Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Ny'alotha Raider

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Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Ny'alotha Raider

Unread post by Magnakilro » Mon Feb 03, 2020 6:09 pm

Its that time again! New raid tier, new mount prize from the achievements! This time around, we get the Wriggling Parasite, one of the 4 new Ny'alotha Worm mounts added to the game (one drops from a mob you have a chance to spawn if you search mail boxes during Horrific Visions, one is rewarded for clearing all Mythic+ dungeons at +15 in time, one is from completing the Horrific Visions meta-achievement, which is 5 mask full clears of both horrific visions, get all Titanic talents and a rank 15 cloak...the last worm is the subject of this guide!)). This is BFA's last Glory of cheev mount!

Ny'alotha, the Waking city...N'zoth's crib. We got 12 bosses to blitz through here! So might as well get started eh? N'zoth's watching after all, let's show him what we can do!


1: Smoke Test: at some point while fighting Wrathion, destroy 10 Crackling Shards within 3 seconds, then defeat him.

There's always at least one of these...the ever-present 'kill x things in y seconds' achievement. Best way to handle this one is to get your players with the Scale buff (you insta-kill spikes on contact) to charge through different spikes at the same time. Monks and Demon Hunters are ideal.

2: Mana Sponge: Kill a Forbidden Manifestation, then kill Maut.

Okay this one requires you to kill an add you don't normally see in this fight. How do you get it to show? Well 'Manifestation' is also what his regular adds are called! Maybe something to do with them?

Okay I'll stop playing around: You need to keep a Dark Manifestation alive until phase 2, then allow it to get hit by one of the mana orbs Maut's absorbing. This will turn it into a Forbidden Manifestation. Kill it. Kill Maut.

Pet collectors: This boss has a chance to drop the Muar pet...a teeny version of the quadrupedal bird dudes that hung out with the anubisaths back in AQ 40


3: Phase 3: Prophet: Kill 3 Disciples of the Prophet, then kill Skitra.

Before you enter Skitra's room, there is a long corridor to your left that heads the very end is a Disciple of the Prophet. Clear your way to him and bring him with you into the Skitra fight. Pull Skitra and the Disciple will create two clones of himself. Kill all 3, then kill Skitra. Getting the initial disciple to low hp before the pull is ideal.


4: Buzzer Beater: Safely eliminate 3 Void Orbs while only 3 or less seconds remain on Voidwoken, then defeat Xanesh.

Voidwoken is applied to any player that soaks a Void Ritual. With this, you can bonk around a void orb like a soccer ball. You need to kick it between two people until 3 or less seconds remain on Voidwoken, then send it into the void portal. ACCOUNT FOR TRAVEL TIME! If Voidwoken wears off before the orb goes in, it won't count. Remember, touching the orb sends it in the direction you are facing!


5: Realizing Your Potential: Kill 3 Evolved Specimens, then kill the Hivemind.

There are 3 Promising Specimens to find. One is outside Xanesh's room, one is outside the Maw of Gor'ma, the last is outside the Hivemind's room. They look like your baby aqir from the wasp mount questline. Anyone who picks one up gets a harmless debuff called 'Carrying a Specimen'. Collect all 3 (either on separate ppl or all on one) and engage the Hivemind. Shortly after, the specimens will Evolve and become attackable mobs. Kill them, kill boss. If you mess up and lose your specimen buff, they DO respawn.

Pet collectors: This boss can drop the Ra'kim pet and the Aqir Hivespawn pet. Hivespawn is the red model Aqir Scarab, Ra'kim is the red Aqir wasp.


6: You Can Pet The Dog, But....: Everyone in the raid must /pet Shad'har, then kill him.

You must do this DURING the fight. When a player /pets Shad'har, they get the Bitten Hand debuff for 10 minutes. Shad'har, upon being pet, will gain the Good Boy buff, increasing his haste and causing him to not bite anyone else's hand for 5 seconds. Everyone must be alive with the Bitten Hand debuff on kill to get this achievement.


