Grimrot NPC scaling change

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Grimrot NPC scaling change

Unread post by Gregom » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:29 am

Hey guys,

Just a little small tiny miniscule detail i noticed regarding Grimrot (the rare bear in felwood who has 2 forms depending on day or night time)

hes no longer tameable for level 20's or below (i only tested with my lvl 20 hunter) , so his level scaling is listed wrong on the site :)
I tamed his night version on 2 hunts as far as i know, and his day time on a panda, went out to tame the daytime one again and noticed someone saying on wowhead he wasnt scaling lower than his regions level (felwood in this case) anymore.
Might not be really important but just a heads up :DDD
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