Magnakilro's Guide to the Celestial Tournament

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Magnakilro's Guide to the Celestial Tournament

Unread post by Magnakilro » Sat Oct 17, 2015 10:22 pm

And now for something a little different. Raids and 5 mans can be outgeared. This can not.

This guide will help you complete this difficult pet battle scenario with the strats I use for each boss, and thus help you get the baby Celestial pets.

It will take 10 weeks to get all 4 pets.

So first off, what IS the Celestial Tournament?

This is a Solo Scenario located on Timeless Isle. It is a 2 phase scenario where Pet battles are the name of the game.

In this tournament, large pet collections are king as Pet bandages and Revive Battle Pets are both unusable. Though you can work around this though by having a pet with an AoE heal (Inspiring Song from a Cricket or the one move from the Alterac Brewpup. I use a Grassland Hopper). Just find a boss that doesn't attack on turn 1 (Kiryn, Mari, Goldbloom, Wrathion, Cho, Zao, Yu'la and Chi-chi), send out your healer...use the heal, forfeit and repeat till topped off.

How to enter:

A Pandaren at the arena on Timeless Isle offers a weekly quest to win the tourney. Pick it up and talk to him again and you'll see a new option. This option queues you for the scenario. You MUST have at least 15 max lvl pets in your collection or you won't be allowed in. If you leave scenario at any point, you will hafta start over right from the beginning.

Once inside, you start at round 1. In this round, you fight 3 difficult pet trainers from a pool of 9. Defeat all 3 to move on.

The trainer set-ups are:

Set 1:

Wise Mari: Carpe Diem (Aquatic Pandaria Fish), Spirus (Magic. Some sorta spirit) and River (Standard Water Elemental).

He can be bested with a Team of any Raven/Crow pet (I used the WoD CE Dread Hatchling, but Gilnean Raven and Crow work just as well) and a Mecha Pandaren Dragonling (Engineering). Send raven in first, and use Alpha Strike/Peck on Turn 1, then Call Darkness Turn 2....Nocturnal Strike turn 3...then finish of Diem on turn 4. Switch to Dragonling and cast Decoy, then Thunderbolt. Then just breath till Spirus dies. Then just use both pets to kill River. If needed, have an Aqua type in last slot to help finish River.

Shademaster Kiryn: Nairn (Humanoid Pandaria yeti) Stormoen (Mechanical Fluxfire Feline) and Summer (Beast Worg pup).

She can be bested with an Unborn Val'kyr and a Tiny Snowman. Use a Mechanical in last slot just in case. Start with Valk. Cast Curse of Agony turn 1, then Haunt turn 2. Switch to Snowman and cast Deep Freeze to stun Nairn. Nairn will switch out and eventually die in the backline. Throw Snowballs at Stormoen and replace its Lightning Storm with your Call Blizzard. It should die quick. For Summer, she'll make herself immune for the first turn or 2. When a chance comes, stun with Deep Freeze. Your team should be able to clean Summer up.

Blingtron 4000: Au (Elemental Cata earth elemental), Banks (Critter Golden Pig), Lil B. (Mechanical. Lil Bling)

The strat I use takes 5000 years but it works. You'll need any pet with Pump (I use Legs but most fish or turtles work as well as Sea Pony) and a Teroclaw Hatchling. Use an Elemental in last slot just in case. Send out Pump user first. Set up pump and do something else till Au's Goldskin wears off, then use Pump. Au should die pretty quick. Let your Pumper drop then use Teroclaw. Just keep Nature's Ward and Dodge up at all times and spam Alpha Strike, only forsake recasting if the enemy is 1 Alpha Strike from death. This should carry you thru both remaining pets. Do note both can heal themselves.


Set 2:

Dr. Ion Goldbloom: Screamer (Flying Pterrorwing), Trike (Beast Direhorn) Chaos (Magic Titan orb thing).

This one can be tricky. It is POSSIBLE to 2 pet him with Nexus Whelpling and Mini Mindslayer, but have a Dragon in the backline to finish off Chaos is ideal. Open with Nexus. Cast Arcane Storm then Mana Surge. Screamer will Feign Death and swap out. Trike, use Tail Sweep and refresh Storm. Your whelp should die. Use Mindslayer. Mana Surge should kill Trike and Screamer. For Chaos, you should be able to kill him with your remaining pets. Use Mindslayer's Life Exchange for a bit of added insurance.

