his enemies.. or giving them a slow, painful death. However Shetou lived with his Aunt and Uncle, but one day (shortly after the Cataclysm), when he was sleeping in the Kingdom of Stormwind, there was a loud crash in his house. He then began to sneak around, and there he was: Cairne Bloodhoof -- ready to murder his Aunt. But Cairne knew.. exactly who Shetou was when he saw him, and he ran, as fast as he could. But Shetou sprinted after him, jumping roof to roof to catch the cold-hearted tauren who killed those who he was close to. And eventually, Cairne began to lose Shetou... or so he thought, Cairne turned around -- to see nothing. He heard nothing.. so he sat down to rest in the Canals -- or the old Barracks.. as he began to rest.. he heard a noise, it sounded like the wind. But, Shetou quickly came behind Cairne, sitting down and held him by his neck.. "I swore vengeance on the Horde from the day you killed my mother and father. Those who I do not even remember now.." Shetou hissed in the Taurens ear. "I-I was j-just doi-" he stuttered "Doing what? Doing your job? It is your 'job' to kill elders of the Alliance? Is that it, Horde Filth?" He whispered. "P-please. Don't bring me to the guards." He pleaded "I won't, but you wont be remembered, just like how I cant remember my parents." he grinned coldly, and he took his Blade of Azzinoth and stabbed Cairne in the back of the head, going through his skull, into his throat and out of his mouth, while holding his neck. Then Shetou, still holding the blade in Cairne's throat, puts his foot on his back, in between his shoulder blades, and kicks his limp body off his dagger. "Horde scum, I thought your death was going to be more pleasing." he sighed. "That was for you, both." he kissed his index and middle finger and held it to the sky. After the death of Cairne, he found a new power. He joined the "New Horde" for redemption. The Chaos Orcs welcomed him, and he was a respected member. Until Warchief Kargath decided to insult Shetou, about being a "Chaos" Human and how the only "Chaos Races" were Orcs. After this act of disrespect Shetou acted upon this by assassinating Kargath. Giving Shetou the title "Leader of the New Horde". And that is where it began...

Pre-Encounter: Shetou can be found stealthing around the Stormwind City Graveyard, however he can only be seen by him agroing you or with an detection potion. He is kneeling however by a specific grave, his parents grave. Giving them his final farewells before he travels out to the Outlands again.


Pre-Encounter1: Mom.. Dad. I miss you, and still love you. Never forget that.. please.
Pre-Encounter2: All is slipping away. Everything is turning to grey. I don't want to be here anymore.
Pre-Encounter3: What? How long have you been there. Very well, another fool to challenge my power.
Agro: Make this easier on yourself. Do not scream... because they will not be heard.
Shiv1: Feel... each muscle pull at my dagger.. one at a time. Do you feel that pain? There will be a lot more of it.
Shiv2: Coup de grace.
WarglaiveSlash1: You know this warglaive? I've made it more powerful... just for you.
WarglaiveSlash2: Illidan did not know how to use these. It's a shame actually, i've found more hidden power even he did not know about.
KidneyShot1: Do not forget the pain you feel now... because when you die, you will crave that pain.
KidneyShot2: Did you honestly believe I was going to be fair?
Kick1: Silence <Class>, keep silent if you do not want to be killed.
Kick2: Silence your heart, just like I did.. my own.
Shadowstep: Do not find one who does not want to be found.
Vanish1: Why keep trying?
Vanish2: You will never learn to stop lashing out until you start giving up, <Race>.
Special1: How much more until you break?
Special2: Just die. You wont be easily escaping from me.
Kill1: I knew you would fail.
Kill2: Learn more, fool.
Kill3: Embrace the end.
Death: Never forget.. I will always be watching.. you.

Stage 1: Sacrifice! (90%-100%)

Shetou negates between only six abilities in this stage. It is a short phase however.

Poisons: Applies a random poison on the victim, this varies on their class and specialization.
Wound Poison: 75% Reduced Healing Output; 25% reduced healing taken lasts 30 seconds, Leeching Poison: Instantly steals 5% of the targets maximum HP and increases mana cost of all healing abilities by 25%, Blackout Poison: A deadly poison that applies a DoT - dealing 1-20% of the targets maximum HP over 30 seconds. If this stacks to 10, the target instantly dies.

