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Alani, How To

Unread post by Lazurianis » Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:08 am

It has come to my attention that Alani a level 92 Rare Spawn Dragonkin roams Vale of Eternal Blossoms. However, I thought he was just for show, like the rares in Old Hillsbrad Foothills in Caverns of Time. However, after doing some research, I indeed found out his purpose;

He is the MOP Version of Time-Lost Proto-Drake and Aeonaxx. There is a slight change. You need to do a lot to kill this guy for his mount. First, you need to collect Skyshards. Skyshards are a level 90 Epic zone drop from Vale of Eternal Blossoms. They are most commonly found from the Treasure of the Vale Bag Daily Quest Reward and the Mogu NPCs that are within the area. The Skyshards are very difficult to come by, they are less than a 1% Drop chance from all NPCs. The Treasure of the Vale has a 3% Drop chance. After you have accumulated 10 Skyshards, you will be able to create an item called the Sky Crystal. What this does is it is an item that (when targeting Alani) it will used a Ranged Ability to instantly remove the shield and deal about 10% of his total HP as damage. BE CAREFUL, I am fairly sure he can reset (As I have not attempted this) if you are too far away. So if you have any doubts from where you are standing, move. Unless you are a caster, don't risk it. If he resets, that is a lot of work gone to waste in seconds. I highly reccomend attempting to down Alani ASAP. Even if you do not have Exalted Reputation with Order of the Cloud Serpents and August Celestials. As more and more people will find out about how to kill Alani, so even if you aren't exalted with those two factions and he happens to be spawned, kill him.

I hope this helps! :D

Alani (
Mount (
Treasures of the Vale (
Skyshard (
Sky Crystal (
Kill Video (

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Re: Alani, How To

Unread post by Snowy » Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:21 am

I really don't want to burst your bubble here because you made a really nice post with a lot of detail, but Alani was fathomed out a while ago: ... 39&t=17982

Even so, a really nice post! Lots of details and handy links, I'm sure some people will really appreciate it. (:

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Re: Alani, How To

Unread post by Wain » Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:34 pm

It's a great summary post, thanks :)

I'll move this to the mounts forum just to keep everything neat and tidy :)
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