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Slapperfish's Rough n' Rowdy RP Roster!

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2018 7:08 am
by Slapperfish
Hey everyone! Bet you never expected to see my face here in the RP subforums, didja? ;)

I teased these characters over on the main transmog thread a while back, and never really got around to compiling some RP-centric character bios until now. But I finally have some time aside to write all this out, and it's time to show the world (or at least you guys) the colorful cast of characters I've cobbled together over on Wyrmrest Accord.


Bel'naithas Scionsky (pronunciation guide here)

Born to High Elf nobility, Bel'naithas was just a mere boy when Arthas and his Scourge army marched through Quel'thalas. With his parents either dead or raised into undeath and his old home in ashes, he sought out a living in the wilderness, teaching himself to hunt, fight, survive and become less dependant on magic, though he would inevitably be drawn back to the Sunwell's power in due time. The last remaining relic of the Scionsky family legacy is his pet turtle, Old Morlo, who once basked in the sunlit pond of his father's estate. Though an incredibly skilled hunter and well-versed engineer, Bel'naithas is not one for public events unless monetary gain is involved; his time spent in the wilds hasn't taught him very many people skills, making him a socially awkward introvert. Bel'naithas is also hypersensitive to cold for some inexplicable reason (some believe it reminds him of the chill of death), and is almost exclusively seen wearing long-sleeved garments and fur-padded chainmail, or sitting comfortably by the fire with his trusty dragonhawk and living flint-and-tinder, Considria.

Fun Facts:
  • Bel'naithas is the first character I've ever roleplayed with in WoW. Many of his characteristics stem from my initial hesitance to partake in some impromptu roleplay, but have stuck ever since.
  • Bel's first true foray into RP was an "ugly sweater" costume contest being held in Winterspring during Winter's Veil. He won second place and recieved 20,000g in exchange for freezing his butt off in a bright blue loincloth.
  • Bel's dragonhawk Considria is actually named after a popular segment on Bill Nye, "Consider the Following", and Old Morlo gets his name from the turtle in The NeverEnding Story.


Lazlopp Leverspan, MASTER OF MISCHIEF!

Have you recently fallen into the Stormwind canals from tripping on a banana peel? Are there gryphon droppings on you during clear skies? Did you find a ravenous jormungar in your feast that wasn't there before? Lazlopp Leverspan is likely the one to blame! A seasoned troublemaker who was formerly the apprentice of a seasoned toymaker, Lazopp is the self-proclaimed Master of Mischief, and spends his days coming up with pranks, japes and jokes to pull on both Alliance and Horde alike. These often have the expected result of frustrating those involved; Lazlopp prides himself on such frustrations, however, and only ever gets satisfaction out of getting a rise out of others. Of course, pranks and engineering often go hand-in-hand, and some of his creations have been repurposed into powerful weapons and trusty bodyguards in light of a handful of anonymous death threats. Despite his trollish tendencies a slight fear of death, Lazlopp is just as capable a fighter as he is a prankster, utilizing trick shots, traps and target dummies into his arsenal on a regular basis.

Fun Facts:
  • Lazlopp's first-ever prank turned his former master into a talking pile of sludge. Can only go up from there, I suppose.
  • It should be no surprise that Lazlopp is a huge narcissist. Aside from the fact that he pilots a giant mechanical gnome head, he once tried to create a holiday in his honor, to be celebrated every year on the first day of April, though it was sadly a fruitless effort.
  • Rumor has it that he's currently planning his biggest, most elaborate prank yet...



A potent fighter whose very name is mentioned only in intimidated whispers among the Burning Legion, Zun'ti is an incredibly skilled demon hunter whose dark blades have cleaved though the souls of a thousand demons.

Or at least, that's what he'd have you think.

In truth, there is likely more fel blood coursing through the veins of your average rat than there is through Zun'ti's. Though he certainly has shown remarkable swordsmanship and is capable of great feats of agility and cunning, Zun'ti is just a mere rogue with an edgier-than-usual fashion sense. Ever since he learned of the Illidari's presence in Dalaran, he has been enthralled with the prospect of becoming a demon hunter himself, hunting down demonic prey from hundreds of yards away without the need for sight. Zun'ti has even taken up Inscription to give himself some sweet tattoos, though these usually end up washing off in water. Despite his constant attempts to convince the Illidari that he's met all possible criteria on his own (he's tried "sacrificing everything," but it all just keeps regenerating back), his efforts are always met with rejection, as if the Illidari were less of a lifestyle and more of an "elves-only club".