Shadow Dance: Unlocks all abilities that are required to be used in stealth, out of stealth for 30 seconds.
Stealthed Abilities: Cheap Shot, Ambush, Garrote, and Fiendish Strike.
Cheap Shot: Stuns the target for 5 seconds, increasing the chance of applying a poison to the target by 25%.
Ambush: Instantly deals 250,000 phyiscal damage. If this is avoided by any reason, the victim automatically gets 5 stacks of Blackout Poison.
Garrote: Deals 500,000 Physical damage over 30 seconds, the victim is silenced for 5 seconds.
Fiendish Strike: Replaces Backstab, and is useable out of stealth: Deals 125% weapon damage to the victim, regardless of where they are standing. If you are stealthed or affected by Shadow Dance, the damage done is increased by 500%.

Stage 2: Can you handle it?(60%-90%)

Shetou now unlocks all of his abilities, this is a DPS phase because Shetou now loses his aggro table and instead attacks the player doing the least DPS or the most healing.

Shiv: Instantly deals 50% damage however it removes a magic/enrage effect on a target, for every buff removed, the damage of Shiv is increased by 25% a stack. This can stack up to 10. If the target has no buffs, Shiv automatically applies Grievous Wound.

Grievous Wound: Deals 75,000 physical damage every two seconds, lasts until healed.

Warglaive Slash: Instantly deals 500% offhand damage applying "Weakness to Azzinoth"

Weakness to Azzinoth: Increases fire damage taken by 200% and deals 5,000 fire damage every three seconds for 5 minutes. Every time Weakness to Azzinoth ticks it has a 25% chance to summon a Unshackled Flame of Azzinoth.

Unshackled Flame of Azzinoth (Add): 250,000,000 HP with a Damage Pool of 50-75k. Every time it attacks it has a 25% chance to summon Embers of Azzinoth, with 250k HP and they spread Weakness of Azzinoth.

Shadowstep: Runs at highspeed to the farthest target, stunning them for 3 seconds and teleporting behind the original target dealing 225,000 Shadow Damage to them.

Stage 3: The Hand of Death (60%-1%)
Shetou now unlocks his ultimate ability: Assassin's Creed.

Assassin's Creed: Deals an AOE Damage of Shadow in a frontal cone. Those who are farthest away are attacked by 5 Elite Blackout Monks and those who are attacked by 9 Elite Chaos Assassins.

Elite Blackout Monk -- (Link with Image: ... ystems.jpg)
HP: 500k
Resource: Energy
Core Abilities: Blackout Kick and Blackout Strike
Blackout Kick: Instantly deals 125k damage and stuns the target for 5 seconds forcing them to "Blackout".
Blackout Strike: Channels an array of attacks over 10 seconds, stunning the target for 3 seconds every hit.
Classification: Boss
Level: ??

Elite Chaos Assassin --(Link with Image: ... in_PRC.jpg)
HP: 750k
Resource: None
Core Abilities: Assassinate, Backstab, Shadowstep
Shadowstep: Teleports behind the target instantly dealing 25,000 shadow damage to the victim.
Assassinate: At 25% HP you may assassinate the target instantly killing them.
Backstab: Deals 75,000 Shadow Damage to the victim.
Classifacation: Boss
Level: 93


You have defeated me.. but, I will be back. So I will reward you for killing my greatest trainees, and defeating me in Battle.

Loot - Shown from The Master Assassin's Satchel --

Undying Resolve of Blackout - 25% Drop Chance
+980 Agility
Chance on Hit: When dealing Physical or Ranged damage you have a chance to use "Blackout" which charges your target instantly dealing 250% weapon damage and stunning them for 5 seconds.

Stolen Helmet of Domination - 1% Drop Chance (Link: ... ch_King%29)
This Item Starts a Quest
"How did Shetou get a hold of this?"

The Reins of Bal'rog - .01% Drop Chance (Image Link: ... _large.jpg)
Use: Teaches you how to ride the War Bear of Shetou, Bal'Rog.

“Marines I see as two breeds, Rottweilers or Dobermans, because Marines come in two varieties, big and mean, or skinny and mean. They're aggressive on the attack and tenacious on defense. They've got really short hair and they always go for the throat.”
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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by meepitco » Sun May 20, 2012 10:53 am

Gonna take a try at this....

Naradrya, the grand warlock

Location: Shadowmoon Valley(near the front of where Black Temple is)

Boss Room/Area: A barren landscape of Shadowmoon Valley, really. Not much can be said.

