Blackwater Raiders Guild?

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Blackwater Raiders Guild?

Unread post by Aeladrine » Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:45 pm

Would you guys be interested in having a Petopians guild on Blackwater Raiders? I've been thinking about starting one, as Tamera Ali and I have our main toons there and our guild is... Well, it's nice, but very large. Very large. I don't know much about starting a guild, but I'd love to be a guild leader for a Petopians one with my favourite character!

I don't think we'd have a specific guild RP, and the character who I would be using as the guild leader isn't particularly social... But I'm sure we could figure one out for those of us who might want it! I've got a large amount of RP experience under my belt (though almost none of it is from within WoW, I'll admit), and plenty of writing experience to help make a good guild plot.

This guild would be Horde side, but I can make one Alliance side, too (and actually have a character without a set story over there).

So, how's it sound?

(Also, this lovely lady would be your guild leader.)

EDIT: Actually, thinking on it, I do have a horde-side character who doesn't have much of a story and may, in fact, be a better leader. Unfortunately, I haven't played her at all yet, haha. But here are some of the other characters I'd likely be using in the guild, though a lot of their stories can't really intersect. (They're actually the same person; AUs and all.) I have two others that are too low to display.):
• Aela's Pet Journal

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