Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the War-Torn Hero

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Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the War-Torn Hero

#1 Unread post by Magnakilro » Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:25 am

WE'RE BACK! And with a new expansion comes new 5-mans and new 5-mans means a new mount to do a buncha stuff for that may or may not cause you to wonder: Will I ever see my family again?

ANYWAYS! This go round, we are working towards the Obsidian Krolusk of two Krolusk mounts currently in-game (the other, the green colored Conqueror's Scythemaw, is rewarded from War Mode's meta achievement.).

Like in Legion, these achievements must be done on Mythic Difficulty, so keep that in mind. Also remember that you must complete an Attunement quest to unlock King's Rest on Alliance and Siege of Boralus on Horde.




1: Pecking Order: Feed Sharkbait his favorite meal.

Nice and simple. Note that there isn't anything you need to do DURING the fight Sharkbait actually appears in.....this one's gonna take up most of the instance!

You need to find 3 items in the correct order throughout the instance.

A: Sharkbait's Empty Dish: This is in a nest by the Skycap'n Kragg encounter. It spawns after Kragg is dead.

B: Gourmet Parrot Chow: Found on top of a platform in the Rum Quarter.

C: A clickable object to place the food: Near Sharkbait after you beat the Shark Puncher boss.

Place the meal and you're done!


2: I'm in Charge Now!: Summon and defeat Patches, then kill Skycap'n Kragg.

Very easy. Someone in the group merely needs to set up a Hearthstone Board in the fight area. Pull Kragg, and Patches will spawn. Kill patches, kill Kragg.


3: That Sweete Booty: Destroy 3 Chests o' Booty, then defeat Harlan Sweete.

This one requires you to destroy the 3 booty chests surrounding Sweete's battle arena using his Cannon Barrage ability. There may be some bugginess to this one...but ppl seem to have found success by waiting until he casts Cannon Barrage on everyone at once, and just taking out all 3 chests at the same time.

Mount collectors: Harlan Sweete has a chance to drop Sharkbait...the parrot mount used by Skycap'n Kragg!


Waycrest Manor:

1: Run Wild Like a Man on Fire: Kill Soulbound Goliath with less than 12 stacks of Soul Harvest.

Essentially a 'do the fight right' achievement. Just keep running him into fire to keep the stacks below 12.


2: Alchemical Romance: Destroy 3 Deathtouched Slaver corpses with one Alchemical Fire...then kill Gorak Tul.

Easy enough. Kill 3 adds together, then burn em all at once.


Siege of Boralus:

1: Stand By Me: Never let Dread Captain Lockwood leap away while she has the Evasive aura.

This can be tricky. You need to keep her Snared/Rooted at all times, kill the cannoneer and prevent the Dread Volley from ever occuring AND have the boss dead before she does a second p2.


2: A Fish Out of Water: Kick 15 Gasping Flounders back into the water, then defeat Viq'goth.

Fish lying around the battle area. Kick em into the water.

WARNING! This cheev is apparently BUGGED and may not actually work. Keep at it till it does!


Waycrest Manor and Siege of Boralus:

Losing My Profession: Kill all the Profession based bosses in Waycrest Manor and Siege of Boralus.

Just kill the following profession summoned bosses. You must have a minimum of 75 skill lvl in Kul'Tiras/Zandalar profession to do this:

A: Huntmaster Grath: In the Hunting Lodge section, Leatherworkers can use a map in the room to summon this guy.

B: Seamstress Johanna: On the top floor of the Banquet Hall, Tailors can use the Cursed Loom to summon this boss.

C: Groundskeeper Lilith: Have an Herbalist mess with the Vile Pod in the fountain in the Soulbound Goliath's area.

D: Governess Tabitha: An Enchanter or Scribe can use the Ancient Tome on the left side of the main floor in a bookshelf to summon.

E: Head Vintner Justin: Have a Cook interact with some wine in the cellar.

A: Brutik Blackanvil: A blacksmith must click the hammer at 58,70.

B: Threshanator 3000: An engineer must interact with an npc at the start of the dungeon.

C: Liz Vilepot: An alchemist must interact with the Strange Vile at 54,74

Kill em all, get your cheev.

Shrine of Storms

1: Breath of the Shrine:Use the Shrine's Breath to light the Ceremonial fires.

The breath is in the first room, next to a pillar. If you carry this, getting hit by ANY Frost damage will remove it. It also becomes non-interactable if the first boss dies. Clear ALL trash up to the third boss (skipping the first two bosses) then go back and bring the Breath to the fires.

Note that its said that you only need to light the 2 by the third boss...the rest are unnecessary.


2: The Void Lies Sleeping: Don't get hit by Awoken Void during the Stormsong encounter.

You need to kite the adds so no one gets hit by em.


3: Trust No One: Defeat Vol'zith while everyone is afflicted with Maddening Dreams.

To get the Maddening Dreams debuff you will have to dive down in the water before the last boss until you see Void Orbs floating around, and then swim through them. The debuff will make you hostile to all players for 24 seconds, then disappear for 6 seconds time in which your healer must use cds and heal you to full hp. Avoid using aoe spells on the boss, and instead use self heals as much as possible to help your healer out.

Everyone must have this debuff. Gl!



1: Bringing Hexy Back: Defeat all bosses with at least one person having Unstable Hex.

Unstable Hex is cast by the witch doctor trash and is like any othe Hex effect accept it passes to anyone else that's in a radius around you on expiration. You need to use this knowledge to keep a hex active for each boss fight.