Fun Facts:
  • Though I originally leveled him for the usual alt role of "resident lockpicker", the idea for Zun'ti being a fake Demon Hunter stemmed from a conversation over Trade chat, where players were trying to present solid evidence on why other races should be demon hunters, leading to the current "wrong class" character concept that's usually played up for laughs.
  • Zun'ti is not actually blind, and will often lift his blindfold to see where he's going or who he's fighting. (I actually have a macro that switches between Cursed Vision of Sargeras and Wicked Leather Headband to simulate this in-game.)
  • His trademark toe claws may or may not be real. Either way, his Kicks certainly hurt more.


Selithira Shadowgaze

Likely one of the oldest blood elves to ever join the Illidari, Selithira is a spiteful woman who treats most people with contempt. Looking down on the rest of the world from a single fel eye, her cold-hearted demeanor and clear signs of age have earned her the name "The Fel Hag" among her peers, though those who dare to say that to her face often wind up with a twisted blade through theirs. Despite the years catching up to her, she still holds her own like no other, able to withstand countless blows from her enemies and returning the pain in kind.

Fun Facts:
  • Selithira is almost exclusively Vengeance spec (seriously, I don't think I ever picked up the Havoc artifact on her) and uses a more damage-oriented tank build, built around keeping Demon Spikes up for as long as possible.
  • Selithira is actually left-handed! It's often difficult to depict a southpaw in-game, but the the Vengeance hidden artifact skin acting as a makeshift fel shield helped to make that idea a reality. Prior to that, I used Ogre Pocket Knife for her main hand weapon.
  • Her signature missing eye is likely the result of demonic mutation from consuming the heart of an Inquisitor. Lifting the blindfold reveals a smooth patch of skin-covered bone where her eye socket used to be.


Kahanta Summermane

One of the first Highmountain to offer their service to the Horde after the Legion's defeat, Kahanta is an honorable soul whose sweet demeanor masks the beating heart of a young warrior. Skilled in the ways of druidism, Kahanta is often malcontent with harming nature, only doing so if it's meant to restore balance to the world. She is often seen tending to the plants and herbs scattered across Orgrimmar, as well as raining Moonfire down upon any foolish Alliance who think they can sneak into the city's walls.

Fun Facts:
  • Her status as one of the first Highmountain inducted into the Horde isn't just an RP concept. Originally leveling as a tank for faster dungeon queues, she was lauded by many a groupmate as "the moose tank" during the first week of Allied races going live, which probably meant that Highmountain Druid tanks were in short supply early on.
  • Since then, she has almost exclusively been Balance spec, with the combination of Bull Rush and Flap being quite a spectacle to behold. Seriously, she flapped her way from the top of Moonglade to the southern end of Winterspring in her 40s. It was both hilarious and awesome.
  • Prior to her "Horde pride" aesthetic, Kahanta's outfit had a more flower-oriented theme, and was one of the few times I've eschewed heirloom headgear while leveling for something more cosmetic.


Maelenicus Voidshatter

A powerful warlock in his own right, Maelenicus has always been one to seek out new sources of power. Though formerly a blood elf, Maelenicus Sunshatter was always the argumentative type, and never really got along with the rest of his Horde contemporaries. His self-centered lust for power at the cost of others certainly didn't help, either. Many of his actions in the grand scheme of things have been put into question, such as the enslavement of Vazeel'fazag, a powerful Legion dreadnaught who effortlessly cut through swaths of Alliance and Horde alike during the assault on Hellfire Citadel.

When Maelenicus heard about the return of Alleria Windrunner and a new opportunity to harness the Void, his choice was an obvious one. Maelenicus left the Horde without a second thought and became a Void Elf to bolster his dark powers even further...

Fun Facts:
  • Believe it or not, it was the Felguard's name that came first, not the character. When I first learned that Vazeelfazag was one of the possible randomized Felguard names, I spent hundreds (and I do mean HUNDREDS) of attempts to get the name to show up on a newly-created warlock. Thank goodness Void Elves start at level 20...
  • I spent WAY more time than I needed to trying to farm both the Accursed Dreadsteed mount and Kibler's Bits recipe solely for Maelenicus to use. I'm sure you can sense a pattern here with this character: style over substance.
  • Just like the Felguard, Maelenicus' name was randomly generated. Who knew the name randomizer could churn out something so awesomely badass-sounding?


Bauman, the Scarlet Janitor

The Scarlet Crusade has certainly seen better days. Bauman, a once proud member of the Crusade, has been reduced to the role of clean-up duty just to eke out a living in a post-Crusade world. He is usually found sweeping and scrubbing the floors of various taverns across Stormwind, once the parties have blown over and the barkeeps close up shop for the night. A deluded daydreamer, Bauman often yearns for the halcyon days of eradicating Scourge filth off the face of Azeroth. Now, all he eradicates are vomit stains off the face of barstools at the Pig and Whistle.

