A thought on 4.2 and "pet challenges"..

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A thought on 4.2 and "pet challenges"..

Unread post by Minifig » Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:27 pm

I really like the idea where Blizzard is giving hunter's (and pretty much anyone) challenges in 4.2 to kill off/tame the rare critters.. but I was wondering..

What if they took it a step further in on coming patches?

What if they made the rare critters only killable by hunters?

What if they made it so that the challenges affect people who AREN'T hunters, but hunters get no challenges to tame?

What I'm saying is, what if they gave us hunters an advantage over the critters we're actively seeking and gave everyone else a challenge if they found them.. as a way of saying "we intended this to be a hunter's pet.. not something you should kill for sport."

Any thoughts?

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