Need help finding a rare? Check here first!

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Re: Need help finding a rare? Check here first!

Unread post by Teigan » Thu May 23, 2019 10:54 pm

Vephriel wrote:
Teigan wrote:Anyone around alliance, NA server who could pull me to a low-pop server to look for Loque? I find that I need to have Loque with his proper name
The only Alliance alt I have is on a high pop realm, but I'm gonna go take a look anyways. :D

EDIT: No luck, and saw some campers, but I'll keep an eye out
Thank you! But, you must have sent some luck my way, because I ran into another hunter who was looking and we were able to help each other out :)

Now, to see about Ban'thalos!

Edit: Clearly, the RNG gods are with me tonight. Owl accomplished :D

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