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Unread postPosted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:22 am 
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You know the drill folks! Raid. Cheevs. Mount prize! And this time we actually get a mount, not a pet/title combo like ToS!

Our mount this time is the Antoran of two of these awesome demonic beasties, this one being purple. If you want a preview, though wingless, the second boss of Antorus, the hounds of Sargeras, has one.

Let's do this thing!

1: Worm-monger: Decimate 16 Blightscale Worms, then defeat the Garothi Worldbreaker.

Easy one here. Pay attention for the lil untargettable worms that spawn throughout the battlefield. If you get targetted with Decimate, just stand where the worm is to get it caught in the blast. You may need to hold off dps for this cheev. And need DECIMATE! not ANNIHILATE!


2: Hounds Good to Me: Allow both F'harg and Shatug to reach 5 stacks of Fel Imbuement, then kill them.

Orange and Purple pools spawn throughout the fight area. Tanks need to drag their hound to the matching colored pools. Each gives 1 stack of Fel Imbuement. Once you get 5, kill them as normal. Do note, all stacks are removed if they get too close to each other!

Mount collectors: This boss drops the Antoran Charhound mount, which is F'harg with wings!


3: This is the War Room!: Defeat Antoran High Command while placing 3 or fewer Felshield emitters.

Hope your healers are up to snuff. You need to be able to clear this entire fight with a limit of 3 Felshield Emitters TOTAL. Felshield Emitters are placed by players in the second pod. They are used to block the incoming damage from Fusillade, which Admiral Svirax casts when not active. She will cast it 6 times before becoming active again, each one stronger than the last.


4: Spheres of Influence: Find the 5 Orbs of Life in Eonar's Sanctuary.

These orbs spawn in a sequence, and you have a couple minutes to get each before it resets. This achievement is best done before the boss fight, as the extra glide button has a shorter cd. The locations are as follows:

1: On the platform right in front of you when you first come out the door.

2: Back up at the door you entered from. With back facing the door, the orb will be to the right.

3: Underneath Eonar's platform.

4: From where you grabbed Orb 1, you should be able to see this one on an out of the way platform between two pillars under the Upper path.

5: This one's tricky. Its on a WAYYY out of the way balcony that requires you to use the extra action button twice to reach. This one is IMPOSSIBLE to get during the fight. The balcony is to the right of the door you entered from (if you face the door).

This video is very useful as it shows all the orbs and how to get them solo:


5: Portal Combat: Defeat Hasabel after opening a Chaotic Rift.

To open the rift, you need someone to get all 3 Portal debuffs (only possible in p1....which ends at 90%, so be quick. Slow dps.). One way to make this easier is to have one person bring the Fire debuff to the Green portal, since you drop the fire debuff at your feet when it expires, allowing another to get it....then another player gets the purple debuff, quickly runs over to get Orange, then goes into the green portal to get Green. When all 3 debuffs are on 1 person, the rift opens.

While the Chaotic Rift is active, all players will constantly be pulled towards the back of the room. On top of this, people will get random debuffs: Binding: Xoroth, Binding: Rancora, or Binding: Nathreza. These debuffs will explode and do like 5 mill dmg to you...unless you go through the portal that matches the debuff.

You must kill Hasabel with these added mechanics.


6: Hard to Kill: Trigger every trap while crossing the bridge, then kill Imonar.

Yup! You read that right! You need to ignore everything you learned as a raider and step on ALL the bad stuff during the two bride cross intermissions!

The traps are:

Pulse Grenade: Green mines. Dmgs and knocks back all in range.

Stasis Rune: Green Rune. Stuns all caught in it. Stun is dispellable.

Blastwire: Red laser things. Huge raidwide dmg when triggered.

Shrapnel Blast: Orange mines. Dmgs and DoTs all in range.

Save big healing cd's for the second crossing as that's where Blastwires and Shrapnel Blasts are. You CAN immune/Defensive thru dmg, but Knockbacks and Stuns will still go thru.


7: The World Revolves Around Me: Kill Kin'garoth while 9 Diabolic Bombs are active. need 9 bombs rolling around the battlefield by the time he dies. Bombs spawn frequently, so don't sweat clearing a couple.


8: Together We Stand: Kill Varimathras without anyone triggering Alone in the Darkness.

Alone in the Darkness is applied to ANYONE that has no one else within an 8 yd radius of them. You need to make sure that NEVER happens. When he casts 'Marked Prey', make it so the closest target is one that can easily get back to him without triggering the debuff.


9: Remember the Titans: Kill the Coven of Shivarra while at least 1 of each Torment is still alive.

The Torments are the four types of Titan adds the Shivarra use against you. You need one of each alive when the Shivarra die. Note that this means their mechanics will linger.

Aman'thul: This one you want to be last, as his damage is unavoidable and ramps up and up.

Golganneth: Stay spread out.

Kin'garoth: Don't stand in his fire.

Norgannon: Just keep him CC'ed and don't go near him.


10: Don't Sweat the Technique: Kill a Manifestation of Taeshalach, then kill Aggramar.

To do this, you need to CC (Banish preferably) an Ember of Taeshalach add (little adds). You only need 1. You need this Ember to get hit by TWO ENTIRE Taeshalach Technique combos within 3 minutes. It gets a buff for each move it gets hit by. Just tank him facing the Ember. Note that the buffs STILL apply through banish, and Banish is auto-removed when the transformation occurs.


11: Stardust Crusaders: Collect 20 motes of Titanic Power within 5 seconds, then kill Argus.

Motes spawn in the spirit world when you kill Reorigination Orbs (p4). When low on hp, Argus spawns 6 at once. When he gets to that point, have a bunch of ppl die and get in position. Kill the orbs, then grab the motes asap. Good Luck!

Mount Collectors: On Mythic, Argus can drop the delightfully Nightmare Fuel-y Shackled Urzul mount.


And there you have it! Good luck! See you in BFA!

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