Fun Facts:
  • "The Scarlet Janitor" was originally concieved as an in-joke back in Vanilla between a friend and I, consisting of a hastily put-together outfit that included Deepdive Helmet, a Farmer's Broom, Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade, and Gloves of the Hypnotic Flame to simulate rubber gloves.
  • Bauman is forever level 31, one level lower than the minimum level of mobs in the original Library wing of Scarlet Monastery.
  • Bauman's water elemental is pretty much just an oversized bar of animated soap.

I'll be sure to post more characters here as I level them! Let me know what you guys think of my first romp into RP!

~ Slapperfish >*)))>{

Re: Slapperfish's Rough n' Rowdy RP Roster!

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:50 am
by Slapperfish


Luxigar, the Lightbroken

The last thing Luxigar remembers before being transported to this strange new world was charging into battle and being stuck from behind by incoming cannon fire, his shell-shocked body careening through the air and into enemy lines below.

A former member of the Burning Blade Clan, he was known as Loragar before the Lightbound came and "redeemed" him in their image. A bit of a coward who has always bent to those more powerful than him, Luxigar has much to answer for in the eyes of his people, and so, has sought to redeem himself by assisting the Horde in any way he can. He firmly believes that the Light is the only thing keeping him from being butchered like a pig in his sleep by those he has wronged, but thankfully, he isn't the only member of the Horde to wield the Light. Recently, Luxigar has found a handful of kindred spirits in both the Sin'dorei and the Sunwalkers. If the Mag'har are willing to tolerate such allies, then surely he'll be able to gain a newfound sense of honor among them, right?

Fun Facts:
  • While I had no desire to level a priest initially, a rather humorous observation at the tail end of Mag'har unlock scenario caused me to rethink my choice of class for a Mag'har. Seeing so many Lightforged corpses flying through the air while manning the cannon - and considering the possibility of one or two live bodies landing in the crowd - spurned the idea of Luxigar being a former Lightbound himself.
  • Luxigar holds the distinct honor of being the very first character to actually make me enjoy playing a healer! Leveling almost exclusively in Discipline spec, Luxigar utilizes a more DPS-focused build. (Hey, I never said I was JUST healing!)
  • Despite being a priest, Luxigar has been known to wield an axe from time to time. A Lightbound orc is still an orc!



A member of the Bronze Dragonflight with an affinity for wildlife, Undormi is a rather peculiar dragon. Affectionately referred to as "The Bronze Banshee" by her dragonflight contemporaries, Undormi's life, death, and rebirth is one full of unexpected twists and turns.

When she was but a mere whelp, Undormi pledged herself to observing the countless fates of the kingdom of Lordaeron, under the guise of a young stablehand named Uma Dorin. It was there that she saw (and foresaw) her own demise at the hands of the Scourge, but even in undeath, Arthas was somehow none the wiser to her true nature. Undormi retained her mortal form in death, but not all of her memories had returned to her after regaining her free will. Apparently, undeath had caused her to suffer from some degree of amnesia; Uma didn't realize she was even a dragon for some time until a member of the Bronze Dragonflight helped her to relive her past.

It was during the events of the Cataclysm that she finally learned how to revert into her true form: A shambling, flaking dragon husk of her former self with only a few shimmering bronze scales left, but a dragon nonetheless. However, Undormi is much more comfortable in her humanoid form - unlike other dragons - and tends to favor a rifle or spear much more than her innate Bronze magic. Because of this, the impact of Deathwing's defeat on the dragonflights left much less of an impact on her, though it still means she's far weaker than your average dragon.

Fun Facts:
  • Undormi's concept and backstory stem from a desire to RP a dragon without restricting myself to a race or class often associated with that dragonflight, as well as keeping their power in line with that of other players.
  • Since the Sandstone Drake is the only mount that turns your character into a dragon instead of placing them on top of one, I had been wanting to use it for a Dragonflight character without relying heavily on one's imagination. Thus, passing the mount's stony visage off as a nearly scaleless zombie dragon made the most sense.
  • Undormi's pet names are all expectedly yellow and time-themed. Examples include her dragon turtle Eternity, her two-headed vulture Divergent, and her signature water strider Timestream.

Re: Slapperfish's Rough n' Rowdy RP Roster!

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 9:26 am
by Slapperfish


Brundha Amberhearth

A dwarven mountaineer who wields neither axe nor rifle, Brundha seems to be cut from a different cloth altogether.

Born to two stern mountaineers, Brundha had always followed in her mother and father's footsteps, but inexplicably struggled with the basics of her combat training. Her troubles only worsened one fateful day, when she learned that her parents were struck down by an enormous Ice Claw Bear just outside its den, during a routine patrol of Dun Morogh's southern borders. Upon hearing the tragic news, something within Brundha bubbled its way to the surface, and unleashed itself as an explosion of latent arcane energy, blasting a sizeable crater in the snow. Brundha swiftly made her way to the beast's den and, in a blur of seething vengeance, ripped it asunder with a single volatile blast. However, her blind rage was quelled when her eyes beheld a small bear cub, scarcely a week old, quivering against the wall of the cave. Realizing the cruel, cyclical irony of her actions, Brundha took it upon herself to raise the orphaned cub as if it were her own, and since then, has devoted herself to both perfecting her abilities as a mage and protecting Ironforge and beyond, all while accompanied by the aptly-named "Gummy."