Appearance: Female Warlock, Dark Brown to Black hair, wearing The T-5 set. She has no staff, but a tome in her hands.


Stage One, The Dark Decent(100% - 75%);
She sends herself into the battle dealing moderate damage to all melee and tanks. She casts spells like 'Shadowbolt' And 'Drain Life'. She will sometimes target a random healer or ranged DPS. Drain life will, of course heal her, so Tanks need to interrupt that ASAP. It's cool down is about 1 minute, so every minute, she will do that. She will also cast DoTs like Corruption and Immolate on all party members, which cause low to medium damage.

Stage Two, Come Thy Minions!(75% - 50%);
The grand warlock blasts all of the party group back some, and vanishes to another area to regain her strength. But, before she summons a portal that brings out Demons from another dimension. These demons range from Felhunters, to Felguards, to Imps and Voidwalkers. Imps are ranged, and the rest are melee. They all have about 200,000 health, and like the Onyxia fight, need to be nuked ASAP. One tank though, should keep onto the portal and 'kill' the portal. The portal after it is destroyed, also destroys about 25% of her health.

Stage Three, I'm baaaaaaaaaack!(50% - 25%);
The grand warlock returns, with around 50% health and ready to start killing again. Like stage one, she casts Shadow Bolt, Drain Life, and DoTs. Though, unlike the first stage, she will now summon a Large Felhunter named Gazrahak. He is loyal to his mistress, and must be tanked seperatly from Naradrya. Once Gazrahak dies, Naradrya will go into a rage, and cast Rain of Fire, as an AoE spell. This will kill everyone, instantly. But don't worry, there's a little lore to the background....

Stage Four, Sister why won't you join me? (25% - 0%);
After the grand warlock would kill everyone, a older, much more steady at hand Bloody Elf Paladin would run in, and talk to Naradrya. Naradrya then says the following things "why dear Valetha, my older sister, why won't you join me in this quest for conquest?" And Valetha will say "Because, I must protect the innocent. And the only way I can do that, is by stopping you." Valetha then begins to Ressurect the whole raid group, and after she does that, Naradrya fuses with a demon's power, thus turning into something like the spell Metamorphosis. She will deal about twice as much damage, and has to be nuked. Valetha will throw Holy Shields out at Melee and ranged, for Naradrya has a spell called "Shattering Howl" that causes High Damage. Sometimes she will forget to do this, though, and Tanks have to inturupt.

Shadow Bolt- Used on Stage One and Stage Three. Causes Moderate Damage.
Immolate- Used on Stage One and Stage Three. Causes Moderate Damage over time
Corruption- Used on Stage One and Stage Three. Causes Moderate Damage over time.
Drain Life- Used on Stage one and Stage Three. Causes moderate to high damage, and heals the grand warlock. Must be interrupted.
Summon Thy Minions- Used at the ending of Stage One, and the Beginning of Stage Two. Summons One portal in Normal Mode, and Two in Heroic.
Shadow Blast- Used at the ending of Stage One, and the Beginning of Stage Two. Blasts all players back a good while, well the Grand Warlock summons a portal. Does low Damage, but leaves a DoT causing the player to walk/run slower by 50% for 10 seconds.
Summon Gazrahak- Summons Gazrahak.
Rain of Fire- The Grand Warlock summons fire and brimstone from the heavens, and thus killing everyone on the area. It then starts the Valetha scene.
Shattering Howl- Causes Moderate to High AoE damage to the group. This can be interrupted, and blocked with a holy shield.

Valetha(Not really attacks.. but..):
Holy Shield- Casts a holy shield around the player, stopping Shattering Howl from doing severe damage

Aggro; "You DARE challenge the Grand Warlock! Come child. I will show you what your parents never taught you!"
Drain Life; "How does it feel to have your own life slipping through the cracks of your soul!"
Beginning of stage two; "I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS, COME THY MINIONS."
Beginning of Stage Three; "It seems that you're still here. I WILL FINISH YOU NOW."
She kills Party with RoF; "Fools... this was going to happen from the start."

