Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Dominant Raider

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Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Dominant Raider

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HEY HEY everybody! New Raid! Now mount cheevs! With the current raid this time bei- What?





Okay so the expansion is almost over so what!? The raid is still technically current!

The mount this time is the Hand of Hrestimorak, one of the 4 giant Hand mounts introduced during the Korthia update to Shadowlands. I already made a guide ages ago for the gold hand, how about I give you another hand? Let's get it!

One note: Make sure to keep an eye out for Mr. Bigglesworth throughout the raid! Your group needs someone to interact with him all throughout to get him in position for Kel'thuzad's achievement!

Mount collecters: Completing this raid as well as Nathria and Sepulcher on at least Normal mode while it is Fated will earn you the Jigglesworth Sr. mount...the Slime Saber from the old 'vote for a new mount' thing that happened a while back (which was won by the Wandering Ancient mount)


1: Name a Better Duo, I'll Wait: Reeunite Buttons with Moriaz the Red then kill Tarragrue.

Blizzard sure does love to play into memes, huh? In reference to a slight meme from Torghast regarding these specific npc's, we need to, one again, get these two back together.

When collecting Anima powers prior to the Tarragrue fight, make sure one player, preferably a mobile one, picks up the Oddly Intangible Key anima power, which grants you 90% dmg protection from AoE effects. This is essential!

During the fight, you need to wait for him to cast Hungering Mists sequence. During the three times this move goes off, the player with the Key power must run out into the danger zone (you are protectedd by the anima power, don't worry) and find Buttons, a teeny Abomination. Interact with him to pick him up. Now find Moriaz the Red and bring him to her. Once done, they'll do their infamous "BUTTONS!" "MRAAAAAAAZ!" interaction, marking the completion of the achievement. Kill Tarragrue to seal the deal.

Just keep in mind that both npc's are only visible and interactible during Hungering Mists! If you miss it on the first Hungering Mists sequence, you'll need to wait for another to try again.


2: Eye Wish You Were Here: Take a picture of the Eye of The Jailer and the raid using a scavenged S.E.L.F.I.E. cameraa after the eyes has cast Immeddiate Extermination, then defeat the boss.

This must be done during p3, after the eye turns red. The cheev text leaves some information out that is pertinent to this achievement. First off, the camera you need is in a bag opposite where the Eye is positionedd...nestled against the wall. During p3, a player can interact with the bag to enter the Selfie Camera mode. The group must turn to face the player with the camera, then a picture must be taken. All players affected will get the Photoflash debuff, which is harmless. BUT, the Eye must have the debuff too. The Selfie taker must get pretty close to the eye for the debuff to be applied to him.

You do NOT need to get the debuff on the players and boss at the same time in one camera can do em separate.

Pet collectors: This boss can drop the Eye of Allseeing pet: a minipet version of this boss. On Mythic he can drop the Eye of Extermination, which looks like this boss in p3.


3: To the Nines: dispell a person that has at least 9 Fragments of Destiny on them, then defeat the Nine.

This is done in p2, where Skyja enters the fray. Fragment of Destiny puts a debuff on 3 random players. Leave it alone until 9 people have the debuff. When you dispell a fragment, it jumps to the nearest person...using this info, you must get all fragments to jump onto one person (preferably one that can keep themself alive). One one player has 9 stacks of the fragments, Dispel that player then complete the encounter.

Mount collectors: This boss can drop the Sanctum Gloomcharger mount, one of the 4 maw horse mounts.


4: I Used to Bullseye Deeprun Rats Back Home: Score 3 goals during the Remnant of Ner'zhul encounter, then defeat him.

Time to slam and/or jam because we are shooting some hoops! For this one, if you look up and around Nerz's arena, you should see what looks like a giant shackle on a chain hanging from above. When the boss is pulled, a second shackle can be seen swinging like a pendulum in front of the stationary one. What needs to happen is when you dps an orb down, and need to yeet it off the platform, you need to throw it so it passes through the opening in both shackles at the same time. There'll be a visual effect if you get it right. 3 goals is all you need before killing Nerz!


5: Tormentor's Tango: Defeat Dormazain after /taunting garrosh and dodging all tormented eruptions.