Fun Facts:
  • I had originally planned to level Brundha as bear-loving Hunter, after having just obtained the Blackpaw mount, but the idea had come just off the cusp of leveling Undormi, and I felt it would have been tiresome to level two hunters in succession. Thus, I decided to level her as a mage instead, paying homage to the original concept by giving her a mountaineer-esque outfit and traveling around with a bear cub. And also spending WAY too many hours farming for the polar bear cub polymorph.
  • At night, Brundha carries a torch with an undying flame, utilizing arcane energy to continuously stoke the flames like a magic bellows. The torch even stays aflame underwater, and can be used to shoot enchanted embers to distract her foes. (This is really all just a complicated way of explaining the Power Torrent enchant on a torch wand.)
  • Brundha is so hilariously inept at using firearms that she once achieved a Blastenheimer Bullseye at the Darkmoon Faire... while firing a gun at Rinling's booth.


Weaponmaster Wan "Jinyu"

A former denizen of the Wandering Isle, Wan has spent the last five years molding his mind and body into a storm of destruction. Dancing across the battlefield in a furious blend of untouchable grace and deadly precision, many of his fellow Pandaren have mockingly likened his sleek and slippery fighting technique to that of a Jinyu, though they do so knowing where his true stength lies. On top of his surprising agility (even for a Pandaren), Wan is a master of improvisation, and anything that he holds in the palm of his paw has the potential to become a deadly weapon. Pitchforks, mining picks, dead fish, old ship wheels, rusty pipes, tree branches, week-old mutton, even your average butter knife - all capable of felling his adversaries with a simple flick of his wrist. Wan's exploits have even appeared to gain the ire of some of the creatures he has encountered on his travels, including Balm, a scrappy tiger cub who seemingly abandoned his previous owner in search of adventure.

Fun Facts:
  • Wanjinyu's name is a pun on the chinese term wanjinyou, meaning both "jack of all trades" and "tiger balm".
  • Though Glyph of the Weaponmaster had been changed drastically in Battle for Azeroth, no longer allowing one-handed weapons to be useable, I had been dead-set on making a weaponmaster character for a while as a sort of testing grounds for the glyph. I had originally planned to make a Human Warrior to realize this concept, but a number of Pandaren-only weapons skewed the decision in Pandaren's favor.
  • The third weapon on Wan's back was the result of an unexpected bug I encountered while swapping between Arms and Fury spec, though I have no idea whether or not the sheathed weapon is merely a client-side visual.


William "Wiles" Monson

Once the deckhand of a heavily-armed Horde vessel known as "The Unscathed," William Monson and his shipmates were en route to Stormwind to engage in a surprise attack during the fight against Deathwing, under Hellscream's orders. The trip had been going smoothly when Deathwing's body unexpectedly plummeted from the sky and sent titanic waves crashing down upon the vessel, the sea swallowing it whole. Of the roughly three dozen men and women aboard the ship, Monson was the only survivor, mainly by virtue of being undead, and thus not needing to breathe underwater.

When Monson washed ashore and came to, he found himself in a strange new land inhabited by rotund, humanoid bears calling themselves "Pandaren". Initially believing this to be some sort of elaborate prank set up by his shipmates, Monson's jaw hit the floor (nothing a proper push back into the skull can't fix) when he witnessed a pandaren leap effortlessly across the air and fell a tree with a single punch. Enamored somewhat by the prospect of having such power for himself, Monson went on to learn the ways of the monk, gaining a newfound sense of tranquility and self-worth (well, as much as an emotionless walking corpse CAN gain). When the Horde made its way onto the shores of Pandaria, Monson felt it was time to put his newfound abilities to good use, and brought himself back into the fold in the fight against the Alliance.

Fun Facts:
  • Wilesmonson's name was actually completely randomized, and the character itself was originally created as a class trial. (Some of my character concepts are made primarily with endgame transmogs in mind, and creating class trial characters is often the easiest way to accomplish this outside of addons.)
  • Monson's original concept was that of a Forsaken pugilist whose hands were not his own, thus granting him increased power. Raiments of Nature's Breath gives the wearer human forearms for some reason and it tends to look the least out-of-place on a Forsaken. However, the current "seafaring pugilist" concept was spurred on by the fact that Wilesmonson just sounds really piratey.
  • Though Monson could very well be considered the first Forsaken monk, his distinction as "the first" is often discredited by former Scarlet Crusade pugilists turned Forsaken.