Petopians Guild Listing and How to Join

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Petopians Guild Listing and How to Join

Unread post by Ryno » Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:45 pm

Step 1) You must have a character on one of the realms listed below, and to ask someone in the guild to join!

Step 2) Read the Rules of Conduct thread!

Step 3) Do a "/who guildname" search on the appropriate faction on the appropriate realm!

Step 4) Whisper someone in the guild, asking for an invite (If no one is on, try again later)!

Step 5) Profit!

List of guilds:

Guild - Faction - Server

<Petopians> - Horde - Nesingwary US
<Ominous Latin Name> - Alliance - Nesingwary US
<Petopians> - Horde - Bloodhoof EU
<Petopians> - Alliance - Tarren Mill EU
<A Home For Every Madexx> - Alliance - Moon Guard US
<Delusions of Grandeur> - Horde - US Drak'thul
<Heart of Gold> - Horde - US Moon Guard