Valetha - Naradrya Conversation:
Valetha: ....Naradrya... what.. what have you DONE?
Naradrya: The only thing I could do, my sister. These fools dared challenge ME in my domain.
Valetha: Naradrya... this... this isn't you! Where's the young inspiring Huntress I knew years ago?!
Naradrya: That... that young fool? *laughs* She died long ago after I gained all this POWER. Now.. join me my dear sister. You might actually be of use.
Valetha: No. I will never.
Naradrya: why dear Valetha, my older sister, why won't you join me in this quest for conquest?
Valetha: Because I am sworn to protect the innocent. And the only way it seems to do that, is to kill you. I am sorry, dearest sister. LIGHT BLESS THOSE WHO HAVE FALLEN AND GIVE THEM ONE MORE CHANCE AT LIFE.

Death; I..... I am sorry Valetha.... I am sorry for disappointing you...
Kills a player; "Foolish Child.."
Kills a player(alt); "Ooops."
Kills the Raid; "This is what happens when you tamper with something you're not!"

"Necklace of the Forgotten Shadows"
Tank Necklace
Flavor Text "To my dearest sister Naradrya, from Valetha"

"Lexicon of The Grand Warlock"
Caster Offhand
"Thus said to grant great power.... though it smells like rotten cheese"

"Gazrahak's Favorite Toy"
Healer Trinket
"It's all rotten and chewed up. But it must of had some use..."

"Bow of the forgotten past"
Ranged DPS bow
"An old torn bow from before Naradrya's corruption. It looks like it's seen many battles"

"Reins of the Shadow Horse"
Mount, Unique, Rare, BoP.
Summons The felsteed Naradrya rode through the outlands. Ground Mount.
"It has a spooky aura, but it seems nice"

"Windrider Cage"
Pet, Unique, Rare, BoP
Summons the small Windrider cub that Naradrya saved through her travels.
"The small thing must be starving... and lonely..."

"A note!"
Lore/Vendor Trash
"Dear Valetha,
I am writing to you to tell you how well my expiditions in the Outlands are! This place is amazing! I would love for you to be here, but I know you're busy cleaning up the rest of Naxxaramas. I hope you the best, and wish you were hear at my side.

Your dearest sister


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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Lupis » Sun May 20, 2012 11:03 am

Yay more fights! :-D
I love reading these. The fights and the stories behind them are fantastic.

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Lazurianis » Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:57 am

Here is another one of mine! Enjoy :D

Link: ... B6n/simple
Level Recommended for this Encounter: 90 (25 Man Heroic Only Encounter)
Name: Alön of the Nightfall <The Dragon Warlord>
Stats --
868,756,900 Health
5,000-70,000 Damage
75,000 Armor (75% Damage Reduction)
0/100 Rage
Average 25k DPS


Event1: So, what do we have here? Mortals? *cackles* Minions! Do NOT let them pass. Vengeance to the Destroyer!
Event2: Minions! Do NOT rest until they are all dead.
Event3: Fools. I will deal with you myself.
Intro: You have faced so many.. challenges mortals, but I still lack the respect for you all. Filth, you have defeated all of my minions, even Deathwing, Cho'gall, Sinestra, and Neferian. No matter, you will die like the rest of them.
Aggro: Advance to your own deaths.
Special1.1: Feel the full fury of the Fearless!
Special1.2: Accept your fate!
Phase2: I will be the end of you. DIE BY SWORD!
Special2.1: Run for your pitiful lives.
Special2.2: I will silence your heart.
Phase3: You gnats actually hurt me. But watch now, as everything you know.. COLLAPSES!
-Garrosh, Jania, Varian, and Thrall Enter-
Jania: Is that you, Alön?
Event4: I embraced the inevitable.
Jania: You are a monster.
Event5: I'd rather be feared than loved.. Jania.
Jania: This is NOT you! Snap out of it!
Event6: *laughs* You came to enjoy the show, and a show is what you will have.
Varian: ENOUGH! You were one of my greatest champions, Alön. Why would you give that up?
Event7: Why? <Kills and ignites a corpse> Because my powers are endless. <Throws it towards the group>
Thrall: Just kill him. There is no saving what has already been lost.
Event8: If weak minds are filled with judgement, It’s out of our control. We know that they will not accept us, the fearless must endure. They say we're reckless, we act in haste. We have bitter minds, but they think they hate. They say we’re senseless, and self-obsessed. In their own reflection is the thing they detest.
Garrosh: Who are "We"? Speak pitiful meat bag!
Event9: *chuckles* Garrosh, you lonely, pitiful, ogre, you see: We have many. More than the Horde and the Alliance combined. You see, you know your friend: Bolvar, Bolvar Fordragon? He agreed to giving us his army. So I blessed them with the Dragon Warrior, and what do you have? An unstoppable army. That even YOU cannot defeat. Garrosh. Now, you know too much. Die.
Special3.1: Frost Lords! Freeze them, until all that remains is an icy husk.
Special3.2: No rest.. for the angry dead.
Special3.3: Scream your last dying breath!
Event10: This weapon is weak. <throws it over to the runeforge> I have a new weapon in store. *summons forth a hulking two-handed Dragon Mace* Now, face your end!
Special4.1: Burn pitiful wretch!
Special4.2: Dust to dust.
Special4.3: Wreak.. HAVOC.
Event11: So.. this is the end? <grunts>
Varian: You have changed, but we defeated you. Just like the rest of you mindless savages.
Event12: <Roars with rage slamming down the mace killing everyone> I'm not dead yet, Varian.
Jania: Hold him off! I will bring Tirion to our aid!
-Tirion Enters-
Tirion: What? The Dragon Warrior has returned? RISE UP CHAMPIONS! DESTROY THE DRAGON WARRIOR!
-Everyone is resurrected and the fight continues.-
Event12: This.. is NOT OVER!
-Alön transforms into a Drakanoid-
Special5.1: STAY DEAD!
Special5.2: DO NOT WAKE UP!
Outro1: <Kneeling> You trained them well.. <cough> but you... have not seen.. the last of me.
Garrosh: Pathetic whelp.
Outro2: I maybe dieing.. but i'm taking SOMEONE WITH ME!
Alön instantly summons a hellish sword leaping up to pierce Garrosh's chest, instantly killing him.
Outro3: I will... return.. mortals... never forget.. you will all die... and meet his fate. <weakly pointing to Garrosh>
Alön falls over dead, but soon the body disappears only leaving behind his armor.

