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Ask the Boys - Discussion Thread

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 5:39 pm
by Varethyn
Ever wanted to say something about my AMA RP thread? Have you taken a fancy to either (or both!) of my boys? Who's your favourite and why? Notice anything, about them or what they've said or perhaps questions they've been asked? Want to offer feedback or ask questions but were too uncertain about PMing me about it?

Well problem solved! Here's an open discussion thread for questioners and viewers alike to discuss what they like (or dislike) about what has happened thus far and what will happen in future! Tell me what you think. I'm eager to know how much you've been enjoying it all so far :D

While the main thread is still not really the full-fledged version I was thinking of and will sometimes have some non-RP content in it, this thread will also be where I post the majority of it from now on. Hopefully. For anyone who is unaware the idea was to emulate AMA pages found on such sites as Tumblr - such as Ask the Sky Family which inspired this - in that no one can see each other's questions or remarks, leaving only the RP replies from the characters.

A recap of the rules for anyone who still wants to ask questions:
- Remember to include who you're aiming the question at! Both Varethyn and Kithren are available so you can ask them individually or at the same time. Title your PM, or mention at the top of your post, "Question for Vare/Varethyn" or "Question for Kith/Kithren" if you specifically want one of them to answer. Not including it or saying something like, "Question for both/the boys" will have either both or whoever is most qualified to answer it. They may also butt into each other's questions if the content is right!

- I'd prefer that PMs be a fresh post and not quote the main thread. I realise it's quicker and easier to hit the PM button in my profile but it clutters things up in reposting the conversation that happened in the post you clicked it on. I want to see your question, not what I've already typed!

- You can ask for yourself, or RP a character of your own that you think might be interested in meeting my boys!

- Questions do NOT need to strictly be RPd! Seriously. Just ask them whatever comes to mind. In fact I'd prefer that. The RP scenes are fun to do and I do accept them, but the idea was for basic questions to be thrown about xD I'm the only one who -needs- to RP here.

- It doesn't have to be a question. Say something weird and see how they'll react to it! Or just say hi :)

- You can ask about something you've noticed about them in their portraits or something they've said in a reply. If you're curious about something you might get answers!

- I do accept "magic anon" questions, though obviously having any openly posted here takes away the animosity of course. "Magic anons" are mysterious posters who cause shenanigans in the thread, turning the boys into an animal (real-life or fictional) or another race, gender or personality swapping... that kind of thing! Be sure to mention how many posts you want the spell to last for! If anyone PMs for one please remember to state somewhere that you want it to be anonymous. This goes for non magic anon PMs too!

- Try to keep things clean. Depending on the content the boys may still react to it but I personally would prefer not to deal with sex talk and such. You are very welcome to flirt with them though! I will reply letting you know if something is too uncomfortable for me to include.

- Have fun! If something about the thread, my boys or something that has been said somewhere bothers you please let me know!

Re: Ask the Boys - Discussion Thread

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 2:33 pm
by Krysteena
Varethyn wrote: Image
Dropping by to quickly show my appreciation for this expression in particular. I love all the expressions you've given the boys, but there's something about this one that I love especially :'D Kith is looking like a solid 10/10 on the good boy scale

Also, seeing as the little bit between Krys and Kith is now finished, I'll think of a few smaller, non-rped questions for the boys to send your way soon. Nothing huge and unnecessarily extra from me for a little while :lol:

Re: Ask the Boys - Discussion Thread

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 4:56 pm
by Varethyn
Heee I'm glad you're enjoying the expressions! In fact I made that one specifically for that reply, as I have with others. I made a selection of basic expressions to start with and have been creating new ones as I go along. Agreed that with this one - and a couple other combos I've made - you can really see that halo over his head x) (Certain others may disagree.)

I look forward to seeing what questions you have to ask :D Though I'm also open to more RP when/if you feel like it!

Re: Ask the Boys - Discussion Thread

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:02 pm
by Varethyn
I want to apologise to everyone who has enjoyed reading my AMA thus far. Sadly only one person has been asking questions lately, so there has been nothing to post. Add to which that I prefer not to answer multiple questions from the same person in a row, rather alternate between users. If enough time passes and no one else asks anything I will answer waiting question from the same user anyway, but it's more fun with more questions.

However, between that and the fact no one has used this thread at all aside from Kysteena, I feel that the novelty has run its course and interest has gone elsewhere. I want to thank those of you who did ask questions and join in. It was fun to get back into character again and answer you guys. Thanks also to everyone who checked in on the thread. I really am surprised it got as many views as it did and I hope I was able to give you a chuckle here and there.

Re: Ask the Boys - Discussion Thread

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 5:50 am
by Namárië
I haven't posted here as I would have no clue what to put here. I don't do RP well and as such have no questions /remarks to what goes into /behind /others RP. I just try to support you via pm questions :D

Re: Ask the Boys - Discussion Thread

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:16 am
by Krysteena
Firstly, I want to apologise for the long pause between my latest responses with Vyonne - college recently kicked in and I find myself struggling with Vyonne's characterisation a bit more than I do with Krys. That being said, I am thoroughly enjoying the thread and it's a shame to see that not many people have been asking questions recently. I do wonder if the main rp group that was here has dispersed, which might be why there aren't so many responses, but don't quote me on that one.

I love what you've done and it's certainly brought a smile to my face to be able to check up here and be excited for what has been posted :hug:

Re: Ask the Boys - Discussion Thread

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 9:15 am
by Varethyn
That's perfectly okay Krys :hug: Real life comes first and I hope you succeed in college :) I'm sorry to hear you're struggling with her character, though sometimes it takes a while to really get to know your own people. Once upon a time Vare was a lot more serious and Kith more mature. Characters like to change a lot until something clicks - hopefully the same is true for Vyonne!

Yeah there was a big RP group a while back but real life happened and most of them have gone their separate ways. I just got too excited to try this and started at a poor time, as so few people here like to RP nowadays. My own fault - I've been watching D&D sessions on YouTube and all it's done is give me the RP itch over and over :lol: *Sighs*

I'm glad you've been having fun and that the thread has brought you joy :hug: Maybe I should try writing stories instead.