The ach doesn't specify but this is NOT a personal achievement...EVERYONE needs to participate.

Before pulling the boss, target Garrosh and do the /taunt emote. This will debuff everyone that does so with Hellscream's Burden, slowing those afflicted by 20%. While EEVERYONE has this debuff, you must perfectly dodge all the Torment explosions (when he turns sections of the battlefield red and makes them explode) throughout the exceptions. Just be ready for when he makes you do the Heigan dance basically!

Pet collectors: This boss can drop the Irongrasp of various walking mawsworn hand minipets.

6: Whack-a-Soul: Pull the lever, then defeat Painsmith Raznal.

The lever is, as soon as you enter Raznal's room, to the left before descending down the stairs to the boss. Pull it to trigger the challenge, then pull the boss. If you fight Raznal after pulling the lever, it causes pairs of caged Burning Gibbets to rise from the lava regularly throughout the fight...they cast an interruptible raid-wide nuke. Interrupt and dps em down as they spawn while dealing with Raznal's mechanics. Ach is yours when Raz falls!


7: Knowledge is Power: Enlighten and kill Vazzaren the Seeker, then defeat the Guardian of the First Ones.

Simple enough. To your left on entering the Guardian's room, you should see Vazzy on a staircase out of the way. Grab him and bring him into the boss arena, then pull the boss. Keep Vazz alive until the boss casts Purging Protocol, whereupon you need to drag the boss to one of the pylon things. Bring Vazz to a pylon too. Upon standing in the radius of the pylon with the boss, Vazz will become Enlightened and fully heal. Kill him. Kill boss.


8: Flawless Fate: Defeat Fatescribe while avoiding Fated Conjunction, Fate Fragments, Call of Eternity, and Eternity's Echo.

This achievement is don't need everyone to pursue it together.

Eternity's Echo is only on Heroic mode...if doing this on Normal (which you should), you don't need to worry about it.

Basically a 'Ready for Raiding' style need to dodge all the avoidable stuff. Fated Conjunction is the wall lasers, Fragments are the orbs during the intermission phases, and the Eternity is when he makes you a bomb (note ppl that are marked as the bomb will not fail the ach....its only if you get hit by someone else's bomb). Echo is the orbs left behind from Call of Eternity that explode every time Call goes off. Again, echo is Heroic and up, not Normal.


9: Together Forever: Thaw the Remnant's Heart, then defeat Kel'thuzad

Remember when I said to keep an eye out for Mr. Bigglesworth throughout the raid and interact with him every time you find him? This is why. If you have interacted with the kitty every time, he should have arrived right by Kel'thuzad's entrance. Have a player assigned to enter the phylactery interact with the kitty to pick him up. The person with Bigglesworth must enter the Phylactery, then use the extra action button to deliver him to KT's remnant. You must now complete the encounter but the remnant now does 500% more dmg.

Pet collectors: KT can drop the Mawsworn Minion pet...a teeny Mawsworn dude!


10: This World is a Prism: Activate the Focusing Prism, then defeat sylvanas.

This achievement targets phases 2 and 3. During phase 2, 4 orbs will spawn throughout the chains you walk on. Each orb must be collected by a different player. Just explore each chain as you get to them to find the orbs (the spawn locations are fixed in case you need to reset!). Once all 4 are collected,, go to p3.

You may have noticed that each orb is colored differently...that's because each one is based on a covenant (player covenant does not matter for this cheev btw). The light blue is Kyrian, Green is Necro, Dark Blue is Fae, and Red is Venthyr. This is important because each platform in phase 3 has a symbol representing 1 covenant (the symbols on the platforms are the same every pull). The players with the orbs must make their way to the platform the corresponds with their orb....then once everyone is in position, the orb players must then step on the marked spot pointing towards where the npc's are fighting anduin. If you see a bunch of colored beams, you are done and can now finish the fight.

Mount collectors: Sylvanas can drop Vengeance on Mythic AWESOME looking Maw-themed Dragonhawk.

Also for those raiding, Sylvanas drops a legendary bow and a unique quiver for hunters...both are relevant again with Season 4.


And there we have it! Nothing too challenging honestly, though Fatescribe is always a pain and Sylvanas is WAY too long of a fight. Hope you enjoy your hand mount!
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