Phases - Varies from 4-5

Abilities (And Phases):

Phase 1 The Dragon Axe:
Alön is satisfied he can feed his axe. He manipulates all of his weapons to feed them Raw Fury. For every Raw Fury gained Alön loses attack speed but gains strength. At 100 Raw Fury Alön transforms into a dragon, gaining new abilities. Raw Fury can be removed like an Enrage, but this can only work once every 30 seconds. Every 100,000,000 HP that is taken off, Alön switches Phases. However this depletes 50% of all Raw Fury that remains unused.

Raw Fury (Passive) - Each Strike has a 100% chance to gain Raw Fury. Raw Fury grants 1% every stack but increases time between attacks by .25%. At 100 Stacks Alön will use Unrelenting Fury.

Unrelenting Fury (10 Second Cast) - This ability instantly depletes all Raw Fury and makes Alön invincible for 15 seconds. Alön will gain new abilities upon transformation he will instead use Hell's Fury as a resource. This ability can be used in any phase regardless of any means.

Dragon Strike (Instant) - Deals 50,000 damage instantly to the target, stunning them for 3 seconds. An additional 75,000 fire damage every second for 10 seconds after the stun is finished. The caster gains 3 Raw Fury.

Traumatizing Smash (Instant) - Alön raises his axe and smashes his target, intending to split the victim into two. Instantly dealing 200,000 damage. Increasing the victims damage taken by 100%. The caster gains 10 Raw Fury.

Absorb Magic (Instant) - This ability consumes 5 Raw Fury. All Magic Damage taken for the next ten seconds will be doubled and converted into healing. However all physical damage taken is increased by 100%.

Surge (Instant) - This ability consumes 3 Raw Fury. You will charge all enemies near you, stunning them for 2 seconds and dealing 25,000 damage a hit. You will always charge the targets farthest away from you. This lasts 10 seconds. Upon this fading, the current target you are attacking, you will rapidly attack them for 25,000 damage a hit for 5 seconds. They are stunned for every hit and their damage taken is increased by 5% every hit. You will hit once every .5 seconds. This ability is effected by attack speed buffs.

Hellwind (Instant) - This ability consumes 8 Raw Fury. You begin a storm of fire, slicing all enemies near you for 70,000 fire damage. Each time an enemy his hit by Hellwind their fire damage taken is increased by 25%. This effect can stack up to 4 times.

Phase 2 Die By Sword:
Alön now runs to the nearby armory and takes his Sword and Shield out. His damage taken is reduced by an additional 15%, his stamina is increased by 15%, and he now blocks 50% of all incoming damage from infront of him. A 25% chance to reflect magic damage but doubling its damage.

