Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Eternal Raider!

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Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Eternal Raider!

Unread post by Magnakilro » Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:24 pm

We back, frens! New raid! New meta cheev! New mount! LET'S-A GO!

Our new mount is the Azshari Bloatray, the yellow Fathom Ray in mount form.

Pet collectors: You can catch a Blackchasm Crawler, Chitterspine Deepstalker and Trench Slug pet in this raid! If you are having trouble with the Slug, note that it CAN be a backline pet.


1: You and What Army: Defeat Sivara while her named trash mobs are alive and engaged in the fight.

This is an objective we've had twice before at this point (Fleshrender Nok'gar in Iron Docks. Gatewatcher in Azjol'Nerub). Just keep in mind that one of the adds, Korvess, has a heal that must be interrupted. Destroy any rallying banners spawned by Garval. And interrupt Gorjesh's aoe fear.


2: Intro to Marine Biology: Collect 50 samples of sea life, then kill Blackwater Behemoth.

Throughout the boss's battle area are Ventfeeder Worms, Abyssal Clams, Depth Skulker, and Scavenging Crab. People need to swim out and gather 50 of these total, though going higher for safety is okay. Note they can only be looted DURING the fight. Tank specced druids are recommended (Aquatic form and Tanks don't get hit by Toxic Spine).

Pet collectors: This boss can drop the Mindlost Bloodfrenzy pet.


3: Fun Run: Run 6 laps around the Radiance of Azshara's arena without falling in the water.

This is simple need to run 6 CONSECUTIVE laps around the arena. Don't get knocked back or fall in water. Check your debuffs! At 3 laps, you get a debuff telling you that you are halfway there. At 6 laps, you get a debuff saying you completed the Fun Run.

This is a personal cheev...only you need to do it.


4: Simple Geometry: Defeat Ashvane after EVERY cast of Arcing Azerite she uses during the fight passes through her.

When her shell breaks, she casts Arcing Azerite a couple of times. This marks 6 players. Each player will have one of 3 marks over their head. Players with matching marks will shoot a beam of pain between them. Everyone needs to position so the beam hits Ashvane.

Pet collectors: Ashvane drops the Lightless Ambusher pet.

5: A Smack of Jellyfish: Incubate a baby Zoatroid, then kill Orgozoa.

Like Ji-kun and Jadefire Masters, this is another 'protect the egg' deal. When Orgo enters his Intermission, one person needs to stand on the edge of the platform (facing the one Orgo moves to) and catch the falling egg. While carrying it, you move 30% slower. You must bring it into phase 2 with you without getting hit by the dodgeable mechanics on the way. You can't attack either. Once in phase 2, get hit by Incubation Fluid and kill the boss. Done!


6: If it Pleases The Court: Perform the correct emotes and earn Queen Azshara's Favor during the Queen's Court fight. Gotta kill em too

Throughout the raid you'll find 6 'Guide to Azsharan Court Etiquette' books. Each one tells you how your supposed to respond to each of Azshara's decrees...essentially what emotes are required. Emotes must be done while targetting Azshara.

You need to:

/Salute her during 'Form Ranks'

/Curtsey during Repeat Performance

/Applaud during Stand Alone

/Grovel during Deferred Sentence

and /Kneel during Obey or Suffer


7: Lactose Intolerant: Kill 10 Twinklehoof Bovines, then kill Za'qul.

You need to find the secret cow level to do this. To find it, push boss into p4. Then locate the 6 red circles on the ground in the battlefield. Have ppl stand on them. When Manic Dread is cast, dispell it on these circles. When all 6 circles have had this happen on them, a portal to the Cow level will open. Enter, QUICKLY kill 10 cows, leave, finish fight.

Pet Collectors: Za'qul can drop the Nameless Octopode pet.


8: The Best of Us: Defeat Queen Azshara while only 1 player is still alive and has the Essence of Azeroth buff.

You read that right. You need to kill Azshara with only ONE PLAYER IN YOUR GROUP STILL STANDING! Everyone else must be dead. The last person alive must have the Essence of Azeroth buff (which is an insta-death on expiration). Good luck!

Pet Collectors: Azshara drops the Zan'jir Poker pet.


Good luck and enjoy your Bloatray!
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