Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Draenor Raider

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Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Draenor Raider

Unread post by Magnakilro » Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:47 pm


AAAAANYWAY! This guide here is to tell you how to get the 17 achs needed to unlock the red-skinned Gorestrider Gronnling mount, one of the 3 PvE Gronnling mounts available in the game (the others being the tradeable purple colored Coalfist Gronnling from Garrison missions and the yellow Sunhide Gronnling that drops from the rare Poundfist in Gorgrond.)




1: Flame On!: You need to kill Kargath without any Fire Pillars being destroyed. Kargath destroys the pillars if you lure him into one during Berserker Rush. You need to either kite him for the entire duration of it, or tank the dmg and get healed thru it.


2: Hurry Up, Maggot!: You need to get the Butcher to kill 6 maggots in his arena with his cleaves. Use a targetting macro to find em. The maggots are immune to all dmg except Butcher's attacks, so no need to worry about anything there. Just lur butcher to each maggot, stack on it, it dies, rinse repeat. Bounding Cleave can help get farther away maggots but don't rely on it, as you'll hit enrage before killing ALL of em this way. You do need to kill the boss afterwards.


3: A Fungus Among Us: Complete the Brackenspore encounter after someone in the group reaches 15 stacks of Burning Infusion. Originally, this ach was Personal, meaning only Flamethrower users could get it. Nowadays the whole group gets it when one person does the requirements. Burning Infusion is applied when you burn Creeping Moss. It decays 1 stack at a time. Just burn burn burn that moss, tho watch your overheat.

You do not need to have all 15 stacks when the boss dies, you merely just need to get that many at some point in the fight.


4: More Like Wrecked-us: This is your standard 'kill em in a small window of time' cheevey. You need to complete the encounter by killing all 8 Motes of Tectus within 10 secs of each other. This will require the group to have to fight all 8 at once obviously. Just bring em all down at around the same time. Gl!


5: Brothers in Arms: Kill the Twin Ogron without their Disposition exceeding 30%. Disposition grows when they are seperated. Just keep em together as much as you can.


6: Pair Annihilation: Kill Ko'ragh with less than 15 Overflowing Energy orbs hitting the ground or non-Barriered players. Basically a speed kill. Overflowing Energy are the orbs that drop from above and explode on the raid upon hitting the ground. To block them, you need players (only 1 at a time) to run into the middle with boss to gain Nullification Barrier while he recharges his shield. Barriered players can safely block orbs. However, Ko'ragh will always have 1 orb you can't block because you don't have enough barriers, hence the speed kill.


7: Lineage of Power: You need to empower and kill a Fortified Replicating Gorian Warmage and then kill Mar'gok. This is easiest with a Death Knight in the raid. Fight Mar'gok as normal until the first intermission. Kill one warmage, and grip the other one into the smoke underneath Mar'gok as he's charging up his Fortification powers. You now have a Fortified Gorian Warmage. Keep it alive during p3 until the second intermission. Grip it into the smoke under Mar'gok again to make it a Fortified Replicating Gorian Warmage. Don't forget to kill the 2 mages and reaver the second intermission spawns. Once your empowered mage has both buffs, kill it and finish the fight.


Blackrock Foundry:

1: The Iron Price: Collect the 3 Pristine True Iron Ores and defeat Gruul. The ores are hanging way up high above Gruul. To collect them, you need to get launched up by his Overhead slam ability. but there's a catch. The closer you are to the boss, the less height you get. Good luck!


2: He Shoots, He Ores: You need to get a Volatile Ore into the ore grinder, then kill Oregorger. The ore looks like a Blackrock node embedded in the wall near the boss's starting position. It is only clickable during p2. The Ore Grinder is a hole in the wall to the left of the entrance to this room, thus it is on the opposite end of the room from the ore. Once p2 starts, click the ore to grab it. It roots you in place. You can throw the ore up to 15 yds away. There's a brown swirlie marking where the ore will land, if someone stands in it, the ore is caught safely. Pass it from player to player and if someone is in range of the grinder while holding the ore, it becomes clickable. Once the ore is in, finish the fight. The ore is destroyed if the player gets hit by the rolling Oregorger while holding it, it is also destroyed if no one catches it. Try to have ppl destroy boxes to keep Oregorger away from ore throwers.

A Mage with Alter Time can clear much of the distance from ore to grinder, making this a lot easier.


3: Ya, We've Got Time: Complete the Blast Furnace encounter after killing the 4 Primal Elementalists within 10 secs of each other. The Elementalists spawn in p2. Just coordinate dps to bring em all down together.


4: Stamp Stamp Revolution: Defeat Hans'gar and Franzok without anyone getting hit by a Stamping Press. Areas of the conveyor belts light up when a stamper is about to hit it. Stay away. The stampers hit the little gaps in between belts too so watch for that! They also dmg you if you run into them while they are down. One useful tip is that they never stamp the same spots twice in a row.


5: The Steel Has Been Brought: Kill Flamebender Ka'graz without killing Aknor Steelbringer. Aknor is an add that is standing with Ka'graz right at pull. He does a knockback during the fight, you'll just hafta work around it. Having a third tank to keep Aknor out of harm's way is useful.

Ach rewards Aknor as a follower.


6: Would You Give Me a Hand?: Kill 10 Grasping Earth hands within 5 secs, then kill Kromog. Try to get the raid as close together as possible so you are in one nice clump, then aoe aoe aoe. You only need to meet the requirement once, then kill boss.


7: Fain Would Lie Down: Kill Darmac after he's used each pet first. This will require 3 separate lockouts. You need to kill him once with Cruelfang mounted first, once with Dreadwing first, and once with Ironcrusher first. He jumps on the mount closest to his current position when his hp reaches a certain point.


8: There's Always a Bigger Train: Cause the ironic demise of an Exulting Wind-up Train Wrecker. During the Thogar encounter, you need to set up a train set on one of the tracks, set up a train wrecker, the wrecker needs to destroy the lil train and then it becomes an Exulting Wind-up Train Wrecker and starts dancing. At that point it needs to get hit by one of Thogar's trains and die. Thogar does not need to die.


9: Be Quick or Be Dead: Complete the Iron Maidens encounter by killing all 3 bosses within 10 secs of each other. This can be tricky as you are dealing with certain mechanics longer than necessary. Just kill em as close together as possible.


10: Ashes, Ashes...: Collect 20 Falling Ashes and then kill Blackhand. The Ashes are in p3. The are falling outside the outer edge of the platform as lil firesparks. Players with ways back on the platform can jump and grab em and safely return. Each collected ash puts a harmless debuff on the collector. Each stack of the debuff in the raid counts as 1 collected ash.

There is 1 area on the platform where ashes actually fall onto it instead of off the side. If the raid stacks here, multiple ppl can get stacks at the same time, making the ach easier. Just move away if you have bomb or get marked.


Enjoy your Gronnling!
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