Heroic Leap (1.8 Second Cast) - Alön jumps into the air slamming back down instantly dealing 25,000 damage to all nearby enemies. For every enemy that is within 5 yards of another, the damage is instantly doubled, for every enemy that is nearby each other, the damage is doubled again for every enemy that is nearby each other.

Splitting Strike (2 Second Cast) - Alön raises his sword and smashes down to all nearby enemies instantly dealing 1,000,000 damage to all of them. The damage is split between all enemies within 2 yards of the victim.

Impenetrable Block (Instant) - Alön raises his shield decreasing all damage taken by 50%. For every enemy that strikes him will increase his Raw Fury by 5 a hit. Lasts 10 seconds. If no damage is done by the end of this, Alön instantly gains 25 Raw Fury.

Fiery Regeneration (2 Second Cast) - Alön roars with fury, instantly spilling his blood, spawning 5 bloods. Each Blood has 25,000,000 HP but has 0 Armor and Each blood shares a health pool with Alön, for each blood killed, Alön gains 3 Raw Fury. However, Alön becomes invincible until all bloods are destroyed and for the mean time, he gains 5,000 HP every two seconds. The bloods are not healed however.

Fiery Rage (Instant) - After all Bloods are destroyed, Alön ignites his sword on fire to deal one final strike before Phase 3. Instantly charging the farthest victim instantly killing them. Alön then ignites their corpse and throws them to the most congested area in his lair. The fiery corpse will then explode dealing 125,000 fire damage to each enemy. After that he throws his sword to the farthest opponent dealing 250,000 physical damage, instantly destroying the sword. Alön will then take his shield and smash his nearest enemy with it, knocking them back and stunning them for 3 seconds. He will then go into Phase 3.

Phase 3 I am FINISHED!:
Alön charges over to his weapon arsenal, realizing that someone burned his weapon rack, he instantly fears all his enemies and moves to his hidden chamber, upon opening it he must put in some of his blood. So he cuts himself dealing 250,000,000 damage to himself. He then opens the vault and takes out 25 Shards, a weapon hilt, and Frostmourne's main blade. He runs over to the runeforge and puts them all together, he then finds an assassin and sacrifices him. But when he turns around, he is holding Shadowmourne. He instantly gains 40 Raw Fury. Luckily you will be assisted by Thrall, Jania, Garrosh, and Varian in this phase.

Soul Fury (Instant) - For all damage taken, 1% of the damage is converted into Attack Power and Armor. This can stack up to 1000.

Fury of Undeath (Instant) - Summons 15 Giests, 10 Ghouls, 5 Undead Vrykul, 4 Val'kyrs, 2 Abominations, and 1 Construct.

Consume Soul (Instant) - After killing an enemy, Alön gains their abilities for 10 seconds.

Shatter Soul (Instant) - Alön raises Shadowmourne and slices your soul in half, forcing an evil spirit of your soul to materialize and attack you.

Burning Fury (Instant) - Alön ignites Shadowmourne with Shadowflames, a chance on hit to siphon 5% of the targets life.

Soul Slice (Instant) - Instantly slices the victim for 150% weapon damage, forcing them to attack their allies for 5 seconds.

Soul Shard (Passive) - For every 2 hits you do, you gain 5% Strength, as spirits wrap around you, you become immune to all forms of crowd control. This stacks up to 20.

Phase 4 ENOUGH!:
Alön instantly kills everyone, except Thrall, Jania, Garrosh, and Varian. For the time being, Jania summons Tirion Fordring to assist them. Once Tirion arrives, he resurrects everyone, and the fight continues. But Alön throws Shadowmourne to the side, allowing one member from the group to use it. However, Shadowmourne will consume the wielder if Alön is not killed in two minutes from the time Shadowmourne was picked up. Alön summons a dragon mace to finish the job.

Wings and Horns of the Destroyer (Passive) - Alön sprouts horns and dragon-like wings. Granting him the ability to fly as well as the speed of Surge is increased by 25% and it deals 100% more damage. For every attack, the Raw Fury gained is instantly doubled.

Adrenaline Rush (Instant) - Alön's adrenaline is now consuming him, increasing his attack speed by 100% and he gains 1 Raw Fury every second. This effect lasts for 30 seconds. If this is dispelled, Alön instantly gains 60 Raw Fury.