2: Gold Fever: Defeat the Fatal Corruption, then defeat Priestess Alun'za.

The Fatal Corruption spawns when a Corrupted Gold add absorbs 8 tainted blood pools. Just keep the first add alive until he transforms. Don't bother dps'ing Alun'za as Transfusion will full heal her without the pools.


3: Its Lit!: Kill Yazma while all 4 Shadowflame Sconces are lit.

The Sconces are in the corners. They light up when a player standing next to it is hit by Soulrend. Easy enough...but there's a catch: The Sconces only stay lit for like 25-ish seconds.

Light them when she's low on hp.



1: Not a Fun Guy: Kill Musashitake, then kill Sporecaller Zancha.

If facing Zancha, Musashitake is in the back left corner of the room. To activate him, you need to lure Zancha into striking him with a Shockwave. Once active, kill him, kill boss.

Note: If Musashitake evade bugs, just have everyone go to the middle of the room...the lil mushroom boi should pop over there.


2: Taint Nobody Got Time For That: Defeat Elder Leaxa without anyone getting hit by Taint of G'huun.

The Taint is applied every time you take damage from her abilities. Interrupt everything you can, dodge what you can't and kill the adds FAST.


3: Sporely Alive: Defeat the Unbound Abomination without any Rotting Spores dying.

Remember the 'Spore Loser' achievement for Loatheb wayyy back in Naxxramas? That's what this is pretty much...just with different mechanics.

Mount collectors: Unbound Abomination has a chance to drop the Underrot Crawg of 2 Crawg mounts in game.


Temple of Sethraliss:

1: Snake Eyes: Insert both orbs into the snake head within 10 secs of each other.

Pretty much what it says on the tin...gotta get the orbs in the head pretty much at the same time.

Note that Orb Guardians CAN enter stealth while carrying the orbs. If you lose track of the orbs, that may be what happened.

2: Snake Eater: Become a 'Snake Eater' during the Merektha encounter. Boss does not need to die.

Use flares or ground-based AoE's (like Death and Decay or Rain of Fire) to find the stealthed Solid Egg.

Have the egg get hit directly by Noxious Breath (Egg will turn green) and Blinding Sand. The egg will hatch into a Solid Snake.

Kill the Solid Snake. While its dead, each player must click the corpse to do a lil cast. When the cast finishes, you'll become a 'Snake eater'. The cheev is earned the moment you get this.


3: Good Night, Sweet Prince: Save the Avatar of Sethraliss while the Prince is active.

Simple enough....kiss Plague Toads until one turns into the Prince. Avoid his Bladestorm while you finish the encounter.

Tol Dagor:

1: Remix to Ignition: Defeat Valyri without any barrels exploding.

Assign everyone but the tank to a barrel and bring each to a corner. Tank stays in middle with boss. Each person must mind their barrel and keep it from popping. As of right now, you can't faceroll her with overwhelming dps...the cheev only applies if you get through 3 Ignitions without any lost barrels.


2: Shot Through The Heart: Defeat Korgus after the entire group is stunned by Heartstopper Venom at the same time.

Just jump up and down like goobers till you all get stunned right away, then do the fight normally.



1: Pitch Invasion: Kill Ledley the Bold, then kill the Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler.

Outside the boss arena is an 'Extra-Strength Kaja Cola'. Grab it. Then find Ledley the Bold on the outskirts of the battlefield. Pull the boss, then throw the cola at Ledley to pull him and some other adds. Kill him. Kill boss.


2: Ready For Raiding VI: Defeat Mogul Razdunk without getting hit by Gatling Gun, Micro-Missiles, Big Red Rocket, and a direct hit from Drill Smash.

Just dodge all the listed mechanics. Note that Gatling Gun is faster than normal run speed so you'll need to work around that. There's 2 bugs as well:

1: It looks like pets getting hit can ruin the cheev.

2: You must do the Drill Smash phase PERFECTLY (no missing the posts) or the cheev fails.

Mount Collectors: This boss drops the schematic for the Mecha Mogul MK 2 mount...a replica of the goblin head Razdunk uses.


King's Rest

1: It Belongs in a Mausoleum: Find the 4 trinkets in the dungeon.

This is personal. Everyone needs to click each.

1: First one is in the first room, under some baskets.

2: Second one is before the first boss, at the end of the platform.

3: Third one requires you to use a Spectral Brute's Ground Crush ability to launch up to it. Its after the second boss.

4: Last one is on a pillar before final boss. You need to do some wall jumpy shenanigans to get up and snag it.


2: How to Keep a Mummy: Release Miimii the mummy.

During the Dazar encounter, look for 2 Sarcophagi. They each have a stone in fdront of them. A player must stand on each stone till they both fully light up. When that happens, the right sarcophagus will start shaking. Kill Dazar here.

You'll receive Miimii as a minipet upon earning this cheev.

Mount collectors: Dazar has a chance to drop the Tomb Stalker undead variant of the Gilded Ravasaur.

3: Wrap God: Don't let Mchimba the Embalmer finish a cast of Open Coffin and don't cast Struggle more than once per Entomb during the encounter.

Assign ppl to watch certain coffins. Pay attention to them after Entomb is cast.

If you get Entombed, wait until he starts his Open Coffin cast...then Struggle ONCE.


Complete em all and enjoy your Krolusk! Hope this helps!
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