Sully 'The Pickle' McLeary: Socks (Undead Tanuki), Monte (Critter Darkmoon Rabbit), ??? (Aquatic Otter. Forget its name)

Unfortunately I actually use a Celestial pet for this one. A Sunfur Panda and Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-ji can kill him. With Panda, set up Cute Face and do what you can to Socks. Set up Sunlight before you die. Swap to Chi-chi. Keep Tranquility up at all times and spam Alpha Strike. Socks should die. This should carry you through all of his pets. For Monte, cast Ethereal when he burrows.

Chen Stormstout: Tonsa (Beast Mushan), Chirps (Critter Cricket), Brewley (Elemental alemental)

Kinda tough. I use a Cogblade Raptor and any Rabbit pet (Tolai Hare personally. Use your strongest bunny). Use an Aquatic in last slot for insurance or a Beast for Chirps. Start with raptor. Cast Expose Wound and Batter. Do note he can stun you, reset fight if he does. Chirps will try to sleep you straight away, then cast a powerful 2 turn move. If you can get a Screech off on it, that is ideal. Raptor will die regardless. Use bunny to kill chirps asap, using Burrow for bad stuff. On Brewly, Burrow to avoid Inebriate if you can. When he makes a Barrel, wait a turn then use Dodge to avoid it. Simple as that. Third pet should cover you if you have issues.


Set 3:

Wrathion: Cindy (Undead Frostwyrm Whelp) Alex (Dragon Crimson Whelp) Da'dah (Dragon Lil Deathwing)

Very easy. He can be bested with an Anubisath and a Scourged Whelpling. Have a humanoid in last slot for insurance. Open with Anubis and set up Sandstorm. When there's 1 turn left on Frost Tomb, deflect. Otherwise Crush. Keep Sandstorm up. Cindy should die. Switch to Whelpling for Alex. Call Darkness then spam Dreadful Breath. You should easily wipe out his team from there.

Taran Zhu: 3 Humanoid Pandaren Monks

2 Moths of any sort (except Royal Moth) work well. Bring a third or an undead for insurance. Just cast Moth Dust and Cocoon Strike on cd and use Alpha Strike in Between. If you proc Dust's Sleep, cast Alpha Strike. Keep going till win.

Lorewalker Cho: Dunno any pet names. Pet 1 is a Flying Sapphire owl. Pet 2 is a Magic Enchanted Broom and Pet 3 is a Dragon Gold Cloud Serpent.

Sprite Darter (or Nether Faerie Dragon) and Mecha Dragonling work here. A humanoid backup is useful. Sprite Darter just use Moonfire and spam Arcane Blast. Use Life Exchange on Broom and Spam blast till you die. Send in Dragonling and spam Breath till Broom dies, then Decoy, Lightning, then Breath till you win.

If you are going for the Trunks mini pet (Awfully Big Adventure ach...defeat many pet trainers while an Elekk Plushie is in your team) you do need all 9 of these bosses.


Round 2:

After you defeated your 3 foes, you now need to fight the 4 Celestial pets. Defeat em all to win the tourney. They are:

Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon (Dragon type. Jade Breath, Emerald Presence, Liftoff)

Zao, Calfling of Niuzao (Beast type. Niuzao's Charge, Trample, Wish)

Xu-fu, Cub of Xuen (Beast type. Moonfire, Spirit Claws, Feed)

Chi-chi, Hatchling of Chi-ji (Flying type. Fire Quills, Tranquility, Ethereal)

You just need a Pandaren Water Spirit, Chrominius and a healer.

Send out Spirit...use Geyser, then Whirlpool...switch to Chrominius and Howl. Next turn depends on boss.

Xu-Fu and Chi-Chi just use Surge of Power to end it.

Yu'la and Zao use Bite, then end with Surge.

Heal back up between bosses.


When all 4 are defeated, you win! Exit scenario and grab your Celestial Coin. 3 of these nets you a Celestial pet. On your very first tournament win, the Panda will instantly hand you an extra 2 Coins, allowing you to get a celestial straight away.

Good luck and enjoy your pets!
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