7: Temper Tantrum: cause two Throes of Agony casts in 1 minute during the Drest'agath encounter, then kill her.

Throes of Agony is cast at 100 energy. She gains 20 Energy with each tentacle you kill. Kill tentacles till she has 80 Energy, then wait for tentacles to respawn, pop lust then kill everything.....tentacles SHOULD respawn within the 60 seconds, allowing you to get the second cast in time.


8: Total Annihilation: defeat Vexiona after everyone's gotten 30 stacks of Annihilation at some point.

Stack the group in one place and tank the Ascendent add facing the group. Use defensive/healing cd rotations while the group is nuked. You will need to tank a few of these to get all the stacks. Remember to run out of the stack to drop the void puddles.


9: How? Isn't it Obelisk?: destroy the two obelisks with Unstable Void during the Ra-den encounter, then defeat him.

Unstable Void is the bouncy void ball you need to keep from hitting the ground. Its only cast if Ra-den absorbs the void orb. The obelisks are on the far sides of the room...they look like the ones you destroy for the 'destroy 6 obelisks' daily quest! You need to get an Unstable Void orb to hit the ground under each of the two obelisks. The orb travels in the direction you face when you block it. Use this info to send it towards the obelisk!

Remember: It needs to hit the GROUND to break the obelisks! Not a player! Ready your defensives for this!

Pet collectors: Ra-den drops the Void-scarred Anubisath pet...a void-corrupted version of the Anubisath Idol!


10: Bloody Mess: Kill 10 Bloods of Ny'alotha within 3 seconds, then kill Il'gynoth

Best done in the final phase where the bloods spawn endlessly. Group em up and nuke em down asap. Pop defensives as they do raid dmg on death! The Focused Azerite Beam essence is useful here.


11: Cleansing Treatment: Kill all Synthesis Growths within 10 seconds, then complete the Carapace of N'zoth encounter.

This one's a bit tough because of the coordination needed. The growths make up phase 2 of the encounter. Players need to go down two paths to get to the growths, the paths covered in Mycelial Cysts that damage and slow those in the goop around them. Damaging the cysts reduces the goop. You need to separate your group so all Growths are being damaged. Dps them down to about 10-15%...then when all are that low, nuke the entire lot of them down asap. Then you need to finish the fight!


12: It's Not a Cult: Kill N'zoth while everyone has the Gift of N'zoth debuff.

You need everyone's Sanity to hit 0 at the end of the fight, then finish off the boss within the 20 second period before you become mind controlled. Gift of N'zoth increases damage and healing done by 25%. Watch your sanity so that everyone loses it at the same time.

Some tips:

If everyone's Sanity is at 50 or less and N'zoth is at low hp (on non-mythic, fight ends at 2% hp btw), you can instantly lose it all by letting a Thought Harvester add cast his Harvest Thoughts ability without anyone soaking it (instant 50 sanity loss to whole raid)

If Sanity is low, consider using a tick of your extra action button to stave of getting Gift of N'zoth early!

High Sanity players should soak Harvest thoughts, low should not.

If needed, standing in Anguish (nastiness on ground) can help get high sanity players in range.

Once N'zoth's hp is low enough, and everything's in place....let everyone's Sanity hit 0 and nuke nuke nuke.

Pet collectors: N'zoth can drop the Eye of Corruption pet...a mini-pet N'zoth eye!

Mount collectors: On mythic difficulty, N'zoth drops the Ny'alotha All-seer mount....a flying jellyfish covered in eyeballs.

Mount collectors: Defeating N'zoth on Heroic or higher before the launch of Shadowlands will earn you a questline that rewards you the Uncorrupted Voidwing mount...Vexiona as a mount!


Complete all 12 achievements to walk away with the Wriggling Parasite! No, it does not make you immune to the stacking slow the worms in assault areas apply to you, sadly. Its just neat to look at!

See ya in Shadowlands everyone!
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