Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Tomb Raider

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Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Tomb Raider

Unread post by Magnakilro » Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:52 pm

The latest in the 'Glory of' raid achievements, Tomb Raider shakes things up by not having a mount reward, because of the Class mounts released at the the time. Instead we get two not quite 'mount' level prizes together:

The Tomb Raider title: Now you can be Lara Croft!

and a minipet, Micronax: A minipet version of Legion vessels like the Sentinax.

While not quite as intriguing as a mount, I'll still do my part to help ppl know what to do so they can get this unique lil pet

Let's go!


1: Fel Turkey!: Get Goroth to destroy 30 Infernal Spikes with Shattering Star, then kill him.

Best way to do this is have all your ranged/heals stand in a line so spikes spawn in said line. Make sure not to destroy any spikes with Crashing Comet or by moving Goroth too close. Make sure Goroth is at one end of the spike line so its easier to send the star through em.

He spawns 2 waves of spikes before throwing out a star. Don't worry about Infernal Burning, as he spawns another Spike wave after the star. It doesn't matter how post-star Spikes are placed, as Burning destroys all of them anyway.


2: Grin and Bear It: Defeat Demonic Inquisition while the entire raid has full Torment.

Fight the boss normally until they are down to the last like 5% hp. Then use Belac's next Fel Squall to fill up your Torment VERY quickly. It may help to have extra heals and an extra tank because of the extra dmg going out at full Torment.


3: The Grand Fin-ale: Use the Mrgrglhjorn to summon Elder Murk-Eye during the Harjatan fight. Kill him then kill Harj.

The Mrgrglhjorn is a toy rewarded from completing three Murky-related world quests in Broken Isles. The horn makes a stampede of Baby murlocs. If used for its full duration during the Harjatan fight, it spawns Murk-Eye.

Kill him, kill Harjy.


4: Five Course Seafood Buffet: During the Sass'zine fight, have Sarukel eat the five listed 'foods':

1: Hydra Essence.

2: Eel Tartare

3: Ink Sauce

4: Murloc Fillet

5: Player Seasoning.

Sarukel is the p2 mechanic where you get sucked in by an unseen beast outside the battlefield. What you need to do is bring the required stuff into his little effect radius.

Hydra Essence: Get hit by Hydra Shot while in the radius of Sarukel

Eel Tartare: Kill an Abyss Stalker add within the radius of Sarukel

Ink Sauce: This one is how you're supposed to handle the mechanic. Get covered in ink, then run into Sarukel's radius. If he eats 3 Inks, he'll leave till resummoned.

Murloc Fillet: Kill a murloc add in Sarukel's radius. This can be tricky as Murlocs only spawn in phases WITHOUT Sarukel. You need to keep a p1 murloc alive till Sarukel is summoned, then kill it in his circle.

Player Seasoning: One player needs to actually kill themselves by running into Sarukel's inner circle.


5: Wax on, Wax Off: Kill a Waxing Twilight Soul during the Sisters of the Moon fight, then kill the sisters.

The Twilight Soul is to the left if you're facing the sisters. Clear the Trash and bring it to the fight (third tank reccommended). During the fight, kite the add to follow the growing moon phase (Arcane at the start) till it fills, then bring it to follow the next moon phase. When the add turns BLUE, kill it then finish the fight. The color change should happen some time in p3.


6: Great Soul, Great Purpose: Keep the diminishing Soul alive throughout the Desolate Host encounter.

The Soul is a glowing yellow wisp like thing that drops below the Engine at the start of the fight. A LIVING realm player must catch it. Some seconds after, the soul will launch itself in a random direction 20 yds away, leaving a yellow visual to tell you its landing site. A SPIRIT realm player must catch it. This repeats however, you'll need TWO Living and TWO Spirit players juggling the spirit as you can't have the same person of that realm catch it twice in a row.


7: Sky Walker: Catch all Titanic Anomalies during the Maiden fight, then kill her.

There are 9 anomalies total, many spawn in the well, some above.

The anomalies spawn as blue celestial-ish thingies. All require smart use of the Unstable Soul mechanic to reach.

Anomaly 1: Down in the middle of the well. Hard to get due to Gravity. Use a Shaman, Demon Hunter, or Hunter with Unstable soul to get it easier. These classes are reccommended as they can move themselves in mid-air thru abilities.

Anomaly 2-5: All move along the walls of the well, clockwise. The timing can be tricky getting these.

Anomaly 6-9: Above the platform you fight on. Easiest ones to get.

If someone gets an Anomaly and dies, it will not ruin the achievement.


8: Bingo!: Kill Avatar of Sargeras without him destroying the platforms in the following patterns:

1: Row

2: Column

This one is easy and can be done in one kill if the group is good. Dps him down as much as possible during p1 (lust on pull) p2 pick a corner and keep him there.

It is likely that you'll get this on a typical kill


9: Dark Souls: Defeat Kil'jaeden without any Shadowsouls casting Destabilized Shadowsoul.

This ach is HARD! VERY HARD! Rng is required as well as the following:

Blood DK's.: Get a bunch...Death Grip/Gorefiend's Grasp are CRUCIAL.

Talent everyone with AoE stuns and knockbacks.

Get as many Movement Speed boosts as you can. Legendaries, items abilities etc.

A Lock to set gateways from 1 corner to another.

Right so..when the second intermission comes up, pray all the adds spawn in clumps...DK's IMMEDIATELY DG THEN GG.

Find Illidan FAST get your sight, then run to the clump, stunning and stopping the adds till they die.

This is EXTREMELY hard so...good luck.


Complewte all 9 cheevs and you'll get your prizes!
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Re: Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Tomb Raider

Unread post by Wain » Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:46 am

Wow thanks for this :) I definitely want to do this for the pet, but I'll have to hold off till I have better gear. I'm only 905 :/
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