Pet skill training ?

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Pet skill training ?

Unread post by AlexNorton » Tue Jun 23, 2020 4:28 am

So I went and looked up "how" to train my pet in skills.

I tamed "The Rake" that was downgraded to just another cat without ANY skills :(... can I teach it all of the skills a cat can have?

Is this pet even any good and if not what should I replace it with ASAP?

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Re: Pet skill training ?

Unread post by GormanGhaste » Tue Jun 23, 2020 5:38 am

Welcome to Petopia. Yes, you will eventually be able to teach it any cat skills, but skills have level requirements, you only have so many points to spend on skills, and you have to learn the skill from either a trainer or another tamed pet. This is why you need to keep one pet slot open just for taming pets to teach you pet skills. You also need to max out your pet's loyalty, which requires being well fed, time, and combat? Been a while for me.

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