The Fury of it All (Instant) - Alön consumes 30 Raw Fury, however: He is able to use all of his abilities now, regardless of Phase Setting. And now all of his abilities grant him at least 15 Raw Fury. All the fury gained if an ability grants him less than 15 Raw Fury is doubled. If an ability grants more than 30 Raw Fury, this effect will not take place. This effect lasts until cancelled.

Shadowmourne's Revenge (Passive Debuff) - Because Alön threw away Shadowmourne, his soul is temporarily weakened for 2 minutes increasing his damage taken by Shadowmourne by 200%.

Phase 5 The End!:
By 10 Minutes from engage or of 100 Raw Fury, he will transform into a Dragon for the rest of the encounter, increasing his damage done by 50%, his armor by 15%, his attack speed by 25%, and his resistances by 50% granting him Dragon-Like abilities.

Unrelenting Fury (10 Second Cast) - This ability instantly depletes all Raw Fury and makes Alön invincible for 15 seconds. Alön will gain new abilities upon transformation he will instead use Hell's Fury as a resource. This ability can be used in any phase regardless of any means.

The Fury of the Dragon Warrior (Passive) - Increases damage done by 50%, armor by 15%, resistances by 50%, and attack speed by 25%. You can now use any ability from previous phases regardless of requirements. Granting the form of a Drakanoid and granting new dragon-like abilities.

Hell's Immolation Aura (Instant) - This ability consumes 25 Hell's Fury dealing 50,000 Fire Damage in a 20 yard radius every 2 seconds for 30 seconds.

Fiery Surge (Instant) - This ability grants 15 Hell's Fury charging the enemy, dealing 90,000 Fire Damage, leaving a trail of fire behind you, dealing 25,750 fire damage every second to anyone who stands in it.

Death Wish (Instant) - This ability consumes 30 Hell's Fury charging your weapon with Fire, Shadow, Frost, and Death, making your next attack deal: 25,000 Fire Damage, 46,790 Frost Damage (This ability's damage scales if the target is frozen), and 175,000 Shadow Damage.

Drakanoid Cleave (Instant) - This ability grants 75 Hell's Fury, dealing 95,000 Fire Damage and 95,000 Physical Damage to all targets in a 25 yard radius in a cone in front of the caster.

Quickening of Death (Instant) - Instantly deals 275,950 Physical Damage causing Vulnerability to the Elements.

Vulnerability to the Elements (Debuff) - Increases damage taken from all magic schools by 100% for 2 minutes.

Execute (Instant) - Instantly decapitates the victim, severing their soul from their body, causing it to attack the raid for 2 minutes.

Grievous Wound (Instant) - Deals 1,000 Damage every two seconds. This effect increases over time, but does not fade until the victim is fully healed.

“Marines I see as two breeds, Rottweilers or Dobermans, because Marines come in two varieties, big and mean, or skinny and mean. They're aggressive on the attack and tenacious on defense. They've got really short hair and they always go for the throat.”
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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Tsuki » Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:43 pm

Gol-gar Mak'norathar
<Memory Eater>


Yogg Sogara
<Memory Eater>

Health: ???
Armour: ???
Damage: ???

Basically, for this fight, Gol-gar will take the form of bosses of past raids, choosing from a pool of maybe 10 or so, for a fight that consists of 5 phases, One boss from vanilla, one from BC, one from Wrath, one from Cata, and one from MoP, followed by a short 6th phase, where he has about 1million health, and is stunned, so you just kill him off x3
Basically, the fight will be somewhat unique each time, so it doesn't get boring the first time around. Of course, the fights will be much sorter, each phase lasting no more then about 3 or 4 minutes with a good ammount of DPS going on.

iunno, I just feel like something like that would be a cool fight. ;o;

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Alex » Fri Jul 27, 2012 4:43 am

aight, I'ma try my hand with this...
it is also a bit in-game lore-breaking but I DONT CAAAARRREEEEE

<The Forgotten Son>

??+ Elite World Boss
HP: 7,587,365
Mana: 605,000
(Respawn time: 1 week)
ETA time to kill at level 80: 12 minutes total (7 min for Human Stage; 5 min (if lucky) for Dragon)
((Keep in mind, this is supposed to be a Wrath World Boss))

Azure Dragonshrine, Dragonblight

Locations specifics:
He simply roams around the area he spawns, whether it be Coldarra or the Shrine; Neutral till attacked (<--- this is mostly so he doesn't interrupt questing of lowbies in the area)

Looks like any normal Human, slightly pale, green eyes, blonde hair pulled back in ponytail. Wears robes that look much like this (hood down)

Looks like this, except that he doesn't have the nose/chin/neck crystals and his body is covered with runes much like the ones seen on these kinds of Drakes.

Human Stage (100% - 42%):
Generic Frost/Arcane Mage spells like Frostbolt, Arcane Blast, Arcane Missile, Deep Freeze, Polymorph, etc.
His human form is pretty much a tank n' spank (albeit a slow one) until you get to his dragon form.

Dragon Stage (42% - 0%):
Frost/Arcane breath, generic tail sweeping, claws, teeth, wing buffeting.
This is when it becomes a dps race, because he'll cast a debuff on the entire raid that whittles mana down and will be extremely disastrous to healers and casters if he is not dead by the time their mana runs out.

Human Attacks:
His human magic attacks do general spell damage, enough to hurt if you aren't prepared but not too strong that he one-hit kills everyone.

Dragon Attacks:
Magic's Bane: This is the debuff that brings the 'oomph' to the party; it eats away at any mana the raid has and stacks the longer it takes to down him.
Frost Breath: AoE moderate-damage DoT that has a chance to freeze players that get in its way; damage lasts for 10 seconds. CD is 2 min.
Arcane Breath: AoE moderate-damage DoT that does damage for 10 seconds. CD is 1 min.
Wing Buffet: AoE low-damage attack that knocks players back (this can be raid-wiping if there is a moderate amount of other mobs around that players can get knocked into) CD is 2 min 30 sec.
Tail Swipe: AoE low-damage attack that knocks players back (same as Wing Buffet) CD is 2 min 30 sec.
Talon Rake: Single-target high-damage DoT that won't dispelled until the player is fully healed. Cannot be cast on player that already has the DoT, will change target to second-highest aggro holder before returning to tank. CD is 50 sec.
Crushing Bite: Lowers player's armor by 500. Stackable. CD is 30 sec.

Aggro: You pathetic things DARE challenge me?!
Stage change: Fools! I am no mere human insect; you challenge a son of Malygos on your dying day!
Magic's Bane activates: Don't you see? The very magic you hold turns against you!
Frost Breath: The very frosts of Icecrown pale in comparison to the deadly power I control!
Frost Breath (player death): A small chill such as that defeats you? Frail thing!
Arcane Breath: I will show you the power of TRUE magic!
Arcane Breath (player death): Bah, worthless mortal worm! Your kind does not deserve the magic you wield!
Wing Buffet & Tail Swipe: You incompetent children! GET AWAY FROM ME!
Talon Rake (player death): Torn to shreds and left to bleed; your friends seem to have betrayed you, little one!
Killing a player: Countless others have fallen before you. Your death is no different.
Alt. Killing a player: Another soul for the Nether!
Wiping the raid: Your recklessness rewarded you with death!
Death: No, it... Impossible! I cannot be bested by nobodies such as you!

Robes of the Wanderer
DPS Caster Chest

Forgotten Amulet
DPS Neck
"A short inscription on the back simply says, 'You are no son of mine. -M'"

Fang of Kyangos

Torn Wing of Kyangos
Tank Cloak

Unsettling Green Eye
Tank Trink
"No longer in its socket, it is unable to blink and the piercing gaze chills your very blood."
Use: Has a chance to paralyze an enemy with fright. Lasts 7 sec. CD is 10 min.

Claw of the Lost
Healer Trink

Cracked Runic Egg (Rare Drop)
Companion Pet
Summons a Runed Azure Whelpling (with the same rune markings as these Drakes have)
"It seems to be an egg that Kyangos was guarding hatched upon his death. It wouldn't be fair to leave the young Whelpling in the cold, so you decide to take it with you."

The whelpling does basic animations, but also can whisper the player at random times.
The whispers range between:
"You... you not like me. What are you...?"
"Do you know what happened to my Da?"
"This place is new-looking. I like this place!"

Some different emotes the whelpling has:
<Runed Azure Whelpling takes in a deep breath before spitting out an icicle!>
<Runed Azure Whelpling plummets to the ground with a squawk before flapping itself back into the air.>
<Runed Azure Whelpling looks around with confusion before puffing out a cloud of Arcane magic.>

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